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By John
Greenville, OH
Great clubs at a great price!
June 19, 2014
I've been playing these clubs since last fall and have loved them! They are easy to hit, and don't feel too stiff or too floppy throughout my swing. These clubs aren't the newest technology, but they still hit the ball well, and get the ball up into the air very easily. The grips are GP Tour Velvet and the shafts are TrueTemper, so both are great quality and very comfortable to swing. I will be gaming these clubs for years to come...Or until the caveman comes through with another amazing deal!
ProsEasy to swing, nice ball flight, great grips, quality shafts, durable.
By Andrew
Arlington, VA
Excellent Set of Affordable Irons
May 28, 2014
Very easy to hit. Nice upgrade from my 10 year old irons, but still affordable. Have an extra club length on my previous set.
Proscost and quality. distance, easy to hit.
By Joshua
Magna, UT
Heavy, but efficient
May 16, 2014
These clubs are heavy, but they are very balanced. Love the sweet spot, very forgiving.
By Ron
Knoxville, TN
The clubs seem heavier than other iron sets with which I have played.
October 18, 2013
The clubs seem heavier than other iron sets with which I have played. Yet, the 6 iron-A wedge hit well. I suspect the end result has more to do with my swing than the clubs.
ConsThe clubs seem to scar rather easily.
By David Walden
Pittsfield, MA
Solid Irons
October 10, 2013
These Irons are some of the best that ive ever played with, and that is including ping and taylormade irons. Nice smooth swing feel and balance with a crisp ball sound off the club. Very forgiving, I find myself tee'ing off with my irons more than my driver! They just have any excellent feel. The value of these clubs is well beyond what rock bottom golf is selling them for. Get a set, you wont regret it!!!
ProsSolid feel Forgiving
By Matt
Rhode Island
Great Upgrade
October 8, 2013
Just started playing this past summer and figured it was time to upgrade from my friend's set of hand me downs. Couldn't resist this price after reading all of the reviews, and with only two 9 hole rounds under my belt, seem to be a nice upgrade. Thanks RBG for the great price and the quick shipping!
By Brady Haughney
Lancaster, PA
Nike Mach Irons
October 8, 2013
Great set of Irons. They extended my yardage by about 10 yards per club. They are very forgiving.
ProsForgiveness, distance
ConsSo far nothing.
By Sabian Selmer
Great Clubs
October 4, 2013
These clubs have upped my game and are easy to get use to.
By Anthony
Spotsylvania, VA
October 1, 2013
So far so good! Smaller sweet spot but very good feel.
By Elias
New York
Great Irons
September 28, 2013
They took a bit to get used to but they are straight mad long.
ProsGood feel Long Straight
By Johny Guldager
Moss, Norway
I like them from the first round
September 26, 2013
This is very good irons and i will say that they are easy to play with
ProsEasy to play with
By Vegas
Las Vegas, Nevada
Amazing deal!!!
September 22, 2013
Great clubs at a great price. Comfortable feel and smooth swing up and down the golf course. I have more confidence in my long irons now than my hybrids. Approve!!!
By Jeff W
Harrisburg, PA
Very Nice iron set
September 20, 2013
I was very happy with the Nike driver and fairway woods I had purchased earlier in the year, so I decided to try the Machspeed irons to round out my bag. They are taking a little getting used to, but when hit properly, provide very accurate shots.
ProsDesign is top notch,
Conswould have rather had a sand wedge instead of the approach wedge
By Tom
Arlington, Texas
Great price and great clubs
September 18, 2013
These clubs have a great look and feel to them. I have used them twice and I have added distance and accuracy to my shots,
ProsGreat price. Free shipping and no tax.
By Tom
Arlington, Texas
Great clubs
September 18, 2013
Already improving my game. Clubs look and feel good.
ProsGreat price.
By JReeves
St. Louis, MO
Great set of irons
September 4, 2013
I can't believe how great these clubs are, especially for the price I paid. I was using a set of Taylormade Burners before I switched to these. I instantly gained almost 10yds on every club. These Nike irons hit them high and far. For a high handicapper I have lots of distance, but I always had trouble hitting high shots that would land soft. With these I'm reaching greens with the long irons and sticking them. My best friend that I play golf with every Sunday morning had a set of Callaway Razr irons and recently switched to the Mizuno JPX 825's. When we're at the range and I hit with his Irons I still hit these further than both of his sets, and I like the feel and weight of the clubs better. I've grown very confident in my long irons with this set. I use to never hit my 4 or 5, and would hit hybrids instead. But, now I find that I'm more consistent with the 4 and 5 from this set than with my hybrids. One final thing on the Irons is that they look fantastic at address. For a set of game improvement irons they have a very slim top line look to them, not that chunky look that some have.
ProsGreat Distance Gets the shot high with ease, even with long irons Very Accurate, even on mishits Looks Great at Address Great feel and weight As always, a great Rock Bottom price
ConsSome people get mad when I hit my 4 iron past their drive off the tee. LOL!
By Keeg
Great clubs to sharpen your skills with
September 3, 2013
Great clubs for anyone looking to take the next step in their golf game. Great forgiveness and power.
