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By Bruce Hinman
Topeka Ks
Great wedge
November 18, 2012
Nice heavy head, easy to get club through rough. Good balance and feel. A good addition to any set of clubs. Service was very good and prompt.
ProsHeavy head, great finish on club.
By Jacob
Raleigh, NC
Great club for the price
November 16, 2012
For the price, you can't beat it. Quality is just as nice as much more expensive clubs. VERY easy to hit.
ProsEasy to hit Nice looking club Cheap
ConsFinish wore off very quickly Grip leaves much to be desired... but hey, it's a $10 club Makes Golf that much more addictive :(
By Mike
Coral Springs,Fl
Lofty McGee
November 2, 2012
Can't beat the price
ProsHits nice
By Brad
chicago area
A very good wedge
September 16, 2012
I used this club for the first time on 9 holes and it was perfect. I bought it for 10 dollars and it was the best 10 dollars ive ever spent. If you have 10 bucks and need a simple wedge this is perfect and does the job.
Prosstyle look PRICE! fast shipping (only took 2 days for 5 day shipping)
By Darrell
Hickory, NC
Great Wedge
August 29, 2012
This is a really nice wedge, especially for the money. I needs something other that the 48 degree I had. This is the perfect wedge to go with it. Hit some really good shots with it yesterday in the first tournament I played with it.
ProsNice weight. Great price. Hits well.
By Jeremy
Roslyn, NY
Powersphere Wedge
August 11, 2012
Quirky name, decent wedge. Caution against trying any 64 degree wedge--it can be a very humbling experience, whether you're using this club or something that'll cost you 100 dollars extra.
By Will
Exactly what I wanted
July 16, 2012
Be careful for what you wish for. I need a whole lot of practice with the 64, I use my 58 instead for now.
Prosrock bottom price
Consmore loft than I know what to do with
Encino, CA
July 16, 2012
By Dane
Nice for beginners
July 15, 2012
Great club I am a beginner so I'm not the best but I can hit the green with this club. The brownish paint fades and scratches easily but it's ok I'm not about the looks.
ProsPrice Bigger club face Better feel
By Ben
albany, ny
great wedge
July 14, 2012
great value. club came quickly, brand new wrapped and no defects. Excellent buy
By brendan smith
auckland, new zealand
awesome driver for the price
June 23, 2012
big bang for little buck. this wedge shoots above its weight. super accurate and super affordable
By Alan
Value For Your Money
June 16, 2012
For the price you pay the club is excellent!
By Andrew
Stewiacke, Nova Scotia
Great wedge easy to adapt to
June 12, 2012
This wedge was a great addition to my bag. Very easy to use, and took very little getting used to. The only reason I am not giving it 5 stars is because the finish wore off within the first few rounds and I really liked the color of it new...
ProsQuality product at bargain basement price
ConsFinish does not last on club for more than a couple rounds...
By Kevin
Miami, Fl
Bang for your buck
June 5, 2012
If your looking for a wedge that does the job at a price that is extremely affordable, then this is the wedge for you. I have been using it for a few weeks now and have zero complaints thus far. For the price, this makes a great practice wedge as well if your looking for something to add to your current wedge assortment.
By Kevin
Great wedge
May 28, 2012
Great, inexpensive wedge that filled a gap in my bag.
ProsGood quality
ConsFirst shot out of the bunker ruined the finish.
By Joey
Chicago Suburbs
Great Club
May 5, 2012
With just a few practice shots found club VERY easy to use. Great lobs & even some backspin for the first time
By Greg Hedman
Spicer, Minnesota
Met Expectations
April 25, 2012
I am plese with my order order and how it was handled. The wedge itself, is perfect from inside of 60 yards.
By nicholas
clarence ctr., new york
great wedge
April 23, 2012
great value just as nice as my calaway jaws!! for a fraction of the price
Prosgreat value
By Pete Wertz
Du Quoin, Illinois
SiMac Powersphere Wedge
April 10, 2012
Great club, I though I was just buying a lower name brand. The balance and the ease that it took to get good with this club was a lot less than with my previous 60 degree,
ProsThe balance that this has made the descion easy to re incorperate a 60 degree wedge into my bag
ConsIf you haven't used a 60 Degree weddge before it can be perplexing.
By David
Eldersburg, Maryland
February 28, 2012
Got the 52 and 60 deg. You would be foolish to pass based on the price point. If you are in the market for new wedges, these will perform. Even as spares they are a great compliment to the bag.
