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By Cale
Minneapolis, MN
Buy this!
June 11, 2013
I have a Scotty Cameron putter that I use, but my aim is hard to measure (I paid $330). Whenever my Cameron feels a little off, I switch to this putter. This putter seems to have great feel and distance control for such a cheap putter. I can honestly tell you that I see no difference in the free putter and the Scotty Cameron.
ProsFeel, Control, angle to body
Conscheap putter head
By Tom
Great Falls, MT
Awesome Putter and Great Price.
December 18, 2012
I purchased the Ray Cook Golf - 2010 M1-3G Mallet Putter as a upgrade to my old putter. This putter is awesome! The ball framing lines are great and make lining up putts easy, even for a novice like me. The putter has a solid and somewhat weighted feel. As the Headline says, "Awesome Putter and Great Price."
ProsI like the ball framing lines, weighted feel, headcover and the price.
By Mark
Oconomowoc, Wisconsin
Nice putter
November 13, 2012
Used for only one round. Feels comfotable.
ProsNice balance, comfortable grip, great price
ConsNothing yet
By Rory (no, not him)
United States
Call it a hand extension
November 12, 2012
I don't know exactly what it was, but I immediately felt at home with this putter. Easy to aim with the lines on top. Nice sound and feel when the ball is struck. I'll try a larger grip, but the one already attached is a good size (jumbo I think).
Prosfeel, sound, looks, aiming
Consneeds a larger grip
By johnny
November 7, 2012
didnt like the angle it sat at
Conslie angle sat too far out
By jtruex
gallup, NM
excellent putter
November 6, 2012
I am 71 and have an original Ray Cook,this new one is an excellent putter and super value
By DEVsr
Farmington Hills, Michigan
Great putter for the price-(If I tried it before I bought it I would have paid more)
November 5, 2012
The weight is perfect for me, it's a little heavier than my old putter, and has a great feel to it. The line on the top through the center makes it easy to get the ball rolling on the line you choose, witch allows you to get more puts close to the hole. I also really love the grip. The grip feels a little tackie but it isn't . It feels really good in your hands. When it feels so good in your hands it gives you more confidence when swinging it. I only used it twice this year because I just bought it. I can't wait to get back out on the course to get better aquainted with it. LOVE IT
ProsI like the weight, the grip,the feel,the line across the center of the top of the head,and the good feeling I got from putting good again.
ConsI don't really dislike anything about the putter, but I have never used a putter with a painted face before. I am a little worried that I will mark up the face too bad.
By Roger
Louisville KY
sleek putter
November 5, 2012
nice control and accurate
Prosexcellent value
By Chris
Southern Calif.
Good Putter
November 5, 2012
I couldn't resist the price, whats another putter hurt. Hey! I like this putter. Easy to line up, good weight at the head. Only problem easily fixed was a bigger grip.
ProsIt is easier for me to line up and swing through. Crisp solid contact with weight of head. Note: get a light grip so you don't change head weight.
ConsHaven't found anything yet.
By James
Hinesville, Georgia
November 5, 2012
The putter is not well balanced, the grip could be thicker to help with the balance. Slick face causes lack of control of ball.
ConsGrip, weight distribution
By Gary
west suburbs of chicago
oh the memories
November 5, 2012
couldnt help myself with the price. had ray cook putter for yrs and switched to oddessy 8-9 yrs ago. I now remember we I previously used. awesome feel and easy to get putts on line.
By ColK
San Antonio, TX
Worth every penny
November 5, 2012
Got this putter when it was on sale. Came with putter cover and was worth every penny I paid.
ProsLow price
Consvery light weight
By Jeff
Newfoundland, Canada
Great look and Feel
November 5, 2012
Bought this for 9.99 and think it was a great deal. Looks great and not as flashy as picture suggests
Pros- Weight - Look - Price
ConsShipping cost to canada
By Joe Zaczyk
Misaligned grip.
November 5, 2012
Have not used club yet.
ProsLooks very nice and grip has a nice feel.
ConsGrip is not aligned with putter head face. Face of club is same finish as rest of club. I am fearful the ball will slide of off the face and paint will chip. Should have an insert or grid. Cheap head cover.