Pros A lot of loft, look good and extra distance.
ConsLook so good you don't want to scratch them up.
By Steve
Wantirna, Australia
Great set of Irons
August 28, 2013
Since switching to these irons I have gained more accuracy and also extra distance. Would highly recommend these irons for anyone looking to improve there golf game
ProsGreater distance Improve accuracy
By Matt Doersam
Awesome clubs
August 23, 2013
Recently bought these after using a set of Wilson's and the difference was incredible! I instantly hit much better shots and find it quite easy to hit these clubs. Also they have a great look. Definitely recommend
By Mike
Philadelphia, penn
Go and go
August 13, 2013
Got these clubs, and all ready in love! With my old set of pings I was hitting my 9 iron 145 , with the Mach speed x's I'm hitting my 9iron 155. If you play the game you will love them!
ProsVery hard to miss hit!
By Jess
Mcallen, Tx
good clubs
August 6, 2013
good feel and more distance
By Dale
Nice clubs
July 21, 2013
Hit them straighter and a little longer.
ProsHit straighter
By Dale
Nice clubs
July 21, 2013
Hit them straighter and a little longer.
ProsHit straighter
By Taylor
Lafayette, Louisiana
great weight
June 10, 2013
This clubs are excellent I switched from some DCI 962's and it'd night and day. The mach speed irons feel good even on mishits which I like.
ProsTrue Temper Steel I have an extremely fast swing speed
By Rob Faroe
Sydney Australia
Nike Machspeed X Irons
May 27, 2013
Fantastic clubs best I have ever played thanks for the unbelievable price will shop with you again
ProsSo forgiving I just hit straight shots one after the other
By Juan
Vancouver, BC
Good Product
May 21, 2013
By Josh
Great lift and distance!
May 20, 2013
These clubs immediately increased my distance by a club. And because of their lower center of gravity, the ball gets up in the air fairly effortlessly. If you struggle to get the ball in the air these are the clubs for you. And they look sweet
Pros-Looks -Forgiveness -Distance -$$$$$$$
By John
Great irons.
May 20, 2013
These clubs are great for the mid to high handicappers.
ProsThe cg and forgiveness.
By Rod
Great Irons
May 18, 2013
These irons will be a great gift at our tournament. They have a good feel and I know someone will greatly enjoy these irons.
ProsGreat price
By Roger
Manitowoc, WI
Great buy!
May 16, 2013
Nice feeling clubs. Easy to hit. Not much loss of distance on off-center impact.
ProsLook good behind ball. Consistent.
By Eric
Nashville, TN
Middle of the road
May 15, 2013
Good weight of clubs that can get down and help get out of rough shots...still have found it hard to hit pure shots consistently with these
ProsGood for the value with good distance
ConsFind it hard to hit pure shots with these consistently
By Zach
Great Intermediate Irons
May 15, 2013
I've played a few rounds with them and have been happy with what i've seen thus far. They are forgiving, that's for sure. I wouldn't recommend for below a 10 handicap, though.
ConsGrips- the grips are terrible if they get even a tad bit wet.
By Norm
Burns Oregon
Great clubs for the price.
May 14, 2013
Have played 10 rounds with the Machspeed X Irons ans II find them to be a solid club. They replaced a set of Top Flite Tour's I have had since the mid 90s. It is a pain adjusting to using a 9 iron instead of an 8 and so on. The lofts are about the same just the numbers have changed so a 8 iron from my old clubs is now a 9 iron.
ProsI like the modern look of the club.
By AG32
Frederick, Md
Hot off the face
May 13, 2013
I like this item because it gives me the distance of the Tee needed it score
ProsDistance off off the face
By 44AndCounting
BC, Canada
Well, well...what a pleasant surprise !
May 13, 2013
Have been golfing for 20 years now. My last (often used) irons (which I still have) are the Burner 2009 (all graphite, woods, hybrids - kin of a over complete set). I already had the Machspeed 1 Wood, 3 Wood, 5 Wood, 3 hybrid & 4 hybrid.....and now got these irons from Rock Bottom 2 weeks plus ago. Only had time to go to the range today....and WOWEE...a good buy these !!! I was worried about going from Regular graphite to Uniflex steel....but boy, what a GOOD upgrade...I can see the accuracy increasing ! See the PRO's and CONS as to why I give it 5 stars.... PS: for me, the 5 Wood Machspeed and 4 hybrid is easy to hit....try them as well. I am working on the 3's and Driver...
ProsINSPIRES confidence: great look at address, head shape and "lining" of sweet spot area GRIPS feel great in hand, feels bit more medium than regular (?), feels great ! DISTANCE feels further than pervious irons.... will see on course, 18 holes :) ACCURACY feels great EASY TO HIT...and the short irons (7-AW) are deadly accurate !! (birdie - time !!:)
ConsHAVEN"T FOUND any....maybe would like to add a SW as option, but can't find one :) !!
