By Rich
May 16, 2014
Great wedges & awesome deal
I love these wedges and you cannot beat the set price, they have replaced all the wedges in my bag and I will not look back
By richard fairey
auckland new zealand
September 20, 2013
very very good
had many wedges over the years but believe these to be among the very best
By Lou
August 13, 2013
Stop on a Dime
I've never been much of a spinner, but with these clubs I can drop the ball and stick it every time. They also said that the shaffts might be mixed, which worried my OCD a bit, but mine arrived all matching (THANK YOU RBG). They look really good and I love the weight and feel of the clubs. I'm going to slip on some midsize grips but otherwise these were good to go from the box.
ProsGot them on $ale so this was a great deal for the set.
By Charlie Mack
Compton, CA
July 27, 2013
Great set
Great addition to my bag. Back spin like crazy, great feel, PLUS THE LOOK GOOD!
ProsFace milling promotes back spin Perfect gaps = 50, 56, 60
By mike
July 23, 2013
Excellent Wedges and Bargain Prices
I have had Titleist Vokey wedges for the past few years and have never found anything that compares to them until now. I love the 3 different styles of wedges to choose from as well, digger/driver, driver/slider, slider/sweeper. Spin is exceptional. The looks are fantastic. Having a shaved look with only the Scratch logo is very appealing. If they last as long as my vokeys usually do, i might be a scratch wedge fan for life. Only thing I didn't care for were the stock grips. Had to regrip them as soon as I got them. Overall, easy 5 out of 5.
ProsLooks Spin Shape Bounce/Grind Options
ConsStock grips.
By Michael
Fullerton, CA
July 22, 2013
Great wedges at a great price!
I was considering buying these or the Titleist Vokey SM4 for much more cost. I figured for half the price I'd take a shot. These were reviewed extensively by forum members on WRX Golf and most seemed to like them. I'm happy to day they are working out great for me. I went with the D/S model in stiff and they are sweet!
ProsCost, quality, looks, finish
By Damian
New Jersey
July 19, 2013
Great wedges
Love these wedges. They're heavier than the average set but the contact is pure and spin is fantastic. Great for any player/handicap.
ProsFeel, distance, control.
ConsWeight could be an issue Grips could use improvement
By Frank Pingtella
July 18, 2013
Scratch Golf 8620 Wedges are ok
Wedges are OK. I have tried virtually every wegde on the market and I find these to be of average performance. They look good, feel ok, perform ok.
By Cameron
Orange County, CA
June 16, 2013
Great Feel, Great Spin, Great Price
Had been eyeing these for a while, and when the price dropped a few weeks ago I had to jump on them. First off, they look great! Really clean and highly polished. Only after I put them in the bag did I realize how dingy my irons have become. Heads are a little heavier than most wedges I've owned but feel very nice through the swing. I've now played 3 rounds and am really enjoying having them in my hands. I got the Digger/Driver bounce which took a while to get used to, but am now swinging more confidently on my touch shots and flops. The spin is fantastic. The face looks a lot like the Titleist Vokey milling, but I'm seeing more back ups/checks with the Scratch wedges than the Vokeys I've played with. Overall, another great purchase from RockBottom.
ProsLook Great SPIN!! Variety of bounces for different swing types
By Marlon Deyton
McDonough, Georgia
June 12, 2013
Scratch Wedges
Love these wedges!!! Great value $$$ The ball will stop on a dime.
By Lucas
Sydney, Australia
May 31, 2013
Great value for money
Very impressed with the wedge set so far (have only played one round). I went out with no practice on these wedges and made 2 sand saves and chipped close a few times. Had one bad skull but that was me, not the clubs!
ProsGreat stopping power
ConsNo shaft options
By Harry
May 27, 2013
Excellent Wedges...... Unbelievable for the money!!!
I'm a 65 year old who plays 5 days a week (at least) with a 10 handicap. I needed new wedges and had read some goods things about the Scratch Wedges" so I thought I would give them a try. They are FANTASTIC!! They are a bit longer in the shaft (great for my 6'3") and set up nicely. They hit solid and will stop or back up almost on demand. I am using them to replace a se of Clevelands which replaced Volkey's and IMO they are the best out there. (I also have a set of Fourteens that I haven't used yet but do not intend on using them with the way these Scratch Clubs perform.
ProsExcellent ball control, great balance so they hit easy.
