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By Lee Miczek Sr.
Cottageville , SC
polara golf balls
September 30, 2015
I have a bad slice with any golf ball that I hit. polara golf balls have let me hit the ball in the middle of the fairway I highly recommend these golf balls.
By Calvin
Caledonia, Mississippi
They work!
September 13, 2015
Really help with my slice. Shot a 86 first time I used them. About 10 shots better than normal.
ProsThey work!
By Sleepy
it helps
September 10, 2015
Was suspicious but pleasantly surprised.  Ball does reduce slice, BUT, if you attempt to "swell up" and over swing your in the trees the same as you were before
ProsNEXT DAY DELIVERY.....Dimple pattern does reduce slice
By Mack
Statesville NC>
I love the way they feel and their performance level is qlways consistant.
September 10, 2015
I have used polara's for a couple of years and love their playability. There distance and accuracy is as good or better than many of the major brand of ball I have used in the past. When I find them on sale I always buy several dozen.
By Rob
Polara balls are awesome!!
September 9, 2015
Best golf balls I've ever played,  long and straight does help take the slice out of your swing, and generates nice spin around the greens.  Just hit the ball like the instructions say and enjoy!
ProsPrice, ease of use, feel
By David
Perth - Western Australia
September 8, 2015
OMG, these really work. I've gained extra distance and my slice is all be gone. Very please.
By Dan
VA Beach
great price
August 31, 2015
Received product very fast for great price. 
By michael
Richmond, VA
They really work!
August 30, 2015
I just played my first round with the Polara. I usually have a wicked slice off my driver. Every hit this round went completely straight. These things really do work! I had to see it to believe it. It was the most fun I've ever had on a round, and for the only time I can remember I played the entire round with the same ball. I'll be stocking up on these regardless of cost, but the fact that they're cheap is a real bonus.
ProsThey work!
ConsNot USGA approved, if you want them to work on shots other than drives you have to "cheat" and turn the ball.
By jeff
Placentia, CA
Good deal for price
August 20, 2015
Good deal for price
By Jeffrey
Omaha, NE
Keeping me straight
August 19, 2015
These balls keep everything on-line, no more banana hooks or boomerang slices. I'm not a competitor I just want to play & find my ball. Polaris has made the game enjoyable again.
ProsStraight & true.
ConsA bit soft, I have cut a few with a wedge.
By Corey
Sherrill, ar
Great ball
August 12, 2015
Awesome ball, only down side is the distance lost 
By Jf
Straight balls
August 8, 2015
They perform as advertised and I will purchase them again.
By Seung Kyun
North Royalton, OH
i like it better than titleist
August 3, 2015
i like it better than titleist
Prosi like it better than titleist
Consi like it better than titleist
By Geoffrey
Apalachin, NY
Good Buy
July 24, 2015
Hit nice
By Gerald
Manassas, VA
Inexpensive Golf Balls with Personalization
July 23, 2015
The personalization on these balls was excellent and the balls are good for the average golfer.
ProsInexpensive Durable
By Steve
Minneapolis Mn
Polara golf ball
July 21, 2015
I found a Polara and could hit it about 240, but then I lost it. I bought a doz from this site and can't hit these balls 200 yds. not sure I got quality rom online buying. may go to local pro shop and try those instead. sorry, not satisfied.
By Jerry
Dundee, OR
As advertised!
July 10, 2015
I have a bad habit of slicing. The first course I played with the Polaras is a course where I usually lose 5-6 balls. I played all 18 with the same ball. It is so much more fun playing from the fairway!
By Harry
Northern Ozarks
July 10, 2015
These balls do what is advertised. They go straight.
ProsEasy peasy to get it down the fairway. Price can't be beat.
By Mark Dearing
Evansville Indiana
They work
July 8, 2015
ball goes straight but you will loose 15-20 yards. make sure the arrow is perpendicular to the hole when chipping or the ball will roll. other than the roll out good training ball
By Brett
washingyon dc
Good product
July 8, 2015
they will straighten out your drive but will cost you a lot of distance. 
