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By Allison
Rochester, NY
Great clubs
May 21, 2015
I bought these for my boyfriend and he absolutely loves them and has never played better! 
By Tyler
Baltimore, Maryland
Love these irons
May 11, 2015
Great irons for a great price. They did take a few rounds to get used to only because they added about 10-15 yards to my shots compared to the previous set of irons I was using. Great feel and nice weight to these clubs.
By Ben Ziegler
Fargo ND
Great Clubs & Value
April 30, 2015
I by no means am a scratch golfer, I was just looking for a set ot clubs that would give me some confidence..This one does!! The clubs look nice,feel a bit heavy on the downswing but, man you get about a extra 10 to 15 yards on your irons I'n not kidding.... I was using Ping 20's there fine but .. with the VRS X the ball shoots off the club head.. now when I hit a shot these clubs, it really sends it flying .. I am very happy with these clubs & if your looking for a great priced set of handicap helpers .. this club will do it~
ProsLooks feel.. distance forgiveness Niki
By Justin
Good Deal
April 30, 2015
Forgiving and worth the low price. 
By Nicholas
Lisle, IL
Great sound.
April 17, 2015
Was using a set of Wilson clubs for years and decided to upgrade. These clubs after the first few times out have great weight and head size, just still need to adjust from my old clubs. GREAT looking set, and value to boot.
By Daniel
Blacksburg, Virginia
Great feel, and value.
February 28, 2015
These clubs are incredibly soft. I have only been able to get out and play a few times since I got them, but I have been nothing but impressed. I went from a set of G15 Pings that were 7 years old to these and the difference is amazing. The level of forgiveness and feel is nothing I expected.
ProsFeel Forgiveness Price
By Cody
Unbeatable deal!
February 24, 2015
Great look and price!
By Brian
Omaha, NE
Can't wait to try them out
February 21, 2015
Love the weight and feel of these irons at a great price.
By Travis
Raleigh, NC
Very Please
February 17, 2015
Bought these after playing out of my son's bag. I have found these to be very forgiving and able to add yardage to every shot.
By Bill
United States
love them
February 7, 2015
great clubs
By Bryant
pinole, CA
Great irons at a great price
January 23, 2015
They've added 10-15 yards to my shots, definitely an upgrade from the hand me down clubs i was using
By Bennett
los angeles, ca
Great Irons
January 5, 2015
I have these irons in graphite and loved them so much I bought these in steel. Long and forgiving: what more could you ask for? Worth every penny I paid for them!
By Richard Hussain
Bellevue, WA
Fantastic clubs for a great price
January 2, 2015
Got these babies as Xmas gift for myself. Tried these clubs at the range and liked the way they feel. Cant wait for the warm weather to start.
By brandon burnett
good clubs
December 31, 2014
Only played with them 1 time seemed to work well.
ConsSweet spot
By John
Bullhead City, Arizona
December 29, 2014
I had the Nike CPR clubs before these. I liked them alright I suppose, but the feel was not there so much. I took these out twice last week and the feel is phenomenal comparatively speaking. I am hitting the ball about 10 yards farther and it is staying more true. The clubs are a little longer which helps as I am 6'2". These clubs feel very good and I love them!
ProsClub weight/height. Feel.
By Scott
Tons river, nj
Cheap as heck
December 27, 2014
Great price on these irons. They have knocked at least 5 strokes off my score.
By Josh
Queensland Australia
December 26, 2014
Cant fault these brilliant clubs and rockbottom for supply delivery to australia was quick and efficient
By A-1
Beaumont, TX
Great clubs
December 24, 2014
New clubs are big improvement. I replaced a set of clubs that I paid about the same for a few years ago. I am shooting farther and straighter than ever before.
ProsGood looking. Good value.
ConsNone yet.
By Rob
Great feel
December 18, 2014
Ball explodes off club face
By Jackie Phelps
Birmingham, Al
Nike VRS X irons
December 16, 2014
Very good irons , great value
ProsSolid feel at impact, very impressed with the accuracy
By Mike
Mesa, AZ
Great irons
December 13, 2014
Great value for a very forgiving set of irons.
By David
Fountain, CO
November 16, 2014
Bought these couple weeks ago, so only 2 rounds under belt with them. With that being said, these are way more then advertised !!#$ the ball explodes off face with high launch and soft landing. ! You won't be dissapointed! Nexcor is awesome
ProsGreat look, feel, sound! Exploding face launches ball
ConsOnly thing is there tiny bit longer then my old set, so took couple holes to get used to extra length in club
By Paul (Heinz)
bristol UK
November 16, 2014
FANTASTIC cant believe how far and straight these babys go !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
By Adam
northern virginia
great clubs
November 15, 2014
I'm a newb, so I knew I needed a decent set of irons to avoid getting discouraged...these clubs have exceeded my expectations. I am hitting the ball farther, higher and straighter than the old set I was using.