By Mike
Santa Ann, California
Good new clubs
May 10, 2013
After years of using my Target bought Wilson clubs decided to upgrade to a set of new irons. After reading some positive reviews decided to buy these clubs when they were on sale. These clubs are longer and have a heavier head than my old clubs. I like the greater distance I can get out of these clubs than my old clubs. Still trying to get used to the new clubs length and slight heavier weight but feel much better swinging these than my old ones. For someone looking to upgrade and have some years of golf experience I would recommend.
ProsLonger club length Heaver weighted club head Nice stock grips
By Andrew
Collegeville, PA
Love these clubs!
May 10, 2013
These clubs are awesome. Just switched from graphite back to steel shaft. Nice, big sweet spot, and very forgiving
ProsBigger sweet spot
By Bob
May 7, 2013
Large club face feels like it has a huge sweet spot. Towering ball flight.
ConsNot sure why they made the bottom of the face polished chrome. It's going to get scuffed up eventually.
By Sean
Atlanta, GA
"Squatches" at an unbeatable price
May 6, 2013
While definitely a "performance enhancing" club, for the amateur at any level, these clubs will certainly aid in the improvement of ones game, and the lowering of scores. The uniflex shafts have aided me in grooving a proper lag, and the weight of the club heads have provided that distinct click and ball launching power. The forgiveness allowed by the heel and toe weighting have allowed me to better find the feel of differing swing paths, creating the shaped shots necessary to play a more planned and strategic game. On day one of playing these clubs, I found myself clubbing down over and over. While I hate to lose a ball, it was instead rather laughable to realize that I had hit a straight and well aimed shot, but lost the ball well over the green. After two weeks of range practice and several rounds, I found in cleaning the clubs, that the pattern of staining indicated a very consistent striking zone. While dropping 5+ strokes right away is nice, it's impressed on me that these clubs have aided my confidence in ball striking, which has made the game even more enjoyable. If you're considering them, they're Nike... Just do it.
By Brett Sibbel
Carroll, Iowa
a great buy
May 5, 2013
Like any new irons, their kinda hard to adjust to. But when u do it becomes a great investment because these are very very forgiving and they will improve ur game.
ProsThe big sweetspot
ConsHow easily dirty they get
By Brett
More for Service from Rock Bottom
May 4, 2013
I ordered this set 2 weeks ago tomorrow when they were on sale for $250 ($49.99 less than any local sporting good store) as well as free shipping. I was given an expected arrival date between 5/9-5/14. I was very pleasantly surprised to find the box on my doorstep 5/1. Unfortunately a combination of bad weather and busy at work I haven't been able to take them out for a spin yet, but I wanted to give a shout out to Rock Bottom Golf for speedy service and great deals.
Prosgreat service great prices
By Deejay
Australia. Qld.
Worth a go ...
May 4, 2013
I play off 4, 68 y.o...the clubs are the first I have tried that are not blades. Easy to hit. Easy to work. About the same length as my old clubs. Good value for price.
ProsPrice and ease of use.
ConsCould do with a better grip quality.
By Darrin
May 3, 2013
Great clubs at a great price. Very fast delivery.
By Eric
Great for price
May 3, 2013
So far so good. Solid feel overall. Can hit my 4 and 5 now!
By Eric
Great for price
May 3, 2013
So far so good. Solid feel overall. Can hit my 4 and 5 now!
By Padraic
Great Value!
May 2, 2013
When I bought these from RB, they were even less expensive than they are showing to be now. If you like to golf and aren't a great golfer, but like to play and continue to improve, I highly suggest getting into these over a cheaper set. They are worth the money. That being said, I haven't had these out on the course yet, however, I've been to the range with them at least a half dozen times now. Needless to say, I love them. Granted, I think most things would've been better than the Toski's I've been playing for over 10 years now, but, they are great and again, would suggest you jump on them right away!!
Pros2 different wedges Overall feel Price!
ConsNo SW No 3
By Dale
May 2, 2013
After playing with sub par clubs for my first two years, I purchased these Nike irons and have seen a vast improvement. They feel great when striking the ball and added a few yards to each club. I highly suggest giving these clubs a try.
ProsAdded distance Comfortable feel
By Dale
May 2, 2013
After playing with sub par clubs for my first two years, I purchased these Nike irons and have seen a vast improvement. They feel great when striking the ball and added a few yards to each club. I highly suggest giving these clubs a try.
ProsAdded distance Comfortable feel
By Jon
New York, NY
Great clubs, great way to buy
May 1, 2013
Great clubs with good feel at contact. Nicely weighted and good feel with many different types of lies. Rock Bottom got the order out quickly and I was able to play them the week I bought them.
ProsLook great Good feel Easy of use
ConsGrips, not great but decent. Re-gripping soon.
By Conor S.
Palm beach Florida
Excellent ! Completely worth buying
April 30, 2013
Very new to golf decided to buy my first set and saw this was rated highly. I now know why very forgiving club and as soon as you hit the sweet spot it takes off and goes! Would recommend for anyone.
