By Ted
February 21, 2013
The right concept and it works great
I can't believe how easily this cheap club pops the ball out of the sand. I buy top of the line clubs normally and none of my wedges compare to this Sand Blaster at getting out of sand with ease. I've only used it in dry sand so I can't comment on wet conditions but this thing is has taken the stress out of sand shots. No idea if its legal in tournaments but if you don't play in leagues who cares. This club will get you out of the sand and on the green in one shot.
ProsIT WORKS and it's cheap!
ConsIt's out of stock
By Mark
Branson West, MO
February 13, 2013
New Sand Wedge for the Upcoming season
haven't used it as yet, but have swung it, and i like the weighting of the club. Am anxious to try it.
Prosstyling, price
By Robbie
Perth WA Australia
February 11, 2013
Gimmicky but does the job
Have used on both sand and grass. Lovely elevation, but a little heavy
ProsNovelty Functionality
By Robbie
Perth WA Australia
February 11, 2013
Gimmicky but does the job
Have used on both sand and grass. Lovely elevation, but a little heavy
ProsNovelty Functionality
By glenn
los angeles,ca
February 2, 2013
10xs cheaper
a cleveland or titleist wedge will set u back $130. this wedge is 10xs cheaper and does pretty much the same thing. as with any wedge solid contact and shot placement are the key. this comes with hundreds of balls on the range. gr8 wedge for the $, you cant buy this game u have to earn it.
Prosnew wedge, wanting to try it out.
Conshead a little small.
By Gary
Sun City West, AZ
January 10, 2013
Great club
You will come out of the sand almost every time with the ball stopping very quickly.
ProsGive you the confidence you need in the sand
Consa little heavy
December 20, 2012
Bought to ease transition back into the game after 15 years off.
First game after 15 year hiatus saw me hitting the beaches. Need to relearn methods. This club should fill in the gap as my new set has no true sand wedge, only a 56 degree with a shorter sole.
ProsWell made club.
ConsNot truly "legal".
December 19, 2012
not used yet.
Bought as a gift for a friend who has trouble with sand. She will probably love it.
Prossomething with a different look.
By Josh
Mesa, AZ
December 15, 2012
Great Club
I've enjoyed using it so far.
ProsFeels great
By Ed
Summerville, SC
December 5, 2012
Love It!
Just got it last week. In the sand 3 times since and each time was effortless getting out of the sand. Almost holed one of the shots. Great club, I will keep it in my bag.
ProsExcellent price for a club that works well.
By pindyg09
December 4, 2012
not worth it !!!!!!
the club would be great if not for the slots. played with it alot this summer for i just got back into golf. if you get anything inside slots get it out fast. wet sand hardens up like concrete and hard to get out. not the best on any turf as well. same reason
Conshard to clean not good for turf
By chris scott
November 6, 2012
great wedge
This wedge makes sand play almost effortless...All you have to do is hit the ball like a regular chip and it comes right out, with spin too. People say you can only hit it out of sand but it does okay for fairway shots and greenside chips too
ProsMakes sand play easy
ConsNot extremely versitile
By Darren
Daisy Hill, Queensland
November 2, 2012
Just had to have one
Wanted to see how this worked , it gets you out of most situations but is hard to judge
ProsQuirky and cool talking point
ConsNot that versitile
By don
Wilkes-Bare, Pa
September 11, 2012
decent club
club may give you confidence hitting out of the sand.
By Kevin
Whangamata New Zealand
August 29, 2012
Great Club
Who cares if legal or not. Used the Club today for the first time & LOVE it. Once in bunker & several times around the greens. Have yet to have bad shot with it.
ProsLighter than normal wedge. Great bounce.
By Mark
August 22, 2012
Not sure what to think
Odd looking club. Included free with driver purchase so I am not complaining.
ProsFunky looking. Hope it works.
ConsIs it legal?
By Fred
Denver, Colorado
August 18, 2012
Sand Blaster Wedge
This was a free club with my new cart bag. I used it twice, and it works just fine. I was out on every instance. Quite a change from my usually bad sand play. I would definately recommend this club.
