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By Daniel
Waterdown, Ontario
Excellent Putter
September 11, 2014
Easy to align and combined with the insert makes it a very nice putter.
By Frank
Carlton, Minnesota
Love it! Putting with confidence
August 17, 2014
Easy to line up putts. Can't remember the last time I three putted. Bought one for my Son and he loves it too!
By sean mix
geneseo ny
Great putter
August 15, 2014
I love the putter as its a bit on the heavy side which I like and has improved my putting.
By jimdeath
Tulsa, OK
Amazing roll
August 1, 2014
Very little bounce off club face. Ball rolls very true. Club is very easy to line up. Not much noise though so if you like to "hear" your putts you might not like this club. Excellent putter.
By Patrick
Athens, Ohio
Priced right
July 23, 2014
Solid putter priced right.
By Bob
Vancouver, BC
Very nice putter
July 21, 2014
I was using the Ray Cook Super Gyro Putter, which was great, but wanted to try a center shafted model. As much as I improved with my previous putter I've improved even more with this one. Three games in and I love it.
Prosnice weight and balance for me (some may find the head a little heavy depending on what you're currently using) able to line up the ball to the hole price
Consthe paint comes off to easily
By Joe
South jersey
Great putter for the price
July 21, 2014
Great putter, has good weight & it makes me putt better. Perfect match for me.
ProsWeighted just right Helps u putt straight Nice looking club
ConsGrip is ok
By Jim
Spring City Pa.
Great Buy
July 21, 2014
I own several Ray Cook products. They are always affordable and great additions to my bag.
ProsRolling them in from everywhere.
By Jesse
Van Buren, AR
Economical putter
July 14, 2014
Just played 18 holes with this putter and I really like the feel. Good weight and feel to it, only complaint is that the white paint seems to chip easily, pretty sure that if i don't keep the cover on this putter the paint will be knocked in no time.
ProsGreat price, well ballanced, i like the grip
Conspaint chipped with minimal usage
By Dave
Calgary, Alberta
Align your putt !
July 13, 2014
This putter replaced my other one in a heartbeat. It is easy to align your putt with the lines on this putter, and it has great feel. If you hit on the toe or heel, it feels like you hit a rock. If you hit it right, you feel it at the handle. I just broke 90 on Wednesday with this putter. I love it. My golfing buddies want to break it.
ProsCenter shafted putter with no offset. Mallet that plays like a blade with the added benefit of alignment lines on it. Old school meets new technology.
ConsYour friends will hate you because your putting will be better than theirs.
By Andrew
Charlottetown, PE, Canada
Great Feel, nice weight
July 12, 2014
Great Putter, Already seeing some positive scores with it
By Kyle
Independence, Kentucky
very nice
July 8, 2014
Love this putter....a little lighter than my previous putter buy not a huge difference.... highly recommend
By Paul
Great putter
July 2, 2014
I was looking for a new putter with good weight, balance and feel. This one fits the objectives and really seems to support a pendulum stroke more than previous one I used. The only negative I have found is the finish, as the white paint gets nicked pretty easily.Does not seem to affect play, but if maker could improve that aspect, would have a five star product
By Mb
Great par saver
June 28, 2014
Weight and feel are great
ProsGreat length and weight
By Stephen
Columbus, Ohio
Twice as many putts get in the hole!
June 13, 2014
Neither too heavy nor to light. Nice, soft feel on contact, but line stays true. Got a second for my son-in-law, and he has seem marked improvement too.
By Steve
Greensboro, NC
Not bad
June 11, 2014
I expected the putter to be a little heaver than it is. Overall it puts well. The balance is nice. so even my off-center putts still roll straight.
By Sam
United States
Great Putter
June 9, 2014
This is a great putter. It's very smooth and the tracking is excellent. My last putter was an Odyssey. This putter is smother and has a nicer touch and feel..
ProsEasy to track. Great feel. Easy tracking.
By John L
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
Nice Putter
May 30, 2014
Currently using an Odyssey but will probably be changing to this new putter soon.
By Ray Hoerner
Bullhead City AZ
To soon to tell
May 22, 2014
Have'nt played enough with it to grade it
By naomi
clearwater fl
easy to use
May 21, 2014
Looking for a heavier putter that was easy to control, found it in this putter.
Houston, Tx
Great value.
May 20, 2014
Excellent putter for a great price. Has better feel IMO than much pricier center shafted mallet style putters.
By Bob
Better than expected.
May 20, 2014
I wasn't sure these would be any good at this low a price but I am very happy with them.
By Dylan
New Jersey
Best Bang-for-Buck Putter
May 19, 2014
The putter has a great weight to it that gives me confidence when I'm lining up. The grip is great for stock, and everything about this putter is made with quality. Cant wait to play more with it, I only have 9 greens logged so far.
ProsGood Grip, Solid Weight, Quality Finish
By Nate T
simple and effective
May 19, 2014
Great touch with this new putter, my first foray in to the back-weighted design from a blade for years
By Peter
new zealand
Im no golfer but ...
May 17, 2014
i like this putter. it has a bit of weight behind it. Feels solid. Looks the business too.
ProsCheap but Good. Grip has a nice shape too.
ConsI would like to compare with other putters. No cons.
By Ken
Niagara Falls, NY
Great Putter....Great Price!
May 15, 2014
I always wanted to own a mallet style putter since I have been using a blade style putter my whole life. It seems my accuracy has increased & the clubs weight takes over the swing amount required when putting.
ProsI like the shaft attachment to the center of the putter instead of an end attachment.
