By Thomas
Arlington, VA
April 11, 2012
Best deal on Rockbottom
I thought this was one of the best deals on rock bottom. I bought as many of these as I could and used them during the entire season. This deal is what made me come back to the site over and over and finally get hooked on other rockbottom gear.
By Jarrett
vacaville, ca
December 9, 2011
Great Deal!
They arrived fast. I wish I would have ordered more dang it!
ProsGood feel, good distance, great price
By Sam
December 8, 2011
Way cheaper that Titleist and just as good.
By Duncan
Norcross, GA
November 28, 2011
great balls, great price
great ball for the price
Prosgood distance good spin good feel
By Jeff
November 27, 2011
No ProV snobs needed
This ball performs as well as any 45 dollar a dozen brand- period.
ProsPrice and performance
Consthe nike logo
By Bill
palm harbor FL
November 22, 2011
good balls great price
good quality balls long of the tee and good bite on the green
Prossoft feel around the greens
By Swanger
Concord, CA
November 21, 2011
Awesome ball at an awesome price
Gives me the imaginary confidence and ball checks when I hit it right
ProsQuality and Price
ConsDon't have the skills to fully utilize the product
By Col K
San Antonio
November 21, 2011
At almost 1/3 the price, how could you go wrong. Long with the driver and spins great with the irons. Inexpensive way to upgrade your game.
ProsPrice and performance
ConsEasy to lose in the water.
By Courtney
Las Vegas
November 21, 2011
Excellent ball
Great spin and control..
Auckland, New Zealand
November 16, 2011
Soft Nike balls
If you like your golf balls to have a great 'feel' then these are sensational value for money. I found distance was good - for the money they feel like they are as lionga s other top quality balls, but cheaper.
ProsPrice and soft feel
ConsThey tend to cut up very easily, and only last one round, as they are very scuffed by the end of it
By John
November 15, 2011
Nike One
These balls have a soft cover and feel similar to the Prov 1. Great price and accuracy.
ProsControl, distance and feel.
ConsThat I did not order more.
By Keith
Chicag, Illinos
November 15, 2011
Good distance and also great feel.
ProsGood ball for the money. Very good distance.
By John
Brisbane Australia
September 6, 2011
excellent ball
i have till now used more expensive balls but these are as good as any
Proscolout bright white
By dean
September 6, 2011
Great Ball! Great Price!
Good spin to hold the greens from all distances: short, mid, and long. Good distance off the tees. Good ball flight.
ProsHolds Greens Distance
By Mark
Haberfield, NSW
August 22, 2011
Now the "One"
Played with ProV's for a while but now at this price this is the only ball I use. Never really been a fan of Nike Golf equipment beforehand, thought they should have stuck with trainers, but cant fault them with the One Tour Golf Ball
By Norman
August 21, 2011
Good value for money on a three piece ball especially Nike balls
Durable and resonable price
Prosgood value
By Jim
Charlotte, nc
August 17, 2011
Nike One Golf Balls
The ball has a good feel. I was concerned about losing distance after reading several review however, my distance improved. The ball has the right amount of spin.
ProsExcellent performance around the greens.
ConsBalls seems to scuff easily.
By Rod
Queensland Australia
August 16, 2011
What a Great ball to hit
This ball has it all, great contact feel, great spin and pretty good distance.
By Greg
July 21, 2011
Great deal on some great balls
For the money ($30) these are a bargain.
ProsGreat distance, good spin.
By Doug
Cerritos, CA
June 23, 2011
Consistent result every time
Best 4-piece ball for the price. Good deal @rock bottom golf.
ProsSound, feel, durability
By Travis
Eaglehawk, Victoria
June 15, 2011
Good ball at a great price!
This ball delivers good distance off the tee and stopping power around the greens. Not as much spin as a proV1 but is more durable than the new Titleist balls. I get 3 dozen balls for the price of 1 dozen here, outstanding value.
ProsGood distance and spin Durability Price
ConsNot as much spin as a proV1
By Tim
Brisbane Australia
June 14, 2011
Good alternative to a pro v 1
Not a bad ball, not quite as good as a pro v 1 , but not far off.
ProsGood feel
By Jason
Columbus, Ohio
June 9, 2011
Nice Balls
Maybe not quite as long as some, but great feel around the greens
By Bruce McKerrow
May 31, 2011
Good ball to play with
I've only played one round with Nike ones and they are a pretty good ball to play with.
