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By Jon
Hunter River, Prince Edward Island
May 17, 2014
great sound
Great sound on contact very good distance a reasonably forgiving for miss hits beautiful looking club
By Allan
Sebastian, Fl
May 16, 2014
Great driver
Product was as advertised. Hits straight and loft was predictable. I will be setting and trying the different lofts between games. Starting loft agreed with the one I had, a Callaway. I get a lot of complements on how red color and how good it looks.
ProsLooks great, price , ease of adjustment, sounds good.
By Gerry
Rhode Island
May 4, 2014
Fantastic Club
Very satisfied with club
ProsEasy to swing perfect club for a new golfer
By plasticman
Santa Fe
May 1, 2014
Good club
I have experimented with several shafts since I am 77 and have been golfing since age 9 but am losing some head speed. I am able to reach 90 mph with an A shaft.
ProsGood looking, easily adjustable, easy to change shafts, it is in my bag
Conshave not really found any of significance
By Ryne
April 24, 2014
Great Club
This club is awesome. Love the adjustable loft and face angle. Feels great to swing and the ball flies off the club. Ordered on 4/22 and got it today. Awesome job by Scratch on getting it shipped that quick. Great value club. No complaints. Very happy with RBG and Scratch.
ProsPrice, Look, Feel, Everything
By Jim
Groton, CT
April 12, 2014
Excellent Driver!!!
Went to the driving range today to try out this club. With the proper adjustments, my slicing is all but gone.Great popping sound when you hit the ball. Ball travels higher and farther. I added 30 yards to my drive.
ProsShaft is light, head does the work. Great for the back nine when you may be a bit tired. All you have to do is follow through your swing and this club does the rest. A great club to add to your arsenal.
By Terry
Brisbane Australia
January 19, 2014
Had a Cobra Amp Cell which I was hitting a huge slice with. Got the Covert and slice instantly gone. Amazing what the right shaft in the right head can do for your game. Excellent distance as well.
ProsStraight and Long
ConsDidn't get one sooner
By Down South
Gulfport, MS
December 31, 2013
Great Buy
Definitely a great buy, I was able to adjust the loft and angle easily. I have improved distance especially on windy cold days. Easy to adjust, to send the ball flying low or high. Very much satisfied and at the ROCKBOTTOM PRICE what a value!
ProsGreat look, easy to adjust, works as advertised.
By Patrick
Jacksonville, Forida
December 23, 2013
GOt this and the 3 wood about a month ago and am quite pleasd with the driver. Better than expected. Very long and forgiving. Very adjustable also. Helps get rid of my go to hook!
ProsEverything. Shaft is great!
By Neil
Oxford, MA
December 22, 2013
Straight, Straight, Straight
Just got this club. Snow here in town, so I took a trip to Cape Cod. I tested all the new drivers last winter and the Nike along with 910D produced the best numbers by far for my swing. On the course yesterday, the results were all I could hope for and more. Many holes were dead into a 15-20mph wind and every drive I hit was straight with a few right to left. My normal shot has always been a fade with moderate to severe sidespin. Not anymore! Distance was good. Not sure if I gained much because it was a new course. If you need to lower you spin and get straighter this driver could work for you.
ProsShaft, Feel, SPIN RATE, Sound
ConsWinter in New England
By Grant
Redwood City, California
December 15, 2013
Happy Golfer
I bought this driver mostly because I wanted to get an adjustable driver...and the black Friday price was too good to pass. I have a 20 handicap so I'm not the most consistent golfer. I actually liked my Taylormade burner and had no expectations for any real improvement but I was really surprised by this driver. Put it in my bag and went out for 18 holes. I have never hit the ball so long and straight. Of course I still had some unfortunate holes but I was really surprised at how good this driver felt and performed. Very surprised. The two other guys I played with tried the driver with mixed success but it really worked well for me. It looks great and sounds solid.
By Chilly
Central Florida
December 14, 2013
Great Driver
This is the first time ordering from Rock Bottom and I must say the experience was painless. My driver arrived before expected. It came in excellent packaging. So I will always favour this site went looking for my golf equipment. Good followup afterwards to make sure I waqs pleased with everything. I was!!!!! Thanks Scratch!
ProsDriver is giving me more distance and light weight compared to others I tried. I can adjust loft etc to the type of course I play down in Florida in winter and up in Canada in summer. I work at a 27 hole golf course in summer and have tried them all. This one suited me the best.
