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By Grant
Drysdale, Australia
Replaced a much more expensive driver
May 2, 2013
Really solid feel, I swapped out the shaft for an Epic, total cost of less than $100 including getting the tip swapped. Works great, good distance and control.
By Larry
Willcox, AZ
Nickent 4DX Evolver Driver
January 18, 2013
I am currently using the Nickent 3DX woods and irons and ordered this when I damaged my 3DX driver. What a great surprise from the price to the performance of this driver. It fit like it was meant for me and the feel itself was comfortable with the weight of the head making the rest of the club feel light.
ProsGreat price and just an overall great feel and performance. I'm tempted to order another at this price as a backup.
ConsNot crazy about the grip but feel this is the only place they skimped and is an easy and inexpensive fix. In fact I almost gave this a 4 star because of the grip, but changed my mind when I considered the price and the overall quality.
By Larry
Willcox, AZ
Nickent 4DX Evolver Driver
January 18, 2013
I am currently using the Nickent 3DX woods and irons and ordered this when I damaged my 3DX driver. What a great surprise from the price to the performance of this driver. It fit like it was meant for me and the feel itself was comfortable with the weight of the head making the rest of the club feel light.
ProsGreat price and just an overall great feel and performance. I'm tempted to order another at this price as a backup.
ConsNot crazy about the grip but feel this is the only place they skimped and is an easy and inexpensive fix. In fact I almost gave this a 4 star because of the grip, but changed my mind when I considered the price and the overall quality.
By Larry
Willcox, AZ
Nickent 4DX Evolver Driver
January 18, 2013
I am currently using the Nickent 3DX woods and irons and ordered this when I damaged my 3DX driver. What a great surprise from the price to the performance of this driver. It fit like it was meant for me and the feel itself was comfortable with the weight of the head making the rest of the club feel light.
ProsGreat price and just an overall great feel and performance. I'm tempted to order another at this price as a backup.
ConsNot crazy about the grip but feel this is the only place they skimped and is an easy and inexpensive fix. In fact I almost gave this a 4 star because of the grip, but changed my mind when I considered the price and the overall quality.
By Puff
Rockwell N.C.
January 11, 2013
I have three more expensive drivers, but this nickent is straighter and is as far off the tee as the more expensive drivers.
ProsAll pros
Consno cons
By Mark
Santa Cruz, Ca.
Easy to hit Straight!
December 27, 2012
I have had several Drivers in the past, but they all seemed to take a while to feel right. This club for what ever reason was straight hitting right out of the box. The distance was good, but what I liked best was that despite my inconsitant swing the ball almost always went straight. I tried to buy another one as a back up, but they no longer had my set up. Great club!
ProsEasy to Hit! Straight Flight! Great Price!
ConsNot the longest, but the being straight made up for it!
By Brian
British Columbia Canada
Distance plus carry
December 23, 2012
Had it two weeks, my drives are infinately more consistent, joy to play with this great club. More distance 20-35 yards and a really nice ball flight. Get it while you can!!
ProsLooks great, plays even better
ConsNot a thing, except it took two weeks to get to me !!
By Ron
December 3, 2012
My old adams driver was getting pretty banged up. I bought this Nickent driver thinking what have I got to lose for $40. Great quality and feel. Nice grip. I am over 60 and the senior flex helps to compensate for lower club speed. I am getting good distance and better accuracy.
ProsQuality Feel Loft Accuracy
ConsNothing yet. (one round so far)
November 16, 2012
By robert
excellent price
November 16, 2012
great driver for the price
By jaques meov
November 16, 2012
easy to hit, bought it for my wife and she is killing it.
By Michael J. Girard
Windsor Locks, Ct
Miracle of Technology
November 10, 2012
This is the easiest driver to hit that I ever tried, and I only tried it as a "science fair project" because it is so well priced. The same manufacturer makes the shaft on my friend's new Big Name Driver, which cost at least 3-4 times more. It easily ( and I do mean easily) added 20-25 yds to my tee shot, and it goes straight because you can swing it so easy. I bought a second one as a possible gift for someone that I know who needs help with his long game.
ProsEvery thing, especially the price!!
Cons That I didn't find it sooner.
By daryl
United States
Great value!!!
November 4, 2012
great value for price. large hitting surface. good balance. over all terrific.
Proslightweight, well balanced
Consdidnt come with tool to change shaft if so desired.
By Pieter
Frederick, MD
October 29, 2012
I have been using the old “big Bertha”. The head broke off (thanks to the airlines). I bought the Nickent because of the reviews and price. I figured I had nothing to lose. WHAT A GREAT DRVER! Nicent works great. I have more consistent drives 90% of the time straight (10% user error), and at least 175 to 200yards.
Prosconsistent drives Sounds good!
By Pieter
Frederick, MD
October 29, 2012
I have been using the old “big Bertha”. The head broke off (thanks to the airlines). I bought the Nickent because of the reviews and price. I figured I had nothing to lose. WHAT A GREAT DRVER! Nicent works great. I have more consistent drives 90% of the time straight (10% user error), and at least 175 to 200yards.
Prosconsistent drives Sounds good!
By Yves Crete
Canan vt
October 27, 2012
As good of any high price other driver.
By fran
Jackson wi.
October 25, 2012
I have enjoyed the Nickent driver have added a few yards and found the fairway more often. Just took a while to adjust my swing speed
Proshi launch angle
By Mike
New Zealand
October 10, 2012
I'm an average golfer with the ability to hit solid iron shots but crap short game which keeps my handicap high. This driver has improved my game, off the tee, out-of-sight. Played my first competitive game with it last saturday and was easily out-driving the group I was playing with. None of them could believe I paid $70(New Zealand) for it. At one stage my drive on a Par 5 gave me a second shot with a 7iron!!! I don't usually have an iron shot, second shot on a par 5, let alone a 7 iron. Love it, love it, love it. Try it, you wont be disappointed. Forgiving and powerful! The reviews don't lie. Massively underrated brand.
ConsThin grip.
By Marc
Lebanon, TN
Great Driver
October 9, 2012
I am new to golf and i was looking for a cheap diver to start out with. This driver is great! It feels way more comfortable and lighter than the rentals I have played with before.
By Fonz
Hamburg, NY
Outstanding value!
September 25, 2012
I'd been playing a Taylor Made R9 and had to use an older back-up driver while having a minor repair on the R9. The back-up just didn't cut it. I bought the 4DX just to have a better reserve driver. Lo and behold, I hit it far better than the R9. I've had several friends purchase the 4DX since trying mine. Satisfying sound off the clubface and outstanding distance. Just Buy It!
ProsPlayability, distance and the solid THUNK.
By Mark Radigan
Shinglehouse, PA
Awesome club for the price!
September 18, 2012
This club is a very nice club for the price. Nickent seem to be the clubs for me. They seem to work great for a mid-level golfer.
ProsNice feel to the club. Grip is good.
By Adam Nolin
Fort Myers
I love the driver but.....
September 13, 2012
This driver is great besides the fact that the face cracked about 6 months after I got it
ProsGreat distance, perfect weight, awesome price.
ConsThe face cracked after 6 months of golfing about 2 times a week.
By Joel
Clatskanie, OR
Snappy with long distances
September 4, 2012
So I have both a 10.5* and a 12*. I purchased the 12* from here for my wife. She likes how forgiving it is and how the softer flex wand higher loft help her get the golf ball in the air. I like the 10.5* for it's forgiveness and massive distance increase it has given me over my cheap big box store driver. On average, 30-40 yards more!
ProsDistance, Height, Forgiveness
By Scott
Chicago, IL
Great service and great club
September 4, 2012
I recently purchased this driver from RockBottomGolf and was very satisfied with their responsiveness. I received the club within 4 days of placing the order.
Prosgreat club. replaced my bubble burner and wish I would have made the change long ago.
By gr8nole
Nickent was a good company before financial problems hit.
September 3, 2012
The club has a nice feel and is fairly straight. Distance is about what I see with any driver.
ProsIt hits fairways.
By Bill
Linton, In
Good Driver
September 3, 2012
Although at a cheaper price, this driver performs as well as more expensive drivers
ProsLike the way it sets up. Of course, the price
By Thomas Lawlor
San Antonio, Tx
buy it you wont be unhappy, if you hit your driver good at all
September 3, 2012
this is a gem if you guys that dont like the driver you have, and are looking for a change this could be it. heres my story I wrote it once and then some how lost it. man i would rather be playing golf than playing with this computer. but i feel i owe it to all of you sceptics to let you know this site is for real. I am a 16 handicpapper and i purchased the other model 4dx from scratch and it was one of the best things i ever did I had my clubs stolen 3 years ago and scratch helped me refill my bag. the driver i spoke of a callaway x fairway wood and all of my irons, which were Nickent as well as my driver, genex L-4, my hybrids are misc makers my bag a bag boy revolving head individual compartment lockin mechanism, rubber. Getting on your site scratch was the smartest thing i ever did in regards to my game, I am working at it harder than ever and it didnt cost me 2000$ to do so. anyway I'm jumping all over the place. if the guy that doesn't want his I'd be happy to discuss buying it from you. I will leave my email address on there for you. sorry it didn't work for you. I hope you find one somewhere that does.
ProsNickent is a good brand and i love mine
Consthat i dont actually have this particular model
By Arock13
Smithfield, N.C.
September 2, 2012
This driver is the best! It has improved my game a 100%. I can drive the ball 20 to 30 yards more than my previous driver and definitely straighter. This my best golf purchase so far and now planning to upgrade the rest of my clubs to Nickent. And as a added bonus it came with the cover and the wrench which I was not expecting since is advertised without these items.
ProsVery light, accurate, and comfortable grip.
ConsNone so far.
By Mark
Columbus, Ohio
Great club for the money!
