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By Aaron
San Juan Capo, CA
Great price if you need an inexpensive ball
March 2, 2016
Not the best ball, but definitely worth the price.
By Aaron
Granger, IN
Great value
March 11, 2014
Nice product for the price
By David
Venango, PA
March 8, 2014
If you are chasing wild life and feeding fishes all to often, these are for you! The fish don't care if it's a Pro v1 or a Nitro! In truth, Nitro makes a great entry level ball!
ProsGood ball, Great price!
By Linda
golf outing
October 25, 2012
very reasonable price for the golf balls, helps me save me for my golf outing
By Marcus
Nitro crossfire
August 29, 2012
Good ball for beginner. Not exceptional in any area but hits alot straighter than most balls. Hard to hit this ball out of bounds. I suffer from the dreaded slice and my worst hit balls i was able to find just off fairway.
ProsFlys straight
ConsNot very long. Feels hard.
By Allen
Nike, Nike, Nike...
August 28, 2012
So, you think you are paying just for the name...well, you mostly are. The problem is that the pyschological impact of hitting a Nike ball affects me too. When I tee off with a Nike ball, it just seems that I pound the heck out of it more than any other idea as to why. Nike balls also have a sweet feel when you hit them squarely and I think the Crossfire balls, for a really cheap ball, are a great deal. Try some and see if you don't feel the same way!
ProsNice ball feel, great distance...great price!
By Aaron
East Lansing, MI
All Around Solid
August 18, 2012
I have been using 2 other types of golf balls (Wilson & Dunlop) and gave these ones a try the other night. They feel great coming off the tee and felt good around and on the green as well. I felt the biggest difference on the green. I didn't mind my other golf balls but I was satisfied the most with these. I don't have the skill (yet) to do anything fancy with my golf ball so these fit within my game just fine!
Pros- Insanely cheap - Lightweight - Good feel around all areas of course
By Nick
Good deal
August 15, 2012
Cant wait to try them out
By Eddie B
Orlando, FL
Cheap, and white, and plentiful
August 15, 2012
They're hard as rocks and won't spin much, but for $6.99 you can't expect much. They're just as good as a top flight or other low level golf balls. They're cheaper than a golf course beer for 12, you can hit em hard and they don't crack in half, so that's more than you can ask for.
By Big O
Waxahachie, TX
Nice Nitro Golf Balls
August 9, 2012
You cannot beat the price for a nice product. Thanks RockBottomGolf for offering them at a REALLY good deal!!
ProsYou cannot find this product at this price anywhere else.
By Henry
Riverdale, NY
Nitro Crossfire Golf Balls. Great!
August 6, 2012
Excellent product for the beginning or intermediate golfer. At an amazing price. I purchased these for my son who is a beginner. I usually use Slazenger , tried these out and loved the feel. Will definitely be purchasing these in the near future.
Pittsburgh, PA
Pleasantly surprised
August 6, 2012
Typically not overly concerned with what type of ball I'm playing. Order the Nitros due to free gift offer along w/ my other purchase. Really happy w/ them so far. Solid distance, durable enough, no complaints.
ProsGood value
By Dana Conyers
Lincoln, NE
Cheap, but wrecking fairways!
July 31, 2012
I love my Warbirds, but Nitros have had me landing center in the fairway more frequently and further distance.
ProsControl Spin Distance
By John G
Better than balls 3x the price!
July 9, 2012
Ok let's start with me. I am not a scratch golfer. I'm a high handicapper who plays often enough to make the same mistakes consistently. I have a slice off the tee. Always. Even with a draw weighted driver. Lower spin/longer distance balls haven't helped UNTIL NOW. I read the reviews, of course I'm skeptical because how can a ball at $6.99 a dozen help anything? I figured at the least I'd be losing cheaper balls instead of more expensive. So happy to be wrong on that one! Played a 4 man best ball tourney on Saturday, we were using my drives most of the day! Went the first 14 holes without losing my first Nitro. After that the only reason I lost one was overshooting a green with ridiculously good contact on an approach shot. No you won't get as much spin with your wedges around the greens with this as you will a 'proper' golf ball. No less than other 'distance' balls though. The lack of a slice off the tee was simply too amazing. Just a nice easy swing with the driver and BOOM - nice and straight down the middle. If you are suffering from a consistent slice I can't recommend these enough.