By Peter
Auckland NZ
Great Deal
April 28, 2013
great clubs ,great deal what else can I say
By Glenn
Ashburn, VA
Great clubs at a great price
April 26, 2013
Purchased these clubs a few weeks ago and have used them at the range and the course. These clubs are very easy to hit and well worth the price I paid.
ProsHigher ball flight, no loss of distance Price Look
ConsHaven't found any yet
By Raffaele
Philadelphia PA
Great Clubs
April 25, 2013
Distance, length, and feel all improved over my callaway x18s.
By Jim
Fremont, CA
Great clubs at a great price
April 16, 2013
I have been playing with my new Nike Machspeed X irons (with steel shafts) for several weeks and really love these clubs! I have increased my average hitting distance by at least 10 yards per club and have improved my ball striking consistency. These clubs look and feel "hot!"
ProsI have improved distance and consistency and the clubs look like really quality.
ConsNothing I dislike about these clubs.
By Zan
Rhode Island
Sick clubs at a great price!
April 7, 2013
I've already got a few rounds in with these irons and they are keepers! The ball comes off the club hot and it flies high...a big improvement from the bootleg slingshots I was playing. These clubs have a nice weight to them, and when hit square I am getting an extra 10-15 yards. These are a steal!!!
By James Holderfield
Hurley, New Mexico
Great set of irons
April 5, 2013
Fell in love after the first hit. I'm reaching more greens in regulation, that means more birdie opportunities. The clubs are light, and forgiving. Love the fact it has a 4 iron and an approach wedge
ProsFeel, Grip, forgiveness, weight, 4 iron, approach wedge.
By Mark
Thailand, Philippines
Very good clubs for the price.
April 5, 2013
I bought one set and played one round. I liked them so much I bought a second set so I could have one set at my work and one at home so I don't have to take them back and forth (as I travel by air between work and home) Played both sets and greatly satisfied with both.
ProsWeight, feel, quality.
ConsNothing so far.
By tony
Very Happy!
April 2, 2013
Loved the clubs. As described, fast delivery, very pleased. First purchase from RBG and will be back for more.
ProsPrice. Playability.
ConsNot enough shaft options.
By Jason
Fort Scott, Kansas
March 24, 2013
Good deal
By tim
grayland, WA
Love these clubs
March 3, 2013
First new set of irons in 15 years and have a new love for the game because of them. Solid striking, pretty easy to shape shots. Wanted a new set but didn't have the money for a $700.00 + price tag. Thank you Rock Bottom! I definitely got my moneys worth plus a lot more. I have five rounds under my belt with these and the score keeps dropping. My buddy keeps borrowing them when we play so I think RB will be making another sale soon. :)
ProsFeel sound Looks
ConsBuddy keeps using them
By craig
worth it
March 2, 2013
I was skeptic on purchasing the clubs due to price and reviews on different pages but I'm more than happy with these. I wouldn't say they're amazing but they swing nice and have a good feel. I'm an intermediate golfer and they work great for me. my distance has slightly improved but nothing special.
Prosgood weight
Consnot free
By Abe
LA, Cali
Great Deal
March 1, 2013
Love the clubs and got what i wanted . for a novice, i couldnt ask for anything better.
ProsGreat clubs
Not sure yet.
February 22, 2013
I purchased this set since it was the Nike brand name and it was a sweet deal. I recieved the clubs promptly. The issue is that there is snow on the ground outside and I can't wait to try them out. They look great and feel good in my hand. Now I just need some sun and warm temps!
ProsGreat Price Name Brand Comfortable feel
ConsWIsh it came with a 3 iron
By Trevor
Great clubs, fantastic service! I will definitely buy more from Rock Bottom Golf
February 21, 2013
The price was good and the service was great. I live in NZ and the clubs were at my door within 5 days. They were packaged well with no scratches. The clubs themselves are a huge improvement from my previous old second hand set. The club does all the work and I just need to work on slowing my swing down. I am hitting the ball further with more control. It will take me a few rounds to get used to them tho but they will definitely improve my golf game. I have a handicap of 27.
By Justin Bakke
Chicago, IL
Great Iron Set
February 20, 2013
Very easy grip with solid connection.
By Dave
Simpson, Pa
wish I found these sooner
February 9, 2013
Awesome distance and forgiveness.
By Jeff
Fredericton, NB
Super buy!
January 16, 2013
I live in Canada and haven't had a chance to use these yet; however, I'm very excited to based on the previous reviews. Looking forward to the spring to check them out. Great price and fast shipping as usual.
By mark
new zealand
over the moon
January 11, 2013
got the irons today .tested them every thing i hit went straight .was hard to duff a shot with these clubs money i ever spent.
Prosgreat value .big sweet spot. very straight shots
By Joe Arvizu
El Paso, TX
Xmas present
January 2, 2013
These are a nice set of clubs. When the 2nd day i received them and they were solid, accurate and got more distance then my previous Nike set. Great clubs for the price!!
ProsI like the weight and feel of the clubs.
By scrambler
December 13, 2012
Fast shipping ...good looking clubs ..great price!!
By Rick B.
Aggressive lookin club
December 12, 2012
Super fast shipping. Great packaging , not a scratch on um. Can't wait to hit these , club feels great at address with nice head weight. Price was right couldn't pass these beauties up.
