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By Nathan
Delaware , Ohio
Great putter
July 12, 2014
Best putter I have every used. Will buy more.
By Jack
Valdosta, GA
Good putter
June 20, 2014
solid putter overall for the price
Conson the lighter side
By Mark Mordecai
What a Putter
May 27, 2014
Best game I ever Played
By Ricky
Scranton, PA
May 24, 2014
Well worth the original $40, but even better since I found it here for $20! Amazing putter so far, it pretty much putts itself compared to my old one!
ProsGreat value. Great looks. Great everything!
ConsNone that I have found yet.
By Dennis
Stockton, Ca
Ray Cook putter
May 23, 2014
I have been looking for this putter for a long time. It has the design I like and the feel is great. I have a belly putter that is the same style and since they are going to be banned soon, I needed something to replace it. I found it and you can't beat the price.
Proseasy to aim and the feel is great.
Consnone so far.
By Skip Albright
Pasadena, MD
Great Putter at any Price
May 20, 2014
Got this putter and started making putts with it , well balanced and set up
By Joe
United States
Lines up very well
May 13, 2014
I love the way it line up and delivers a good feel. I wish it was a tad heavier, I may have to put some lead tape on it to improve performance.
ProsGood alignment
Constoo light, needs bigger grip
By ron
ney york
good putter
May 13, 2014
has a real good feel. for the money you can not go wrong. good chose for me put well with it.
Prosgood feel
By Ed Murphy
United States
Good Putter
May 12, 2014
This putter seems to help me line up better than my old blade type. Feels better in my hands after I replaced the stock grip with an over sized Winn.
By Paul
Kaufman, TX
Great putter for the price
May 12, 2014
The shape of this putter makes it very easy to square to the desired line. Also, the way the weight is distributed makes it easy to keep it square thru impact. It's also has enough weight in the head to "feel" right.
ProsEasy to square Balanced weight
By David Bond
Hamilton. New Zealand.
Ray Cook golf-Gyro 1 White Putter
May 11, 2014
Like the balance,has improved my putting.
By Bryan
Lexington, KY
Very nice
May 11, 2014
I was very pleased with this putter. Great feel and nice weight.
By Jon
Marin County, CA
great putter!
April 24, 2014
I really like the weight of this putter. It stabilizes my motion, and makes solid contact. I'd rather miss long than short! Great feel. Highly recommended.
Prosweight feel price
By David
Warrior, AL
Great Putter
April 24, 2014
Really like the white head. Handles smooth and has great touch
By Tom
cleveland , ohio
ray cook golf- gyro 1 white putter
April 24, 2014
This putter seems very comfortable when putting.
By Mike Green
United States
Excellent Buy
April 24, 2014
Weigh and balance very good for straight putts, short or long
By Paul's repair Shop
Lindale, Tx
very smooth putter
April 22, 2014
design gives you a feel of control and looks great at address
By Mon
Cook putter
April 17, 2014
Nice feel but paint chips too easily
By Andy
Rochester, New York
The Best Bang For Your Buck
April 9, 2014
Whatever kind of shot you have , this putter makes you feel like a Pro.
By Dave G
Pgh Pa
Well worth it.
April 5, 2014
Only played one time with this putter but everything is close or in. Hope it keeps up. Feels great in your hands and when making contact.
ProsPrice feel looks
By Mark
Pottstown, PA
Nice putter
April 5, 2014
This is my first Ray Cook putter and it is very nice. Good balance.
By Phillip W
East Lansing MI
Putt with ease
October 16, 2013
I have tried 4-6 different putters over the last 2-3 years, from expensive headline brands to lower end brands. Could never find one to stick with. Mostly because I think my putting stroke is in such a good groove. I really like the weight distribution, as well as the grips. For someone who is looking to not spend an arm and a leg for a putter, but still want quality, I would recommend this product.
ProsInexpensive Great weight distribution
By Dr. David R Crouch
United States
nice feel
August 26, 2013
the putts have a nice feel when they leave the head of the putter.
By Randy
Madison Wi
Great Putter
August 22, 2013
Best putter I have had yet. Very nice at contact
By Paul
Kansas City, Mo.
5 ft. and in its deadly acurate
August 17, 2013
first time out with this putter I shaved at least 3 to 4 strokes off my score. I love the weighting on this thing, it makes longer lag putts easier. I did not miss a single putt from 5 ft and closer. Those little short knee knockers used to kill me. Not any more.