ConsThey don't put the ball in the hole every time I use them:)
By Jonathan
May 24, 2013
Great wedges
Great wedges for a great price.
Lansdowne, VA
March 2, 2013
Great Clubs/ Great Deal
These scratch wedges are fantastic in terms of looks, feel, quality, and cost. The heads seem a bit smaller than normal and the grips are terrible (reason for 4 of 5). Scratch really should put better grips on these clubs. I replaced all my cleveland wedges and have only played one round with them. However, I felt a difference when the ball was contacted properly, more so than my clevelands. Not enough playing time to really comment on the overall club...for now, i like 'em!
ProsLook Cost Bounce options
ConsGrips Grips Grips Grips
By Planman
January 31, 2013
Sweet wedges!
I bought the 3 piece set (50,56,60 digger/driver) at the cave less than 3 weeks ago. These clubs are awesome! If u want a wedge that will stop a ball on a dime these are for you. Switched from vokey spin mill wedges. Scratch wedges have unbelievable bite. You will seem like a pro compared to your buddies. U can't go wrong with these wedges.
ProsClean top edge Nice grips Great feel
ConsThat I did not buy these wedges sooner
By Kevin
January 31, 2013
These wedges are awesome. What a great deal as well. Only thing is shafts are mixed and matched and most of them have the conforming grooves. which, if you are just a recreational golfer like me, is a let down. I wanted the illegal ball shredding stuff, so I can spin it like the pros. =)
Proslooks feel address weight head size looks looks looks
Consmix and match shafts conforming grooves
By John
January 23, 2013
Great wedges! Thanks.
Got the wedges quickly and they were as advertised. Thanks!
By Mark Green
New Zealand
July 19, 2012
Scratgh wedges
Fantastic milled wedges, i am a 10 handicap and can get even short shots to stop. Highly reccomended.
ProsI love the look and playability.
By Andrew
July 17, 2012
Beautiful looking wedges
Can not fault these, look great and feel great
By Marc
Quebec, Canada
July 8, 2012
It helped my short game a little
ProsFeeling Look
ConsNo offset
By Brian
Lafayette Hill
July 3, 2012
Decent wedges
These wedges were nice but I didn't like the stock shaft that came with them. Also, something about them just didn't fit my eye.
ProsHead shape Design
By David
Columbus, OH
July 2, 2012
Great Wedges
Wedges have a classic look and great feel! The only thing i would change on them is the grips, but for the price getting new grips are an easy fix.
By Leigh
Auckland, New Zealand
June 14, 2012
Great price, great wedges!
I bought the 50, 56 and 60 degree wedges and was delighted to have them in my hand in 6 days from the USA. The clubs feel nice, look great and perform well. Although I am struggling to hit the 60 with any consistency I think that has more to do with my golf than the club! The wedges have a beautiful finish and real bite when hit properly!
ProsPretty much everything. Feel Look Price Performance
ConsThe fact it enhances my poor stroke selection 60 degree wedge
By Trent
Brainerd, MN
June 11, 2012
Great spin
I bought these and love them after one round. Still adjusting a bit, but when I made a good swing from a clean lie in the fairway I got 6 feet of backspin on just a 35 yard shot with the 56 degree wedge. My previous 56 degree wedge would give me backspin only on a perfect shot from at least 75 yards away. So far, I would highly recommend these clubs.
ProsLook & Feel Shape Backspin
ConsGrips are okay, but not great.
By scott korynta
May 16, 2012
Great wedges
Feel great to hit, and easy to accurately. Lots of spin from these as well.
ProsFeel, spin
Consgrips.. but I only like corded grips.
By Brandon
Midwest City, OK
May 2, 2012
great wedge
Wedges have a good balance and I enjoy the size. Very versatile and beautiful worksmanship.
By Blake
Los Angeles, California
April 5, 2012
Best bang for your buck
The Scratch wedge set was great from the moment I opened the box. The craftsmanship is amazing, not just considering the price. If your looking for a great wedge set at a competitive price, this is the set for you.
By Jeff
Batesville, Indiana
March 8, 2012
Great feeling wedges!
Wedges have a really nice feel to them. Less spin than my Titleist Spin Milled Vokeys, but much better feel. I like the compact head as well.
ProsCompact head. Weight. Soft feel.
ConsGrips. White ferrule looks to flashy for an otherwise plain lookig wedge.

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