August 31, 2012
so far so off the face....better distance.....only regret is not getting a 10.5 degree instead of a 12.5
Prossounds good,feels good,looks good
Conspurchased 12.5 degree instead of 10.5
By Noel
Saint Charles, MO
2nd Driver a good move
August 30, 2012
It plays well off the fairway on long par 5's as well as the tee on long par 3's. It replaces my L wedge since I've learned to open my sand wedge for flop shots.
Pros12.5 degree loft adjustable face angle
Conswould have preferred a regular shaft
By Old duffer
awsome driver
August 21, 2012
I am an older golfer who has lost a lot of club head speed. I Bought this driver with a 12* loft not expecting too much since it is so cheap. I have been pleasantly surprised. I am hitting the ball 20 - 30 yards farther than with my previous drivers and actually hitting it straighter. I also find I am able to work the ball better than with previous drivers.
Proslong, straight, forgiving on off center hits
Pittsburgh, PA
My Dad loves it
August 21, 2012
My Dad is over 70 and just doesnt have any near the swing speed he used to. Saw this club in senior flex 12.5 degree loft for $30 and thought it might be worth a shot to see if it could help his game. Bought it for him a month ago and he loves it. Much easier for him to hit and get elevated than the old TaylorMade R5 he had been using for a while. Really great value for the price and service was solid as always.
ProsPrice Value Options Performance
ConsNo tool or headcover
By Garton
Peace River, Canada
Incredible Driver!!
August 19, 2012
I am a just rediscovering my golf game after a 10 year hiatus and have been using my clubs that are closer to 20 years old. I am used to stepping up to the tee and either barley making the lady's tee with my driver or schanking it off into the woods, water, or next fairway. I was talking with my buddy about how he broke his driver one day and went into the pro shop and found the cheapest driver he could ($50) and it turned out to be a good club. Long story short, I went online and searched for 'best cheap golf driver' or something like that and came across this club. Seeing the price and having never heard the name before I was very skeptical to say the least. I read many reviews and everyone seemed to agree: they loved this driver. I almost thought the manufacturer must have hijacked this website to post all good comments to boost sales but I figured for the price, why not give it a shot? First thing to mention is the extremely quick service and shipping. I live in a small town in the northern part of Canada and this club was at my door within 3 days! Now onto the club...if you are looking at this thing and even slightly considering it, BUY IT!! This driver puts my ball on the fairway (my fairway this time...) almost every shot and easily added 50 yards to my tee shot (keep in mind I was using archaic clubs before, like a 250 cc driver). All I can is wow! It is very forgiving, even if you miss the sweet spot on the club face it will most likely end up on your fairway at a very good distance away. I am sure this club is not for the pros out there but I am absolutely shocked at how much this driver has changed my game. The confidence I have gained from an awesome tee shot carries on to the rest of my clubs and I am back to really enjoying the game again. My contributions to the swear jar have decreased dramatically since I made this purchase. Do yourself a favor if you are struggling with your driver....get this club!! Thanks Rock Bottom Golf, I will definately be spending more of my hard earned money at your store.
ProsVery forgiving Increased distance Customizable shafts Sounds sweet with a good shot! Price!!
ConsI didn't own it 15 years ago
By Roy
United States
Not a cheaply made driver
August 19, 2012
Even though I paid very little for this driver it is very well made. I hit it further end straighter than my other drivers, costing way more.
Proscost, how well I hit it, how well it was made. great find
By Justin
Solid Driver
August 15, 2012
I wasn't too sure how good it would be being $40 bucks or whatever. I am a total newb when it comes to golfing. I've maybe played for a year or so. This is my first driver and I must say that for being as inexpensive it is it works just as well as my friends drivers which are far more expensive. I'm giving it 5 stars because its so damn inexpensive yet made to be high quality. Mine came with the head cover AND the Evolver shaft tool. Thanks rockbottom!!
ProsInexpensive Hits well. I think better than my friends drivers. It came with the shaft tool and head cover! Sounds good too!
ConsShipment took a little longer than expected. I think only because I have an APO address though. But nevertheless not a big deal as I'm a patient person! (and was on vacation)
By Bill
Linton, in
good driver
August 15, 2012
Like the shaft and the head. Friends have hit the driver and loved it. Very good value..
ProsGreat price and value
By mcurio
new jersey
August 14, 2012
very good delivering club head speed but I should have gottsn the 10.5 degree instead of the 12.5 degree
Proslight shaft and the sound it makes
Cons too high @ 12.5 degrees
By Jim
Fort Worth, TX
August 12, 2012
I waited until I have played 4 rounds using this driver. Long with great control. The value is unbeleivable.
By Tom
Cape May NJ
Longer straighter
August 6, 2012
Still getting used to it but it is a nice club
Proseasy to hit
Conscan not find the wrench or weight set
By Robin Hood
Land of ice and snow
Garbage in garbage out
August 6, 2012
garbage, garbage, garbage!!
ProsGreen colour
By Mark Denton
Kansas City
Great Value
August 6, 2012
Club is great. I have had no issues with it whatsoever, and it has helped me hit longer, higher and straighter almost instantly,
By Charlie B.
The Woodlands, TX
Don't Be Mislead!...Price doesn't always = performance
August 4, 2012
After hitting all the Tour brands, I have settled on this driver being in my bag for 2 years now. A round doesn't go by where at least one fellow members will ask what kind of driver I'm swinging..including a former Touring Pro! When I mentioned the name, he lamented how in their heyday they were quite the choice of long hitting guys on the practice tee but the company ran out of money to continue to pay the outlandish endorsements. Very sad was his comment. He promptly asked if he could give it a go and I gladly let him. 340+ and he said he didn't get all of it. He commented, "you got a good club there." I routinely get 300+ out of it and I am a rank amateur carrying a double digit handicap. Buy will love it.
ProsLooks, sound, launch, work-ability.
Consabsolutely nothing.
By g gomez
bisbe az
good price for the money.
August 2, 2012
light with bood balance
Prosgreat price
Consno explaination on hoe to use tool
By Carl
New Zealand
Awesome Gear
July 30, 2012
I absolutely love this driver
ProsForgiving Light
ConsThat Nickent went out of business
By mattadman
Harrisburg, PA
Exactly what I needed - inexpensive upgrade to my old school driver.
July 30, 2012
I am a beginner. Ok, I've golfed for years, but only once every 5 years of so. I finally decided to try to get out a few times this year. I dug out the old clubs (hand me downs) and went out. Had fun, but my drives were awful. Went to the driving range, and hit a few decent shots. Got my swing to a decent place, and hit the ball fairly well. Then I tried my brother's brand new, mid-range driver. Same swing, and completely different result. Much longer, and straighter, with less effort. Now, I expected that, as the driver I had been using was a steel shaft, old school driver. But I didn't realize just how much of a difference a decent driver can make. Decided I needed a new driver, but there is no way I wanted to spend a fortune. Came across this one, read the reviews, and loved the price. Took it out on the course (without even going to the range), and swung away. What a difference. I'm still a terrible golfer, but man do I enjoy the tee shots now. My brother was amazed, and I'm now outdriving him consistently. Now if only I had a clue how to hit an iron...
ProsInexpensive upgrade to my old school driver
ConsNothing yet!
By Eric
Midland, MI
Great driver!!
July 25, 2012
I bought this club simply because of the amazing price associated with it. I am just starting out learning the game of golf and this driver was so much better than the generic one that came with my initial set. Great looking club!
ProsThe style and looks are awesome.
ConsThe club grip is generic and rough feeling
By bjarne freund-poulsen
Super driver and easy to hit
July 25, 2012
Super buy for the money
ProsVery easy to hit and get in the air.
By Gordon P
Chardon , Ohio
Great Driver
July 23, 2012
25 more yards out of this clib
Proseverthing good club overall.
By Gar
The Villages
Great Club
July 22, 2012
Longest club out of the Tee box I have hit this year. Put the R11s back in storage.
ProsLength out of the Tee box and being able to work the ball left and right.
Cons Grip was to small. Had the club regriped with a medium grip. Made a world of difference.
By Bill
Houston, Texas
Hits like name brand.
July 22, 2012
For the money you can't bet it. I have have hit Yaylor Made, hard to tell them apart.
ProsHave great control.
ConsSaft could be a little longer.
By Dana C
Lincoln, NE
Cannot believe the awesome level.
July 22, 2012
I am very fresh new golfer (only golfed about 6 times). Been going to the driving range and noticed my drive was lacking. Didnt want to spend a fortune on a driver so I came upon this piece. Absolutely fantastic. Driving 50+ more yards. More control. Just great. Thanks Scratch!
ProsLight Great Sound Flex Adjustable head
Cons0 dislikes
By Tim
Nickent Golf is Great!
July 20, 2012
Very Nice Driver. Love the adjustability.
By Josh
Great Club
July 19, 2012
Club has a great feel, I am working it left or right.
ProsHitting it straight and long Great price Hit it better then much more expensive clubs
ConsNot a thing
By shawn
rhode island
rock bottom rocks
July 18, 2012
I got this driver for a friend and he loves it...getting 20 more yards on drive
ProsJust a great driver
By Mark Nelson
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Excellent Club
July 18, 2012
Straight and long!!!!
By Dante
Detroit, Mi
great driver great price
July 18, 2012
More than what I expected
ProsCheap price Included headcover and wrench
By Richard
Mount Pearl, NL
July 17, 2012
Works great when figured how to adjust for my slice.
ProsAll around great!
ConsBeing picky I figured the shaft would be all black or black and green but it has some orange which doesnt suit the club head.
By Duane
United States
Good distance
July 17, 2012
I'm still getting used to the driver, but after a couple of rounds, good contact gets me great distance and direction. The Nickent hits very straight and long. I'm still looking for the right set-up with it -- the shaft is quite a bit longer than my old driver -- but I'm extremely pleased with the way it's performing.