Prosa little heavier than most. good price and free shipping
ConsHaven't found any yet and hope I don't
By George
Tucson, Arizona
August 15, 2013
Good putter
ProsAllignment marks
ConsShould have magnetic putter cover instead of velcro
By Monte
Austin, mn
August 2, 2013
Nice feel at contact. Putting much better than with my old one.
Quality and Value
July 30, 2013
Bought this putter to replace a Ray Cook mallet putter that i had been using. I felt I needed some help with alignment. This putter did exactly that. the balance of the putter helps with the pendulum swing. The weight was very near the previous mallet so felt no change with that phase of the putting game.
ProsValue Balance Feel
By Rich
Elkhorn, WI
Good feel and improved roll
July 11, 2013
just received my putter the few times I have used very pleased with my results
great weight distribution for me
July 1, 2013
finding a square face easily,great weight distribution that really helps my pendalum swing.
great weight distribution for me
July 1, 2013
finding a square face easily,great weight distribution that really helps my pendalum swing.
By Richard
Ray cook putter
June 19, 2013
Putting a lot better with this putter
By dudley
LaCrescent Minnesota
Fantastic putter
June 16, 2013
Enjoy sinking more 1 puts with well balanced head. great feel standing over the ball. Wish I would of bought 1 sooner
Proshow well the putter face stays square during impact as well as thru the ball
Consgrip a hair too small for longer fingers like mine, will probably replace with a tiger shark grip.
By Jim
Voorheesville, New York
Ray Cook Gyro 1 White Putter
June 13, 2013
Bought this putter last summer and it has worked extremely well. Great bargain for the price. I have used a old Ray Cook mallet for many years. It 's even better now that I have added a SuperStroke grip to it.
ProsWeight and alignment white color
ConsI hate the fact that the white paint chips off so easily even though the cover is on it at all times in the bag!
By Rifae
Hamilton, New Zealand
June 12, 2013
Ease of roll. Great alignment views.
By Gulfport
Gulfport, MS
May 19, 2013
Used for the first time and could not believe the results? Went out again the next day and the results were the same! U-GOT-TO-GET THIS-PUTTER! Putting straighter, easier to focus, and the best ball roll out of all my putters! Will definitely reduce your score by 3 to 5 strokes, if not more. For that price what a steal!
ProsSmart Looking, Cost, Line up.
By Lovejoy
El Cajon Ca
It's a Ray of Sunshine
May 2, 2013
I love it. Dropped 5 strokes off my round
Proseasy to line up and smooth to stroke
By Matt
Shelburne nova scotia
Great putter
April 26, 2013
Good quality. Alignment is easy with the white utter and markings. Great price !
ProsQuality price, alignment
By Jeff
January 18, 2013
Great feel, good price
ProsPrice & weight... Will be even better when I put a thicker grip on it
By David
San Antonio, TX
Great Putter
December 20, 2012
My putting improved significantly the first time out with this putter. I think I sunk everything within 5 feet and my lag putting improved also.
ProsGreat putter. Easy to get your line.
ConsWhite paint chips easily.
By Walter
Knoxville, TN
Great Putter
December 20, 2012
I love this putter, it the right length and feels great.
ProsThe length and feel.
By Denis
Alexandria, MN
December 16, 2012
This putter felt good from the first touch. I love the bend in the handle, for me it is perfect!! I can have "soft" hands and still have great feel from this putter.
By Jake
Perth, Western Australia
Great Putter
November 26, 2012
Well impressed by this putter. It is my first putter & no need to upgrade.
ProsFeel Control Weight
ConsIt doesn't pick the ball out of the hole
By Terry
West Virginia
Very good balanced putter
October 29, 2012
This putter has helped my putting exspecially on short puts
ProsGreat feel, good balance, easy to allign
ConsThe white paint chips easly
By Noel
Saint Charles, MO
11 One-Putts on first round
August 30, 2012
This was surely my best online buy of the year. I had 11 one-putt greens on my first round and 8 on my second. This club just feels right over the ball. If I read the line correctly, it's in the hole.
ProsLook Feel Set-up Great Roll
By Tom Albertz
United States
Best Putter Ever
August 14, 2012
I really like this putter. I had another Ray Cook putter I liked so I bought this one because it has longer sights. It's heavy and strikes the ball true.
Prossee above. plus it picks the ball up off the green really well.
Consit won't dig a ball out of the hole.
By Coxey
Great feel. Great balance. Great price.
August 13, 2012
Has the look and feel of a well made putter.
ProsIt's a great Ray Cook model.

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