ProsAggressive look and head weight
ConsNothing yet
By Eddie Espinoza
Watsonville, Ca
Nike Golf 2012 Machspeed X Irons 4-PW/AW Steel
December 11, 2012
I did my research before purchasing and Rock Bottom Golf had the irons i was looking for at a great price, brand new, and shipping was awesome. I will definitely make future purchases from again!!!
Prosirons were brand new in wrapper at a very discounted price. They feel great and look awesome.
By Doug Sharrock
Straight Hitting Irons
December 7, 2012
These irons hit the ball straight...........You have to be sure you are lined up where you want the ball to go!
ProsLike the feel
ConsAt this time I have not found anything I do not like.
By Doug
Poplar Bluff, MO
Nike Machspeed
December 5, 2012
Great price. Couldn't believe how fast I received them.
ProsGreat feel. Swing great. Price! Shipping!
ConsHaven't had enough time/opportunity to use them as much as I would like to.
By George Bishop
Vienna, VA
Nike Machspeed X
December 5, 2012
Great bargain, delivered as usual within 2 days. Clubs are perfect, all irons, no hybrids. Well balanced, back weighted excellent flex and feel.
Prosweight, flex, feel.
ConsAll good!
By Ben
Warnbro, WA
Awesome clubs
December 4, 2012
Hit with ease! Great feel
By Gary
sweet spot
November 30, 2012
Great set of irons, the ball really flies off the face, 9 handicap and shot 77 second time out with them, the "A" wedge at 50 deg. is my new favorite around the greens and from 100-115 out, father in law just ordered a set.
ProsPrice Feel Look
By Scott
Lebanon, missouri
Great game improvement club
November 24, 2012
Got these for my father for Christmas. His game improved greatly he was hitting the ball 10 yards per club.
ProsLook and price
By Richard
Nike Machspeed X Irons
November 12, 2012
I'm very happy with these irons. They are pretty sharp looking, and very easy to hit. The clubhead is NOT oversized, but the sweet spot is. The ball launches pretty high off of these, too. I'm not sure how those other reviewers were gaining distance with these. I find them to be pretty short compared to my other irons.
By Brent
United States
Nike SQ Machspeed Irons
November 9, 2012
Great Product, Love these Irons, Great Construction, Very Easy Hitting, Very Satisfied, Excellent Customer Service & Fast Shipping from ROCK BOTTOM GOLF : )
ProsEasy To Hit Great Looking Excellent Value Very Reliable
ConsNothing, I love them
By Stephen Whitmer
Ormond Beach, Florida
Solid Feel
November 8, 2012
Ony played a couple times so far, but clubs have a solid feel and stay on line even when not hit on the center of the face. I'm an older player (58) with about a 15 HDCP but in good shape athletically and used to hit senior flex graphite shafts, but the steel shafts seem to provide more control, if a bit less distance. Already had the matching 3 & 4 hybrid and 3-wood in my bag, which are solid, so could not pass up the deal from RB Golf-- 8 clubs for $218 with free shipping...against a $699.99 MSRP....UNREAL deal. Many time customer from RB Golf...never been disappointed.
By Gene
Huffman tx
Nike Irons
November 7, 2012
Played with them once. Great feel. Clubs are very forgiving. Shoul improve handicap.
By rocky shoemaker
charlotte nc
sweet hiting irons
November 7, 2012
great irons
By clint
El Dorado, Arkansas
great price! great clubs!
November 5, 2012
Hitting the ball higher farther and straighter. Very forgiving. Good looking clubs. feels good when you make solid contact with the ball.
ProsPrice Forgiving Look
ConsNone so far
By Trent
United States
Great clubs at an awesome price!
November 4, 2012
I am a high-handicap golfer and I bought these because of the price and I needed a new set. Bought them on sale for $229!! I have only played 2 rounds but I already can see an improvement in my scores and shot length!!
ProsGreat price Good looking club Good feel Straight shots
ConsNothing yet.
By James Chan
Never feel better than this!!!
November 2, 2012
I have been using my brother's RBZ set to practice without a coach(was trying out to see if this sport suits me or not). It was so difficult to get a clean impact(maybe my swing isn't good/stable). One fine day I have made up my mind and signed up for golf lesson. I was researching on club that's good and easy to start off with, then I happened to watch a video reviewing the Nike Machspeed. I decided to give it a try and purchased it. When I use it to practice on my golf lesson, I was like "wow" I do hit straight and far consistently. The club head weight has guided me through my down swing to a clean impact. I couldn't think with the Nike Machspeed, golf isn't that hard overall. I love this set. Fantastic!!! Thanks Rockbottomgolf !
ProsPro: good feel on the swing due to club head weight. Good guide! Con: none to me!
By Matlock
Great Clubs
October 31, 2012
These really are great clubs. I have only been golfing a few months and started with a set of cheap Wilsons from a local pawn shop. Liked the game alot and invested in better clubs. I could not believe the difference! These clubs added 20 yards plus distance club for club.