By bruce
tauranga, bay of plenty
best ball
June 27, 2015
this is the best ball that i have used, i highly recommend these balls for those that slice or hook also good for beginners
By Randy
They DO help!
June 24, 2015
I struggle with a slice. These help me keep it In play.
By Joseph Smith
Bloomingburg, OH
Great Ball for beginners
June 12, 2015
I purchased the balls for my father, who is not a regular golfer and he is very pleased. It appears that he gets a little more distance with the ball. Also, the balls are great for putting.
By Bernie
Good to hit
June 9, 2015
Best round for 6 months The ball helped
By Bradley
Cedar Lake, IN
Very cool ball
June 8, 2015
This ball works as advertised, I like to use it to have a fun confident building round, but I still like to use my revular ball to improve on my game. Great product.
ProsThey work
By Marion
Wakefield, MA
Didn't See The difference!
June 7, 2015
Purchased these as a raffle prize for a golf tournament so I took a sleeve and gave them a shot! I didn't see a big difference however I tend to hit it straight and down the middle! Others who won them at the tournament said they were amazing. I wouldn't use them and forego the distance unless I were in a funk where I was shanking or slicing the ball. As I said those who received them as a prize are swaring by them!
By Dave
Pomeroy, OH
Saved my game
June 4, 2015
I used to have a terrible slice when using my driver or woods. It was so frustrating, that I even considered giving up the game all together. In desperation, I tried the Polara golf ball and was astonished with the results. I thoroughly enjoy playing golf, now.
ProsGreatly reduces or eliminates slice.
ConsMay give up small amount of distance.
By Ross
Mentone, CA
Straight Straight Straight!
June 3, 2015
These are so amazing, you will shave strokes off your game, assuming you play with ppl that allow you to touch the ball a lot! They are good, fair warning though, you have to align the arrow every time you hit.
By Art
Rochester, NY
Yep. They work
May 26, 2015
I've played 3 rounds with these balls and they have cut 10-12 strokes off my game. Some reviews I read before I purchased these balls complained of significant loss of distance on tee shots, however I'm only seeing maybe 5 yds at most. I've taken my game to the low 80's with these balls and hope to be in the 70's by the end of the summer. 
ProsConfidence knowing you're going to hit it straight
By Michael
They work!
May 22, 2015
Balls perform in same way that many other more expensive, low spin balls are used.
ProsLess expensive
By hurtis davis
fulton illinois
they do what you say they do
May 12, 2015
i have golf with these balls 5 outing and have only lost 1 ball and that was in the water right in front of me on a par 3 i usely lose 6 or 7 balls a out ing because of my bad slice but these ball go where you aime them great
By josh morningstar
Hanover pa
New to the game
May 8, 2015
Ordered these balls because of the great price.  Noticed right away. That they flew straighter then my other balls. I did not notice a Loss in yardage. It's a little hard to judge how far my other balls where out of bounds. They keep me in the short grass. 
By Mike
Kansas City
fun ball
May 7, 2015
For the most part, they fly true. They stick the green nicely. But, like any ball, if you shank it, it's gone.
By Larry
United States
Polara golf balls
May 7, 2015
Nice golf balls for the price
ProsPrice control
ConsNot a top line bsll
By Evan
Wichita, Ks
May 5, 2015
They care so straight it's crazy. One risk is if you play any sort of draw or fade, they become push and pulls. But it really helps me remember to keep the face square.
ProsCheap, and straight.
ConsObviously can't move the ball.
By Jamie
Roanoke, VA
As adverised
April 14, 2015
It worked really well for me. I did not have one bad slice or hook last round. Only lost two balls, but that is because I hit them in the drink. It did shorten my distance off the tee. But, I will take that if it helps keep my ball in play. Great buy.
By Zak
Grandview, Mo
Have fun
March 24, 2015
Sure, some people say these balls are cheating and they are. I played with them until I could get my shots straightened out. Definitely makes for a more enjoyable round if you are losing tee shots. I still keep a sleeve on me in case I'm playing with a friend who is having a rough round. Speeds up the pace of play. Try them out over a weekend if you want to enjoy playing from the fairway.