ProsLooks and sounds great. Straight and long. Very lightweight...easy to swing.
ConsNothing so far.
By Llew Williams
United States
Excellent straight shooter!
July 16, 2012
I am quite impressed with the 10.5 degree Nickent 4DX Evolver driver recently obtained from RBG at less than bargain basement prices! The UST V2 shaft in regular works well for me, but being a builder/tinkerer, I have ordered an "Epic" shaft from RBG to try with the interchangeable system on the Evolver. As usual, dealing with RBG was a flawless and profitable event.
ProsNearly as long as the longest of the many driver-head/shaft combinations I have built and tested. Accuracy is perhaps the best of all of them! Large sweet spot and quite forgiving. It seems to have all of the attributes I desire in a driver to suit my aging swing speed.
By Robert
Alberta, Canada
July 15, 2012
I have had no luck with drivers in the past. This driver has helped me considerably.
ProsI like the feel and the weight. A real bargain. The right feel for a senior.
By Lincoln
Great Driver and Quick delivery
July 14, 2012
I already had a 3DX driver but the 4DX gets me atleast and extra 30 - 40m. It took a while to get used to the thud sound as opposed to the nice ting sound of the 3DX but who cares about that. And best of all the club was at my house in oz in 5 days faster than our local mail.
ProsDistance Feel Price
By Dan
Beginners Dream
July 13, 2012
I am a beginner golfer and this is my first true 460cc driver. I love it, the sound the feel, everything. The removable shafts aren't a real draw for me since I don't truly need it but everything else about this driver is awesome.
Proslight great sound great feel long shaft
Consnone so far
Southern California
Holy Crap!
July 12, 2012
I am pleasantly surprised by this driver. I'm not exactly a good golfer and I've always had difficulty driving - serious slice. So you guys can imagine the shocked look on my face when I nailed my first shot at the driving shot straight and long. Thinking it was beginners luck, I hit the next few exactly the same way. Gone was my ridiculous slice. For the most part, I have been able to hit this thing straight as an arrow - with a slight draw. I couldn't believe how well I've been able to hit this driver. In fact, the only driver I've ever consistently hit straight was top-of-the-line stuff like Rocketballz or similar. For obvious reasons, I wasn't interested in splurging a few hundred bucks given that my skill level doesn't justify it. I decided to give this club a try for $35 and am I glad I did. I'm not sure where you can find a better driver for $35. Also, my driver came with the wrench even though the description said it wouldn't! If you have cash for a Rocketballz, then by all means buy it. If not, you should give this driver a long long look.
By John
upstate new york
Omg buy one while you still can.
July 12, 2012
Easy to hit, straight extra yards I have a bunch of very expensive drivers that I wish played like this Nickent 4dx as of right now five of my golf league buddy's have bought one just from hitting mine . don't miss out it really is that good.
By scott
westport, ma
More than woth the price.
July 12, 2012
I don't understand why this driver is so cheap but I'm glad it is. Hits longer and straighter than my Callaway Diablo and I find it easier to hit. Makes a great sound and I love the quality shaft. Very satisfied with my purchase.
Prosprice, accuracy and distance.
By Daniel
Great Deal
July 10, 2012
For such a great deal, this driver delivers in accuracy and distance!!
ProsDistance Lightweight
By Patrick
Little Rock, Arkansas
Only buy this if you like long and straight!
July 10, 2012
Best driver purchase I have ever made. In fact, I bought two! (10.5 & 12.5) Solid feel, great sound! You simply cannot go wrong at this price!
ProsGreat old school profile. Nice sound. Just plain feels solid!
By Suzanne
Fort Worth, TX
Great deal!
July 9, 2012
I've been testing lots of drivers trying to find one that works for me, and in the meantime thought this would be a good filler till I find THE one. After using it last weekend, I can't see any difference in this one and the TaylorMade or Callaway drivers that cost a couple hundred bucks. It's got a nice feel, the shaft is about an inch longer than my other drivers, which is good because I am tall, and the ball goes long and straight. I put an oversize grip on it and now it's perfect.
Prosgood feel, gets the distance I was looking for.
ConsThe only thing I changed was the grip, I like oversize grips.
By Gale Nash
Gunnison, CO
Nickent 4DX Evolver driver
July 8, 2012
Excellent driver and great price
ProsPrice and hitting quality
By Greg
Very nice driver
July 3, 2012
Works for me well. Has added about 10 yd s on my drives
ProsLight and easy to handle
By Hoop
Athol, MA
Little Known Driver
June 29, 2012
Bought this about a week ago and played the Wed. night league with it. Nobody ever heard of Nickent but they were impressed with my distance and accuracy off the tee. I put my Taylor Made Burner in the garage and am using this club solely. It's a great looking club with nice weight and a quality shaft. These high price clubs are not always the answer ... give Nickent a try before they are all sold out. Best purchase I ever made.
ProsGood looks Comfortable weight Quality shaft Long hitting
ConsNo cons
By Bert
Crocker, Missouri
4DX Evolver Driver
June 27, 2012
I Got my new driver on a friday and I golfed on Saturday and the driver really worked good for me. It is one that can be adjusted and I might get a friend who is a golf pro to help me and see if it will make a big difference. I do think that rock bottom golf is a great place to shop. Thank you.
ProsThis driver is one that is adjustable and I like it alot.
By Dave
June 24, 2012
My mate from work put me onto this little beauty! I could never find the right shaft, im somewhere between reg and stiff, and the reg ust V2HL is surperb. Longer more accurate drives all for under $50.
ProsSwapping drivers with my mates and having them 25 meters past where they usually hit their $300 drivers!!!
ConsNot much really
By Jon
Holland, Michigan
Great club - awesome service!
June 24, 2012
This is a very nice driver but I really want to thank Scratch for his service. Rock bottom golf customer service is second to none. They ship quickly, communication is great and they bent over backwards for me on my order - thank you scratch!!
Prosgood looking and sounding club
By James
NSW Australia
Old and cheap does the trick!
June 22, 2012
MY Nickent 4DX evolver just purchased has replaced a TaylorMade Burner 2.0 Superfast in my bag. I would have to say the most disappointing driver Ive ever owned. In my book I almost feel guilty paying so little for so much for the Nickent. It may be old technology, but in my opinion it runs rings around the TaylorMade.
ProsA good alround performer, good looks, nicely balanced, hence swings well, good results
ConsTo date nothing for the price what more could expect.?
By Keith
WInneconne, WI
Nickent Driver
June 18, 2012
Easy to control and has a very good shaft
By John
Somewhere, wi
June 12, 2012
This club is a steal. I am a 1 handicapper and have played all the major brands. This club although it sounds strange is just as good as the big companies drivers. Too bad they went out of business. Thanks scratch.
ProsGreat club. Long and straight
ConsSound. Kinda of a dull thud.
By John
Decent Driver, Great Price
June 11, 2012
I was hitting expensive drivers on the simulator at a local golf shop and pulled one of these off of the used rack and found that I was hitting it as well as the $300 drivers I was hitting. I previously had a Nickent square 3DX driver that I liked, so I went home and ordered the driver from RBG for $49.99. The driver has a nice classic black finish and sets up well behind the ball and its distance is above average. I am most happy to have saved the $250!
ProsLook of the club and its distance. Even the shots hit off of the sweet spot travel well.
ConsGraphics on the bottom of the club.
By Bob21044
Baltimore, MD
June 11, 2012
I have had many drivers in the past few years. This beats them all
ProsNice balance. Light weight shaft
ConsThere are no instructions on how to adjust the head
By Bob21045
Baltimore, MD
June 11, 2012
I have had many drivers in the past few years. This beats them all
ProsNice balance. Light weight shaft
ConsThere are no instructions on how to adjust the head
By Rick
Panama City, Florida
Major OEM Quality at a fraction of the price.
June 9, 2012
Nice balance, good distance, all around solid club for the money.
ProsInexpensive well built great shaft
Consthe green
By Mac
Amazing Driver !!!!!
June 8, 2012
Based on many reviews I purchased the Evolver ; this is a great driver and a super deal from RBG. Played two rounds with good success with hitting fairways. Love the set up and the V2 shaft Rflex. The ball flight and distance is a big plus for me.
Prosvisual setup distance accuracy feel
By Rich
Wind Point, WI
Great driver for the money!
June 7, 2012
This is the best $50 driver you will find anywhere. I bought one last year for my son. It added 40 yards to his tee ball compared to his old taylor made burner. High quality club and head cover. I like the head cover. It is hard to get on & off so my kid leaves it off while he is playing. By the way, I play the matching 4DX 5 wood. It is the best 5 wood I have ever played. The ball seems to jump off of the face. Too bad these guys went OOB. They were really putting out some nice clubs.
ProsQuality Performance Head cover Price
North carolina
Affordable driver that does not disappoint
June 4, 2012
This driver was bought for a friend who does not use the net. I was told to find him a decent new club but keep it under $75.00. I found this and got it for him. This guy acts like he won the lottery! When he pulls the headcover off...all you see is teeth. He loves that it automatically finds the fairway! He loves how it looks and that it is longer than his old driver. Yep, the Rock did it again!
ProsLow price Looks Performance Being able to change shafts
By jay gordon
Long Island, NY
June 2, 2012
By Michael
Great Driver
June 1, 2012
I have not played with this driver yet, but it looks amazing. The shaft is interchangeable, but I feel the shast is already good enough to not need changing. Once I play with the club I will re-review the club, but am over all very happy with the purchase. Rock Bottom Golf rocks!! M W H
ProsGreat Look Great Shaft
By Terry
Great club for the money
May 29, 2012
Although this company is oob, this club has added 20-30 straighter yards to my drives. Being disabled(back and hips), my swing speed is not as great as the old days, and I appreciate the extra distance.
