By Matt
Denver, CO
May 22, 2015
I purchased this driver from RB Golf at a Great Price. Once I received it I changed my mind and returned it for a different driver. There was nothing wrong with the driver I just changed my mind.
By Scott
Susquehanna, PA
May 28, 2013
Great driver
I bought this for my travel set of Powerbilts. It hits so well, I'm thinking of putting it in with my regular set.
By Andy
November 16, 2012
Easy yards
Only 1 round with it so far.... I wanted to upgrade from an old 983K, and I knew Powerbilt made great clubs. I figured for $50 you can't beat it. The sound wasn't nearly as bad as I was expecting. I don't know if I hit it any further, but it was super easy to hit. Price vs. Quality $40-$50 is more than a good deal
ProsEasy too hit Price Really good Product
ConsClub head is bigger than I like. So the feel is lacking.
By Lou G.
Punta Gorda,Florida
November 12, 2012
A great driver
It took a couple of outings on the driving range and a couple of rounds of golf to get the feel of the club Now I wouldn't give it up for any high-priced club.
Prosthe sound of it the distance that I got the cost was great
Consnone at all
By Randy
October 28, 2012
20 added yards!!
Excellent driver for an excellent price!! I liked it so much I bought an extra one!!
ProsAdded yardage.
By John R.
Chandler, AZ
September 11, 2012
Great Club
Have not had a chance to use it on a course, but took it to the driving range and blasted some nice straight drives. Read some reviews before I bought and saw that a couple reviews mentioned the head coming off. I was a little worried but no problems so far. If the club holds up it was well worth the money because it was so cheap.
ProsPrice, Price, Price!!!
ConsNone so far.
By Dave
Kasota, MN
September 7, 2012
Can't go wrong for the money.
I thought I would try newest change in technology in drivers to see if nitrogen filled clubs would make any difference. I did gain 20 yards against my current Nike driver.
ProsIt feels great off the tee. It was well worth the money.
By Set
Atlanta, GA
August 30, 2012
Forgiving blaster
Replaced a 10.5 with this 9.5 recently. I now have greater control over distance with my drives.
ProsForgiving Solid feel Satisfying results on any swing speed
August 29, 2012
Decent Driver for the Money
Received the club a week ago. I hit a bucket of balls and played in a 4 man scramble with it. I hit quite a few nice t shots with it. Including the long drive for the tournament. (Approx 340) Also drove two 330 yard par fours with it. I am a single digit handicap and average 300 yards per drive. I say this because not everyone will be able to do that. I am impressed with the club. I have a 9.5 loft Stiff shaft. It has the trajectory of an 8.5. I did have some tee shots get away from me however for the most part I hit this fairly straight.
ProsNice look Decent overall performance
ConsSound. Don't like the tinny sound
By Paul
Prior Lake, MN
August 29, 2012
Club is worth the money
I didn't want to spend the money on a big name driver only to be disappointed in performance over my inconsistent ball striking. The Air Force One gets the ball out there but is not very forgiving. I would rather have a shorter club with more forgiveness off the tee.
ProsLong. Great looking club at address.
ConsSounds like a Ping. Not very forgiving.
By Tony
August 28, 2012
Smokin hot
This has to be the best value for money driver out there. Longer by 10 meters
ConsGrip a little thin
August 27, 2012
Shocked. Amazing driver for the price
I have nothing but good things to say. I really just needed something to throw in my bag till I went up to visit parents. Dad has a bunch of them so I figured I would grab one. No need. This thing hits great. I played with a friend yesterday who said they were the knock off of the Callaway RBZ. Not sure about that, nor do I care, it hits great. Outdrove my friend who has been playing for ten plus years and shoots in the low nineties. $30.00 doesn't even pay for one round of golf, definitely worth trying out.
By Adam
Dallas, Texas
August 22, 2012
Powerbilt Air Force One Driver
Let me start off by saying that if your ego is too big to play with a $30 driver than this driver is not for you. However, for those of you looking for a great driver at a truly rockbottom price than this is your driver. I ordered the 9.5 with a stiff shaft and it's weight and feel reminds me of the Taylor Made Superfast but for a fraction of the cost.
By Joel Pollitt
Hesperia Ca.
August 20, 2012
Long when I hit it good.
Shaft is too long for me. I am a 44" shaft guy. I hit it good about 25% of the time. When I do it is 20 yards longer than my R7. Seems like a well built club head. I was stuck ordering a stiff shaft which is the of the problems.
ProsCost. Quality seems good.
ConsNothing that could be controlled by the manufacture. Selection of shaft flex.
August 19, 2012
I have not received my club yet
I was asked to review this club before I received it. I guess I am getting what I paid for.