ProsGood feel Great distance Forgiving sweet spot
ConsFinish scratches fairly easy
By Jeffrey
Excellent clubs
September 19, 2012
Clubs are very forgiving and give that extra distance. Highly recommend
By Tod
Nice Feel
August 31, 2012
Played entire round only hitting irons every shot felt good off the face.
ProsMore Height and distance Easy to hit well.
ConsGrips could be better
By Gavin
New jersey
August 28, 2012
Hit them once at the range and once on the course and they feel great . So far so good these clubs have a nice feel.
ProsGood weight solid feel
ConsNothing yet
By Ronnie
Palm Bay, FL
Old school
August 27, 2012
I've been golfing for a couple of years now. I'm still a novice but my old clubs from Playitagain Sports seemed to be holding me back from improving my game. I'm not a power hitter anyway but what a difference these clubs made. My shots are straighter even though I still don't get the distance I'd like but I'm sure that will come in time. At least I'm saving on golf balls since I'm not slicing off into the woods or water as much! Great buy and I'm happy with the clubs. Delivery was fast and on time. Thanks Scratch!
Pros- Bottom weight helps my swing - Comfortable grips - Nice look and feel, matches my drivers
ConsNothing yet!
By Cody Barney
Great Set of Irons!
August 15, 2012
The first time I played with these irons, I definitely knew I would have to get used to them. They are a little longer than my last set of irons. After two rounds I have fallen in love with them. I have consistently shaved 6 strokes off of each round. Highly recommend these clubs to anyone looking for a new set of irons.
ProsGreat loft on shots 5-10 yards longer Very consistent
By Phil
Silver Spring MD
Phenominal Set
August 3, 2012
These irons dramatically improved my game. I am a former avid golfer that took a 10 year hiatus. Once getting back into the game i realized my clubs were old and dated. Upgraded to these after hitting them and havent regretted it. The AW is silly. I can control and shape my shots with it like never before. The standard grips on these are subpar but thats an easy and quick fix. These are a steal for the price!
ProsLooks Price AW Feel
By Justin Miller
Perkasie, PA
Great for amateurs
July 31, 2012
I only golf a few times a year, so I'm no pro, but these irons easily shed strokes off your game
ProsAttractive design
By Stephen
Jefferson City, Missouri
Good feel for a good price!
July 26, 2012
These clubs pack a nice pop with a smooth feeling. They arrived when expected and the packing was excellent.
ProsGreat feel and noticeable lift enhancement.
ConsNo complaints
Salisbury, NC
July 26, 2012
Everything about this clubs the feel, the look, they way they are forgiven and of you can't beat the price
By dennis
July 25, 2012
absolutely amazing. these irons truly increased my game play. The ball really does fly higher longer and straighter since using these. I'm absolutely satisfied. You cant beat this price any where.
By Steven Sorenson
Good clubs
July 23, 2012
So far I've only played one round with these clubs. The extra distance was immediately apparent. Added about 2 1/2 clubs to may distance. This was nice and somewhat bothersome. One reason I ordered this set was because it included an approach wedge, but I hit the approach wedge about as far as my old nine iron so there's still a big gap between the AW and my sand wedge.
By Erkl
santa cruz, ca
Get them!
July 16, 2012
THE GOOD......They hit far, swing smooth, sound good, good control and ball flight, feel and look good over the ball. Beyond the best deal to elevate your decent game. THE BAD......You can't play these clubs the same yardage as your old ones cause you will bang them over the green and into trouble. It will take a couple rounds to dial them in! IS THAT REALLY BAD THOUGH?
By Joe
kent, Washington
These clubs are a great buy!!!
July 14, 2012
I'm new to the game and even I notice the difference in my game when I used these clubs. Great accuracy and loft on the ball. Can't wait to get back out there and use them again hopefully all summer...
ProsGreat accuracy. Great loft Good price
ConsShould've bought them along time ago..
By brent
new holland, pennsylvania
Fantastic irons for the price
July 14, 2012
These irons are great for a hacker like me. I am a bit of a novice, who had the same cheap starter set for 15 years. I recently decided to upgrade into the modern era. I was looking all over the web for some forgiving clubs and these kept coming up. I read so many positive reviews, that I came here to rock bottom and bought these machspeed irons. I have not been disappointed at all!!! They were shipped very fast and they play great. I love the weight and feel of the clubs.
By Scott
Susquehanna, PA
Good clubs. Nice distance and forgiveness.
July 9, 2012
My friend Jarrod got a set of these for his dad as a 65th birthday gift last month. The uniflex shafts combined with the aggressive weighting help him hit them higher and quite a bit straighter than his old Nike sling-shots. Good buy.
ProsThey seem to work well.
ConsA look only L. Ron Hubbard could love....
By Mike
DFW, Texas
Easy to hit
July 8, 2012
These Irons are very forgiving. It is easy to get the ball up and my swing feels better with them. I am not the best golfer by any means, but these are a great set of irons.
ProsForgiving, Cool Look,
ConsWould have liked to have a sand wedge instead of an approach wedge included.