ConsI should have had this putter at $10 less but the internet cookies increased it after I reviewed this item the day before I purchased it. Remember to turn your cookies off when reviewing products on-line.
By Jeremiah
Logan, UT
Great Putter, good weight to it
May 7, 2014
This putter is the perfect balance and weight for me. I love this putter.
By Pete
Eagan mn
great for the price
April 22, 2014
seems to putt true, Have used it for the last three rounds and I am liking it more and more every round
By Frank
Game Saver
March 2, 2014
Putting so bad I going to stay away from the game for awhile, I tried everything in the book needless to say the money I've spent on putters, I bought the gyro2 and the first time out I was BACK droping them in from everywhere. All I can say it has worked for me.
By R K
Hennepin Il
Love this putter
February 18, 2014
Haven`t really had a chance to try this for real yet as Illinois weather is terrible but have tried it indoors , it`s so straight it`s scary and has such a good feel. I`m sure this will take a few strokes off my game! Love the center shaft so easy to line up. I was hitting a golf ball from 12' .
ProsSo easy and pure. GREAT VALUE!!!
By Jim
Marshall, MO
nice feel on practice green
February 18, 2014
Waiting patiently for snow to melt, but I love the feel of this putter on indoor practice. Great price and shipped on time despite all the bad weather.
ProsGreat price and as always shipped on time
By Dan Chelette
Odessa Texas
Ray Cook Gyro 2 White Putter
February 18, 2014
Took it out for the first ime the other day and ws completly satisfied. Great Putter for the money!
ProsSmooth and straight
By William
Florence, MT
Great center shaft!
February 15, 2014
A quality putter at a great price!
ProsMy old White Ice Odyssey #5 CS is no longer made, so the Ray Cook Gyro 2 White putter is a great replacement for it.
By Al
Las Vegas, NV
Good looking putter
February 1, 2014
everyone needs a putter that looks good and rolls the ball straight. I was pulling putts so I picked this center shaft putter and it has helped me roll the ball on a very good line.
By Jeff
Katy, TX
Good putter for the price
January 27, 2014
OK putter, good insert, great price Head is a bit compact for me, and very light so I feel at times that I need to strike the ball harder than I would normally need to. I added some lead tape to the lower back area of the putter and that did help. So if you like a small light mallet type putter it is a very good deal.
ProsGreat price Good face insert Good alignment aid along with center shaft design
ConsVery light design so it requires a stroke that is a bit firm Paint is very easy to chip.
By Bob
Olean, N.Y.
great club
January 25, 2014
I like it
Prosgood balance
Consdo not like the grip. I like a bigger grip.
By Joel
Leesburg, Florida
Good putter, perfectly weighted
January 25, 2014
For less than half the price of the competitors, this is a quality club. The grip is comfortable and the weight is perfect. Would recommend this putter for beginners to advanced players.
ProsWeight Grip
By Ryan
Costa Mesa, CA
Great putter, great price!
January 24, 2014
I was looking for a putter that had a heavier head. this was the one! It helps me eliminate my twist while trying to reach further distances on the green. Easily helped me shave 5 strokes the first time I used it!
Prosquality weighted head
Conspaint chipped. keep the head cover on and it will be fine. learned the hard way.
By Gary
MynewRay Cook putter
January 24, 2014
I like the feel of the putter.I hope it works as good on the greens as it does in my front room:)
ProsFeels good in my hands.At 5'10" a34" putter is just right for me.
By Teresa
Burlington, NC
Great Putter
December 31, 2013
Nice feel and easy to align.
By Mike Porta
sun city center fl 33573
Great Putter
December 22, 2013
Excellent Putter
By Jim C
Bella Vista, AR
Ray Cook G-2 Putter
October 28, 2013
Love this putter. Pro said I should use a center shafted putter. He was right this putter took seven strokes off each of my last to rounds. Either one putted or 2 putted no more three putts, even the long ones were close enough to tap in.
Pros Putts were straight with no yips
By Paul
San Diego, CA
I Like This Putter!
October 2, 2013
I like the feel of the ball coming off this center-shafted putter. The ball rolls nicely and the putter has a nice balance to it. The one thing I don't like is that the white paint chips very easily. I have many ding marks on my putter and I'm easy on my equipment.
That's great for me!
September 20, 2013
I think that this putter is great and easy control than the item cost.
By John
United States
nice feel
September 13, 2013
so far I like it
Prosseems to do what my objective is-keeps the ball on line
Conspaint chipped on first use
By Darrell
Center shafted putter
July 19, 2013
First center shafted putter that I have used. Like it so far
By Jerome
West Texas to the East Coast
"It's in the hole"...Caddy Shack
July 6, 2013
Wow, first, great price on a awesome putter!!! Second, I knocked off five strokes-seriously, just from the putter the next day after I received it. My putting game was killing me. I could not believe the difference. My golf buddies were even shocked.
ProsPrice Weight Design Feel
ConsPrevious reviews mentioned chipping of the paint; so, being extra careful and making sure the putter cover stays on.
By Yaks
Practice versus Real Play
May 28, 2013
Was a fantastic putter during "Winter Cup" play, but on the course, anything over 6 feet you really have to HAMMER IT. Also, good thing it comes with a nice head cover, USE IT! Paint chips very easily.
ProsPrice and alignment
ConsPaint Chipping
By Brad
Katy, TX
Putter Feels Great
April 15, 2013
I really like the way this putter feels, but the white paint on the putter head is already chipped. I would make sure you use the cover that it comes with when it is in your bag.
By Tom
Fredericksburg, VA
Great Putter
April 14, 2013
As a new golfer I like the easy to see alignment markings.
ProsPrice is right.

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