By Robert
Helena, AL
April 18, 2014
Great Product for the Price
Easier to hit constantly than a traditional iron. I have always loved Nikes VR lineup
ProsGreat price. Easy to hit. Has a good feel
By David
Venango, PA
March 8, 2014
OKAY, Your 180 out and you would like to hit your fairway wood, Only problem is you missed the fairway (again). Well you could try a long iron but you just know it will hang up in the grass or come out way to hot (can you say FLYER! ) Well here's the answer..super easy to hit, super easy to control, and long. I'd say that's a win/win.
ProsAll GOOD!
By Tom
Great Falls, MT
July 2, 2013
Great Club and even better price.
I purchased the Nike - VR Pro Hybrib (4) to replace my old 4 iron and the results have been remarkable. It's heads above my iron in accuracy and distance.
ProsMore distance and accuracy and distance.
By Ronnie Williams
South Lyon, MI
July 1, 2013
Cheap solid club
Works great!
By marc
new orleans
June 30, 2013
awesome club
Nice club hit great....
By Dan Miller
June 29, 2013
Club really cuts through the rough
This club has just the right weight and head size to cut through the rough on those miss hits. I have the 2 and the 4 so I can hit any shot that my wedge can't reach. Because I slice about 30% of my drives I use them alot. I use tylor made irons but all my long clubs are Nike.
ProsThe weight of the head seems to make me keep the club in closer to my body and get better contact.
By Dion
Sacramento, CA
June 29, 2013
Easy Hitter
Nice club at address and very easy to hit straight and long.
By Peter
May 29, 2013
First hybrid
Great club. I hit it long and straight.
By Dan
Carlow, Ireland
May 23, 2013
High quality easy-hit hybrid
This club is very well made, with a good grip, quality head-cover and Project X shaft. Found it easy to hit from a variety of situations. Note 24deg loft makes it closer to 5 iron equivalent, in my opinion, but easier to get a more consistent connection.
ProsWhether it's a longish par 3 or out of trouble, you can rely on a consistent strike
By Steve
May 5, 2013
Just wow.
This is my first hybrid iron. Since I'm absolutely terrible with the 3 and 4 iron, and barely able to use the 5 iron half the time, I thought I'd get a Nike VR Pro 4 hybrid iron to replace them. The first thing I noticed was the incredible distance. I still get more distance with my good old trusty Adam's Golf Tight Lies Air Assault fairway wood on decent-to-perfect shots, but I'm finding the Nike hybrid iron easier to get those decent or better shots more often. For one thing, the sweet spot seems larger, and off center hits still gets me somewhere. In contrast to my long irons, well, let's just say that this hybrid iron is going to make my bag a bit lighter.
ProsForgiving. Crazy distance.
By Peter
Auckland NZ
April 28, 2013
easy to use !!!
wish I had also brought the 4 Hybrid as well
By Curtis
Kansas City, KS
April 25, 2013
Great hybrid!
Love this club off the tee or off the fairway. Nice sweetspot and very comfortable to swing.
By Brad
Terre Haute
April 22, 2013
Nike Hybrid
Had never tried a Nike product and was very impressed with this one. From the first swing I have have liked this club. Good solid feel and east to hit.
By saxon
Gering, NE
April 15, 2013
Nice feel
Like this club a lot. Has a great feel to it. The shaft is great. They could use a different grip. The head cover looks good. Overall pretty nice club for price.
Prosprice shaft head cover feel
By David
Sault S Marie, Canada
April 3, 2013
VR Pro Hybrid
I bought the #3 hybrid, and it is great ! No golfing here yet, too much snow, but I used it indoors and I love it ! Looks great, head not too small like some people said. Love the project X shaft
Prosgrip weight forgiveness shaft
Conswish I could have got a stiff flex, but regular is great too
By Jason
Menifee, CA
April 1, 2013
Powerhouse hybrid
First shot with the club and I could not believe how far the ball traveled. Like the small head and easy to align to target. Par 5's will be fun with this club.