By Rick
Winston-Salem, Nc
Ray Cook M1-3G Mallet Putter
November 5, 2012
The feel wasn't as good as my Ping Anser Hard to get used to the blue color
By Conrad
United States
November 5, 2012
Love the putter works great
ProsHas a great feel and the price was awsome
By Nicholas Williamson
Soild Putter
November 4, 2012
Got this putter on clearance. Overall, this is a solid mallet putter. Can't wait till after winter to truly enjoy it.
ConsColor is intresting
By Steve C
Okc Ok
Awesome putter with an awesome price!!!
November 4, 2012
First day I putted with it I made my VERY first long put over 60 ft. First ball hit with it. 2 balls after not far from hole less than 6 ft in a 30 mph wind down hill. Hit Same three balls up and first one also went in! I was amazed. The lines and white markings on the putter have helped me line my putts. The putter has good balance and I feel very confident putting with it. Thanks for the great price too!!! You can't beat 9.99.
By Hazel Barry
Putter has settled my Putting with a slightly heavier putter than I have tried before.
November 4, 2012
As a woman, it felt a little heavy at first but some time on the practice green all is working well. Golf season starts this week and I am looking forward to playing with my new Ray Cook putter.
ProsThe weight at first but after trying it on the practise green it has been working fine.
By Al
Santa Fe NM
Quality for the money
November 4, 2012
We are pleased with this purchase !
ProsGood looking and very good feel!!
By Trent
United States
November 4, 2012
Got this for $9.99 with another order. Looked good but I couldn't putt with it.
ProsGood looks Price cover included
ConsMight be me but I couldn't hit a putt with it.
By Pete
South Carolina
Great puttet
November 4, 2012
I have used this putter 5 times since purchasing it, I love the smooth ball roll off the face ball does not bounce or hop, I have reduce my game by several strokes. Very nice putter. Made a great choice of clubs and would recommended this club to anyone!
By Alan Anderson
San Clemente, California
Ray Cook Putter
November 4, 2012
Great looking putter, great feel, nice crisp feel of the ball on the putter face. Great price. Love the sight line.
ProsLook, Feel, Cost
By Dave from fl
My new putter
November 4, 2012
This putter is better than my old one
ProsGet a good line on the all to the hole
ConsLittle heavey
By John
Nice putter
November 4, 2012
Very nice putter,not heavy gives you a smooth stroke
ProsBalanced not real heavy
St.Augustine, Fl
A + Putter with electric look
November 4, 2012
Nice feeling mallet putter. The grip is simply top drawer and the weight is light and the feel is balanced. Thanks, Caveman
ProsPrice, Balance Grip, Cover
By James
Good Putter
November 4, 2012
The M1-3G Mallet Putter meets my expectations
ProsThe weight and balance are good for me
ConsI have no dislikes about this club - yet
By Robert
Cocoa Beach FL
good putter for price
August 31, 2012
this is a good putter for the price which includes headcover.
Proshigh quality piece of equipment
Consface should be longer
By Gary
Hot Springs Village, Arkansas
Great Putter
August 27, 2012
Easy to line-up and puts true. I would recommend this putter to all skill levels of golfers.
ProsEase of line-up and good looking to boot.
troy, new york
August 26, 2012
By Pete Ackerbauer
Johnstown NY
So So
August 25, 2012
Adequate but not a killer for accuracy. Price is right.
By kw
Solid putter. Good Value
August 2, 2012
Price was right on this putter as it came free with my order > $50. Immediately noticed the increased quality and significantly smoother roll when compared to the knockoff putter I had been using for years. Look is a little too fancy and shiney for my taste but others seem to like it. Frankly, I couldn't much care b/c this putter has helped improve my score. Really pleased with the deal I got on this from RBG. Big fan of the discounts and service from this site.
ProsPrice Quality Performance (consistently smooth, good roll) Feel
ConsLooks (color, shape)
By Scott
Good value putter
July 13, 2012
I do like the different looks of this putter. For the price, is a good investment. Putter has a more weighted head, which I do like for making a more controlled straight putting motion. Face has a little spring to it, but not so much that a tap is gonna cause the ball to fly across the green. The face does have some rounded edges that I have had a tendency to catch on the ball and throw off my line.
ProsWeighted head Value
ConsHead design, rounded edges
By Matthew
July 1, 2012
This putter is extremely smooth on the green. I had a wilson putter which was to light, this putter has taken off atleast 1 shot when I'm on the green.
ProsThe Color The Weight Whats not to like.
ConsThe Grip seems that it couod wear really fast
By Vishal
Jacksonville, Florida
OK for the price
June 29, 2012
A putter whihc is ok for the price it is at.