ProsGreat durability, comfort, and address.
ConsDirt in the grooves of the club face will hurt your flight path. That sounds obvious, but it's very noticeable with these clubs. Make sure the club head is spotless before chipping/pitching.
By Leda
Atlanta, GA
Does the trick!
February 16, 2012
Does the job! Excellent for the money!
Prosweight distribution and color
By Anthony
Shellharbour, NSW, AUST
December 5, 2011
Feels good and so far has worked well
ProsFeels nicely weighted Works well for that 70m range
By henry apodaca
Las Cruces, NM
SiMac Wedge
November 13, 2011
Bought as gift for brother. Bro enjoyed the feel and distance control. He replaced 2 wedges in bag for this one.
By Mike
Commerce Township, MI
September 5, 2011
The ball stops within 5 feet of landing. 60 degree.
ProsBall sticks on the green!
ConsOnly good from 60 yards and in.
By Vince
Easy To Hit
September 1, 2011
This is my first 60* wedge that I've ever used. I find it easy to hit and a great addition to the golf bag for the price I paid for it, $15.44 on sale.
ProsEasy to hit, good grips and nice looking club.
By Andy
Love it
August 8, 2011
I've only played two rounds with it, but so far I love this wedge. I was looking for a club that hit confidently from 70 yards in and this is it. I feel like I have great control of the ball around the green and I'm sticking greens from 70+ yards with no problem. For the price this is a must buy!
By Mike
Washington, DC
Love the weight and feel
June 8, 2011
Great Club! very easy to hit and forgiving. Feels really good in your hands and great feel on the ball.
ProsGreat club for the price
Right out of the box
May 7, 2011
Right out of the box, no practice swings, 72 yd. chip great ball reaction, good spin, ball landed 8' past the pin and spun back to easy tap in bird...great deal
ProsNice feel, good spin
By Rob
Shafer, MN
Love this wedge
April 26, 2011
I had carried an older version of this club in my bag for several years and when I decided to upgrade to the newer model I was not disappointed. I have only used it once, but it is a very easy club to hit. I'm almost temped to buy a second.
By Rudy
San Diego, Ca.
Not very good.
April 26, 2011
My experience with this wedge was not very good
ConsThe weight is not enough The grip is very thin
By ororo
san diego
easy, a lot of spin, soft landing
April 22, 2011
anywhere from 100 yards to the green, I use this club. even from the sand trap. same great result every time. I can put a lot of spin on the ball with this club and ball sits less than a putter length from the hole. easy to control.
Prosfeel, appearance, spins
By scott
Wheelersburg, Ohio
Simon Golf Lob Wedge
March 30, 2011
Looks and feels good when hitting the ball well
ProsFirst lob wedge that I have owned. Price is good for club performance.
ConsThe grip is a little thin.
By john
newport, nc
very bad club
February 10, 2011
This wedge is made for someone that can hit the ball very straight and correctly every time, there is no forgiveness at all when hit off center.
By Ryan
Auckland NZ.
Value for sure
October 19, 2010
Took quite a while to get used to this club, but now use it more and more. Doesn't create a huge amount of spin, but enough. I would recommend this club. Just have to stick with it for a while.
By Atomic79
Christchurch, Canterbury
Sweet Buy
July 4, 2010
If you want a great wedge at a great price this is a winner.. has improved my game for sure.. very easy to hit every time..
ProsBalanced Consistent grip Feel
By Dan V
September 2, 2009
Took many shots off my game! Use it as often as possible.
By Brian Forrester
Okay, but
August 22, 2009
This isn\'t a bad little wedge for the money. It\'s easy to hit and opens up nicely for flops, but the grooves are too narrow and don\'t generate a lot of spin from my experience. I\'m a high handicap, so take that for what it\'s worth.
By Joseph
All Spin Baby
September 23, 2008
If your looking for some awesome spin get these wedges, but practice before taking these to the course. I found it hard to get distance on the lob wedge, great spin and soft landing though.
By Ron
Better Selection
December 31, 2007
Easy to hit, 3 set is somehow adjusted differently to better range distance as a set, little room for guessing of which club to use, lob wedge really gets it up, good grip nice all around set for mid-high handicap or just trying to save. I also have pure spin SW, L hit around the same just not as much spin but way better price.

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