By David
Venango, PA
March 8, 2014
The sherman tank of ball markers!
I's, a great ball marker/divot tool.. built like a Sherman tank..Will probably last a lifetime!
By Trevor
Brisbane, Australia
August 27, 2013
Bloody good marker, but my putting still sucks.
Works well, looks great, gets a laugh, doesn't help my putting.
By linda
United States
August 2, 2013
heavy quality
I use it all the time.
By Makoto
Rancho Palos Verdes, CA
July 25, 2013
I love it!
Great price great product!
By Brandon
Milwaukee, Wi
July 3, 2013
Very Nice Divot Tool
I purchased this Divot Tool for obvious reason, I was impressed by how sturdy and heavy it was.
By Hellen
Christchurch, New Zealand
June 17, 2013
sturdy tool
Its a very sturdy tool.
Pros2 in 1 with the ball marker
By Jimmy
Littlefield, Texas
May 28, 2013
Bang for the buck
Just as advertised.
ProsSolid metal design. Cheap price. Ergonomic.
ConsSlightly large in your pocket.
By Bobby
Houston, TX
May 24, 2013
Good Tool
cheap and useful
By Corey
Sherman Oaks, California
April 26, 2013
Great product!
Holds up well, it's heavy, but not too heavy that it bothers you by having it in your pocket
March 26, 2013
By Ric
March 2, 2013
Great Divot Tool
I really like the strength and the length of this divot repair tool. It's shape makes it very easy to pick up the green and shape it. I like the marker, but it doesn't stay on the tool very well. No problem for me since I keep it in my pocket.
Prossize and shape
By Charlie
November 26, 2012
Sturdy Divot tool and marker
Nice product
ProsVery sturdy and easy to use
By Al
November 12, 2012
nice tool
work well
By Lou sky talker
Lexington, KY
November 1, 2012
Always fix your divots
Love this double function tool. Divot and ball marker we women love multi use things
ProsGreat to put in your pocket.
By Adam
November 1, 2012
Solid tool
This is surprisingly a little heavy thus you wont forget you have it in your pocket but not intrusive. The hat clip is useful also.
By Fred Meyer
San Antonio, TX
November 1, 2012
Handy Tool
I had a repair tool very similar to this one and I lost it. So when I saw I could get one to replace it I jumped on it.
ProsVery easy to use, love the marker. Plus I can advertize for "The Cave".
By Rick
Little River, SC
October 24, 2012
Nice tool
Nice tool. Like the combonation of ball mark fixer and ball marker.
ProsTwo items in one.
ConsThe ball marker and it's removable hat clip keep coming apart from the ball mark fixer tool in my pocket. I don't use the clip on the hat.
By Mario
Houlton, Maine
September 15, 2012
Great item
This is great item and seems to be very sturdy. Had a few people already comment on the quality.
ProsLook Quality Multi purpose
By darrel Mayer
Tigard, Oregon
September 6, 2012
Nice Greens tool
Gave it to a buddy of mine and he liked it. Nice that the marker can be used on the tool and as a clip on.
Prosit was free with my order!!!
ConsYour price matching policy
By kenny d
PEI, Canada
September 5, 2012
It broke but It was Free
must have been cracked or something, it broke the first time i used it (the green wasn't that hard). It was free with my purchase so who am i to complain
Consit broke
By eric
vienna, va
September 3, 2012
its a divot tool, but i will say that the marker does not fit well into the spot and falls out often in your pocket; not a big deal though.
By Jake
sydney, ns canada
September 3, 2012
Great Divot Tool!
Great divot tool and ball maker, got it as a free gift so the price was right! :-)
Proswell made solid construction
By Nick
East Peoria, Illinois
August 31, 2012
Basic but Solid Divot Tool
Heavy duty, works great! Use it every time I play.
ProsStrong magnet to hold the ball marker, heavy duty
By John
Auckland, .
July 23, 2012
Sturdy Tool
Solid divot tool. Does not bend. Sharp enough to penetrate hard ground. Now all I need to do is hit the green more often.
ProsBuilt to last.
By John Catalanotto
akron, ohio
July 22, 2012
It was free
Not very comfortable in your hand.
ConsSeams Cheap
By Tim
July 20, 2012
Nice Marker & Repair Tool
The Cave Man gets it done again!
ProsGood weight, size and feel!
By Roberto Barretto
Romeo, MI
July 19, 2012
Golf Divot with ball marker
Was useful for the first two holes I played
ProsIt was a freebee
ConsHard to remove the ball marker
By Keith
United States
July 18, 2012
Great Divot Tool
Good quality and the divot tool feels and works great. The ball marker is difficult to remove.
ProsGood quality, good feel, and good weight.
ConsBall marker is difficult to remove and use.