ProsPrice, forgiving, distance gain
Consnone so far
By joel
Great Value
May 29, 2012
Great Value, good distance and accuracy. Would really recommend to the occasional golfer.
By Richard
North Highlands Ca
nickent golf-4dx evolver driver
May 26, 2012
Great club and you can't beat the price. My son liked it so well that I gave the driver to him.
ProsEase of hitting and distance
ConsHeadcover leaves alot to be desired. To hard to get on and off.
By Jim
Pasadena, CA.
Enjoying this Driver!
May 23, 2012
Great experience. I have noticed an improvement in my distance. Forgiving club. My "mis-hits" don't seem to go as far out of of bounds. :) Feeling much more confident with this driver.
ProsDistance improvement Forgiving with mis-hits
ConsDon't like the bright green color on the head.
By Will
Colyell, LA
Great Driver!!!!!
May 23, 2012
I got the Nickent 4DX and love it. I can't say exactly how much distance it addedto my drives because I was never in the fairway before. Now I am consistently hitting 250+ drives in the air (that is a mile for me) The club face at address is perfect and the club is very forgiving. Llet's be clear, I am not a good golfer, but this driver is helping me improve. If you are not a namebrand snob and just want to improve your golf game - put this club in your bag. You cannot get a better club for the price.
ProsClubface at address Weight distance
Consnothing yet
By Robert
Palm Bay, FL
May 22, 2012
Longest yet, beats my Callaway and Taylor Made.
ProsQuality and length.
ConsDidn't buy one sooner.
By John
Sydney, Australia
This is the best driver on the market
May 12, 2012
This is my 3rd Nickent Evolver Driver and the reason is because I have a 12.5 degree driver and another 10.5 degree in case Scratch runs out of them! I can put the ball whereever I aim.
ProsThe way it looks, the way it sets up and the way it feels in my hands
ConsThat I didn't buy it earlier
By Carl Sims
San Juan Capistrano, CA
May 6, 2012
I read the reviews on this driver and had to buy one and check it out for myself. It is an awesome driver! I was shocked! First shot on the range and on the 1st tee was long and straight, over 250. Driver looks and performs like a $300+ driver. Ordered the 2 day shipping and was receieved right on time. I bought the 10.5 degree with the Regular V2HL shaft. I am a 14 handicap and it has lowered my score already. Even when I hit a mishit it still goes far. Very forgiving club. My buddy wound up using it with me during the round and he is now sold on it! I am going to buy another one right away. You can't beat the price and I recommend buying one right away before they all sell out!!
ProsGoes Far! Very Forgiving! Looks & Feels Great!
By patrick dagenais
clinton township mi.
5 stars
May 3, 2012
picked-up 15 yards by using new driver with senior v2 shaft. excellent club easy to hit straight. lowered my score by 5 shots, because now im long and straight. avg drive 235 yd. thanks rock bottom and nickent. im a 13.6 handicap now.
Proseverything----------- goes high and straight.
By george
New Zealand
Great Driver
April 30, 2012
fantastic service once again from the guys the goods arrived on time and great condition i have now used the club twice and for a person who hardly ever uses a driver this one stays in the bag, its a great looking club and i play most second shots of the fairway.
Prosprice , looks , playability
By Rick
Adelaide Australia
Good value Driver
April 22, 2012
I was in the market for a new Driver - used a few "big name" demos from the club however this was as good as any of those.
Prosgood look and feel
ConsDoes not go far enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
By Jim McDonald
Outstanding club
April 18, 2012
Wonderful club. As a 75 year old, it works great for me.
By Ron
Newark, AR
The best club I have bought in a long time!!
April 17, 2012
This driver hit long and straight right out of the box. The main thing I like about it is that it controls the side spin on the ball and cuts down on the hooks off the tee. My brother was so impressed that he ordered one too.
ProsGood feel and ball control. Great value for the price.
By Drew
Allentown, PA
Great Driver
April 14, 2012
I'm an average weekend golfer who has struggled with the driver for 40 years - played with 2 and 3 woods off the tee for most of my life. I am used to feeling the weight of the club head during the swing, so I could never get use to the newer ultra lightweight drivers. My 12.5 loft Izzo 2-wood, a good club by the way, was getting a little worn, so I decided to try a new driver this year. Based on its good reviews and great price, I decided to try the Nickent Evolver -10.5 loft, V2 shaft. Man, I couldn't be happier. When I put a good swing on it, it's straight and adds 10-20 yards to my game. No problem getting it up in the air. The ball just jumps off the face. No goofy sound at impact. Even mishits go farther. It looks good at address and the head has enough weight that I don't lose track of it. I'm hitting less club into every hole and it's made a big difference. Shot 85 on a course I'm usually in the low 90s. Club arrived 3 days after ordering in perfect, pristine condition. Great club, fantastic price. Thanks Rockbottom.
By Phil
St. Paul, MN
Sweet Club!!
April 13, 2012
For the cannot beat this driver!!!! I am no pro, usually shoot in the 100 to 110 range. Took to the driving range the day I got this and was consistently hitting the ball pin straight. I like the forgiveness of this driver. My off center shots still went straight. I like how the sweet spot is extended up on the face alittle. I tend to hit center to highcenter on the driver and this is a good match for me. I still had my hooks but they were much less frequent. Played 18 yesterday (first time playing this year) and for the first time ever, shot below 100 (96). This is only my second year playing but it gets alittle easier when your drives are on the fairway instead of behind a tree or bush. After seeing my play improve, my buddy ordered one from Rock Bottom that night. He can't wait to get it. Thank you Rock Bottom for a club I never would have known existed.
ProsForgiveness Interchangeable shafts Price!!!!
ConsHead cover is a little tight.
By George
Baltimore, MD
April 11, 2012
I received this product in record time and immediately put it in use on the range then the course. Since then, I've practiced and used the driver in 3 rounds. I have now replaced my Nike Sumo for this driver and am pleased. For the price, I am tempted to buy another one and keep it for later.
ProsSmooth Great feel Consistent
ConsNo directions on how to use tool.
By Jesse
Sheridan Arkansas
Nice solid club
April 10, 2012
I have been able to drive further and straighter with this new club
ProsThe balance
By Jason R. Manuel
Toronto, Ontario
Great Club
April 9, 2012
I bought this club at the beginning of the 2011 season - it immediately made a difference in my game. 12.5 Degree with the V2HL, A - Flex shaft. I am now able to get off the tee, and in the fairway. I am not a long hitter by any stretch, but 220 in the fairway works just fine for me. So after almost a year of use I am so pleased with this club that I searched out a set of the irons and have a fully stocked Nickent Bag.
ProsEasy to control even with the A Flex shaft Good Looks HOT face
ConsHead Cover is a pain in the A$$
By Jon
St Louis, MO
Excellent driver - Better Price
April 9, 2012
I bought this club in the stiff shaft 9.5 degree, and it is a great driver. Very lightweight club and the trajectory and ball flight are great. The ball really shoots of the club face. I love the way the club sets up. Most mass produced drivers are slightly offset, but this club sets up more square - probably slightly open compared to most drivers. However, the results wouldn't indicate that, the ball doesn't fly to the right. Great club. Lightweight so you can really get the swing speed up there with very little effort.
ProsWeight Club face angle Power Accuracy
ConsHeadcover is hard to get on and off
United States
April 9, 2012
I bought this because of the adjustments---open & close. I have yet to try any other setting except neutral---I have been able to get more distance from the 4DX than I can get from my expensive driver---I love it~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
By Peter
At the 'NOW PRICE' there should not be any left.
April 6, 2012
The pear shape I remembered was thinner than the.. later model I recieved. However , I'm really happy with the driver mostly for the solid feel, off the middle , which seems to be more often. Tried instinctively to hit it tooooo hard the first couple of games and hit it left .It has the V2 shaft which I thought would hit it a little lower and it does, so now that I've had three games and hitting within my self and trying different balls that will suit it, I'm sure this club has been an excellent BUY. Playing partners were very inpressed and wanted to know the web site.....naturely.
Pros everything
Cons Nothing But I think Caveman should illustrate clubs with a player's view, as the club would look behind the ball.
By Roger
Central Virginia
Nickent 4DX driver
April 5, 2012
Best driver I've ever hit and that includes the Ping and Taylormade that went into retirement after I hit the 4DX. I was so impressed that I bought another one with a senior flex and higher loft for later in life.
By Tom
The Villages, Fl
Nickent is Great!
April 4, 2012
Increased my drives 20-30 yds and am able to keep it straight!
By Ron
San Tan Valley, Arizona
Best yet !
April 3, 2012
I have tried a lot of drivers till I tried the Nicknet - 4DX Evolver driver. I build my own clubs so I bought a 12.5* with the Fugi senior flex shaft and the 10.5* with the UST reg flex to do some mix and match for me and to have some test clubs for those I build clubs for. I put the 12.5* head and the UST reg flex together and for me magic happened. My normal drive is 205 - 210 yrds, but with this combination I was out past 230. Fans, this thing has me seeing par 5's being reachable in 2. I have picked up some adapters on eBay and will build up some additional test shafts for these heads. I just wish they had stayed in buisness (Nicknet).
ProsLong with the right shaft combiation & has a great sound when hit. Great value.
ConsCompany is out of business.
By Doc
Northeast, Ohio
Tee It High; Let It Fly!
April 3, 2012
I've purchased Nickent equipment before and the 4DX Evolver meets the quality standard. I was having a bit of trouble with my other driver, which had a stiff shaft. Since my swing speed was slowing down a bit, I picked the regular shaft and the results are great. Good control and accuracy and a bit more distance. This piece of equipment is as good as $200 plus drivers and comes with the adjustability needed to customize the club. The club provides a true bang for the buck! I shoot in the high 70s and low 80s and play the longest tees since my son can hit it a mile. You can't go too wrong with the Evolver!