By Michael
corrigin western australia
November 12, 2014
great service and a great product speedy delivery cant fault them cheers
By Jon
new irons
October 28, 2014
Great and solid feeling clubs. Probly added 10 yards of distance..very pleased with them.
ProsVery forgiving
ConsThey get scuffed fairly easy.
By tony stokes
Sydney, Australia
Graphite vs steel shafts
October 24, 2014
Switched from graphite shaft clubs to these VRS steel shafts getting more distance and more accuracy a well balanced club that is also forgiving ! all in all quite happy with these clubs hopefully get the handicap down a little more ! Four days freight and transit from the USA to Australia shipping same day as ordered excellent service.
By Christopher
Manhattan, KS
Amazing set of Irons
October 3, 2014
This was my first big buy when it comes to golf clubs. I am slowly building my new bag of clubs and i cant be anymore satisfied with the way these clubs, play, look and sound. These irons are a large improvement to what i was using previously. It takes no effort at all to hit the 4 iron 200 yd. plus. The club face on these irons is so big it seems like you could hit anything. They are very forgiving and i would highly recommend putting this set in your bag. The grip is very comfortable, the weight of the club is all in the head so you don't have to put much behind your swing to get the ball to travel the distance you want. I notice an increase in my distance right away and a boost in confidence when swinging these Irons. They are great clubs for any handicap golfer. If you are looking for more distance in your irons i would highly suggest you give these Nike VRS X Irons a try. You will be very impressed and please.
Kennebunk, ME
Great Steel!!!
September 30, 2014
What an upgrade...these are great...more distance and much more control. Great price from Scratch!!
ProsDistance, control, great comfy grips, and the price.
By Zach
Pompton Plns, NJ
Cant wait to use
September 5, 2014
These clubs are beautiful, weather has limited me to the driving range but i love the feel. major upgrade from my old wilsons.
By Steve
NE Indiana
Great Set for the $
September 3, 2014
I bought these a few weeks back and had limited time swinging them in the back yard. I took them out today to play for the first time.....Wow! Great feel, balance, and control. They hit a few yards longer than my previous set but are well worth it.
ProsYardage Feel Control
ConsNone at the moment
By Zach
Average golfer
August 27, 2014
I bought my first clubs a couple years ago, and since then I have been golfing rather frequently. I upgraded to these irons and have noticed a big difference. They are very forgiving and hit a lot further than my first irons. I highly recommend these if you're looking for a good set at a very fair price. Plus the fact that they are nike doesn't hurt.
By David
Mokena, IL
Still Getting a Feel
August 23, 2014
I've played two rounds with these and had several range sessions. They are definitely an upgrade from my Top Flight 2000's. Not quite as forgiving as my son's RedLine's but probably a better overall club from a quality perspective. They certainly are attractive!
By Ben L
Doylestown, PA
The right tool for the job
August 22, 2014
Been playing hand me down clubs for the last 12 years. Started at pitch and putt, and played about 20 times, got decent at pitching, still stink at putting. Started playing real golf a couple years ago, maybe 1-2 times a year. Played 2 times this year with the hand me downs, then again today after a recommendation to pick these up. Boy did this step up my game. They are easy to hit, forgiving and when making good contact, the ball goes an extra 15 or so from my normal. Had my first par on a par 5 ever, and attribute a lot of it to these bad boys. I also picked up a nice hybrid cobra to go with these. They played nicely together. Highly recommend.
By sal
monroe, la
awesome clubs
August 22, 2014
hit with ease and straight excellent clubs
By Lesh
These are awesome
August 22, 2014
The cheapest clubs from any website. Can't beat it
By Matt
Dayton, Ohio
great clubs, great price
August 21, 2014
love these clubs! bought them based on them being a game improving iron set and boy are they!!
Prosgreat look, feel, distance, and price
By Don Cline
Hilliard, Ohio
August 21, 2014
Clubs have taken 4 to 5 strokes off my game...Very happy with transaction....Shipping was quick...Ordered on Monday night, got clubs on Friday, in time to play weekend.......Keep up the great deals RB.....check site almost everyday for the great deals.....Thanks.....Don
By Jonathan A.
