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By Doyle
Arizona City, AZ
October 31, 2012
Swami 1500
Works as advertised.
By Denny
Dayton, OH
August 20, 2012
Good GPS, Great Price
Very accurate GPS at a great price. Only $19.95 sign up fee.
ProsAccuracy, price.
By Robert
July 29, 2012
I've never owned a GPS device. Saw this device on your website, did some research and read the reviews . So I excitingly bought it. I thought something this simple would easily work and have fewer possible glitches or problems. I was wrong on that note. I loaded my fav 10 courses and went out to play. It nevered worked. Wouldn't find a satellite and just powered down after trying each time. Called Izzo and they helped me reset it and try again. Same thing! I sent it back to them and am waiting for a new replacement. I'm hoping this was just a lemon and not a symptom of being an affordable gps unit. Very let down so far.
ConsDidn't capture a satellite
By Dan Mc
Dallastown. Pa
July 8, 2012
great buy
The golf course I play on took out the GPS's last year. This is the first GPS I ever bought. This device is very close to the yardage. It was very easy to set up. Simple to use. Great buy & well worth the money.
Proseasy to set up simple to use had all my courses available Price
By rene
June 19, 2012
nice to have
great price,works just as well as the high priced units.great buy.
By john
karnup/west australia
June 11, 2012
swami 1500
i can't download australian golf courses according to bad though should've researched item before i chose from the list.
Merchant Response:Hey John- I apologize for the issues you've had with the GPS device and have updated my description accordingly. I asked one of the Cave Crew to reach out to you this morning so if you haven't heard from them yet, please be on the lookout for an email. Thanks! Scratch the Caveman
Prosit's simple to use .
Consonly operates in u.s.
By Chili King
June 9, 2012
What does Swami say?
This is a great item to keep the game moving... ISSO took the KISS (keep it simple stupid) appoach to determining distance to the middle of the green. The middle is always my goal!
ProsThe ease of use. The price.
By Kyle
May 24, 2012
Not used it yet because the only course I want to use it for is not on the list. I called and asked to have it mapped and it says I have to wait 3-4 weeks. Send this to me again later and I will rate your product. As of now not so good. :)
Conswaiting for course mapping
By Jim
May 22, 2012
Can't beat the price for what it does!
I like this product. I am a professional golf caddy and this instrument saves me lots of time. This GPS-type instrument is correct as far as yardage goes. The device gives you front, back and center distances. If you want to get a well-educated idea how far the pin is from you, this device is more than adequate.
ProsI like the time savings. The device eliminates "guessing." It is inexpensive for what it does.
ConsThe only aspect I don't like about this product is that it does not give exact distance but the buyer knew that when he/she purchased this product.
By Steve
Euclid, Ohio
May 5, 2012
for its price, it gives you what you need, front middle back .
6 rounds using the Swami, cant find anything wrong yet. yardages have been right on ! stick it the cup holder and just drive up glance down and your good to go...
Proseasy to setup and use and priced just right
Consnothing yet
By Norm
Rockford, Il
May 2, 2012
GPS unit. Cheap, Works great.
I bought this gps unit because of the price and the price to load courses. I used it last week. GREAT. easy to use and has the yardage correct. I Love it .
By Vin
April 14, 2012
Decent plain vanilla golf GPS
My golf course was not one of the thousands that were charted by Izzo.A call to customer service was successfull in getting it charted after only a few days! However , on comparing yardiges with my Sky Caddie it was obvious that Swami was off by about 10 to 15 %. Another call to Izzo got another quick response resulting in a recharting of my course and a satisfactory improvement of accuracy. Excellent customer service!
ProsSimple to operate and good for those that only want bread and butter distance to the hole with reasonable accuracy.(my wife).Also no annual fees of $25 to $50 like my Sky Caddie!
Conshave to manually advance each hole and maybe too simple but OK for the price.
By Ronald Brown
St. Petersburg,Florida
March 31, 2012
Great Buy
Love this item and really like the low or no yearly subcription feature. Yardage was right on with a $400.00 Sky Caddie
ProsCost,accurate,large read out
ConsTakes a little time to aquire sats...