ProsDistance Looks sharp Size
ConsNothing yet
By Michael
Milford, MA
March 29, 2013
Easy to hit
Long and strait with this club. Picks ball out of tough lies
ProsEasy to hit good distance
By Michael
Milford, MA
March 29, 2013
Easy to hit
Long and strait with this club. Picks ball out of tough lies
ProsEasy to hit good distance
By Tyler
Lawrenceville, GA
March 12, 2013
Love these clubs!
I have gotten more compliments on these 2 clubs (#3 and #4) than any clubs in my bag. and when I tell them the price they are amazed! Thanks RBG!
ProsLooks Price Feel of club
ConsSmall face but this is known of pro clubs.
By Nick
March 10, 2013
Great clubs!
I have the 3 and 4. Couldn't be happier with the feel and distance!
By Jacques Thomas
March 9, 2013
Easy to hit and long
Very well balanced club, easy to hit, great price.
ProsEasy to hit
By Lee
March 8, 2013
Getting used to it
I had a 9 wood and 7 wood for many years and this was my first hybrid . Got the 4 and 3 to replace both of these clubs which I always loved, just wanted something to get out of the rough better..I am a single plane golfer so I replace the grips as soon as I got them. My mistake was they put on over size instead of mid size to match my other clubs will get the proper grips on soon.. It took me a little getting used to these new clubs. Let me give you a tip. Don't ground the club and take your grip. I tended to to hood it when I did this. Once I figured this out I was hitting it well. Other problem...they are 10 to 15 yards longer than my woods I replaced. It has given me a gap between my 5 iron and the 4 of about 20 to 25 yards. I' ll live with that. Will probably pull my 5 wood out of the bag and add my gap wedge. My friends have hit them and were very impressed.
ProsGreat distance Good feel
ConsGetting used to the head being smaller and proper set up of the hybrid
By Dr G
March 7, 2013
hit at the driving range only but they do work. got the 3 and 4 hybrid. very happy with this purchase so far.
Prosa little forgiving and workable.
By Philip
Singapore, Singapore
March 5, 2013
Super user-friendly hybrid
Ultra user-friendly hybrid. Even for off-center hit, the ball still launch and fly to a reasonable distance.
ProsVery good price for such good & user-friendly hybrid. Good job Nike Golf!
ConsNothing in particular!
By John
Upstate NY
March 5, 2013
Not yet employed but hopefully better than previous generations of Nike clubs
Have to wait and see. Guarded optimism.
By Woei
St. Louis, MO
February 26, 2013
Long and easy to hit.
I recently switch to all Nike clubs and I couldn't be happier with this hybrid. It's long and easy to hit.
ProsLong and forgiving
By Tim
Grayland WA
February 25, 2013
Love the club
Played a couple rounds and it seems pretty easy to hit. I'm a higher handicap, 17. Pretty easy to hit straight and decently long for me, 220 yds or so. Replaced my 3 iron with this and I really like it, hope to get better with it. Definitely worth the money I paid!
ProsEasy to hit, line up.
ConsNothing so far
By Brian
Tallmadge, OH
January 28, 2013
Great club for the price
Cannot beat the price for this club. I've only hit it at the range so far but feels great.
By Happy
January 19, 2013
Purchased the VR pro 4 hybrid recently had previously used Adams only, it has been fantastic. The weight is perfect, club head inspires confidence but does not look bulky and even allows some shot shaping.
By Jim
Memphis, TN
January 3, 2013
Great price. Prompt shipping.
As usual, everything as advertised. Only 4 stars because it has been too cold to hit it yet. Expect it will be fine though.
By Todd
January 2, 2013
Nike keeps making great clubs
This club is awesome! It is soo much easier to use than a regular 4 wood and the ball flies right out of the grass and goes straight. I love using this club on a par five hole it gets you right to the green. The club is easy to use and feels great as you swing it.
Prosgreat ball flight and distance
By brandon
cass, WV
January 1, 2013
launches the ball high and sends it long
By jimmy
thousand palms, ca
January 1, 2013
great club
good distance out of rough
Prosgood looking
By Gilly
Carthage, NC
January 1, 2013
Great Little Club
Super club when hitting out of deep rough and great from the fairways. Easy to hit with accuracy.
