By dgequine
Kansas City, MO
April 27, 2014
Great value for range or play
Great practice balls for range, off-brands, but usable for shag or hit-and-forget purposes.
ProsClean and usable for practice or range hitting.
ConsNo-name mix of golf balls, some stained.
By Bill
Laffayette, LA
January 30, 2014
All golf balls are in better condition I thought they would be! Not a gash in any of them!
ProsGreat shape
By Bradley
Jacksonville, FL
August 20, 2013
Great Price, Okay Balls
Can't beat the price for three dozen balls. They are what they are, some are good quality, most are decent quality and condition. Excellent to practice with.
By Rusty
July 10, 2013
Unbeatable price
4 dz golf balls for $8.95. Great deal.
ProsPrice especially for the quantity.
ConsA few balls had major cuts in them but for the price, you still can't beat it.
By Chip
Middle Tennessee
July 10, 2013
Definitely worth the money!! These balls have been hit but they can be hit again!!
HIt away and if it hooks or slices like mine usually do, who cares??!! Hit another one!!
ProsThey are authenic and have no scuffs on them that I could tell
By Mike
Upstate NY
July 8, 2013
All Four Dozen are there!
Yeah I did actually count them, and all 48 balls were in the bag. Some are in better condition than others, but since I tend to lose more golf balls in the rough and water than any other human should, this is an AWESOME deal. Do not hesitate to buy.
ProsCheap Some are in great condition
ConsSome balls have physical blemishes and cracks that might alter how they fly, if you're a good enough player to fit them well enough any ways.
By George
ontario, Canada
July 8, 2013
rrcorrect item
they are what they are, not to impressed....but my bi mistake was I paid as much to ship as they cost to Canada, at that price not worth it..
Conssome pretty shady golf balls, and my freight was to much for the quality of the balls
By John
East liberty, Oh
July 5, 2013
Cheap balls are cheap
Most of the balls were in decent shape but some were cut badly and had some pretty bad wear and had to discard them. I was aware that the disclaimer said they were in practice shape but they were worse.
Prosprice for the amount
Consshape of item
By Rich
July 1, 2013
Very Used
Most of the balls appeared to have been painted, as they were white and cream, with chips missing of one color. One ball had green moss permanently growing on it. I could not wipe it off. Many appeared to have been in a pond or lake for quite a while. The main description indicated "nearly new" .....very disappointed. I had no X outs, logo or other "over run" balls in the two bags I bought..
By Michael
Westfield, NJ
June 19, 2013
Excellent for practice - not for the course
You can't beat the price on these balls as long as they come in one piece! (And they do) Use these are your practice green, in your back yard, in the park, or where ever you casually hit balls. May not be the best if you intend to play them on the course, unless you're a beginner who would hardly care.
ProsPrice Quantity
By Ian
Boston, MA
April 25, 2013
can't beat price
gotta know what you're getting - bought these for a friend who is just starting and loses plenty of balls. cheap balls, but you get a lot.
Conscrappy balls, but for the price who cares
By john
bayonne , new jersey
April 8, 2013
I thought i would get range balls or better. Maybe some gems throw in. Just range balls, mostly maxfli.
Constoo many maxfli's in my batch
By David
Lexington, KY
March 1, 2013
Cheap golf balls
I cannot afford to pay $20 to $40 for a dozen golf balls so my son and I use these on the course. For less than $10 for 48 balls is a big banging deal. A few are just shag balls so those will be played over the lake.
By John
Columbus, Ohio
February 15, 2013
Fill your shag bag
Unbeatable price, prompt delivery. good quality
ProsHit balls at park and occasionally lose them, but at this price who cares!
ConsMore discoloration than I expected, but they seem to fly just fine.
By Charles Carter
Theodore, Alabama
February 11, 2013
Happy with purchase
Overall I was very pleased. They shipped quick and were a great deal
ProsSuper price
ConsSome were very stained/ discolored
By Brandon Stribling
Sulphur Springs, Texas
February 6, 2013
Great for Practice
This was a great deal on some great shag balls. The balls are being used for practice around the house with mat and net. I didn't want anything expensive because the kids will be practicing with them too, and I know some are bound to end up missing. This was a great price on exactly what I wanted, actually the balls are in better shape than what I expected. Just like everything else I get from Rockbottom product was awesome.
ProsBetter shape than expected and very low price

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