By Scott
New Orleans, Louisiana
Nike Machspeed SQ
July 4, 2012
I purchased these after reading a number of positive reviews online. I have to say that they haven't disappointed. I'm certainly not the the most consistent golfer in the world, but due to having a very forgiving sweet spot, I'm able to put the ball out there pretty much every shot. The clubs are well balanced and pass the "feel test". I know that when I purchased these, I was debating between two different sets. After playing these for a couple of rounds, I have no doubt this was the best choice for me.
ProsSweet Spot Balance Look
ConsGrip is a bit weak
By Devon
Kingfisher, Oklahoma
July 2, 2012
Since using this club my numbers on the course have highly increased. My distance on each club goes much further then any of my past iron sets. It also has a great forgivenes on miss hit with the face of the club. It will up your game to the next level.
ProsDistance and Forgiveness
By Wes
Christiansburg, VA
If your looking for distance---BUY!
June 26, 2012
Had clubs in 2 days. Packaged great! Added 2 clubs distance. Was using Pings, very happy with the CHANGE!
By Brian
Rancho Cordova, CA
Awesome Irons
June 26, 2012
I played these Irons just after I received them and I am very impressed as I am hitting the ball 10 yards farther per club, they feel great and look great. I did a ton of research on several clubs and these could not be beat for the price. The uni-flex shafts seem to be between a stiff and a regular metal shaft, which is perfect for my swing. I am in my mid forties and have a pretty aggressive swing.
ProsFeel Balance Length Look Consistency Weight
By Shawn
June 23, 2012
These clubs came highly recommended, and they didn't disappoint! Very very pleased!
By John
Reno, NV
Doesn't give enough praise for these clubs
June 22, 2012
I chose the 7 to 14 day delivery. On my porch in 7. Took them to my driving range and immediately started hitting longer, way longer, than normal. I was also way more accurate. I am really excited with this choice. I'm establishing handycap at this point and think that I'll be dropping quickly. LOVE These Clubs!
By Rich Wright
Hopatcong, New Jersey
Machspeed Irons
June 22, 2012
Very forgiving irons. Can't beat the price for these clubs. I am an avid golfer who is happy to bogey every hole (except par 3's) and these irons are getting me there. Club head weight virtually disappears in swing but you get plenty behind the ball.
ProsSo far everything. Weight Look Hard to miss hit
ConsGrips are not the best, currently changing mine to be thicker.
By Erwin
new york
Incredible club
June 17, 2012
 I just got these irons and played them for the first time today.  I and shoot in the mid to upper 80's and have played a lot of different irons.  I have to say these are the most forgiving clubs I have ever hit.
ProsForgiving and long
By Chipper
Kennebunk, ME
Great Irons
June 15, 2012
Arrived in 3 days. I have played 4 rounds with them and love them. Great balance and weighting plus nice steel shafts. They give lots of loft on all shots and have improved my game already.
ProsWeight and balance and style.
ConsGrips could be better quality for Nike.
By Matt
Nike Machspeed X Irons
June 4, 2012
Really like the expedient customer service. Ordered on Sunday and received my clubs on Wednesday. The clubs look great, feel great and I have seen my distance and accuracy improve.
ProsLooks balance feel
By Andrew
Worth the money
June 4, 2012
Changed over from an off the rack set of clubs and money well spent. About 2 clubs longer than my old set so a trip to the range is required to dial in distance. Hit a 7 iron 150m into a headwind which kept me guessing what club to use for the rest of the round. Great sound when hit, and seems to give a nice high ball flight. Clubs arrived in 4 days from USA. Great service!
ProsFeel, look, sound, distance
ConsGrips seem low spec...
By kevin
wellsville, ny
Instantly gave me more distance
June 4, 2012
the irons are great and the price is even better i love these irons
By Justin Heidenreich
Madeira Beach, FL
June 2, 2012
These are absolutely the easiest clubs to hit.. the weighted design allows an awesome trajectory to the target. High loft and accurate to the pin is this clubs superior feature. You want to improve your card, then get these clubs... Hands Down!
By john aukstikalnes
United States
Great Performing Irons
June 1, 2012
I was hitting Callaway Big Bertha Irons with graphite shafts. The new Nike irons with uniflex steel shaft are so consistent I have dropped a couple of strokes off my handicap in less than two weeks. They are also longer than the Bertha's
Prosthey are consistent.
By Keith Brandman
Mendocino, CA
As Advertised
May 30, 2012
After trying numerous iron sets including Callaway and Taylormade, I decided on Nike. The local store had the new VR model for $599. I checked out Rock bottom and found the Machspeed model which looked very similar to the VRs but at half the price. To me, they feel exactly the same. Very easy to hit and a little loner then my old set. Rock Bottom was very helpful and the clubs arrived on the promised date. Great clubs, great service...what else can ask for?
ConsNothing so far.
By Davis
West Virginia
May 30, 2012
These are my first irons I have bought since my first set 12 years ago. I absolutely love them. I have been able to absolutely crush the ball with them. The ball comes off so good with great impact and trajectory. I have been able to gain a club or two length distance with these clubs in comparison to my old ones. They look great too.
