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By William
Topeka, ks
Bottom of the cup
November 21, 2014
Putted extremely smooth
ProsSlick Heavy straight
By Joe
Charlotte, NC
You can't beat it for the price
November 13, 2014
Over all I like this putter. It feels good in my hands and the sight lines are true.
ProsFirst the pros. This putter has a good balanced feel. I like that the shaft joins the head near the center. I feel like this prevents the club from turning through impact and helps me make a truer put. The putter has a hole in the head that lets you pick up balls.
Cons The cons: After only a few rounds the putter is already showing signs of wear in both the face and paint chipping off the putter head.
By Big Ern
McKinney TX
You get what you pay for.
November 10, 2014
I only paid $19.99 therefore I should not have expected much. Paint started coming off after after playing 1 round. It has a super cheap feel. I learned my lesson and I will spend the extra money for a better putter.
By exrog
janesville, wi
October 23, 2014
the putter head has a cheap feel and look to it, but the face is very hot and the ball has a nice clean roll and is highly responsive off the face. it also has a grip that has a nice feel to it (not slippery). first swing with this putter I made an 18 footer ( approx.). my playing partner tried it and was equally impressed. this is a surprisingly good putter for the price.
Prosprice and hot face
Consa little cheap looking
By Bill
Sonoma county
Great Putter, Great Price
October 23, 2014
If you like center shafted putters, this one is great. It's just the right weight and has a nice consistent roll. As a bonus, if you don't feel like putting out that 1 footer, the hole in the putter head picks up the ball perfectly without bending over.
By mike kelley
nashville ,tn.
i love the weight and feel of this putter
September 20, 2014
i've only used it once but i love the weight and the feel of the putter , this is the first putter i have used with a straight shaft and i really like how it feels standing over the ball , easy alignment with the black dot and if i don't mishit it the ball rolls straight and right on line . great feel off the face , made some long putts with it and when i missed it wasn't the putter it was me . i'd recommend this putter to anyone
Prosgreat weight and feel and the ball rolls straight on line , like the straight shaft and easy alignment
By Gary ODell
Magnolia, AR
Great Putter
September 19, 2014
I really love this putter. The ball seems to roll true off the face of this putter every time. I would highly recommend it, especially for the price. GREAT BARGAIN!!!
By joe
oshkosh, wi
September 13, 2014
a very good looking putter. has good feel and sound when contacting the ball. has help my feel for speed of puts which has been a problem for me.
Prosgood feel for speed of put's.
By rick
Huntingtown, MD
raqy cook gyro 3 putter
September 12, 2014
great putter for the price. Wanted an additional putter besides my blade style putter. Can NOT be beat for the price!
Proscost, cost, cost
By mflick
Massena NY
nice putter
September 12, 2014
great deal
By Daniel
Waterdown, Ontario
Lovely looking and feeling putter.
September 11, 2014
The putter is not as easy to align as some others out there due to the head design. Regardless, the ball rolls really well off the face and should you miss, you can easily use the putter to pick the ball up and move on. :-)
By Connie
BurlingtonFlats, NY
Nice putter
September 9, 2014
Good balance and feel
By Mark
Auburn, Ca
Great Ball Striker
September 8, 2014
Solid and True, Straight Line roll with Center Shaft Alignment. EXTRA Bonus Ball Opening PICK-UP !! Taylor Made missed this one
ProsEven Tempo , Balanced Delivery
ConsPossible rear Sight Markings
By Billy
Peoria, Arizona
Ray Cook Gyro 3 Putter
August 1, 2014
Took a while to get used to, had one 3 and one 4 putt greens, but a total of 31 putts first round that I played. Deadly from 10-12 feet, rolls nice, good alignment, solid feel. My best friend has the Gyro2 and swears by it (not at it), and #3 son has the mallet head and loves it.
ProsSolid feel and good alignment, center shaft prevents twisting on putts
ConsHas a tendency to leave ball short on long putts, have a 34" shaft, longer shaft may give a more solid putt. Will try that and see
By Chuck
Ocean City Maryland
Great deal
July 29, 2014
Very good feel. Easy to line up. Nice tacky grip.
By Jonathan
Columbus, Oh
Nice Putter
July 17, 2014
I got this putter for my son after purchasing one similar to it for myself. It has definitely improved his putting from the one he use to use. The ball pick-up makes it really easy to grab your ball as you walk off the green, although I am afraid it is causing my 13 year old to be lazy haha! Nice putter overall!
ProsWeight distribution, looks great, cover, improved game.
ConsWhite paint chips easy
By steve cameron
brandon fla
great putter
July 17, 2014
excellent for the price
Prosmade 2 20 footers the first time out!
Consnothing i can think of.
By Mike
July 13, 2014
Made a lot of putts the first time I used it. Great putter!!
By Mb
Great feel
June 28, 2014
Great length and design
By Joselito
North Brunswick, New Jersey
Excellent Putter
May 10, 2014
Feels very responsive - true roll - loving it more and more.
By Paul
West Linn, OR
Great putter
March 26, 2014
I shaved 3 strokes of my average with this putter after only a few rounds. I am sure I will shave more as I get more used to it. The shape allows for less activity in the backstroke and a true and complete follow through.
ProsHas a ball retriever for those gimme putts.
By Bob
Great Pr a Guality Putter
January 26, 2014
Not a fan of big putters until I bought this putter. Indiana weather is good at this time of year so I tested the putter on simulated green and liked it immediately. Will see early in March when on real grass.
ProsPRICE and Quality
ConsNone yet.
By Dave
Lebanon PA
Good putter
January 25, 2014
I get a real consistant feel with the ball coming off this putter...Would recommend this to anyone who likes the mallet style
Pros35" shaft lets you stand more upright consistant hit throughout the blade
By Allen Plummer
United States
Love this PUTTER
January 24, 2014
I real;y enjoy my new putter the feel and weight are great, I was unsure of the design at first but it's worked out perfectly as I don't have to put much into my stroke . The one thing I should of done was ordered the shorter length for my stance but it's a wonderful addition to my bag!!
By R P Van Syckle
So far so good
March 27, 2013
Great feel ,great balance.
ConsWhite finish chips easily!
By chris
So far so good
March 5, 2013
still getting used to it, but I believe this will replace my ping blade putter.

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