ProsFeel; adjustments, look; price; quality
ConsWhat's not to like at this price.
By Wayoverpar
Atlanta Ga.
March 17, 2012
Took this driver to the range immediately after opening the box it arrived in. I was having trouble hitting my high end driver & a friend had one of these (w/a senior shaft) I hit his & liked it, I just needed a regular flex shaft. Man what a feeling. I started lacing them down the range, I'm not good, but my misses, (there were few) wouild all have been in play. It has got to be the best kept secret from 2008. Get 'em before they're all gone. (and they will be gone because Nickent is no more.)
ProsVery forgiving. Hot face. Excellent shaft choices. Confidence building looks (all business)
By John
Auckland, NZ
Great club at great value
March 13, 2012
I have now bought 3 of these! The 1st one was with the Pershing stiff shaft. The second was with the V2 Regular and the most recent one was with the V2 HL shaft. Only played the V2 HL once and the jury is still out. I think my favourite of the 3 shafts so far is the standard V2. Been quite windy recently so I haven't wanted the HL but will try it out again when we have some calmer weather. Can't fault the club. Long and solid with great feel. And an absolute steal at this price. Why pay 5-6 times as much for other products that are no better?
ProsLooks great at address, very clean lines Traditional pear shaped head vs all the ugly geometrical shapes you see from other manufacturers Different interchangeable shaft options Feels solid Long - I have hit a 271m drive with this - my longest recorded drive since I've owned a Sky Caddie (also purchased from RBG) Headcover has a nice long thick neck sock to protect the shaft in the bag unlike other manufacturers such as PING Price - for $50 you can't really lose
ConsNothing to dislike
By Soulman
Inland Empire, CA
A hidden gem among drivers.
March 6, 2012
I got the 10.5 degree loft with UST Gold regular flex shaft. Initially, I was concerned that I made a wrong choice. The shaft felt too whippy, and the face wanted to close at address. It actually has a square face, but the way the sole is designed, when you set the club down on the ground, it rotates left (draw biased). It was annoying at first, but adapted by gripping first before setting the club down. As for the flex of the shaft, I slowed down my backswing and made it steadier going back, and the whippiness was eliminated. I just unleash from top of the backswing, and I am hitting straight rockets. The draw bias really helps close the face on the way down, and I don't have to worry about slicing with this bad boy.
ProsSoft feel. Muted sound at impact. (I'm coming from Cleveland HiBore Monster and I almost don't hear any impact with this Nickent). Price.
Conspurple accent on the UST Gold shaft. Head cover doesn't fit tight.
By Colin
Eldersburg, Maryland
Great Club
February 28, 2012
I have a Taylormade R9 S Flex 9.5. I got this driver to help with loft. Not only am I hitting higher, but I'm farther and on target.
ProsGreat weight. You can feel the club head up and down thru the swing.
ConsThe grip and the shaft feel flimsy, but I'll play them both until they wear out.
By Michael Burdick
Great club
February 21, 2012
I bought this driver for my Mom and she is 78 years old. The loft helps her get the ball up in the air. She shot 50-53=103. Not bad for an older lady. She also hit every fairway and was very happy.
By mark johnston
Melbourne, Australia
Good product.
February 19, 2012
Only used once at this stage but seems to be as long as other drivers I have tried. Good looking Driver and a bargain for the price. Four days delivery to Australia, fantastic.
By Colin
Renton, WA
Great Driver for the price!
February 13, 2012
I've only been golfing for just over a year now, and this is my second driver. The first being one from a Adams Tight Lies set. The ball really pops off this driver when hit right. I've seen a bit of distance increase, and thought the price I paid for this driver is definitely worth it. The only con is the head cover.
ProsLooks great Sounds good Ball pops off the head Feels good
ConsUgly head cover Can be a bit loud
By Paul
St. Louis, MO
Excellent value
February 8, 2012
I hit the drive better than my current one from the get go. My partner claimed I hit one 250-300 on the fly, a draw into the left rough. That is hard to believe, as I am 64 years old. Most drives were straight. The down side, is the ugly bright green head cover, and the second time I played, a small rattle developed in the head. The rattle doesn't effect performence,but, would hurt future trade in possibilities. I thought of sending it back, but because Nickent is out of business, Rock Bottom probably wouldn't send me a replacement and I would have to pay shipping.
ProsExcellent quality, easy to hit and very cheap. I like that it is easy to change shafts, but the shaft seems fine, and I will probably not take advantage of this option.
ConsBright green is not a good color for a head cover.Slight rattle in head second time I played with it.
By Rick
Good looking Driver!
February 6, 2012
Haven't hit this driver yet but it sure looks good at set up and the service was great!
ProsLooks. Shaft. adjustability
By Gerry
Titusville, Florida
February 3, 2012
This is a great driver. Feels well balanced and I like the traditional look of the club head at address. When the ball is hit in the sweet spot, it really jumps off the club face. I have gained about fifteen yards over my Cleveland High Bore. A slight miss hit does not cost you much in yardage, but the feedback immediately tells you it was not hit in the sweetspot. This is the first UST shaft I have tried, and it works well, but I am looking forward to experimenting with different shafts.
ProsFeel of ball off the sweet spot.
By David
Great Club
January 23, 2012
I already have the Speacial edition 4DX and wanted a back up. Really pleased with the ckub as it has a different shaft. The clud is great the service from ROCK BOTTO M could not be bettered
By Bill
Candler, NC
A Steal of a Driver
December 11, 2011
For this price & able to change out shafts with ease, just unbelievable. Top of the line driver at a steal of a price.
ProsGreat distance & accuracy. Able to change out shafts.
By Rick
Sydney australia
Nice feel
November 29, 2011
Still coming to grips with this club. had the square head Driver prior to this and still hitting it further than evolver. I think it is me and not the club.
ProsPrice, quality and time received 3 days from ordered in australia
By alan
Reno, Nevada
Great Driver
November 28, 2011
This driver added a good 30+ yard to my drive and it is very forgiving so I hit more fairways. I love this new driver and I cant wait until next spring when I really can test it out.
By alex
New Zealand
235 metres by 63 year old on 16 handicap
November 27, 2011
I have had 3 Rounds so far and have reach 230-235 metres on 4 occasions also 2 times 275 metres with slight tail cross wind. As this was my first large headed driver I did not know what to expect, I have found it very easy to use and the balance has been really outstanding.
ProsLight, Easy to handle, can hit off centre and still get plenty of distance.
Conshave not found one
By troy
arcadia, wi
Nickent Golf- 4DX Evolver Driver
November 26, 2011
Awesome driver. Fully adjustable quality as a fraction of the cost.
ProsThe adjust-ability.
By John
November 24, 2011
Excellent club. Distance and flight were good, with a far more balls on the short stuff.
ProsHighly adjustable good shaft distance good good flight head not too big
By Adrian
South australia
Great club at a ridiculously cheap price
November 18, 2011
Bought one and sold one to a mate . We both love our Nickents. At the price paid we can have these as main drivers and also as backups at any time. I like the speed of delivery from RockBottomGolf. Always professional and fast with cheap prices.
ProsSparkling green and black head. Good distance after some initial tinkering with stance. Club tended to fade at first few hits but this was rectified.
By Steve
Oakland, CA
Outstanding Driver
October 16, 2011
Sets up well. Very long. Responsive as I can move the ball around, draw or fade or straight. The UST Prolaunch V2 is a very good shaft. Mid trajection. For the price, this drive is an outstanding value. I would highly recommend this driver to anyone wanting a quality driver for a bargain price. I've used Nickent hybrids for years and find them outstanding. This drive is equally outstanding.
ProsHigh quality, nice looks, more of a traditional head shape.
By James Denver
Eureka Springs, Arkansas
great shaft Head only so so
October 15, 2011
I bought this for my brother. He liked the shaft but did not feel the head was of equal quality.
By Thomas
Peebles, OH
Long and solid
October 6, 2011
Long and solid driver. Nice sound and good distance. The shaft alone costs more than this club!
By Wayne
Houston, TX
October 6, 2011
Hitting these much straighter and more consistently than my last driver (10+ yrs old). Launch angle is a bit high for me though using the regular flex V2 shaft w/ 10.5 deg loft.
By Pim
Lelystad, Flevoland, Netherlands
Not cheap...
September 23, 2011
This is a topquality driver. It hits straight, is forgiving and has a great shaft. Don't know where to get other shafts,but the UST V2 does the job nicely. A slight minus is the thin grip. It has almost no body to hold on to. Its a top make driver for a price to low to mention...
Prostop quality shaft and head. HL and standard shaft Overall performance is great
Consthin grip
By Rich
New Zealand
Very solid Driver
September 16, 2011
Great Driver so far> Hitting long and mishits are forgiving.
ProsGood feel
ConsHead cover is brutal Tool is pointless
By Loois
September 10, 2011
Gained at least 10 meters, high handicapper, so feels good to match distance of lower handicap players.
Iowa City, IA
Well Designed Club
September 7, 2011
I have been a Nickent fan for years, solely using their hybrids. However, I made the move to try the 4DX Evolver Driver as I simply wasn't getting the distance I thought I could out of my Ping K15. I could not be happier with this purchase. The 4DX Evolver Driver is long and straight and more visually appealing at set-up. Not to mention the great deal at RBG! This will be in the bag for a long time, especially with the ability to easily change shafts!
ProsStraight and Long
By Dwayne
Fernley, NV
Straight and long!
September 1, 2011
Need to get a couple more of these so I can play around with head / shaft combinations!
