By Simon
Fredericton, NB
July 17, 2014
Nike Golf- VRS Covert Tour Driver
Love this driver. It has added at least 25 yards to my drive
United States
July 2, 2014
Straight, but not super long
The driver is an improvement in the ball flight, however it is not for those looking to " go long ". I like the overall improvement in my game.
Prosstraight ball flight
Consnot super long
By Junius
Orange Park, FL
July 1, 2014
Rock Solid Performer
After playing with the "regular" VRS Covert driver from last year, I was curious to experience the difference between that original model and the newer model. Granted, the newer model was the Tour version, so a pure apples to apples comparison is not exactly scientific. However, the latest VRS Covert driver appears to be slightly more solid at impact with a very slightly tighter shot dispersion, especially on off-center hits. Comparing the regular versus Tour model, I prefer the Tour version due to a little longer distance and slightly better workability. This driver stacks up very well against the Taylormade Jetspeed and is slightly superior than the Callaway BB Alpha in my opinion.
ProsFeel Distance Workability Looks Sound Value
By Mike
Ozark, Arkansas
July 1, 2014
What a Beauty
This club is so beautiful, now if I can use it as well as it looks I will be fine. It has a solid feel and I love the adaptability of the head. This is a great club , I wish I was as great a golfer.
By Cameron
New Hampshire
June 24, 2014
Great All-Around Driver
Really enjoying the flexibility that this driver is providing my game. Being able to adjust my loft is quick and easy, and has added a whole new level of control to my game.
By stevieb
terre haute, indiana
June 20, 2014
me....tiger.....and rory!!!!!!
this club is awesome!!!!! never hit a driver so straight in my life!!!!! havent even switched the settings since i got it. best $ i have ever spent!!!!
Prossee above!!!! love this club!!!!
Conswill tell you in a month or so.........cause i havent found one yet!!!!
By Vivek Kumar
June 19, 2014
Beautiful Driver
It's a nice driver, no doubt. Before I used a driver with a big head so it was easy for me to hit the ball. I was expecting a big head on this driver too but that wasn't the case so I had to get used to that. Just went to the driving range and got used to it. This driver gives you a lot of control and forgiveness. If you want to slightly hook a ball..whatever you pictured in your head, will happen. I'm a decent driver to begin with and this added maybe 5-10 yards more. On the other hand I'm finding the fairway a lot more.
ProsForgiving Control Looks
ConsSmaller Head
By John
June 11, 2014
Nike Covert Tour
Hit the ball straighter. Lost about 10 to 15 yards from when I used Nike Machspeed. Good trade off better to be on the fairway.
ProsLook and feel.
ConsLost 10 yards
By Aaron
Taylor, MI
June 9, 2014
Best driver ever
Love this driver, the ball just flies off the face
ProsStraight Extra length off tee Design
By Conor
New Zealand
May 31, 2014
Great product
Really happy with this purchase a great driver even with a smaller head I've got more distance and more control than ever
By Jeremy
New zealand
May 28, 2014
Great club, can't fault it
I set the shaft up at right and 10.5 degrees as I tend to hook it when I go after it. Found that this combination was great. I cut a couple but mainly got a straight or slight draw and high ball flight.
By Steve
Council Bluffs, IA
May 21, 2014
Excellent Driver
This is the best driver I've ever played. I haven't noticed any extra distance, but I'm hit fairways like never before. The ability to independently adjust loft and face angle really helped my dial in my trajectory, and after just one afternoon at the range I was hitting the most accurate drives of my life. Shaved four or five strokes off my game from getting more approach shots from the fairways instead of pitching out of the woods.
ProsIndependently adjust loft and face angle. Sharp looking club. The red really pops. Has a nice feel. I have better awareness of the club head during the swing than any other driver I've played.
ConsDoesn't seem as long hitting as some of the other top-of-the-line drivers, but that's offset by the accuracy gains. I'll give up 5-10 yards to keep it in the fairway.
By Mike
Madison, AL
May 20, 2014
Great Purchase
SOOOOO Glad I purchased this club. Great control, great distance at a great price!! ROCK BOTTOM GOLF is hands down my new favorite golf shop online and will definitely get more equipment from them!!
ProsGreat Club, Good Distance
By Michael
Fayetteville, NC
May 20, 2014
Long & straight
I have only tried it out on the range so far, but I am very pleased. Added some distance over my prior driver, and I'm hitting with more consistency than I had in the past.
ProsStiff flex shaft
By Adam
Casa Grande, AZ
May 19, 2014
GREAT CLUB!!!!!!!!!!!
By James
Hanford, California
May 16, 2014
Nike Covert
Great look while at address that Inspires confidence.
ProsEasy to adjust
By adam
May 14, 2014
Very pleased with adjustable loft able to go over obstacles and still have the distance to get out there where you want it.
By Steven
East Brunswick, NJ
May 13, 2014
Awesome driver!!
My son test drove the club and seemed comfortable with it so I ordered it for him. He loves the results and the gorgeous red club head is like driving a Ferrari. It's also more forgiving for those less than perfect drives off the tee.
ProsDelivery was quick, price was affordable and driver is adjustable........what more can one ask for??
ConsNone whatsoever......
By george
chicago, il
May 8, 2014
Nice and straight
Nice drives and all around good driver. Good replacement for my ft tour. I like small profile
ProsLonh and straight
By Jim
May 7, 2014
I really like the feel of this club. Great ball flight.
By Marcos
El Paso, TX
May 6, 2014
Awesome Driver
Couldn't be happier with my purchase. The head is smaller and takes a little getting used to, but I closed the face and got rid of my nasty slice, and changing the loft is quick and easy!
ProsGreat ability to change the driver up!
ConsSmall Head
By Evan
Clackamas, OR
May 1, 2014
Awesome club
Great driver, good distance and adjustable
ProsLooks sweet Adjustable Good distance
By Ryan
Bluffton, Ohio
April 30, 2014
Great Driver
The ball finally goes straight! The club worked great and I gained over 70 yards on my drive! I went from driving ball 180 yards to 250 yards on average with a personal best of 270!
ConsNo Cons
By Francis
Perth, Australia
April 29, 2014
Great club
Premium club at a very good price. Great look and feels great. The sound is awesome. At this price it's a steal. Shipped to Australia in a week.
ProsPrice, quality, flex loft, looks great, feel and a very nice sound!
ConsLooks too good to use.
April 23, 2014
By Jose
Puerto Rico
January 9, 2014
Best deal
It is a great looking and feeling club; Excellent launch angle and long. I recommend this club.
By Eric
Perth, WA
January 6, 2014
Lives up to the hype
Is a great looking and feeling club. High quality and authentic product as expected from RockBottomGolf. Thanks guys for arranging this great deal.
By Richard
December 18, 2013
Dealing with your firm was a great experience // waiting for the snow to melt so I can try my new Nike Covert Driver //
By Mike
May 11, 2013
LONNNNNG low spin driver
not a fan of Nike Golf but I gave this driver a fair shake like all the rest..... and numbers never lie. longer, lower spin and great launch angle. Sold! not as forgiving as the standard model but penetrating trajectory. flex loft is great.
Prosgreat distance straight adjustability
By Andrew
March 25, 2013
Won't suit everyone, but I like it
Looks great at address. Is not the largest head, smaller than 460 cc, so not just a bashing stick. If you are willing to give up 10 yards though to feel in control this might help your game. If all you want is a bashing stick get the non tour version

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