ProsSTRAIGHT tee shots
Conslower spin around the greens
By Jr
Nitro Crossfire..
July 4, 2012
Good ball for a good price. As a beginner I have come to terms with the fact that I will lose a few balls. It doesn't break my heart when they are fairly cheap! The ball does exactly what I need it to do.
By Hillbilly Geek
United States
Pretty good for the price!
June 25, 2012
I play aggressive golf and lose a lot of balls. As a result, I've become familiar with a variety of budget brands. The crossfire is probably the best ball I've ever played in this price range. Long off the tee and softer than the blaster around greens. Wish I could get it in yellow.
ProsHits as long as the blaster, but is softer around the greens. Very durable.
ConsCan't get it in yellow.
By Connie
Oneonta, NY
Good Balls
June 13, 2012
Great for golf tournament
June 12, 2012
By Curt
Omaha, NE
Balls go longer
June 12, 2012
I used these balls for the first time this weekend and I loved how far they would fly, plus they sound really good off the tee... puts fear into the people that I am playing against!
ProsGreat distance, great sound.
By Andrew
Decent ball for the price
June 3, 2012
I didn't love the feel, but for the price these are good value. They felt a little heavy and solid to me, but I hit them on a cold day, may give them another chance in warmer weather
By James F.
New York, NY
May 31, 2012
Great balls at an unbelievable price. What else can one say??
ProsPrice Distance Control
By joel
Good value for the hacker
May 29, 2012
Good value if you are just the occasional golfer. By no means compares to the top quality but will suit the occasional golfer
By steve
Best Ball I've Ever Played
May 25, 2012
I'm a 62-year-old 16 handicapper and have been using Titleist NXT, Bridgestone e6 and similar balls in recent years. With those balls, my drives averaged somewhere around 220-225 with a lot of huge hooks and occasional big slices. Toward the end of 2011, I found a Nitro Crossfire in the woods while searching for one of my errant drives. Every now and then, I would pull that ball out of my bag to use as a "disposable" ball on holes where I was likely to lose a ball. Early this season, I noticed that I still had this now-beat up Nitro even though I used it only in the toughest situations. It was also starting to occur to me that I was hitting this ball very straight, just as far as the more expensive ones, that they felt pretty good with a wedge and that they putted true. So I decided to buy a dozen and try them out. I was shocked at the ridiculously low price. After using the old beat up one that I had found, I was also shocked -- in a positive sense -- by how well the new ones performed. They still go straighter than any ball I've ever used. I now regularly hit the fairway more than 80% of the time and my drives are now averaging between 235 and 240. The balls do get bruised looking, but it doesn't seem to noticeably affect their performance. My golf game has been transformed and I'm thrilled with the Nitro Crossfire. My big worry is that the company will either stop making them or will go out of business, so I'm buying as many as I can get my hands on to stockpile them for the years to come. I wish I had discovered them years ago. I've been wasting money like crazy on name-brand balls costing four times as much that don't perform half as well.
By Brett
Binghamton, NY
Great Ball for the Money
May 9, 2012
I used these for gifts for players at a golf tournament. Everyone seemed to appreciate.
By Joe
Everett WA
Nitro Golf Balls
May 1, 2012
Great priduct - great price
By David L. Mallows
Great Golf Balls....
May 1, 2012
I have purchasing golf balls from the Cave in the past, and always been satisfied. I have become particular to the Nitro brand due to their length, and feel. This Crossfire is no different. The feel of each, and every ball out of the sleeve is great. The look of the ball is dynamic, and the distance is everything that I would expect from Nitro. The prices at Rock Bottom are incredible. I will usually team up with another golf friend of mine, to purchase a greater number of balls, to save on the overall shipping cost. All of the balls purchased have worked out nicely.