By chris johnson
August 17, 2012
awesome deal
good quality for price
Prosmore yards
By Walter
United States
August 16, 2012
Reviewed until it snapped... better off with a used name brand for the price
You get what you pay for. I took this out to the range today and hit about 15 balls with it on the mats using a 2.75 inch tee. The sound is very bad, tinny isn't even the sound, it just sounded off like it was cheap. I'm no pro, or even at amateur level but I do know how to use this driver and it failed to perform. You would be better off using a used 5-10yr old driver from C-list or goodwill. No technology in the club, cheap plastic shaft and hosel that holds the head onto the shaft.
ProsPrice Looks good Light shaft Heavy head
ConsSound Durability Performance not up to par
By Rey Samaniego
Corpus Christi, TX
August 15, 2012
I didn't expect the high quality for the low price I paid. pleasantly surprised.
I'm very happy and satisfied with my purchase. I will be making many more purchases in the near future.
ProsThe price and quality.
By Matt
United States
August 14, 2012
Great Value
Having only used the Powerbilt Driver for the first time last week, found that it is of a decent quality and the ball flight is good after jumping off the face. The only negative is the "tinny" impact sound, but I'll get used to that considering the unbelievable price. Didn't lose any distance with this driver as compared to my previous Mizuno which cracked after 2 years of use.
ProsLightweight, good shaft stability, great price.
Cons"Tinny" sound upon impact.
By Kapil
Philadelphia, PA
August 13, 2012
Pretty good driver. It doesn't outdrive the name brands but for entry level driver it's a great deal
By Jamar
August 13, 2012
Great Driver, Great Price!
I have used this driver for about 18 holes and I LOVE it. The 9.5 loft actually works great foor me and I am only 14 years old. I would definetly recomment to anyone in search of a driver. This is a great one.
ProsI love the sound Headcover Price Shaft Lightwieght
By Pete Laswell
Wash.C.H., Ohio
August 13, 2012
Great Value!
Love the driver. Have tried the $400 drivers and this performs just as well or better.
Conssounds kinda funny
By Bob
Vancouver, BC
August 11, 2012
Read reviews saying 10-20 yards longer, well it was 20-25 yards longer for me. I take a very easy swing and the new club has made a huge difference so far.
Prosextra distance value for money
Consnothing yet
By Tim
Rochester NY
August 10, 2012
GREAT Driver CRUSHING this thing! Took this to the range and flying over the 250 by more than 50 yards! Amazing for the price. I can not wait to get it to the course. May be too long, seriously.
ProsCost Distance Looks Weight Sound Grip Shaft Sound
By Dave
August 10, 2012
Broke After a Few Holes...
The club head broke off after the 4th hole. I admit it was a horrible swing and I hit the ground but I had my last club for 5 years and did that all the time. Rock Bottom Golf gave me credit to by a new club even though I forgot the shaft at the course so gonna give this one another whirl. Don't play a lot so the price is right here.
ConsIt broke on the first round It makes an odd sound even with good contact
By Jeremy
Roslyn, NY
August 9, 2012
Air Force One
Would not recommend for the serious golfer. You really don't want to be frugal when it comes to the driver (or the putter for that matter). Great for a beginner with a decent swing speed though.
By Reid
St. John's, NL, Canada
August 4, 2012
Great driver
I've only had one driver before this one, but I noticed an improvement in the distance I can now drive. It's a very sharp looking club and gets the job done.
ProsDistance Looks Feel Grip Price
By Taz
August 3, 2012
Club broke off at head
I had the club break off at the shaft also except I got threw about 50 to 100 balls at the range. I actually really liked the club and I can honestly say that I hit the ball farther with this club then I have any other club but that doesn't do you much good if the club is going to break the first time it gets used.
ProsHit the ball a mile!
ConsIt broke!
By Drew
August 2, 2012
Decent Driver
I bought this driver to match my new set of Air Force one clubs. I have been using a Taylor Made 580 for about 8 years. Honestly, I still like my Taylormade more, but I wanted to try a stiffer flex. I find the 9.5 plays more like a 9 degree. It is ok, but not quite as good as the irons. Worth a swing for $40. It is now $30, so maybe wait a few more weeks and it will come down to $20.
By M. Minic
Ft. Lauderdale, FL
August 1, 2012
I was thrilled to try this club after hearing all about it. But after my second ball I hit, the head fell off. Shaft had separated from the head at the bottom !??! No idea if this club was so poorely made or this was a freak accident. Anyway I returned it hoping that it was just a factory reject somehow ....
ProsLooked very well built and and sturdy.
ConsHead fell off after second ball hit...
By Reggie
August 1, 2012
From the first stroke I am enjoying this club !!! It IS everything I hoped it would be . Several golfing buddies have ordered this club after seeing the results I got !
ProsGOOD distance;GOOD accuracey = I REALLY am enjoying this driver .
By jerome
United States
July 27, 2012
Well worth the money
I have owned it for two weeks and I Love it. It hits further and straighter then my ping G5. I totally believe it adds 10-20 yards. I have hit some absolute bombs with this thing. 350+ yards several times. It is forgiving, and it look great. It is an absolute steal for the price. The sound is a bit funny
ProsLong, straight drives looks $$$$ head cover forgiveness
By Chelsea
July 27, 2012
Great driver
I bought this driver as a gift for my boyfriend. I know nothing about golf but thought for $40 might as well try it. He took it out on the course and had some longest drive bets with his friends and he won every time! Customer service was great, shipping was super quick and I'll definitely use rock bottom golf again!
