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By rifae
new zealand
October 8, 2013
Fantastic equipment to practice everyday for 10 minutes in the comfort of your home. A good warm up before heading to the golf course
ProsImproved my alignment, swing, plane and distance
By Jimbo
Sioux City, IA
September 23, 2013
I Just Sent An Email to Scratch
I just sent scratch a letter to explain the problem I had with the Swing Trainer. The DVD did not work even after trying various DVD players. I would be more than willing to keep the trainer if you would please send me a DVD that works. I hope that you can remedy this situation. Thank you, James Wiederspan
ConsDVD does not work. Tried various player in the house but it would not work on any of them.
By Juan
Wisc Rapids, WI
August 30, 2013
Game is improving
I've only used this twice and I can already feel and see an improvement in my irons game. The Price is great and love that in the winter I won't get rusty.
ProsCan be used in all season. Easy to put away. Really works
By Frank
Little Egg Harbor, New Jersey
July 17, 2013
Good for the golfer who's all over the place and can't get it together.
I found the continuous regimentation that is forced when you use the swing trainer become the muscle memory we all look for when we get up to swing.
ProsVery well made. For the price it's a great deal.
ConsNo real dislikes. It offers the regimentation your swing, and it becomes a good exerciser with the benefit of helping you golf game.
By Charles M
July 4, 2013
Useful training tool
I found this to be a useful tool to train the muscles for building a repeatable swing. However at 6'6" in height was not as useful for me as it was for my wife whom it was intended for anyway.
ProsEasy to set up and use. Great putting swing trainer. Enables user to build a repeatable swing.
ConsDisc did not load in any DVD player I own, 4 different devices. At 6'6" in height I was too tall to utilize the trainer fully.
By Rod
cincinnati ohio
July 3, 2013
great price
Dvd didn't work but I figured it out on my own. Pretty simple Helping my swing so I'm not casting
ProsSame swing every time
ConsDvd doesn't work
By Ron
Toms River, New Jersey
July 1, 2013
Play better golf
This is a great tool to help you improve your golf swing. It definetly helped my game. It gives you great feedback. You must make a proper swing using this trainer, and if you dont, you will get the feedback that it is not correct. Will really help you with making the proper swing and wrist hinge to get the all important Lag in your golf swing.
ProsIt enabled me to create Lag in my golf swing. You can train indoors when the weather is bad.
ConsSmall thing......floor mat is a bit thin and does not lay completely flat. Does not effect function.
By John Cooper
Arlington Virginia
June 12, 2013
Automatic swing trainer
I was a bit reluctant to try this but the great price got me after testing at my house it's much improved my short game on my irons, Just keeping my arms in the proper position
ProsGreat price
By Les Journet
Fairfax, VA
June 3, 2013
The AST is the BEST swing trainer that I have used, EVER! Sets up fast and easy, use is intuitive (and that may be necessary if the DVD doesn't play), swing mechanics improve readily and quickly!
ProsAbility to put the golfer in the correct backswing, top of swing, and downswing positions. Exercise and muscle strengthening qualities of the trainer.
ConsThe instructional DVD did NOT play. The replacement DVD had a "bad" track (the Nick Bradley track).
By eden
St. louis
May 6, 2013
Good tool
need some skill, but AST is good trainer.
By Bill
Detroit, Michigan
April 18, 2013
A very good teaching tool
I personally found this swing trainer to be a great deal for the price and a good teaching tool for the swing with the irons and putter.
ProsThis item is easy to work with and can be stored easily.
ConsNo complaints for this product
By Woei
St. Louis, MO
February 26, 2013
Good to have in the offseason
Easy to setup and use. Good to get a feel what a proper swing feels like. Can't beat the price on Rockbottomgolf.
ProsEasy to use Teaches proper swing
By Michael
Fort Lauderdale, FL
February 13, 2013
Great for the indoors
This item really helps work on the swing tempo
By Bill
Detroit, MI
January 7, 2013
Good Trainer
The product was simple to setup and the theory seen to be very good. I like the way it is helping to groove my swing as well as give me the muscle memory for a good repeat swing.
By Michael Jon Mullikin
Stoddard, WI
December 28, 2012
Automatic Swing Trainer
The Automatic Swing Trainer (AST) is great for anywhere and anytime of the year, but especially in the winter months here in Wisconsin. The AST really works your arm muscles and helps keep your swing stay in shape. Both the Putting Attachment and Bag Attachment are certainly an added bonus! The Putting Attachment really helps you learn the proper putting stroke straight back and then the proper putting stroke straight forward through ball impact with your putter. The Bag Attachment is great to have, as there are times while on the course that you are waiting for the group ahead of you, this gives you the oppurtunity to practice your swing mechanics and stay loose. Since the AST is not classified as a club, you can legally carry it during your rounds. The Carrying Case is well made and is very convient to have to both store away and travel with.
ProsCarrying Case Portable Instructional DVD Putting Attachment Bag Attachement Good Weight To Work Out With Very Well Made
By Raymond
Hong Kong
December 16, 2012
Very helpful Convenient to practice everywhere
ProsPractical Helpful to regularize the swing
By Derek
Warwick, rI
December 12, 2012
cool trainer
Simple to use. good tool to have in the winter months.

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