ProsThe look, and feel of each ball is fantastic.
By Bob
Fenton, Mo
tons of balls
May 1, 2012
have not had a chance to play the balls yet, bu t sure will like
By Gary
Good Value
April 30, 2012
Good Ball for the price
By barrypina
Osterville, Massachusetts
received nitro golf balls quick
April 3, 2012
the golf balls was a gift for a friend
By Kyle
Tulsa OK
Excellent Practice Balls
February 3, 2012
This golf balls are great to take out and practice with. The covers are a bit soft and scuff very easily but for the cost, the balls are well worth it.
By Richard
Ipswich, Ma
Good beginner ball
December 11, 2011
Good balls for beginner
By Hatt
Auckland, NZ
Golf balls that won't die!
November 21, 2011
Not sure what it is about these balls but they seem to stay in sight and don't seem to get wet! Or maybe that's because I don't ever hit the ball out of sight and always (conservatively) hit away from water! Seriously I've found these balls to be more than adequate for my pretty average game. I love golf but am never going to win a Major! So having reasonably priced balls is important because it makes the budgeted golf dollars go much further. I do get a kick out of being able to bring out a new ball every now and again. Thanks to Rock Bottom G for that opportunity!
ProsThey are new and they look good on the tee!
By Cec
Bundaberg, Australia
Great Price/Great Performance
November 4, 2011
Good feel off the club, going long and straight, and playing well around the greens. After 18 holes looked as good as new and will be going around again.
ProsThey;ve got it all at an affordable price
ConsNothing to dislike
By salvatore
feedinghills, ma
do not buy defective
October 25, 2011
I love nitros but this bunch had a nick, piece of cover sticking out, so putting will be affected and ball flight, dissapointed, and all balls had it, so hopefully I can return them
Consdefective bunch
By bogeyman
Singapore, Singapore
low low price for good performance balls
October 3, 2011
.... in addition, they came in new packaging with new colors boxes... way to go Scratch!
By Bill
North Carolina
Very good ball for the price.
August 21, 2011
Fine ball flies well off the driver and has sufficient spin for control around the green. Even feels good off the putter and rolls true.
ProsDistance, control, price
ConsSeems to scuff up a little too easy and quick, but at this price, who cares.
Virginia Beach, VA
Good Cheap Balls
August 19, 2011
Good deal for the amount of balls. For a beginner balls are balls so I would recommend them to new golfers like myself
By Phil
crystal lake, IL
Nitro golf balls
July 21, 2011
As advertised. Quality ball for the price. My wife loves them.
By Brad
June 18, 2011
Great distance off the tees and great around the greens. I plan on using nitro crossfire balls for a long time.
Prosgreat distance and feel.
Consno cons.
By Ken
Great bargain
June 14, 2011
This was definitely a good buy for the money. Like the feel of the club hitting these balls.
By Joe
ok balls
June 10, 2011
Soft cover but has been flying straight
By Tony
Trevor, Wisconsin
Nitro Golf - Crossfire Golf Balls
May 22, 2011
Great ball at a very good price. Very reliable and durable.
ProsVery good quality.
By Atomic79
Blenheim, Marlborough
May 20, 2011
At this price ya cant expect much. but these balls are not bad at all. well suited for mid to high handle cap players. good distance long lasting and feel good all round.
Prosprice feel
By Robert Cleary
Destin, Florida
Unbelievable Price for a Ball of this Quality!
May 19, 2011
Supurb performance with no negatives. At this price I swing away without the same tension I experiece when playing PRO-V1, etc.
Consall good
By Geoff
New Zealand
Nitro Golf Balls
May 10, 2011
These balls are great for the price. They are a bit scruffy after 18 holes but hey at 3 for a dollar who cares. They provide excellent distance off the tee and have a reasonably soft feel on the putting green.
ProsCheap and good performance.
By Vic
They go long
May 4, 2011
Great golf ball, get good distance. Feel great off the club.
ProsExcellent Value Good distance

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