By peter
December 7, 2013
absolutely fabulous
thanks to scratch i ordered the covert for my son and the cobra zl encore for myself he loves the covert he likes the adjustability he hits it extremely strait and long
Proslong ball strait flight
By Nate
Rochester, NY
November 22, 2013
Happy Birthday
I bought this driver for my birthday this year. Unfortunately I haven't been able to hit it on the course yet but I have faith it will perform well. The weight feel really well balanced and the design is stunning. Looking forward to spring!
ProsDesign Balance Adjustable Loft Sexy
ConsNone yet
By Greg mosley
Dallas, tx
November 15, 2013
good price good product delivery great time
Love this driver flies awsome on contact like none other was hitting calloway razar this club will put that driver to shame in distance and it is very the shaft and kick point stiff shaft.
ProsYou can move flight patterns to fit your swing that helps determine swing tempo
By Dave
Las Vegas
November 8, 2013
unhappy camper
shaft has no kick
Proslooks nice
Consset up left goes right neutral much better
By Mike
October 30, 2013
Great Look, Great Price,
Hit a bucket at the range and played with the adjustments, added about 15 yards to the fly and another 20 to roll. I now hit about 280. I was able to get the ball flight lower and with a more predictable out come. Went to the course yesterday and was very pleased with how I worked the ball and the added distance.
By Spencer
Walton, NY
October 11, 2013
Nike Golf - VRS Covert Driver
So far, I'm pretty happy with the driver. I' m still adjust the club ( alot of ajustments can be made with this driver), but real happy with the distance that get when I hit it.
Prosclub adjustments price
By Joe
Huxley, Ia
September 24, 2013
Great Look, Great Price, Great Club
The last two years I have played the Nike Mach Speed (regular flex shaft) which I really liked, but my miss was a duck hook when swinging to hard. I bought this club because I wanted a stiff shafted club and wanted to stay with Nike. I haven't noticed a difference in distance, but my misses are small. The sound from this club is different from my last two Nike clubs. It has a much more solid sound not the pop can noise like a lot of new clubs. I haven't adjusted it and probably won't. So far so good.
ProsForgiving Look (I like the Red head) Price
By Erron Belflower
Johnsonville, SC
July 23, 2013
All that and more
Immediate difference in my game. Custome settings manual is easy to understand and its great to have a driver that you can adjust in a seconds notice on the tee.
ProsThe look. Love the Red head. It draws attention!
ConsHead cover design.
By Dan
July 22, 2013
awesome club
The impact that this club makes is amazing. Ball flight is straight and long. Being able to change the loft is a great concept.
By Terry
July 21, 2013
Love it!
Super fast delivery. Re gripped with oversized grip. Very forgiving. So far so good.
By Justin
perkasie, PA
May 7, 2013
Very Sharp!
This is quite the attractive club. It has all the necessary adjustments to improve my game. Love the way it sounds off the tee, and I'm getting much more distance out of it with half the effort of my old club.
ProsAttractive design Adjustable Comfortable feel Distance
By Kyle
May 3, 2013
Great feel
First swing at the range was right down the middle something I'm not use to. Got great distance from just a smooth swing. Forgiving miss hits is a big plus with this driver.
ProsForgiving miss hits Long drives Better accuracy Easy to swing
By Mike
Eighty Four, PA
April 2, 2013
Best driver I've hit in years
I really like the feel of this club. Plus I think it's really sharp looking. I feel like I get a little more accuracy with this, but that may be due to my last driver having a stiff shaft that I did not swing hard enough. The club head seems slightly smaller than my Adams, but that may help with me striking the ball a little better. I look forward to many more rounds with this driver. I have yet to adjust the loft, but those windy days won't have me griping about holding my ball short.
ProsThe price with free shipping.
By Andrew
March 25, 2013
Really nice driver
Very easy to setup and hit, great noise, very long
By JSmittee
March 17, 2013
Great Driver.
I like this driver a lot. I was playing a Callaway Ft-iZ before the Covert. I do not notice any more distance with the covert, but I do notice that the Covert is a lot more forgiving. The cavity back really helps with off-center hits. The red crown and swoosh on the top of the club head do not bother me at all.
ProsLook Sound Feel
By Jeremy
Roslyn, NY
March 15, 2013
Nike Covert Driver
Well, there's a lot of hype around this one. And all things considered, it isn't a bad driver. Solid performer, but not exceptionally long or forgiving. If you like Nike and want to buy into the brand for the flashy red crown, that's OK, but I think there isn't much else about this club that truly distinguishes it from the rest.
Prosred crown
By Brad
Cortland, OH
March 13, 2013
Great driver
I really liked this driver. Nice stock shaft offering, and great sound. Hits the ball a mile, and forgiving. I could do without the red crown, but it grows on you.
Prosforgiveness, shaft, sound, distance
Consred crown

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