ProsLong and straight.
ConsNot on sale anymore.
By Rusty
United States
Best driver for dollar there is!!!
August 28, 2011
Great head, and you can experiment with shafts with ease (buy some adapters on eBay). I've got two of them, and prefer the 8-degree with a high-launch NVS shaft. LLLOOOOOOONNGGG and straight. And, of course, a great buy from RBG.
ProsPreice Performance Ease
ConsNot a damn thing!
By Cliff
Super Nickent!
August 28, 2011
This thing is a weapon! I have a few drivers and thought I would get one simply because of the price and as I have been watching a fellow member spanking his 4DX straight down the fairway for over 2 years. I have now joined him and I am putting a far more confident swing on my drives. I consistently out-drive my friends with the latest and greatest drivers that cost around 8 times the price. I recently put an Aldila DVS shaft in a Nickent CYG Hosel I purchased with awesome results, depending on wind and ground conditions, I can now adjust the launch angle of the 4DX to suit, which is brilliant!
ProsVery forgiving, nice feel and distance.
By Bob
good over all
August 22, 2011
Love the club I have a straighter shot
Proslike the feel Strighter shot good club for beginner
Conswish I could buy extra flex shaft for this club should sell extra style shaftfor this club
By Daniel
The Dalles, or
Drives longer and straighter
August 10, 2011
I have been hitting the ball longer and straighter with this club. It is a club in my bag that I can trust to hit straight.
ProsDistance, Grip
ConsNot a big fan of the driver cover that comes with the club.
By dustin
Marietta, ohio
OMG=Great club
August 7, 2011
I love this driver. it's long and straight for little to nothing when it come to price. it sounds great off the tee box and does as well if not better than any name brand golf club. I get great distance out of this club. I was very impressed when i first took this club to the range.
ProsFeel, Look, Sound, Distance, and of course PRICE
By Jalen
Shawnee, KS
Do Not Miss Out on This Deal.
August 2, 2011
Very pleasing to the eye. I found the feeling of striking the ball and the sound to be a bit odd but got used to it very quickly. Even if you miss hit it, it still goes a long ways. Too bad Nickent went out of business. I've added about 15 yards to my drive.
ProsLook Feel Reliability Large sweet spot
ConsMight be loud to some people
August 2, 2011
How can this driver be this price? I know this driver is a few years old now , but i can not find a driver for any price on the market available in Australia that is as good as this. The new srixon z star is the closest but you can buy 5-7 of these for the same price.
ProsLong , Straight , Sound , Feel , Price.
ConsCheap grip.
By Chang
San jose
4DX driver
July 28, 2011
It's very good, gain about 10 more yd and good sound.
ProsDistance and changeable shaft
Boston, Massachusetts
Great driver for the price
July 28, 2011
Hit this on the range one day so far and I love it. Pretty solid contact and hits true (when I manage to hit it correctly). Hasn't done anything for my slice, but that's something I need to work on myself, so I can't fault the club for that. Feels solid.
ProsSolid club Terrific shaft Good weight
By Tom D.
Barefoot Bay FL
Great Quality
July 27, 2011
Unbelievable quality for the price. I gained about 15 yards to my drive. The V2 shaft alone is about $65.00.
ProsValue for the money and playability.
By Mitch
Boston, MA
Great Value
July 25, 2011
For the price you can't beat it...Im somewhat new to the golf game, but this club hits pretty damn well. COmparable to drivers 3 and 4 times its price. Im not very big but i was consistentyl driving the ball 225 to 250 yards with this guy.
ProsGreat Value Excellent shaft options
Consclub head scratches and marks easy
By ProfessorDave
Worth every dollar
July 25, 2011
This is the last driver you'll ever need. The ability to change shafts for course and weather conditions is a huge advantage and a lot of fun. Shaft adapters can be found on online auction sites and attach to shafts using the same epoxy used for other clubmaking. With a few turns of the adjustment wrench shafts are swapped in no time. The driver head itself is of high quality. The traditional pear shape appeals to me, and helps me square the club face compared to more elongated models. I find that the driver tends to produce a high ball flight no matter what shaft I use, so buyers might want to go down one step in loft compared to their current drivers.
ProsPrice Performance Shaft-swapping ability
By Tiny
albany NY
Great Price - Great Driver
July 18, 2011
Played 27 holes so far - love the look and feel. I am 62 but normally play regular shaft clubs. This club has a senior shaft with a high loft kick. It has helped me hit high long drives. The driver has a great sound and feel and each round gives me more confidence in it.
ProsThe look, feel, and the price were great.
ConsOne of the selling points of the driver was that the player can change shafts himself, the same way the pros can change shafts to better match a particular course or even the wind and weather. Problem is I cannot find shafts for this Evolver.
By Rae Hopkins
Lethbridge , AB
Great club
July 18, 2011
Amazing deal purchased for my wife who is a 10 hcp. With 12.5 degrees loft and a men's senior shaft we call her bam bam now.
ProsPrice and quality
By Kevin
Oklahoma City, OK
July 15, 2011
I was using a flex shaft 10.5 driver that came with my first set of clubs. When I got a new set of clubs as I got better, I realized I needed a better driver as I started to slice every drive. The first round I use this club, the slice disappeared and all that was left were crushing drives! Love this club!
By joe wheeler
July 15, 2011
By James
New York, NY
Are you kiddin'me?
July 15, 2011
I know Nickent is out of business, but do yourself a favor and by this club. I've bought 3 because I know once they are gone, I'll NEVER drive in the fairway the same again. I have all three shafts and I can tell you NOTHING and I mean NOTHING puts your ball deep into the fairway like this club. Just buy it!!
ProsAre you kidding me..... EVERYTHING!
ConsThat I will no longer be able to buy Nickent!!
By Steve
Spokane, Washington
Excellent Buy on excellent club.
July 12, 2011
This club is just as advertised. Worked well right out of the box. Increased distance from old club, great feel. Head cover is dorky looking and went in the recycle parts bin.
ProsGreat feel, balance and looks.
ConsHeadcover looks like something they thought up in a moments notice and forgot to review.
By Deane
Albuquerque, NM
Great Club
July 12, 2011
Too Bad Nickent is no longer making clubs. I bought two of these drivers with different shafts. Excellent distance and feel with both. Sold both my Taylor made and Cleveland drivers as they can't keep up with the Evolver. Great value for a quality product !
ProsDistance, Feel, Price
By Nathan
Very light with a great MOI!
July 11, 2011
A real bargain! I was after a new driver and being the 1st purchase from RBG I was hesitant to spend a lot of dough as it was being sent to Australia! what can I say, it was packaged and protected very well the driver itself is very light with a great MOI and just suits me perfectly. Love the forgiving shaft whilst not being overly forgiving if that makes sense lol. RBG you got me and everyone I know that plays, I tell to check out your store!! Thanks Scratch!!!
By doug
Nickent 4 DX Evolver Driver
July 11, 2011
I am a +1 hcp. and have played Nickent 4 DX hybrids for the past few years and wouldn't trade them for anything. Absolutely the all around most hit-able hybrid on the market as far as I'm concerned. The demise of Nickent was unfortunate but certainly not reflected in its product quality. Having said that, I have to add that I never had much interest in their drivers. I ran across the 4 DX Evolver driver a few weeks ago and just couldn't pass up the $49.99 price tag from Rock Bottom for a quality club with a shaft change out system that was cutting edge technology a couple of years back. Ordered the 9* with the Pershing shaft in a stiff and absolutely could not believe how well I hit it. I mean what were you guys thinking. Maybe it is just my personal lucky combination, but this club is extremely long and slightly draw biased. The shaft loads up not unlike the blue board in my Ping Rapture, however the ball flight is much more piercing with great hang time to boot. It's absolutely crazy that a $50.00 driver can end up being this good. How good ?......turned around and bought another one with the UST shaft to compare with the Pershing and found that it's a pretty good backup in itself. I don't know what all went down at Nickent but I've got a suspicion that someone got caught injecting steroids into these babies.
Pros- head/face look square at setup - excellent clubhead feel and shaft loadup - Pershing shaft performance..."less" is longer - piercing ball flight and the ball get's small fast - hits some mind numbing "bombs"
Consgreen! and more green!
Good club & great price!
July 10, 2011
Traditional club that is easy to hit. It fits the eye. My Dad got one after hitting mine.
ProsPrice Easy to hit. Distance
ConsScratches easily
By John Reiman
Green Bay, WI
nice buy
July 9, 2011
I bought the stiff flex 10.5 with the UST shaft. WOW! When I hit it correctly it goes 20-40 yards further than my old driver. When I mis-hit it is goes the same. I'm thinking of buying another one in reserve, nice find, you won't do better for the money. I'm a 9 handicap, I have 95 mph swing speed and play 3-4 time a week. P.S. Go Pack!
ProsGood distance, good value, factory shaft is just fine.
ConsThe headcover is too gaudy, but this is NO problem, only a minor gripe.
By Sam
Blenheim New Zeand.
July 3, 2011
Compared to my old 40 yr old driver this Evolver is pure joy. Having only played every 18 months or so for the last 30 years technology has come a long way. A stint on the driving range yesterday confirmed a very good buy. The Rock Bottom team have to be commended on a fantastic and prompt service all the way to New Zealand.
By Ernie
Kennebunk, ME
Nickent Evolver is Awesome!
June 27, 2011
I am a high handicapper with a 'text book' slice...NO MORE...this driver is so perfectly balanced it is really hard to believe for the price. I ordered mine with the Pershing shaft and it is really an excellent piece of equipment.
ProsPerformance is A1, longer and straighter for sure on every drive, very attractive design, and excellent head cover.
ConsNo dislikes at all.