By Gilly
Carthage, NC
January 1, 2013
Great Little Club
Super club when hitting out of deep rough and great from the fairways. Easy to hit with accuracy.
By Steve
Orange County, CA
December 31, 2012
Excellent Club
Can hit it with a fade or draw easily, cuts through the rough and can hit it high or low. Can't ask for more
ConsShaft feels stiff for a R shaft.
By Carl
New Zealand
December 18, 2012
Great shots with this hybrid.
ProsStraight and long
By Ralph Terry
Decatur, Al
December 14, 2012
Works good, like it is supposed to
Even my golfing buddy likes the clubs...Hits them better than his own
ProsEasy to hit
By Johnny Lim
December 13, 2012
Value for every cent.
I live in Singapore and had bought both the Nike Golf -VR 3 and 4 pro hybrid irons from Rock bottom Golf. indeed I had bought all my woods and iron set from Rock Bottom Golf because I find that the pricing is always the cheapest and the delivery is excellent. With these two added hydrid irons I could reach the green in two most of the time.
ProsFast delivery and able to flight straight and far.
By jack
November 29, 2012
easy to hit and long
By Dennis
Franklin, WI
November 2, 2012
Great Value for an outstanding Hybrid
One of the easiest hybrids to hit from any lie, including fairway bunkers.
ProsThe ease of contact and the mid-high ball flight. The ball just flies off the face and lands softly.
By John
Reno, Nevada
October 2, 2012
The perfect club
I purchased this club earlier this year. I chose the 4 w/stiff shaft. The guys I play with are amazed by my high soft approaches to the green when I use it. I look for every opertunity to pull it from my bag. It makes me look better than I am. And it's a confidence builder.I love this club. I really need to buy another. Rock bottom is great on price and customer service.I turn all my friends on to them.The lift
ProsThe lift. the accuracy. the feel.
Consthere is nothing to dislike.
By Eldoradodick
Shelton, WA
June 28, 2012
This is nice.
Feels real solid when griped and swung
Conswait to see
By Andrew
May 31, 2012
Very user friendly
I love this hybrid. I usually use a stiff shaft, but I am right on the edge of getting a better performance from reg so I really sit in the middle and the 5.5 is perfect for that. The head is nice and small, but still forgiving. Great fell, easy to launch, a beautiful hybrid
By Eddie
April 27, 2012
best hybrid I ever hit
I love the compact head, easy to hit the ball high without a big clunker head.
ProsCompact head,easy play
By Shaun
Jacksonville, FL
April 25, 2012
Very forgiving!
This is the first hybrid I have purchased and I have been very pleased with how smoothly it plays. Granted you don't get under the ball as much as an iron, but it more than makes up for it when hit solidly.
ProsSolidly built Feels great when hit Great for punching out of tricky situations
By Alex
April 4, 2012
Nice feel, great distance
A really nice, solid chunky feel to the club-head. Makes a wayward golfer like me hit the ball reasonably straight with good distance more often than I did before. Great value at the $89.99
March 23, 2012
VR PRO #3 Hybrid
Love the shaft on this 3 hybrid. Good club overall. No significant difference from my Adams hybrid
ProsApperance Shaft
By Erik Nelson
Milltown, WI
March 22, 2012
Nike VR Pro Hybrid
Another great VR item by Nike, i feel like they're really stepping up in producing quality golf clubs. I purchased this golf club because i've had such luck with their irons and driver. I just got this club and have played 4 rounds with it. It's very easy to work the ball and very easy to get under the ball, topping hasn't been an issue. Flies a bit higher than the actual 4 iron, lands very soft. Great club for those shots that are just a little past your iron distance. Great club, Thanks Nike and RockBottomGolf.
By Robert
San Diego
March 2, 2012
Best hybrid on the market!
I'm a Taylormade guy, until I hit this stick. Hits just as solid as my old TP and even farther. The shaft is very firm, just what I like. Winner!
ProsSolid Long Looks Great
ConsIt's from Nike

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