ProsMost of the time they go straight it feels pure when you hit it well good lines on it to aim with
ConsNot a very good ball if you want spin
By Todd
Merewether, NSW
May 31, 2011
Great Balls
Great balls, Great Price
ProsGreat Feel Great distance
ConsNot as good as Pro V1
By Dick
May 14, 2011
Good balls
Very good price for the Nike One balls one of the better tour quality balls out there.
ProsNice distance and spin around the greens
By Drew
May 14, 2011
Great balls for a great price
Tour ball sat around 25 bucks a dozen easy buy for sure great spin around the green and out of any lie with the irons a step up for sure from the platinums!!!
ProsBalls holds up with the big grooved wedges
By Blair
Cambridge, Waikato
April 28, 2011
The perfect ball
Used a few balls in my time but found this to be great for the money. Stops well on the green, doesn't cut up too much and still fly well. For the money I would recommend this ball to anyone!
ProsFeel, flight, price
By Peter Devine
New Zealand
March 20, 2011
As good as any ball!
The Nike Tour is the equal of all the top grade balls. It is as long off the tee and stops quickly with short irons.
ProsPrice, durability
By adam
charlottetown, pe
March 14, 2011
titleist who?
great ball right from tee to green, they have a spectacular feel and and are pretty easy to deal with on the green.
By John Spragg John Spragg
chch new zealand
March 14, 2011
great ball
great feel goes a mile. just flies off the driver and nice to putt with
By Jim Maxwell
Las Cruces, NM
March 14, 2011
Great ball - great value - great performance!
These are great multi-piece balls - pro line - great performance - at a great Rock Bottom Value!
ProsFirst quality Nike product - pro line ball - great performance - great soft feel.
Brocton, NY
March 10, 2011
These balls are a bit less production wise than Pro-V's but all in all for the money a very good deal.
By rocky
March 6, 2011
Good Ball
Play as good as titleist at half the price, great product.
By Den
Christchurch, Canterbury
January 27, 2011
Great Ball
Fantastic spin for around the green and doesn't lose distance off the tee either.
ProsSpins well and good flight for par 3's as the ball lands soft with not much roll.
ConsWears a little but good for at least 2 rounds
By James Denver
Eureka Springs, Arkansas
January 22, 2011
Well worth it!
These have a good balance between distance and feel. They are not as long as the one tour D but they are wonderful around the green.
Prosfeel, spin.
By Tom
Rochester, NY
January 19, 2011
What a deal...
This is a high quality pro-caliber ball for about $2 a ball. I was playing the One Black but can't find them any more. The Tour D is the next incarnation of the Black, just about the same.
ProsPrice, Quality
By Mitchell
Auckland, New Zealand
December 25, 2010
Brilliant Spin...Brilliant Ball!
Wow I can't believe the price for a tour calibre ball! Never seen them cheaper. Spin more than the pro v1 and very close to the pro v1 distance. Great feel and control. Thanks heaps Rock Bottom!
ProsSpin Workability Price Distance
By malcolm
Christchurch, Canterbury
December 6, 2010
Great ball
used to play Pro V1 at $100NZ per dozen. I prefer the feel of the Nike by far and even better I got 3 dozen for $120NZ
By Christopher
El Paso, TX
November 30, 2010
Wow Great Price!!!
I've never seen this tour caliber ball at this price. Keep the deals coming and my business isn't going anywhere. Thanks Scratch
Prostop tier ball name brand great feel and distance
By Erik
October 21, 2010
Best Ball you can buy!
This has become the only ball I will play. Forgot ProV1's, and every other tour level ball. These spin just as much and feel just as good for a fraction of the cost! Better yet, they last longer and don't scuff nearly as quickly as Pro V1's. I don't know a better ball for the money!
By KyCat
October 19, 2010
This is the longest ball I've ever hit. The Tour-D is long and still has good soft reaction around the green.
By Jason
August 22, 2010
This is a fantastic ball at a fantastic price...
Won't find a better price on a tour caliber ball.
By Rob
Fort Worth, tx
August 10, 2010
I recently switched to the Nike Tour D and love them. I've played just about every ball out there. If you're looking for a player's ball, without the high price tag, this is the one, and this is the place to get them!
ProsGreat feel and distance
July 21, 2010
Great ball at a great price
Best price going on a tour level ball with urethane cover. Very soft feel (with a good swing) and easy to control and spin around the greens. Many of my playing partners have converted to this ball from the Titlelist Pro V1.
By therusty
Mount Airy, MD
July 9, 2010
Great Balls
I love Pro Vs, but I'd rather not pay full price for them. Compare the Tour to the Pro V1 and the Tour D to the Pro V1x. You won't find enough difference in spin or length to be worth the difference in price.
ProsTour ball quality

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