Sacramento, CA
Great Upgrade
August 20, 2014
Just got my VRS X set and what a difference they are compared to my starter set! I'm no pro, but I hit the ball further and it has a lot more forgiveness than I'm use to. They have a great look and great feel to them once I re-gripped them. And for the price I paid, what a deal! Very happy customer.
By Brendan
Pittsburgh, PA
Great for high handicapper
August 20, 2014
I just started playing about a year ago. These irons have made a huge difference and are very forgiving. Great for a high handicapper like myself.
By Tim
Pukwana,South Dakota
Great irons!
August 15, 2014
I have only hit these irons two rounds and wow! My shots are straighter and the feel is great. The distance will take a couple note to get use to, about 15 to twenty yards longer per club than my old set! Can't complain about that though! Great irons!
ProsFeel, looks, control
By crazycal
Warren, MI
Nike Irons Shine !!
August 15, 2014
These look clunky but really hit nice ! Excellent head weight. I hate when Irons are too light , it effects feel. Don't have this problem with these as they have very nice head weight to them ....... D2 swing weight on most irons in the set. If your looking for a set that wont break your bank and that are easy to hit with decent distance these are for you.
ProsEasy to hit and nice head weight to the irons.
ConsGrips are ok but will probably replace.
By Brian
Binghamton , New York
What a deal !
August 6, 2014
Great clubs. Sound and feeling of the ball coming off of the club face is awesome . The accuracy and distance both improved with these irons . All at a great price !
By Dan
United States
awesome irons
August 6, 2014
These irons are amazing. Smooth hitting and look nice. I would recommend people to buy these.
By davis
nice set for anyone!!!
August 5, 2014
Awesome set I would recommend to anyone
By Uaina
Otago NZ
Great Clubs and great service from RBG
July 31, 2014
Got my set the other day so i took them out today for the first time, the clubs felt great and they easily added 5 to 10 yards to my shots. Great clubs for a great price. Love it
By Anthony Waddell
Girard, Ohio
July 26, 2014
I ordered these clubs on July 23rd Received them on the 24th. I upgraded from Top Flite XLs that I purchased for like $80 in 2008 when I first started playing the game. I have been golfing 20 or so times since I started but I've gotten into it a lot more recently because of my coworkers. I usually shoot like a 120 or so through 18. Not very good, but I enjoy the game so I decided to try some better clubs because I enjoy the game immensely. I took the clubs to an indoor driving range the day I got them and noticed immediately I hit them better. They felt better in my hands and I wasn't as prone to slicing the ball as I was with my other irons. So today (7-25-14) I decided I would take them out on the course and see what they could do. I was doing a bit better than normal but wasn't really sure if it was just flukey or if it was the clubs. I got to the 6th hole at Mahoning Country Club (Girard, Oh) and there was a group of 3 teenage boys who were walking. Two older gentleman had let me play through on the last hole and informed me that they were with the 3 ahead of me and to let them know to let me play through. I had no intention of mentioning it to them as they were playing fairly quickly and I was in no rush. As I got to the 6th tee box I noticed they were waiting on me. I told them thanks and that they could go ahead if they wanted as I was in no particular hurry and they insisted I go ahead. So they watched me tee off. I always get nervous when people watch me hit off the tee as there is no telling where my ball will go sometimes. Hole 6 was a par 3 with a distance of 156 yds from the white tee box. I drew my 7 iron out of my bag because I had hit it so well at the range and it just felt good. So I step to the tee drop my ball on the ground and take a practice swing. I stepped up to the ball and hit it beautifully. It hit in line with the pin probably 15 ft to the left and then it spun to the right and rolled straight into the cup. The kids behind me went ballistic as I just stood there in disbelief. I just hit a hole in one. ME a double bogey golfer. I also managed to get spin on the ball. I dunno if I can credit the clubs or just sheer luck, but I know I was hitting had been hitting the ball a lot better with a lot more accuracy. I will keep these clubs till they are no longer serviceable. This was the second happiest moment of my life and it happened with a Nike - VRS X in my hands.
ProsAccurate,Great feel
By Raffaele Scalici
Philadelphia, PA
Best irons ever
July 25, 2014
The price is unbeatable!! Look distance accuracy
ProsLooks distance accuracy
By Matthew
New Mexico
Nike VRS X Irons
July 23, 2014
Tryed my clubs for the first time this week. I added twenty yards to my distance. i love the clubs.
Consthe gribs
By chad
United States
Awesome set of irons
July 22, 2014
Great sound, better distance, definitely a nice set of game improvement irons.

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