By Alex
Springfield, OH
these work
February 24, 2015
follow the directions. lose distance but gain accuracy
Conslose distance
By Nicholas
Works Great
February 6, 2015
I used to slice the ball about 90% of the time but with these balls I am constantly hitting the fairway.
By Kyle
Gautier, MS
Polara Balls
February 1, 2015
They work as described by the box. It won't work miracles but will help keep it out of the woods.
ProsHelps correct slices.
ConsLose distance when teeing off.
By sb
United States
Str balls good item
December 31, 2014
straight ball when slightly off
By Adam
Fort Wayne, IN
Work pretty much as described
December 30, 2014
They do not go perfectly straight, but they work well.
ProsStraighten out hooks
By James Harkness
Cincinnati, Ohio
December 30, 2014
Great balls, price, personalization....Who could ask for more.
By Mel
Parker, Az
December 25, 2014
These balls deliver on what they promise.
ProsThey go straigt
Consmay not hit them quite as far.
By Jeff
Lake Saint Louis, MO
Polara Ultimate Straight
December 22, 2014
I'm rating 5 stars on price and speedy shipping, I have a tendency to slice too often for my liking, and hope these balls live up to their advertising, at least til I learn how to hit the ball straight.
ProsPrice for now
By Dave
Definately works
December 18, 2014
I bought these for a few of my friends and myself. Their reviews are the same as mine. They do hit much straighter. Distance is not as advertised. We all lost 15-20 yards using a driver.
ProsGoes straight Price Durable
By Joselito
North Brunswick, New Jersey
December 2, 2014
This ball gave me more confidence in hitting it straight as well as more distance. Try it you will love it.
By Sid
Hit it Long and Straight
November 24, 2014
These balls are great!!!!! Nothing but fairway!!!!
By Charley
West Palm Beach, Florida
Good ball - does what is advertised
November 8, 2014
The Polara performed as advertised. Although, I noticed a significant reduction in distance of 20-30 yds. The ball flight was 'spot-on' straight. I used the 10 1/2 degree setting on my Wilson Tour adjustable driver as recommended but saw a significant distance reduction from a ProV. Ball also appears to have a somewhat nervous-like flight but I suppose that is because it is fighting to stay on its aerodynamic course. . My conclusion - great ball for hi- handicapper but not for a golfer with some skills in ball movement and ball control on approach shots. Worth the $ and the time to try it. Thanks!!!
ProsDead straight shooter - durable and feel is good off driver
Cons- Difficult to stop on greens even following instructions on ball orientation. DEAD FEEL OFF APPROACH IRON SHOTS. - Would recommend to high handicappers only (20+)
By Tim
The villages Florida
November 8, 2014
Excellent ! Great job ! Immediate response!
ProsDefinitely do more business with the rock!
By Bob
Waterbury, CT
Enjoy the game again
October 22, 2014
I love the game of golf but have a terrible slice off the tee can be very aggravating using these balls has made a huge difference . You can call them illegal or whatever you want but if your just a casual golfer like myself who cares it's all about having fun so I highly recommend getting these knock some strokes off your game and enjoy golf again
ProsThey are what they say ultimate straight You won't have to keep purchasing balls
By Kevin Conoryea
United States
October 21, 2014
My drives with this ball always seemed a very low trajectory and it appeared to decrease my distance as well.
By Scott Zierke
Racine Wi
October 21, 2014
I had quite a slice before switching to this ball. Slice has not gone away completely BUT is now much less.Distance is about the same. I am very happy with this ball.
By Mark
hits straight
October 21, 2014
As advertised
By Mike
sonoma county
Straight they are
September 18, 2014
They work just like they say-get your game in line the straight line
By Dennis
Issaquah, WA
I would never have believed it !
September 13, 2014
If I hadn't seen these things with my own eyes. A friend of mine was playing with me recently and asked me "hey ya mind if i cheat a bit and try out this straight ball?" I thought "huh?" and told him to go ahead. Align the arrows where you want the ball to go, and give it a good whack down the course. If you get a solid connection with the ball, it WILL go straight. While I don't understand the physics behind the dimple design, I do know that i watched his ball go perfectly straight down the fairway. One might lose a little distance on your shot since the ball is correcting it's path during flight, but you will hit straight shots. These are a tad "illegal" for official play, but they sure are fun. I bought myself a few boxes and have enjoyed using them on difficult holes.
