By David
Lexington, KY
June 6, 2013
Closer to the hole.
As I seem to be a fringe player this helps me get the ball closer instead of pitching it over the green. Or hitting it short of the green.
By Andrew
May 20, 2013
Will help a lot of people's scores
You can use this quite a few times during a round. Easy to hit the ball up the fairway when u need to keep it under branches and great for hitting around the green to score with easy putts. Wasn't sold on these before trying 1 and it has helped the scores a lot
By mik whitecross
Karratha, Australia
March 12, 2013
Why haven't I ever had a chipper before. This club is awesome!!!! The worst part of my game is now the best thanks to this ripper of a club. Never had so many chip ins on my life let alone get near the pin. And I have only had it a week.
By Alex
Melbourne, Australia
January 16, 2013
Great for those tricky off green putt/chips. People with parkinsons would benefit
I bought this for my Dad as he has parkinsons disease and short chip shots onto the green are difficult for him, specifically he has trouble doing short swings and always over hits with his S/P wedges. This works great as he can just putt with a little more oomph, and he gets on the green nicely.
ProsPrice Construction Good for people with parkinsons and mobility issues
By JD Skeans
Brandenburg, Kentucky
December 16, 2012
Help for the short game
I was pretty skeptical about purchasing this club, my friend bought the same thing from Rock bottom and in fact turned me onto Rock bottom because I was wanting a new set of clubs. Anyway, he bought this chipper and has greatly increased his game. I love the fact that I can use this club with more confidence than either of my other wedges. It's the right height for my size and easy to use. I recommend this club to other doubters as well
Prossize, easy to use, great price, what do you have to lose
By Michael
November 18, 2012
Great IDea
I have a hopeless short game but this has helped
By charle82
Brisbane, Australia
November 12, 2012
Friendly chipper when under pressure
I'm happy chipping with wedges around the green, and I like the challenge. When the pressure is on, though, it's nice to know the chipper's in the bag ready to go. It takes the guesswork out of tricky shots when there's a crowd of players coming up behind.
ProsEasy to use - no fuss!
By Brent
New Zealand
November 8, 2012
Best Addition to my Bag
I love this club, i have used it today for the first time and it has lowered my score by 5 shots easy. Would fully recomend this club if u have difficulty with your short game and playing from off the green
ProsShot saving and makes the short game more enjoyable.
By Drew
August 31, 2012
Great chipper
This is fun for those super close chips with a little room to run on the green.
ProsWeight to cut through grass
By Frank
Springfield Oregon
August 26, 2012
Great club, super price, does it all
By Dennis
Rockford , Michigan
July 30, 2012
Already shaving off strokes .
This chipper is a long awaited addition to my bag . After a few experimental strokes with it , I'm now shaving strokes off of each round I've used it .
By Michael Robarge
Oak Creek WI
July 28, 2012
Needs work
I need to practice more with this. More loft and heft than anticipated. Could be a replacement for chipping with the 7 iron around the green
By Richard
Vero Beach, Florida
July 27, 2012
New Design & Material Appears Better!
The first :Cook" chipper I had broke in the thin area between the club shaft connection and the start of the thicker club head area. I was very surprised that there was no warrantee on it since it appears to be material defect: i.e., crystallized metal. The new one is "stainless steel" so I'll take one more chance on it. It is a well designed club and works well for me.
ProsIt is now made of stainless steel!
ConsNothing; but you need a "Maybe" selection for the next question.
By Ian
Matamata, Waikato
July 18, 2012
Great chipper, does its job. very limited use but hay so is your putter. Gives me confidence around the green which i always lacked with my bump and run.
Prosgood weight easy to use
By Scott
Susquehanna, PA
July 7, 2012
One dimensional, but functional....
The logic of owning a chipper is that it makes chipping easier...and it does...but it's a one trick pony...If you're a once a week golfer who struggles a bit with chipping, then you'd be better served getting a chipping lesson. You can only have 14 clubs in your bag and this club offers no exception to that rule....That said; if you're a once a month (or less) golfer, then a chipper may be for you. It can make the game more enjoyable.
ProsIt works
ConsNot practical for the regular golfer
By Jim
New York
February 4, 2012
nice simple chipper
By Phil
Bathurst Australia
January 25, 2012
Only used this club a few times. But my game has improved now that i have the confidence to bump and run shots onto the green with great accuracy

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