By Michael
Korora, NSW
Can't beat the price
June 24, 2011
I was a little worried at first, as I had the 4DX driver and sold it to my brother and bought this. It had the V2 shaft - but this one has the UST SR3 shaft. After a couple of games getting used to it - I am sold. Hitting it straight and long. Can't beat it for the price
ProsPrice. Look. Solid Feel and sound when striking the ball.
ConsGar Nichts
By Guy L
New Zealand
One of my favorite drivers
June 22, 2011
I find these drivers to be very similar to Taylormade Burner at a much better price, that's why I bought more than one.
ProsInterchangeable heads & shafts
By Daneski
Dunedin, New Zealand
Great Value Driver
June 20, 2011
Upgraded to this from a generic driver from cheap set. This club has improved my game tremendously - gaining about 20-30 yards off the tee. I don't know if its possible for a club to really "improve" your hook/slice, but the improved distance is well worth it, especially for the amazing price here on Rock Bottom!
ProsDistance Build quality Ability to change shaft quickly and easily Shipping time
ConsCan't say a bad word about this superb deal
By jacob
cedar rapids, IA
Love it!
June 13, 2011
I absolutely love this driver. I am a newbie when it comes to golf (started last year) and my previous driver had only cost me $5 so this is a huge upgrade for me. I'm driving it ~30 yards farther than my last driver (about 250 yards) with the regular flex shaft. It only took me about 10 minutes at the driving range to be hitting it perfectly straight each time. For the price you cannot beat this driver, shame Nickent went out of business!
Prosdistance flies straight looks price
ConsHead cover is kinda tight to get on?
By Campbell
Bay of Plenty, New Zealand
Nickent 4DX Evolver
June 12, 2011
Great driver. Super price. A bargain in any language. This is a superb value for money driver. I got both the Stiff and Extra Stiff so that I could try each shaft out, and they are both very good. If you want to add some yards off the tee then this will not let you down!!
ProsPrice Shaft options
By bogeyman
Singapore, Singapore
June 11, 2011
Took delivery, unwrapped the plastic, brought it to the range...immediately took a liking to the driver! added at least 20 yards to my drive with Callaway FT-iZ!!
By Nuclear Mike
Sugar Land, TX
Terrific Driver, Just Before Its Time
May 23, 2011
Nickent was a couple of years ahead of their time in coming out with a completely adjustable driver. The problem was that they put all of their eggs into the Evolver basket and priced the driver at $599 just as the recession began to take hold. That, unfortunately, led to their demise. I always wanted an Evolver driver and wasn't disappointed when I got mine. I'd been away from the game for a couple of years and on the first visit to the range my irons and fairway woods were a little off, but the driver felt like it was made just for me. The first swing with it I put one out there medium-high with a little draw (I'm usually a low ball hitter with a fade) as far out as any driver shot that I hit when I was playing regularly. This is the best driver that you can buy for the money. Get one NOW. No, get TWO now- when they're gone from RBG there won't be many more new ones available.
ProsLong, Long, Long, and controllable.
ConsThe fact that I didn't get one before now.
By Dan
Hanover, PA
Don't let the price fool you...
May 23, 2011
This is an outstandng driver. I like it better than my superfast driver that cost me alot more money.
ProsHits Long and Straight
ConsShaft Availability
By Hutch
United States
It's a shame to see a quality club maker go out of business
May 17, 2011
Right from the start the first thing I noticed is the solid feel of this club. It reminds me of the old persimmon woods I loved to play 30 years ago while at the same time delivering accuracy and distance the persimmon woods never had. I've played several metal drivers over the years and this one delivers on all counts.
Prossolid feel
Consit may be difficult to find the interchangeable shafts with Nickent out of business
By Jody
Wilmington, NC
Best Driver you will buy for the money
May 14, 2011
I typically do not write many product reviews but have to admit I bought this for two reasons (1) Price (2) based on other reviews. I was not disappointed with either. I have played with the driver now for three rounds and have to admit that I do hit it 10-15 yards farther than my Callaway Diablo. The driver has a very solid feel coming off of the club face and nice ball flight. I purchased 9 deg. stiff flex.
By great
palmerston north.n.z
value plus
May 14, 2011
struggled a bit with this club at first hit it longer but lost accuracy the more I use it the better I like it, with time I will sort things out.
Prosgreat distance. light weight. super value.
Consvery little.
By Christopher Brackin
Cowarts, AL
Wonderful driver at a great price!!
May 13, 2011
This may be the best driver I've ever come across in this price range. It feels great and hits even better. Nickent and Rock Bottom Golf hit a grand slam with this one.
By Tim
Wilmington, NC
May 13, 2011
Too bad Nickent golf in not going to make clubs anymore. This is a great driver for the money. I have replaced my Cobra driver and I average about the same distance and accuracy. Actually this is my second Nickent driver, the first one I got the stiff shaft, but really needed a regular flex. This time I bought the Reg Flex and another shaft to change out for maximum efficiency.
ProsLightweight low kick shaft
ConsCheap grip
By Ron
Corsicana, Texas
Like the possibilities
May 11, 2011
Bought this driver as a gift for my dad. Want to buy Nickent's CYG hosel and make this driver completely adjustable.
By Steven Nielsen
Cape Coral, Fl
Great Driver and great deal
May 11, 2011
This driver is hot. The ball explodes off the face. The shaft is excellent also. No complaints!!
ProsDistance Power Accurate
By Melvyn Lusher
Clifton Springs,Australia
Top Value
May 11, 2011
Very happy with the club. Hitting better than my Big Bertha. The pro Launch shaft feels great
By Doug
Nickent Golf - 4DX Evolver Driver
May 9, 2011
An excellent driver for the price! Finally had a chance to try at the driving range. The ball flight is mid to high. Had the UST gold 65 reg shaft & 10.5 deg head. The impact sound is nice and the setup needs some adjustment. The grip is cheap, had no brand marking on it. Need to regrip!
Prosprice sound quick change shaft
Conscheap grip
By Bill
Great driver-Great price!!
May 9, 2011
This has got to be one of the best deals ever. I wouldn't usually buy a driver without hitting it first but I figured it was worth taking a chance at this price and I'm happy I did. It looks great, feels great and sounds great. I was using a Cobra L4V which is also a very good driver but this one is longer, just as straight and doesn't sound like I'm hitting the ball with an empty can. I got the UST V2 regular shaft with the 10.5 head and I love it. I'll probably buy another one of these with a different shaft and head so I can swap them out and have the equivalence of 4 different drivers.
Proslook, feel, sound, distance, accuracy
By vince dacquisto
schenectady, NY 12309
May 8, 2011
Excellent driver. Very good shaft, well-balanced feel, very consistent drives. A steal for $49.
Prosfeel, balance, quality
By Jeff
So Far So Good
May 6, 2011
I bought the 9 degree driver and took it to the driving range shortly after receiving it. Nearly every ball I hit went straight into the turf a couple of inches in front of the tee. My last driver was 10.5 degrees. After 15 or 20 balls I started hitting it downrange, but had no idea how far other than it was over 200 yrds. I've since played 9 holes with it and my GPS and have increased my distance by 10 yrds. With more use it can only get better.
ProsIncreased distance
ConsHas interchangeable shafts, but where do I get different shafts? There is still a Nickent website that shows an adjustable hosel for this club, for draws or fades, where do I get one?
By Jackact
Canberra, Australia
A First Class Driver
May 6, 2011
This is the best (for me) of the modern style of drivers I have tried. I bought it mostly because of the good reviews by previous buyers, and I can understand why they like it. I got the seniors flex 12.5 degrees loft. It works the ball a little right to left, but not so it is a problem - I am aiming up the right tree line. I am very pleased with the club.
ProsEasy to hit in the centre of the club Hitting the ball farther Price
ConsNickent going out of business - will I be able to get a replacement shaft if I need one?
By buddy
dover, de
May 6, 2011
great club I thought it adjusted for draw or fade however its the shaft that is interchangeable this club is hot am probably buying another one xstiff high launch
Prosball jumps off face
Consadjustment is shaft not draw
By Jason
May 5, 2011
Hit this club maybe 30 times and the crown cracked on it. Not a durable club. Would not recommend it to anyone. This is the second club that I had break from nickent. Save your money and buy a club from someone still in business like Taylor Made or Callaway.
By Adam Anson
Springfield, MO
Great driver...excellent driver for the price!
May 5, 2011
Hits long. Went out with my brother in law, who is a long driver and has a new Callaway FT-IQ. The Nickent more than held it's own and out-drove the Callaway several times.
Pros-Price -Long drives -Adaptability
By Clyde
May 4, 2011
Hit drives 50 to 70 yards further. The best driver I ever bought for $49.95
ProsDistance and control
By Aaron
Sumter, SC
Great driver!
May 4, 2011
You really can't beat this club for $50! I got the X-stiff shaft and am really happy with it so far. It does lower your ball flight quite a bit so if you don't hit the ball at a mid to high flight level I wouldn't get this shaft. First time out I hit several drives that actually went through the fairway.
ProsPrice Distance Accuracy
By Michael
Very Nice Club
May 4, 2011
This driver works very well and has a nice feel to it. You cannot beat the price for this club and the quality it offers
By perch
nice driver
May 2, 2011
Great shaft and feel of the club. At this price you can't go wrong
Prosprice, shaft
By Ian
Great Club, at a Cheap Price
May 2, 2011
I do not often put pen to paper to write about my golf gear, however purchased this 4DX driver on a whim because of the great RB price. Plus it had to options I was looking for, 9 degree head and the UST stiff shaft. Played twice overseas and on a links style course in the UK and the lower ball flight with almost as much top spin roll, put me within 8 iron or lower second club range many times. Hit two drives to 350 yd holes that left me with a putt from just off the green (wind assisted and slightly down hill, but hey!) For me it's the extra roll. I may just buy a second to travel with and have as spare, this driver is as good as any of the big boy $$$ ones I have. I fully expect to see my 14 HCP start coming back down.