By lynn osterhout
burley, id.
got new irons
May 29, 2012
love my new irons easy to hit and very accurate. rock bottom has a very easy site to navagate love the good service and fast shipping no tax or shipping cost now that rocks.
Proslove every thing about them, the looks the feel and most of all the price, alot more freindly on my wallet. I do hit about the same distance as my old titlest but alot more feel and accuracy.
Consnothing at all.
By Lance
south Hill , Virginia
awesome clubs
May 26, 2012
I can truly say I love these Irons. I have used Cobra and Adams I really like the feel of the clubs themself. I hav gone from hitting in high 90's down to high 80's so yeah I will use these clubs for a long time.
Prosfeel weight look of clubs
Cons4 Iron is a little touchy but all in all great club's
By matt archer
May 19, 2012
these clubs look good, feel better, and have a nice solid feel. they give me the confidence to make solid shots.
By Scott
Lexington, Ky
Love These Clubs
May 18, 2012
I bought these clubs, replacing 8 year old set of irons. WOW, what a difference. These clubs are extremely hot and very forgiving. I have bought these clubs on RockBottom and had them at my door in 3 days. I've played these clubs now for a month and would not trade them for anything else I've hit. I am an average golfer, low to mid 80's and would recommend these clubs for anyone wanting something forgiving on the mishits and to add a little distance to each iron. I will use this website again, and for the price, you can not beat this set of irons. Hope this review helps, like the ones I read before I bought them helped me. Hit em straight.
By Steve
Karratha WA Australia
Great clubs
May 17, 2012
Got more distance immediately and more control.I can actually draw with these irons!!
By Walter
Beaumont, Texas
Great Set of Clubs
May 17, 2012
They are great, look great at address for a game improvment club not bulky like some. Although they are irons they feel very light to me. I hit the ball with more control and the long irons are very easy to get into the air. I would recommend these clubs to anyone looking to impove their game.
Proseasy to hit, good distance, great control, great looking
By Steve
Kansas City
Great Irons
May 16, 2012
These irons have improved my game by at least five strokes in terms of hitting greens, not necessarily throwing darts at the pin, but being on the green in regulation and 2 putting for par, or three putting for bogey. They also seem to hold the green instead of bouncing over but that is probably more due to switching to Nike One Platinums when I switched clubs last year (RockBottom's Refinished Nike One Balls are a great deal, playing a $6 Ball for the price of a Topflite) I have played Tommy Armour 845s Titaniums for the last ten years. Given that my initials are SQ, I picked these because every club has my initials on it and I now play a full MachSpeed Lineup, SQ Square Driver 9.5 Stiff Graph, 3,4,5 Fairways Stiff Graph, 2,3,4,5 Hybrids Stiff Graph, these irons 4-AW Stiff Steel, plus a matching SQ Machspeed SW and Lob wedge. Putter is a Nike BlueChip but I could upgrade to a Method when I see a good enough deal. These truly are game improvement irons, the weighting really helps stay low and thru the ball even for a novice. Kind of like swinging a bat on the ondeck circle with a weight on the end? And hits towards the toe or heel still fly relatively straight. Its weird, even on mishits, with a much lower shot trajectory, the distances seem pretty consistent, I bladed a wedge and still hit the 100 yd marker with a line drive! Your game will improve with these irons.
ProsEasy to swing Good and Consistent Distance Good Spin w Wedges for a Game Improvement Club
ConsThey dont clean themselves? Stock Nike Grips could be better
By Matt
Willow Spring, NC
Great Product __and__ Fast Shipping
May 15, 2012
thanks rock bottom great product with a great price. I am a new golfer who may never shop anywhere else for my equipment.
ProsFast Shipping Good Look to the clubs Even better price
By sam
Towson, MD
good value
May 15, 2012
Great gift item and good value
Prosprice and quality
By Tb
Mount Pearl, NL
May 13, 2012
Exactly what I wanted and expected! Fast Shipping!
By AntwonF
Christchurch, NZ
Great Irons
May 10, 2012
Theses irons are extremely forgiving. Still get good distance off mishits and the ball flies straight. Great irons for the price.
ProsPrice Forgiveness Feel
By Clayton
Clute, Texas
May 9, 2012
these clubs are exactly what i needed my score is decreasing every time i play!!
By Ang
Love them!
May 7, 2012
These clubs are pefect. They have the perfect weight which allows for a slower swing with more accuracy. I love them!
ProsWeight Style
By Peter Gordon
Washington, DC
Great Product
May 6, 2012
Great set of clubs which arrived the next day from RBG. Great look and feel. The clubs are very forgiving on mis-hits. Additionally, I've been hitting 10-15 yards longer per club than my last set. Also, amazing price and definitely a steal at under $300.
ProsCost Feel Forgiving on mis-hits
By Dillon
West Monroe, Louisiana
Very Forgiving and Look Great
April 30, 2012
Ball flies straight on shots hit off the toe and heel. Some of the nicest looking irons I've seen.
ProsForgiveness Look Feel

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