ProsIt was very easy to line up. I put it back in my stance alittle bit more than usual. As long as I followed through, it works just fine.l
ConsIt is only a sand wedge, don't try to use it in the grass. Not versitile.
By Fred
New Bern, NC
August 12, 2012
SandBlaster Sand Wedge
I've used this club 5 times from greenside bunkers. In each case I made excellent outs. The longest was about 40 yards and I was left with a 10 foot putt. I am not a good golfer with my scores in the mid 90s. I didn't have to open the club face with bunker shots as the club head passes through the sand quite well. It might be regarded as a "novelty" item by some but it has worked for me. I just love this club!
ProsLess guessing/thinking about a shot when in a bunker. Just hit behind the ball without opening the club face. It seems that the sole stabilizes the club head when contact is made with the sand.
ConsAbsolutely nothing!
By Midwesterner
July 25, 2012
Pretty cool.
Interesting club. A little heavy but works good. Not sure if it is USGA approved or not but nice for the average amateur golfer to have in the bag.
By Sean
July 17, 2012
Great for practice
Cant use in regular play but excellent club for practice and only ten bucks.
ProsGrip Weight
By grady bowen
July 14, 2012
great club
great club will tell others
Prosgreat sand wedge
By Elizabeth
Northern Indiana
July 14, 2012
What a deal
This wedge is great for those sand traps that you find yourself in
ProsNot gettg sand all over me and its foolproof
Consits a little heavy for me(female)
By Nate
Southfield, Michigan
June 25, 2012
Great at getting me out of the sand
Does just what it's supposed to, and incredibly cheap too
ProsGets me out of the sand
By Danny
Payson AZ
June 23, 2012
Only hit the sand once since owning, and I must say that sand does intimidate me! But lined up over the ball w/ confidence in this club, and it scooped it right out and placed pin it! This will stay in the bag...
ProsGreat price
By P. Morales
San Diego, CA
June 23, 2012
Great Sand Wedge!!!
First time out on the sand, the club worked great. No problem getting it out of the sand. Recommend this club to everyone.
ProsThe fill.
By kevin
wellsville, ny
June 3, 2012
this is an uncomfortable club to use
Prosthe price
Consthe feel
By Jeremiah
Denver co
May 28, 2012
Haven't used it that much but seems to work good
ProsThe holes for the sand
ConsCan only use it in one position
By Travis
Crookston Minnesota
May 16, 2012
Interesting club
rather unique, does take some getting used to
ProsGreat price
By Kevin
Pukekohe, Auckland
March 25, 2012
Practice only
As a practice aid this is a good club if you want to get confidence from the bunker. However, never use it in any club or tournament play. It is illegal and USGA have confirmed that it is not an approved club. This is due to the hole slots in it.
ProsGreat for practice.
ConsIt is not legal and not USGA approved. Can not be used during a normal game.
By James
South GA.
February 29, 2012
Good wedge for low lip bunkers
Pops the ball out of flat lie and most bunker shots. Takes the fear out of the sand trap technique. I have used it with success already and plan to keep it in the bag for practice rounds only. Be sure to clean the grooves after you use it in the trap.
ProsEase of hitting
ConsCannot open the face for steep bunkers as the sole is too wide. You need another club for that.
By Kerry
Shoalwater, Western Australia
February 28, 2012
Sand Wedge
I have found that my new wedge is absolutely fabulous for getting out of bunkers and the price is great value
ProsGreat for getting out of sand and comfortable in my hands
ConsNo dislikes
By tony
February 11, 2012
thank god
10 for 10 so far. 25handicapper puts the fun back in golf.
By tr
February 7, 2012
Something new to try!
Looks like a nice sand wedge.
By David
Rialto, CA
February 5, 2012
Get out of the bunker in 1!!!!
Im an intermediate golfer. I have always had trouble in the sand (2-4 shots). This wedge gets me out and near the hole on one shot every time. It's also good for chipping after you practice it, because unlike most wedges, there is very little roll when it hits te green. It can go heads up against a $100 sand wedge and is the cheapest wedge I've found.