ConsHardly any grooves
By Steve
Toledo, oh
Great Value
June 27, 2012
Thanks Rock Bottom for giving me the opportunity to try a mallet style putter for the first time. Gives me a change of pace from my blade putter.
ProsGreat feel, and true roll
By jon
decent putter
June 26, 2012
good for an old style mallet and price
By Dr. Doom
Good putter
June 24, 2012
good straight rool off the face. Haveto hit it a little harder than my last putter. Took me a couple of rounds to adjust but it was worth it. Needed a new grip to stabilize it.
ProsGood roll.
Consoriginal grip was small and cheap. Put a good oversize grip on it.
By Jacob
Gurley, Alabama
June 23, 2012
Was looking for a new putter and when it showed up spend $50 and this thrown in with your order. I couldn't pass it up. Not a big fan of the color but it does the job. Overall easy to align and sink the putt.
By $hane
Grundy, VA
Nice putter for the money.
June 20, 2012
Plays well, can't beat it for the price.
ProsGreat deal
By Jeffery
June 18, 2012
Great feeling putter
By Bob
putts have become purer
June 15, 2012
this putters weight is equally distributed for a much purer putt.
Prosnice balance
Conscolor scheme
By Sean
Good Putter
June 14, 2012
Solid putter, cool color scheme and really nice design.
ProsColor Weight Length
ConsSize, wish face was a little larger.
By George
Fairfield, Texas
Great value and a great putter
June 13, 2012
The sound and feel of the ball coming off this putter was the best of anything I have used lately. I have a collection of putters of all brands and this Ray Cook is one of the best I've tried. Easy to line up with the sighting guide and I really like the grip they used.
ProsSound, feel of ball coming off face, grip, distance control
By Robert Ragland
Schuyler VA
decent putter
June 13, 2012
putter is good for amatuers/I actually got it for my 16 yr old son and he enjoys it
Prosgood feel
By Randy
Idaho Falls Id.
solid putter, hard to line up
June 13, 2012
I was initially very impressed with the weight distribution and balance of this putter. However, when trying to line put up and stroke,the flange design at the base seems to create a pushing to the right sense..I played about 4 rounds and spent a lot of time on the putting green,with no feeling of a confident and straight putt.
Prosweight, balance and color scheme
Conscenter flange type design on bottom.makes the putter want to rest at an angle
By Joseph
Well Made
June 13, 2012
Very well made putter. Easy to line up.
By David
Wickliffe, OH
Great putter
June 12, 2012
I got this in the daily deal for a friend. He loves the putter. Improved his game on the first day.
Prosgood quality build
Consvery shiny and kind of small
By david
ray cook putter
June 12, 2012
nice putter
By Connie
Nice putter
June 12, 2012
Ordered for a golf tournament prize
Prosprice quality
June 12, 2012
By Roger
Cleveland, Ohio
Very cool looking
June 12, 2012
Looks great and is well balanced as well with nice alignment guide.
By mike
United States
not my style
June 12, 2012
got it free with purchase... don't really like it, puts broke to the right and i didn't feel like it had much feel/response... probably just me because i suck at golf...
Prosfree with purchase
By rndel
Nice putter
June 12, 2012
Feels good so far. A little lighter than my last one but I'm getting better with it.
ProsFeels and looks good.
By Dave
Newark, Ohio
Ray Cook Putter Solid Buy
June 12, 2012
I received my Ray Cook M1-3G Mallet Putter last week and have used it three times. It has a solid feel and the alignment aid is very helpful.
ProsForgiving Sweet Spot
By Joe M.
Sweet putter
June 11, 2012
very good balance
By john
sharpsville pa.
nice putter alignment with the lines on top is great
June 11, 2012
like the putter and am already putting better with it
Prosalignment aid
By Bob Smith
Just another mallet putter
June 11, 2012
No different than any other mallet
By Jimmy
New Zealand
Nice feel
June 11, 2012
just got my new putter, looks a feels great
By Kevin
Akron, OH
Different look, puts ball in the hole
June 11, 2012
Bright Metallic blue honed color on the top and target lines make this club easy to set up. Nice heavy feel and rolls the ball well off face.