By steve
saskatoon, saskatchewan
they work
September 4, 2014
Hit every fairway
ProsCorrected my slice. They fly pretty far if you tee them up high.
ConsIf you dont aim correctly they fly ultimate straight into the trees/water
By Randy Kammerer
Council Bluffs, IA.
Polar Ultimate Straight Golf Balls
September 3, 2014
These ball tend to help the ball fly straight and are a good value. I would recommend these balls to anyone with a severe hook or slice. They will improve your game.
ProsThey do fly straighter
By Duke
Melbourne, FL.
Right Down The Middle of The Fairway
August 22, 2014
Straight, Straight, Straight
ProsAlways in the fairway.
ConsI don't think they go as far as some balls I hit but they are always in the fairway.
By Bill
Columbus, Ohio
No More Slicing!
August 21, 2014
These balls are incredible. I have suffered with a slice for many years. No more! Give them a try. You won't be disappointed.
By Philip
Lehigh Acres, Fl.
I use Polara regularly
August 20, 2014
I cannot understand why they are not sanctioned for use by the PGA. In fact I have played with wilson balls and actually saw my ball straighten out in flight.
By Michael
cincinnati, oh
No more slice...
August 1, 2014
Used to be that I'd pull-slice every tee shot... no more!! They're flying straight left now (gotta work on that pull!) Seriously, seeing more fairways than ever before. Good purchase
By mike kelley
nashville ,tn.
they work
July 31, 2014
tried these balls a couple of weeks ago and i was amazed they do go straight with lots of topspin so you get some extra roll all you have to do is align the arrow on top the way you want it to go and take a nice smooth swing and it will go where it's aimed . i may have lost a little distance but straight is great . the real thrill was playing 3 rounds with the same ball ,, i used to lose 4 or 5 a round . this week i shot my best score ever using this ball ,,,, shot 74 on a par 70 course . as long as they keep making this ball i'll keep buying it
Prosfly straight and they do hold on the greens
Conscan't think of any (except they are not legal for pga play)
By Jack
Spokane WA
They go straight
July 29, 2014
I liek thee balls, distance not real long but they do go straight
Prosreduce slices & hooks
Consdistance low, sometimes flies like knuckleball doesn't float
By jon
Excellent gold ball!
July 29, 2014
These things aren't magic but they do work. Cut down slice on a lot of my shots. Friends were asking about wind direction and how a ball could change so abruptly.
ProsThey do cut down on slice!
ConsNone really, but they aren't magic balls, can't fix a really bad shot.
By john
Vancouver, wa
they are the best
July 28, 2014
I've always had a tendency to slice the ball. Very aggravating on the course. Since I've been using these Polara balls my slice is gone. Anything that takes some aggravation out of golf is a good thing. They're not usable in competition but for fun games their great.
By Richard Clark
Newburgh, IN
Distance for real!
July 22, 2014
I tried this ball last week, couldn't believe the extra distance on my drives. It was fantastic and fun driving the ball further than anyone in my foursome. These are a BLAST for real, try them and have some fun!
ProsThey go straighter, and further.
By jeff
Olympia, WA
July 14, 2014
These balls do work but I seem to sacrifice distance.
Consdistance is shorter
By Dan
Great Balls o Straight!
July 8, 2014
they work as described, helped get me a straighter drive! that's for sure. I would not call them a miracle ball but I did not slice nier as bad as I have been. instead of loosing 10 balls a round I lost two.
Proswork as described
Consbuddies called me a cheater.
By Jim
Pittsburgh, PA
Yes they do go straighter
July 7, 2014
They may not fly quite as far, but they absolutely do go straighter than other golf balls.
By Mike
Bay village, ohio
Great ball
July 2, 2014
Got these as a gift and decided to give them a try. I am working on my swing and these are great for that. I'm hoping to fix my swing so I don't need them, but until then they work great.
ConsLost a little distance on each club. Not much though. 5 yes maybe.