July 25, 2012
What a Deal!
IMHO this is well worth the price. This is a great driver. Does it make every drive 300 yards and arrow straight? Unfortunately, no it does not. That's my error, not the club's fault. The only way I'm going to hit 300 yards is with a good bounce off the cart path. The Air Force One has a good look and feel, and seems well designed. I'm hitting it as long, maybe even a bit longer and slicing less. Now I'll take some credit for working on my swing here. This driver certainly isn't hindering my game. The sound? I've got a TourEdge Exotic XLD that has a similar sound. Many people don't like the sound, I kind of like it. This seems to be the sound the modern large head, lightweight drivers make. What can you do? This is a good club and a great deal at the low price. I can't imagine being disappointed. If nothing else keep one in your trunk for a quick trip to the range.
By Jeff
Grand Forks, ND
July 21, 2012
To good to be true.
I bough this driver thinking it was a good purchase for the money, i was wrong. After using this driver twice the head flew off, i didn't hit the ground it just flew off the shaft. I was very disappointed
Conspoorly made
By Robert C. Joy
Edson, Alberta
July 20, 2012
Powerbilt air force one foil driver
I liked this driver when I first saw it on your website. I used it today for the first time today. It's awesome.
Pros1. Price 2. Feel 3. Looks and weight
By Brandon
New Albany, Ohio
July 20, 2012
Value Golfer's Dream
I've had this at the range and the course a few times each now. My previous driver was a Tourwood design, about the same cost and 6 yrs old. The Powerbilt gives me another 10-15 yards or so, but as I've dialed it in what I really appreciate is the forgiveness of this club. I'm a 25 handicap and can only play sparingly, but I'm now getting consitency off the tee. If you want performance without the price, this is a great club for you.
ProsForgiveness Distance Value
By jeff
July 17, 2012
awesome driver
fixed my slice love the loud ping great light accurate easy to hit club
By John
Minneapolis, MN.
July 17, 2012
Great Club.
I bought it on a whim and love it. Love it so much that I just ordered another one with a different loft and shaft.
ProsAlot of Club for the money.
By ryan
July 16, 2012
really like the way the club lines up. The shaft is the best part of the club. Love fujikura stiff shaft, it is very light. The only thing a little different is the sound the club makes, very hollow sound.
Prosstraight fujikura shaft
By Phil
July 15, 2012
Excellent distance and fogivenss
Best driver for the moneyI have ever owned
By larry sanburn
solsberry in
July 15, 2012
ok so far
seem to hit ball farther and straighter .looks good. no 300 yard drives but i`m 69 and not going to get better.
Prosgod club for price
Consno dislikes yet
By Barry Dowsett
July 15, 2012
Powerbilt Air Force One Air Foil Driver
Have not used this driver for long but I seem to be getting a few metres more distance than I did with my Ping G5 Driver though I think I may be sacrificing a little accuracy.
ProsLight, easy to hit, more distance.
ConsNothing at this stage
By Vishal
Jacksonville, Florida
July 13, 2012
A good Driver for LESS
The driver is light and once you get used to it your drives ar good and long
ProsPrice Lightweight
ConsToo Flexible
By Elloyd
July 12, 2012
Good club for a good price.
Played a game right after I got it and it did great, I definitely got 10+ yards on my drive. This club is a steal!
By dewey
staunton, va
July 11, 2012
By Tommy
Mariposa, CA
July 9, 2012
The deal on this driver cannot be found anywhere else besides rock bottom; and it even comes with a head cover, All for only 38 bucks! Had a tough time deciding between this club and the nickent 4dx at first, both have great reviews, but this one throws in a head cover to top off the deal.
ProsPrice Looks Comes with a Headcover
ConsNone so far
By Kenny
Prospect Park, Pa
July 6, 2012
Nice for rookies
It def added 10 to 20 yds on my drive... Very light
ProsLarger sweet spot, light weight, nice grip
By Landon
July 5, 2012
Simply can't beat the price!!
For $40, I'm positive you can't find a better deal. This driver added about 15 yards to my drives. The sweet spot is a little smaller than most, but that only forces you to play more consistently haha. I do agree that it sounds quite unique but not in a bad way. So far I've put 4 rounds in with it and have no complaints! Definitely a must buy if you're on a budget!
By Paul Rietveld
Utrecht, Holland
July 3, 2012
Having broken my cobra driver I thought it was worth a try to buy a driver for less than 40 dollars. It would give me some time to search for a definitive one. Having played it I am surprised in a very positive way. Earlier reviews proved to be right: not the nicest sound but excellent performances. 25 meters gained for an absurd price: Super value!
ProsDistance, price
ConsNo great sound

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