By George
Magalia California
March 1, 2012
Izzo 1500
I think it is appropriate for the needs of a golfer like me I'm a 29 handicap so it's sufficient enough for me.
Proseasy to opperate, battery life is very good, and it's pretty easy to read the screen.
Consthat you can only hold 10 courses at a time
By john
February 3, 2012
I purchased the swami for its ease of use and advertisement of no annual fee. It works great. turn it on and go. I was really surprised. the first course i played i compared it to my partners skycaddie and the yardage was right on. then i played my home course and noticed the distances were off by +10 yards on every hole. I contacted izzo and they told me that the course needed to be remapped. When it was completed i received an email stating that i would need to go online to update my unit. Problem is i had to get a 1 year subscription to do so. I would not have minded at all if i had requested that a course be added to the database. i asked them to correct one that was in the database for which i specifically purchased the unit for. It was their fault. every unit built after Jan 12 will be incorrect. normally on these type pre-loaded electronics the manufacture gives you one update for this specific purpose. Its only $19.00 but i just don't think its right. If you choose to purchase on call the company and make sure your course was recently updated and that you get a recently manufactured unit.
Proseasy to use easy to read powers up and locates the course good battery life
ConsYou have to pay for course updates that are aready in the database Honestly, i can't say anything bad about the unit itself
By Alexander T.
Canandaigua, NY
December 20, 2011
Good for 5 strokes
Great unit. Easy to use. I have taken at least 5 strokes off my round as there is no guessing the yardage. Can't wait to take it Hilton Head in the Spring to rip up the course!
ProsEasy to use.
By Greg
Huntington Beach, CA
November 26, 2011
Decent Unit but has some flaws.
Gives accurate yardage on my home course but on some local courses a couple of holes are off by as much as 20 yards on the approach shot. Once in Vegas where there were 2 adjoining courses it couldn't tell which course I was on and i was getting some strange yardages and had to turn it off (probab;y needed a reboot). Also I have had to reboot this unit several times when it wouldn't power ON and/or OFF. I wrote down the instructions and taped them to my unit. Press both Arrow buttons and the FCB button simultaneously. Keep these instructions handy as they will resolve any intermittent problems you may have wiith the unit. Other than that you can't beat this unit for the price. I had mine for over a year and I'm very happy with it. Solid construction and $10/year upload fee. My last unit was a Bushnell and the buttons broke right after the warranty expired plus it was $40/year for course uploads.
ProsGreat Price. Solid Construction. $10 Yearly course download fee. Very accurate on my home course. Recognizes what course you are playing automatically.
ConsInconsistent accuracy on some courses. Needs rebooting periodically (every month or two). I play twice a week.
By Anthony
Manassas, Virginia
August 12, 2011
Swami 1500
The 1500 is an excellent buy. It's light, accurate, and dependable. It has two shaded areas on both sides but those areas have no bearing on the yardage read-out. Downloading the various golf course information onto thedevice was very simple and quick. I would recommend this unit highly; besides, the price was outstanding!
ProsLight weight, large readout
ConsThe shade areas on both sides.
By buddy
dover, de
June 17, 2011
get 1 now
excellent GPS yardages are right on front center back I am really impressed
Prossmall compact great price and so far yardages are exact
ConsI'm still the one swinging the club
By bernie ertel
georgetown, texas
June 4, 2011
Unit was as advertised, unopened. Loading and downloading went smoothly. Courses I usually played were listed and easy to download. Worked first time. Very easy to work. Only problem experienced is the screen turns funny colors in the sun. But its still easy to read. Other than that, no problems. Was accurate as far as I could tell using course markers. Good price for unit. I would recommend for those who want ease of use and low price.
Prosworked well.
Consscreen discoloration in sunlight.
By Michael
San Jose, CA
June 9, 2010
Works Great!
All I wanted was a simple but accurate device that would give me the distance to the tee. It needed to be readable without my reading glasses. This unit fills the bill. Also it's very user friendly. It gives you the distance to front, back & center of the green. It is very accurate too. I've compared it to golf cart measurements at courses that have GPS units on the cart, and it's dead on! Go for it!
ProsSimple to use, inexpensive to join-up for downloads(9.95), BIG numbers, accurate.

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