By Mike G
Cleveland Ohio
July 2, 2014
These balls work great
By rick gordon
cleveland, ohio
the real deal
July 2, 2014
I'm a 15 handicap and slice the hell out of any other ball...this ball is "ultimate straight"
By Travis
ona, wv
polara ultra straight
June 13, 2014
Have only got to use once since i got them. It did help the ball go straight compared to my normal slice.
ProsWent straight
ConsNot a regulation ball
By Marco
Watertown, MA
Feels like cheating
May 19, 2014
These golf balls definitely work, and you'll be hitting from the fairway consistently while your buddies play from the rough. It almost feels like cheating.
ProsEliminates almost all slices
ConsAlmost feels like cheating
By Michael
Bay Area
May 5, 2014
These balls only go straight on the tee shot cuz that's the only time when you can legally aline the ball (putting as well i guess...). I have a natural draw, so since these balls only go straight (they actually do reduce side spin), I usually just push all my shots, so these balls are not for me. Also, these balls go a half a club shorter...
By Mike Spriggs
Ashville, ohio
Straight shooter
April 23, 2014
Ball never sliced. Stayed straight. Better than expected. Maybe not as long as my regular ball but overall pretty good.
By Joe
East Syracuse, NY
Improved my iron shots.
April 20, 2014
Definitely straighter hits. You'll still slice occasionally, just not as pronounced. Biggest improvement I've seen is with my irons. At least 20 more yards with my irons. I have to get used to one less club on my approach shots.
By Ronski
Fun to hit
February 15, 2014
They do what they claim to do
By Rob
New Zealand
They Do Go Straight
January 14, 2014
The ball performs as they say...... my driver was put away because of a bad slice, now im back using the old girl again.
ProsNow finding fairways
Consslight lack of distance
By Billy
Mansfield, Texas
They really work
November 24, 2013
While the claims made by this product seem a little too good to be true....I can attest that they really are remarkable. I have a consistent fade/slice but this ball actually flies straight without any noticeable lose of distance. Any minor loss of distance is more than made up for with the straightness of flight.
ProsThey really do fly straight and the price is great.
By Mark
Cincinnati, Ohio
"This is For Real"
November 16, 2013
I hit the ball consistently straighter which keeps me in the fairway and able to reach the green in regulation!! These balls really do work!!! I dropped several strokes playing these balls. More than anything it gives you confidence to make the correct swing when you use those expensive balls and not loose them in the woods. I'm very happy with the performance of these balls. The only draw back is you loose a little distance compared to a regular ball. But I will give up a little distance for straight any day!!
ProsBall Goes Straight
ConsLoose a little distance
By Lloyd martinez
Sacramento ca,
Okay ball
November 11, 2013
You get no distance off the tee.
ProsThey do what they say the ball will do .
ConsNo distance , it's like the ball gets pushed down.
By Jerry 48309
Rochester Hills, MI
Poor distance & feel
October 9, 2013
I bought 3 dozen at the sale price after watching Polara's video. I figured at the price there was nothing to loose and if they can keep the drive straight that's a plus. I don't have a big slice and when I do slice it's not every hit - maybe 1 or 2 out of 10 drives. The arrow on the ball that others talk about is important to line up. Which means its ability to straighten drives is only on a tee shot. I've noticed other balls that I use, ie Nike and Callaway, also have the arrow. I didn't notice any change in the amount of fade with the Polara vs the other balls I use. The ball feels like hitting a rock and the trajectory is very low. The other complaints I read about the ball being shorter on distance I can attest to. The definitely are shorter than Nike and Callaway. I gave away 4 sleeves of the Polara to friends to try then offered them the rest that I had. Nobody wanted them. For my money the Nike Crush is a better ball for my game.
ProsCheap when on sale
ConsPoor distance, ball flight and feel. Straightening effect is only good on tee shot unless play with people who will look the other way while you turn your ball for your next shot.
By Doug R
Silverdale, WA
Straight and Long
September 28, 2013
Great ball to use during the when you can lift and clean; it allows the ball to be properly aligned. I find that it does go further; my issue has been the spin I hit the ball with that after it hits the fairway the ball goes rights for several yards; the Polara has eliminated this issue. I would recommend this to the golfer who only plays 2-4 times a year.