ProsSets up well
ConsPutter cover is like a sock and a pain to put on and take off
By Bill
Good Putter
June 11, 2012
This is a nice heaier than normal feeling putter. Ball comes off the face real smooth & has a true roll. If you like a heavier than standard putter, but not to heavy, you'll want to give this one a try.
ProsWeight Look Roll off the Putter face
By marc
montreal, canada
big weight
June 11, 2012
the head is very heavy so the back stoke is very thin
Prosthe big weight
By cc
free putter
June 11, 2012
I haven't had it too long but am putting pretty well with it. Longer putts seem easier to line-up. the price was right.
Proseasy to get the ball on the right line
Consnone at this time
By Susan
Santa Clara, CA
Great Putter
June 10, 2012
I got the Ray Cook M1 putter right before a tournament. I took out one other club and put it as a second putter in my bag. Wow was I ever happy. It took 10 strokes off my game. Haven't gone back to my other putter yet. It rolls true and is easy to line up along the ball path.
ProsWeight and the extra long line up line.
Consblue face. It looks like it will get scratched easily. Also the cover is hard to get situated over the head.
By donna
Camdenton MO
June 10, 2012
I had never used a mallet putter before and I really like this one, Now if i could only use any putter well.
By Experto
Springfield, Virginia
Blue Notes
June 9, 2012
Great paint job on this putter; color reminds me of 1966 blue GTO. The club works good too. I've only used it oon the putting green, but results are good. Easy to aim and nice pendulum action.
ProsGood balance Easy to aim Comfortable grip
By Cholly
Wnchester, VA
Nice putter
June 9, 2012
Used my M1-3G today for the first time. It was solid and true. I need to practice with it a little more but it will be staying in my bag.
ProsIt's solid feel and energy when it contacts the ball
ConsThe shiny finish and grip make it look like a kids club. Don't let the looks fool you.
By larry allan
salina ks
got this putter free with order
June 9, 2012
first time out drained a 30 ft putt, very easy to control
By Rick
Panama City, Florida
Decent putter
June 9, 2012
Nice balance, good alignment aid
Prosbalanced and well built
Consthe blue is ugly
By Patrick Seeger
Great feel
June 9, 2012
I was having proble getting ball to hole, this putter has nice weight and get the ball to the hole with little effort.
Prosthe feel and alignment stripe.
By Jonathan Kring
Indianapolis, In.
Ray Cook Golf Mallet Putter
June 9, 2012
Have a Ray Cook Putter probably 20 years old. Like the feel and design of this one. Just an occasional golfer so haven't really used this one yet.
By Jeremy Gillespie
Savannah, Ga
So far so good.
June 9, 2012
Got this putter as a free promo thru Rockbottom. I didnt need it so I gave it to my father inlaw. so far he is very pkeased with this putter.
ProsThis putter has a great feel to it. Very balanced.
ConsNothing so far.
By Mike
Fenton. MI
wish my son would let me try it
June 9, 2012
My son really likes this putter. I brought it on a golf trip last week and never got the chance to use it. He put it in his bag andused it for 72 holes. Apparently its a great putter.
ProsGood feel.
ConsMy son won't give it up.
By Chili King
Third new putter this year
June 9, 2012
It's better than the rest... looks good and nice feel.
ProsIt has a nice feel to it. The price was right.
By Jeff
Awesome Putter
June 9, 2012
I got this putter free with my purchase during the memorial day sales event. The blue chrome is especially shiny and this putter is pretty amazing. Thanks again Rock Bottom Golf!!
ProsGreat Grip Shiny Blue Color Nice line alignments
By troy
fridley, mn
Love it
June 7, 2012
Great putter, it took a minute to get used to the weight but now I love the feel and it has help knock strokes off my rounds!
Prosthe way the ball comes off the face of the club
By Richard
Phoenix, AZ
Amazing Putter
June 5, 2012
Quite surprised with the balance and feel of this putter, ball just rolls more smoothly from the get-go. Alignment aid has seen improved accuracy in my long putts. One of best values going.
ProsBalance, Feel, the way the ball rolls
ConsGrip was for someone with very small hands
By Michael
Great Look
June 1, 2012
I got this item for free and currently have not played with it, but the look it amazing. The has a very unique blue color. Even though it is a little heavy, it seems like a very amazing putter. Oh course it is not the putter that makes the golfer, but I think this putter will be superb. Amazing purchase from Rock Bottom Golf even though I got it for free! Best free purchase I have ever made. M W H
ProsIts Big and Beautiful

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