ProsExcellent value. My most competitive club. My friends all want one after they see me use it.
ConsTakes some practice if youre using it as a chipping wedge.
February 4, 2012
SandBlaster Sand Wedge
Best short game club in my bag....Made a hellava impact on my short game.
ProsThe action from the sand traps... Great feel..
By Brent
hamitlon, Ohio
February 4, 2012
Sandblaster Wedge
does the job...gets through the sand much cleaner than a traditional wedge
By Bob
Mandurah Western Australia
February 1, 2012
Is it legal?
wedge does all it's supposed to in flat-ish bunkers but very hard to open face out of steep bunkers as the sole is just too big.
Proslike using a wedge around the greens.
Conscan't open face to do flop shots
By Debi
Fort worth, texas
December 13, 2011
This club really works!!! Gets you out first try.thanks rbg
By Ernie Morris
Kennebunk, ME
December 12, 2011
Up, Out, and Away!
Great sand weapon...used it for about an hour in a practice trap and it is great. Plenty of lift and zero drag with contact with the sand. My three golf mates all want one.
ProsGreat face and rake style works just perfect. Weight and grip are just right for the intended purpose of the club.
By Jim Jaeger
New Jersey
November 23, 2011
I brought this sandwedge a few backs back and love it. You hit it like a regular wedge without all the sand shooting up in the air, the club passes through the sand more efficiently. I actually brought another one for my son.
Prosmoves easier through sand
By Gary
East Haven, Connecticut
November 19, 2011
Hitting from the sand is like chipping from the rough, same setup same swing same distance. Everybidy I've let borrow my Sand Blaster loves it and wants one even people who hate bunker shots.
By Mitch
Boynton Beach, Florida
September 7, 2011
Great All purpose wedge
This is advertised as a Sandwedge but I found ot to be a great all purpose 55 degree wedge. Great for getting out of the sand and just as good alound the green. I have not missed getting out of the traps since i started using it
ProsGreat feel and ease of use
ConsQuestionable legality of using this in a tournement. It is somewhat of a copy of a club used in Scotland "The Rake" that is legal
By Randall
Desha, Ar.
September 5, 2011
Sand wedge
I actually bought this for my son, but after using it today I may have to get another. This thing works better than any regular sand wedge I've ever used!
ProsEase of use.
By Al
New Zealand
August 24, 2011
Interesting concept
Not sure this club is staying in the bag. Did not give me any reason to keep it. May persevere a bit longer.
ProsInteresting concept.
ConsNot scoring very well.
By bogeyman
Singapore, Singapore
August 21, 2011
Works as good as it looks it should.....
this club gets me out of the bunkers better than my current SWs!
By Cory
Centerville, GA
August 19, 2011
Interesting concept
I got this club for my uncle because he has issues getting the ball out of the bunker. When I saw this club I thought the concept was great and would be perfect for him because he like to try to chip the ball out of the bunker instead of taking a full swing. He has a bad back and cant really follow through on his sand shots like mose people would. He used the first round I gave it to him and after a few attempts he was able to get out of the sand better. Not a bad little club for a higher handicap golfer.
ProsConcept Look Feel
By matt cardarelli
August 18, 2011
not bad for free i was given this club by scratch
hits well out of the sand and as a chipper nice weight is to this club was free from scratch cant beat it
Prosi like the weight it pushes the ballright out of the sand
By T.Z
August 17, 2011
sandblast wedge
like the weight of the club
By Tony
August 17, 2011
SandBlaster Golf- SandBlaster Sand Wedge
Awesome club, great design
Proseasy to go through the sand, greater loft.
By dustin
Marietta, ohio
August 7, 2011
Way better than expected!!!!!
I'm not much of a good golfer out of the sand. found this club online and figured i would try it out. was on the course the other day and had it in my bag and decided since i was in the sand that it was a great time to try out my new club. Let me say i was impressed everytime i have had to hit out of the sand this club gives me the best feel, and a great accuracy.
ProsFeel, accuracy

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