ProsScratch Golf Price Keeping it in the fairway
ConsCannot use in tournaments or for maintaining your handicap - therefore, I consider it a Winter ball only.
By Keith
Winneconne, WI
September 26, 2013
By Titus
Chicago il
Straight balls
September 17, 2013
Great balls to hit straight down the fairway not as long off the tee as the other balls
By Mike
Coeur d'Alene, Idaho
I was skeptical . . .
September 4, 2013
but these things really work. I'm a veritable hack, and my slice has been painfully predictable for a long time. Much to my surprise, I hit these balls straight very straight, every time. Glad I found them!
ProsNo more slice.
By Mikeinminnesota
Eden Prairie, MN
Golf is more fun .....
September 2, 2013
The only reason I rated the Polara Ultimate Straight as a 4 instead of a 5 is the tiny amount of guilt I experience using a so called "illegal" ball. I'm 66 years old and took up golf for the first time less than 2 years ago. From the beginning I have dealt with long, sharp slice. It made teeing off a terrible experience every time. I lost more golf balls than I can count and worse yet slowed those following me on the course. I still occasionally lose a ball but more and more of my shots are straight and true. Golf is more fun now. I scored par on a par 3 hole for the first time yesterday and the Polara golf ball was instrumental in my small achievement. I'm glad I made the change and so are the folks teeing off after me.
ProsIt really does go straighter! It seems to go a touch farther from the tee. I spend less time in the tall grass and scenic woodland. And, bought from Rock Bottom a real bargain!
ConsJust a little guilt :)
By Bill
Stratford, CT
These ball are for real
August 26, 2013
The Polara Golf - Ultimate Straight Golf Balls live up o their name. I am hitting straighter and with more confidence than ever. Now if I can only master the short game, I can start scoring in the 80's.
By David Leone
Ocean City, Maryland
Nice Roll
August 22, 2013
I liked the ball. I did not necessarily find it to give me any additional distance (over other quality balls) nor did I find it to be that much straighter on drives or long shots. Where I did find it to be an excellent advantage was along side greens on chip and in putting. The ball rolled straight on chips and it holds it's line on putts.
ProsExcellent for putting and chipping.
By Arthur
Rapid city SD
They do go straight
August 17, 2013
These go straight but on the green they are really lacking. Not my favorite ball.
ProsGo straight
ConsNot good for putting.
By Shannon
Delaware, Ohio
Polara Ultimate Straight balls
July 30, 2013
I used these balls for the first time for couples league last week. To my total shock...They worked! Pretty pleased. Now if I could just get that swing down.
ProsThey Go straight for where you are aiming.
By Danny
Falkville, Alabama
Polara Golf balls
July 29, 2013
I am hitting the straightest drives I have ever experienced with the Polara Ultimate Straight golf balls. If you have a problem with slicing your drive, then I recommend these balls.
ProsStraight shots, good distance
By Donald
Beaumont, California
The balls were great and long as long as I don't swing across my body well worth the price
July 28, 2013
These ball were great off of the tee and off the fairway. I hadn't played for a month but as long as I could keep my head down and swing through the ball instead of swinging at it I was fine the distance was at least a good 10 to 15 yards on every shot as was noticed by the other 3 player in our foursom.
ProsAlso about 3 weeks prior to purchasing these balls I had purchased a Taylor Made fairway wood 21 degree, this was the first time I was able to use it and the other 3 players said KEEP the new club, straight and also long great feel when swinging and great contact feel, it replaces a 10 year old Orlemar 20 degree that I had had very good luck with but the new Taylor Made beats it hands down THANKS AGAIN to the CAVE.
ConsI need one of those crotch straps that goes between my legs and around my neck to keep my head down during my swing , DO YOU OFFER ONE?
By Rod V. Mikes
Great Falls, MT
Great Golf balls
July 28, 2013
I tried these balls and liked them as they fly farther than my Wilsons and they go strait
ProsIf you put them on the tee like they tell you the balls fly pretty strait and far.