By Jack
South Windsor, CT
July 18, 2012
Golf Divot Tool
A very heavy duty ball mark tool, did not expect much so am very surprised and pleased
Prosheavy duty and the hat clip
By mike aleali
mission viejo, ca
July 11, 2012
Broken of arrival
I cannot complain too much since it was a free gift, but the hat clip is too small for a hat and the magnetic part falls out of the divot tool. Just like everyone else said it does not stay together and there is a reason why it is given away for free.
By Ron
St. Louis, Missouri
July 11, 2012
Great Price
I purchased this item when I along with a pair of shoes. By doing so, I was not charged any additional shipping. This Divot Tool is very solidly built. One reason I purchased this item is the Ball Marker which fits into an existing hat clip that I already owned from a previous purchase from RBG. I would not have bought this without adding it to an existing order.
ProsSolid Build Ball Marker which fits my existing hat clip
ConsCost of shipping that is greater than the item if not added to an existing order
By Travis
Weldon Spring, MO
July 6, 2012
Nice freebie
Nice free gift with purchase. Like the built in ball marker.
By Brian
Rancho Cordova, CA
June 26, 2012
Good green repair tool but will not stay together
I purchased some irons and received this with my order for free. It is a nice weighted green repair tool and has a portion that will clip to your hat that is magnetized for the ball marker. Unfortunately if you do not want to take it apart and clip to your hat it does not stay together as a single item, basically it keep falling apart. I could have used my discount a different item. I would not recommend this item.
ProsGood Green repair tool. Weight.
ConsWill not stay together as one piece.
By Scott E Allen
June 23, 2012
Great item
Got it for free what more can you ask. It does it's job
Pros marks your ball and fixes divot can't ask for
Austin, Texas
June 22, 2012
do not know how to use the marker part
Could not figure out how to use the ball marker part. The ring magnet fell out and I glued it back. The clip is too tight for the cap. I can still use it, but do not know the best way to use it. It is priced $4.99 now, but it was priced $19.99 when it was offered as a free gift from RBG. I think $4.99 is more fair price.
ConsTight clip, loose magnet
By Ed
Boynton, FL
June 22, 2012
Feels Sturdy
Nice design, not cheaply made.
ProsWorks well. Price.
By Craig
June 22, 2012
Works well
Standard divot tool,looks a bit cheap but works fine.
ProsWorks well
By Paul
Clarksville, IN
June 21, 2012
Bonus item
Qualitiy OK.
ProsGiven as prize.
By Joe M.
June 20, 2012
Heavy metal
too heavy for my pocket while golfing..Nice if it had a clip for a hat.
By Adam
June 20, 2012
Stylin' and Profilin'
This tool has been on my side all summer. Divot repair...check, ball marking....check, miller lite punch top....check.
By Roger
May 8, 2012
Good Divot tool
I like this Divot tool and bsll marker. Nice weight to Diviot part makes using greet.
By Anthony
Leduc, Alberta
April 27, 2012
Best Divot Tool
Loved the Divot Tool. It comes with a hat clip for your ball marker which is awesome. It fits perfectly in your pant pocket. Not Bulky at all.
By Doc
Bella Vista, AR
April 25, 2012
Divot Tool
I purchased two pairs of shoes just before I had checked another site that had them for $10.00 less and was not able to get Rock Bottom to give me any cash back so I actually ended up with a divot tool for that was supposed to be free and ended up paying $20.00 for the free item !
By Steve
April 25, 2012
Nise free be
Good value
By Bill
chicago, illinois
April 11, 2012
igotcha marked
With one of the two marks that I received, the center piece holding the Ball Mark continually falls out. The weight is heavy and excellent for repairs
Prosexcellent weight for repairs and sturdy
Conscenter magnet holding the mark, continually falls and is next to impossible to re-seat.
By Frank
Bayonne, nj
March 17, 2012
Free divot tool
arrived broke there is a reason it was free
By Dane
Erie, PA
March 16, 2012
nice for the price
Free with my order, well worth the price
By Darryl Jewell
Anderson SC
March 16, 2012
Ball Marker
Received this as a gift when I purchased my new Cleveland Wedges. Much nicer than I had expected. Well worth the price they are charging even though mine was free. Thanks Rock Bottom Golf.
By Brian
St. Louis, MO
March 16, 2012
Useful, but confusing
I got this item free with the purchase of another item. It is very useful as a ball mark repair, but the ball marker is somewhat confusing. It has a clip for your hat and everything is magnetized, but if you don't won't to clip it to your hat it continuously falls off in your pocket instead of having the whole thing intact.
ProsUseful ball repair
Consmagnetized ball mark and hat clip that both fall off too easily
By christian stevenson
Central Connecticut
March 12, 2012
Handy Dandy
This item is solid and has some weight to it. It is as good if not better than the Cameron one I lost.
ProsIt is a ball mark repair tool, ball marker and has a removable hat clip...
ConsThat I only bought 1 and not 5

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