ProsInterchangeable shaft The Stiff shaft PRICE
ConsWhats to dislike!
By john
Nickent 4DX Evolver 10.5 Driver
April 30, 2011
What a great driver. I was not looking to buy another driver as I recently purchased a Titleist 910 D3 but I have read good reviews on this driver in the past and now RBG have them at exceptional clearance price I decided to buy one as a back up but since I have played with it and liked it, I bought another one so I now have 2. You won't be disappointed and I don't think much can go wrong with them. They are quality built. I have the Epic Grafalloy nano fuse 68 Regular which is a great shaft for me.
ProsIt's all good!
Consnothing at the moment.
By Mike Muchortow
Shelby Twp., MI
Nickent 4DX Driver is Awesome
April 30, 2011
I recently purchased the Nickent 4DX Evover driver with the Graffaloy Epic shaft. The shaft alone costs about twice as much as I paid for the club. I added distance of about 15 yards with this club versus my Cleveland Hibore XLS (which I thought was a great driver). Once I get more familiar with the shaft and ball flight I am sure I may even do better than my experience the first time using it. This club is a steal at the current price that it is available for at Rock Bottom Golf.
ProsNice looking driver head with a penetrating ball flight. The shaft is Graffaloy Epic shaft is excellent. Great price for a new club.
By Fritz H. Friederich
Cypress, California
What a great surprise!
April 29, 2011
I had just bought the Nickent Golf-4DX Evolver Driver. I tried it on the driving range and was a bit disappointed. However, I didn't give up and used it on the golf course. Wao! I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw how far I could hit the balls with this club. Now my Burner is in the garage, and I only use the Nickent Driver.
ProsThe balls fly far and straight!
By Travis
Crookston , MN
Great Driver
April 28, 2011
First shot out of the bag this year and the ball went 290 straight as an arrow. Great Driver a little light in the club head area but a nice reliable club.
ProsLooks good Forgiving
ConsLight club head
By Todd
West Des Moines, IA
Hot club face, with a fierce sound!
April 27, 2011
Hit the ball with a really high trajectory usually. This club gives me a lot better ball flight and some roll, which I am not used too. The club also seems to give you good distance even if you don't catch the ball perfectly.
ProsLook gives you a lot of confidence Very forgiving Attractive head cover
By Double D
Schertz, TX
Hot Driver
April 27, 2011
Well worth the price especially with the ability to change the position of the head like the high dollar drivers. Weight of the club is outstanding and was playing every shot with a slight draw without having to set up for it.
ProsPrice, weight and ability to change the head position.
By Mark
New York, NY
Great Driver
April 27, 2011
I was a consistent 260-265 hitter with lesser known brand drivers, but this driver took me to 275 easy. Nice to know I can put away the long irons on those stingy Par 4s.
By Jeff
Middletown, PA
Great Buy
April 27, 2011
I have played two rounds with this driver and have noticed extra carry and the ball does not seem to stray too far off course on off center hits. The shaft is almost an inch longer than my other driver and I noticed most of my tee shots were coming more from the heal than the center. With a slight adjustment I find the ball flight long and straight on the sweet spot swings.
ProsNo frills black clubhead at address. Classic look.
ConsThe grip feels a little hard.
By Chris
Great club at any price, amazing value at this price!
April 25, 2011
I like Nickent and I've scored a lot of their clubs at great prices but this is by far the best deal. Nice driver, solid feel and lots of options here. I actually bought two of them to play around with shaft flex and face angle a little. At this price it's easy to do.
ProsLook at address Comes with tool Forgiveness
ConsI prefer a shorter shafted driver, something around 44.5" rather then the 45.5" this comes in.
Quality Build Strong Performance
April 18, 2011
Underrated to the max, especially for this price tag. Match up with a strong shaft and you're all set. The club sits well at address and pleases the eye of stronger golfers. Do not expect the standard 2 degree closed face as we see with many clubs.
ProsSits close to square at address Classic pear shape Nice sound
ConsAvailability of replacement shafts
By Kevin
Topeka, KS
Feels great, plent of distance
April 18, 2011
Have played with the driver twice, I have the 9* with the Aldila DVS stiff shaft. I really like the feel of the shaft and it gives me the lower launch that I was looking for. (My other driver is a 9.5* Titleist 905T with the UST V2 stiff shaft.) The Nickent looks great at address and plays as long (maybe even longer, too early to tell for sure) than the Titleist and, as expected, is not quite as demanding as the 905T. I was also pleased that I was able to hit this "driver off the deck" in my 4-man scramble with great success.
ProsThe look. The Aldila DVS shaft. The Price. The feel. It came with the tightening tool.
ConsThe head cover is a very tight fit. (Needed something to complain about!)
By ken
mount vernon, wa
great driver
April 5, 2011
This is one great feeling driver. Its easy to hit straight and it makes ball go far. seriously you can't even come close to this driver at twice the price.
Proslong straight great shaft
Consno tool provided
Buying AGAIN - Since I have been trying to find this for sometime now!
April 3, 2011
I used this in 9 degree UST V2 stiff back in 2009. However, my friend took it after nagging about this for a LONG time. Now that I found it again at Rockbottom, I am buying again! Paying less than half I paid in 2009. Yes, over the two years, there have been numerous fads and "improvements" in designs and shafts, mostly in drivers. However, after having used many leading brand drivers including Callaway, Taylormade, Cleveland, etc. I do believe this is a great value driver.
ProsDistance, distance, distance.
ConsToo bad Nickent is no longer around.
By El Bruce
Gilbert, AZ
Equals the big $400 drivers
July 29, 2010
This driver has changed my game - hits like the big boy $400 drivers (or better). Dropped my 'big name' 2 year old driver and am hitting twice as many fairways and getting 20-40 more yards, instantly dropping my HC from a 16 to a 10-12 this year. I'm going to buy 3-4 Nickent 4dx Evolver drivers to hoard, since Nickent is no longer in business. Wilson and Nickent - you can outfit yourself with THE best golf gear in the business for a fraction of the mainstream big names. Its too bad Nickent is no longer around, but Wilson is really putting out amazing, best-in-class gear too.
ProsLong as hell. Straight as hell. Forgiving. Insane Value.
ConsNot a fan of green clubs, but who cares when you outdrive your TM, Mizuno, Ping, and Titleist clubbing buddies?
April 23, 2010
Long & Straight
April 21, 2010
I picked this up from RockBottom about 2 months ago -- been hitting it long & straight ever since. This past Sunday, 260 to carry the water, 300 to center of green ... I flew it in the bunker behind the green. Never hit a drive that far before with no roll (it was raining). With my old drivers (TaylorMade & Nike) I never even tried to carry the water. It's like playing a new course.
ProsGreat looking at set-up, It is long and straight At this price, buy 2 because you playing partner will try to steal it.
ConsI don't have the matching 3 wood or 5 wood.
By David
Yokohama City, Yokohama
Great Price for a great club
April 2, 2010
Great being able to change shafts easily. Managed to buy a couple of wrenches on e-bay. also found a 9 Degree Head and two different stiff shafts plus extra CYG Hosels. Now can make lots of combinations of heads and shaft plus change lies very easily so have more than a dozen club combinations for around 200 USD Real bargin to try different combinations. Also bought Calloway 2 imix heads and 2 fujikora shafts from Rock Bottom, so should be able to experiment to my hearts content! Great thing about Nickent is being able to adjust the hosel unlike the calloway.
By Bill
Santa Clara, CA
great club for higher swing speeds
March 30, 2010
I swing with a med-high head speed of 102-104 MPH. This combination of head-to-(S) flex shaft is straight and long, my friends are envious when my drives are 50 + yards beyond them in the middle of the fairway. I recommend this driver to lower your score. Bravo to the Nickent design engineers.
Phoenix, AZ
Great driver!
March 30, 2010
This 10.5 degree/regular-HL driver far exceeded my expectations. I took it out to the driving range yesterday and from the first swing it went high, straight and long! This is by far the most forgiving driver I've ever hit.
By Brent
Wyoming, MI
Poor Quality
March 27, 2010
Bought this club and ran a medium size bucket of balls through it on the range. Last ball I hit, club head flies off the shaft down the range. Broke right at the top of the club head/bottom of the shaft. I had the UST V2 Stiff Shaft.
Merchant Response:Thanks for the feedback Brent. Unfortunately these things happen on occasion no matter what brand you're dealing with. Please be sure to contact customer service at to setup a return/refund for the club. Thanks! Scratch the Caveman
ProsAttractive design
ConsPoor Quality
By Mike
What a weapon!
March 20, 2010
I picked the 10.5 stiff Ust V2 up this week. Pretty simple folks, best looking, longest driver I have ever hit. Any questions?
By Tony
Gladstone, Qld
Bang for your buck
March 17, 2010
I bought this driver for my brother in-law and he loves it. He is having no touble driving par 4's in 1 now his only problem is putting. This driver is extremely forgiving and for the price he is getting plenty of bang for his buck.
By Jerry
Livingston Manor, New York
Nickent out of business but the clubs still A1
March 2, 2010
Living in the North east and all the snow this year, I finally got to use this club with the v2 stiff shaft 101/2 degree loft today. The ball flies off the head very hot and extremely straight. I couldn't pass up buying this because of the price of this club. I wanted this club when they first came out in 2008 but didn't want to pay the $300 plus price tag. The club would have been worth it at 300. I really got a bargain at 70. Read all the reviews of this club and they were all raves.
Prossolid sound not tinny. Straight and long. Replaceable shaft.
ConsNo wrench to change the shaft but you can find on on ebay for $8.95.

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