ConsWhen it comes to using a wedge with these balls if you don't want the ball to run you have to position it right.
By Ron
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
July 27, 2013
When I first heard of these 'anti-slice' golf balls, I thoought it was a scam. I then read an article in the sports section about the design and performance of the Polara golf balls. I used the Polara ball for the first time this week and was absolutely amazed. They worked as advertised for both myself and my golf buddy. I purposely teed up and swung my driver to guarantee I sliced, the ball went straight down the middle of the fairway. It really made the round more enjoyable and saved a few strokes in the process. I am now a believer.
By Scott
Marietta, GA
Not Impressed
July 27, 2013
Tee'd it up high and was hitting a 10.5 degree driver like many people had suggested but couldn't get the ball up in the air. Let the other people in my group try them with the same result. Won't be trying these again.
ConsVery low ball flight.
By Mike
SW Michigan
75% ??
July 27, 2013
Does it take 75% of the slice out of the ball travel, no more like 40-50%, but it's still an improvement. I would buy them again.
By Andy
York, PA
They do fly straight
July 27, 2013
Bought these for my father in Florida. He says they fly straight when you point the arrow off the tee and are supposed to back spin more when you point the arrow perpendicular to the target line. He didn't notice any loss of distance like others have mentioned. They look and feel like regular golf balls.
ProsFly straight for those golfers struggling with hooks and slices.
By Mike
Cleveland, OH
They Do Work
July 26, 2013
Have played several times with these balls and they do seem to go straight more often than not. Not sure about the extra distance, but they do seem to straighten out more.
ProsGoes straight
ConsNot sure about additional distance
By Mel
Eloy, Az
Super Ball
July 26, 2013
For us duffers this is the ball. This ball goes straight of the tee and it has helped when putting line the arrow up and it will go straight. I have gone from putting in the 30-33 to 27-29 per round.
By Chris
Melbourne, Australia
Like hitting a stone.
July 14, 2013
A terrible ball that doesn't allow any feel at all and loses distance. I used 3 and put the rest in the practice bin.So hard off the club, I was worried I would damage my driver and lost about 20 metres as well.
ConsLost distance and no feel!
By Casey
They work great
July 11, 2013
I kind of feel like I'm cheating... which I guess I am... but these work as advertised. I honestly hit the ball strait everytime... and I even had a 340 yard drive on one hole. I used the XD version (extra distance) though... so perhaps thats the difference as compared to some of these other reviews. I'll keep using this for confidence building and slowly add in a "legal" ball.
By Gary
East Tennessee
Great But Not For Me
May 27, 2013
These balls did seem to do like they say. My distance suffered some, but was worth it in the tight fairways. For the price they are worth a try. I'll keep some on hand for tight fairways or fairways bending left as I'm a slicer.
ProsHelped keep the ball straight Saved me in tight spots where a slice would of been in the woods
ConsLost Distance Seemed hard to keep on the tee at times
By Jeff
Harrisburg, PA
Great Ball
May 26, 2013
Are Polara Greens USGA non-conforming? Yes. Do I like them. Yes. Should you you use them too? Depends. I bought them because I had swing problems and couldn't hit anything straight. These balls gave me confidence while I was working on my swing mechanics, that I didn't lose a ton of balls or kill someone on an adjacent fairway. They really do work. So if you want to improve your game and enjoy your rounds and finish with the same ball you started with, this ball is for you. If none of the above applies to you, keep playing what you have.
Prosworks as advertised
By Mark
Pasadena, CA
Straighter shots
May 13, 2013
The first time used; Works as advertised. The ball flies straight although seems to give up some yardage. Hey, didn't waste time hunting for the ball on another fairway. Next time I'll use a bigger club and tee it up higher.
By Dave
Horrible Golf Ball
April 26, 2013
As a four handicapper I bought these balls for use in the many scrambles I play during the summer, hoping that the hype was true. This ball is erratic and short off a driver or three wood. It falls from the air like a duck that was shot out of the air. It is not as bad with an iron but certainly did not add any distance.
ConsIt performs horribly.
By Joe
Cleveland, oh
Like hitting a brick
April 25, 2013
It's tough to slice or hook a brick.
By Ben
As described
March 31, 2013
Works best off the tee.
By Ricki
Auckland, New Zealand
This is the Ultimate golf ball
February 23, 2013
This is the ultimate golf ball. I was a bit unsure if its claims were true or not, but they really are true. This golf does really go straight. I played with some friends and they said it was the straightest they had ever seen me hit the ball. I had one of my best rounds.
By Gina
Crete, Illinois
Love Polara!
February 18, 2013
They really do assist with keeping the ball under control more. I have bad slice and Polaras help keep the game under control. Love them!
ProsDo what they say they can do.
By Steve
Dallas, TX
Illegal... but fun to hit
February 5, 2013
These balls are not as long as im used to but you have to try really hard to hit a bad shot (direction wise).
ConsLess Distance Feel
By Keith
London, Ky
No extra distance
January 20, 2013
The ball was heavy and dead off the club face, No height in tee shots and the distance was less than usual. Maybe this summer when temps are hotter they will liven up some.
ProsWhat they claim to be!
Conspoor distance. Bad feel.
By Peter
New Zealand
Brother used them and hit straight.
January 9, 2013
They were free with my order. Gave a 3 pack to my brother and he was hitting them straight. Gave him a callaway and he hit it right. So you have to give it 5 stars. It does what it says it will.
ProsHit straight, FREE
ConsNothing! It was freeeeeeeeeee.
By Terry Jeffrey
new Zealand
Ultimate straight balls
January 8, 2013
Not happy as they seem dead. i just couldn't get any distance with them compared to other brands
ConsI just couldn't get any distance with them
By Mitch
Straight but short..
December 9, 2012
These balls are great for par three holes. By the dive when hit by a driver a good 30 to 50 yards short. Nit because of the way the ball spins. If you suck and can't hit the ball at all try these I never lose one, ever. I still have all 12 I bought 6 months ago
ConsDistance. Ball flight.
By Rob
Odessa, TX
June 15, 2012
I was skeptical and was given one of these balls by the golf shop...Unbelivable as it did exactly as it says it would, and increased my yardage per do need a 10.5 loft or better to get the maximum results. I picked up a box today and they are part of my equipment ..
ProsAccuracy Distance Durability
By Mel
Galion, Oh.
Don't Waste Your Money!!!!!!!
May 21, 2012
These are the worst golf balls ever made. You will lose at least 50 yards on your tee shots. There is a money back guarantee, but they don't honor it. What a waste of money.
Consit doesn't do anything promised. you lose yardage. just a very poor ball.
By Keith
Sesser, Illinois
Great Product
May 9, 2012
Balls go straighter with little loss of distance.
By eric
pittsburgh, pa
works exactly as described.
April 19, 2012
severly limits your slice. perhaps as much as 70-80%
Prosreduced slice.
Consdifficult to judge correct club when not hitting from the tee box.
By Norman Wang
Ball does go straight even with mishits but lose distance
April 9, 2012
Tried one round and it does work the ball goes straight even with mishits but lose distance
ProsSelf correcting ball fly straight
Conslose distance
By Dan Childs
Hutchinson, Ks
These may be cheating...
February 17, 2012
The guys I play with informed me that these balls are not PGA legal at this point. I told them I checked the Rule Book of the MeGA and they are just fine! Meanwhile, they spend their time looking through the woods and weeds for a ball. I was really surprised how much these change my enjoyment. It nice being on the fairways and not out ways. Don't get me wrong..they will go exactly where you hit them, if your swing is off; they are going to be off the fairway, but it will be straight of the fairway. Making finding them much easier. It also has won me numerous bets that they don't work. There is no denying that they do work, exactly as advertised.
ProsThe fact that I can now play 18 holes with one ball, on most days. I used to go through 4-5.
ConsHaving to make sure the ball is placed on the tee the right direction. Not a big dislike, just can't drop it down and crush it.
By steve
Moyock NC
Had to try them
December 15, 2011
theses golf balls surprised me. I could not believe they would help. Took my son out and let him hit them. What a difference they made for him.

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