By Gary
Farmington, CT
February 23, 2015
Beautiful Club
Lovely club to play with and gives great option when below other wedges
ProsSmooth connection and nice finish.
By Justin
United States
November 26, 2014
great pw replacement
This club is perfect for me. Came with the hi Rev shaft
ProsSpin and feel
ConsA little smaller than I thought but I'm getting used to it
By Justin
November 15, 2014
Sweet stick
Love the grind, bounce is perfect for soft conditions or as a secret weapon for long explosions, ridiculous price from scratch, grip and shaft are fine, give the grip a little water and a wipe down and it feels like a golf pride tour velvet.
By Dan
Plymouth, NH
November 13, 2014
8620 Wedge
I bought this club as a replacement for my pitching wedge. When I saw that low price on such a high quality brand, I scooped it up right away. The club has become one of my favorites! I love the feel and spin I get on the ball, and the digger bounce provides me with better quality strikes overall. However, let it be known that it is not the most forgiving club out there. If you're a decent ball striker, pick one up! Couldn't be more happy about my choice to pick up a Scratch wedge.
Prosfeel, spin, looks
Consnot extremely forgiving
By Ryan
Raleigh, NC
November 5, 2014
Sctarch wedges are awesome!
Just picked up one to replace my P wedge, now will keep an eye out for the other lofts in my bag. Sweet sticks!
Proslooks and feel.
By Justin
October 26, 2014
Love these
Purchased my 3rd scratch wedge from Rock Bottom. These are the real deal. Prefer them over vokeys and clevelands feel great.
ProsFeel is good. grooves in the face add to my mental image of spin around the greens
ConsShafts that are available are not the best but will work for my skill set.
By Wasb
Central Maine
October 21, 2014
Nice club but needs to be fitted to the golfer
October 8, 2014
In the bag...for good
The digger driver model for digger drivers.....makes chipping ezzzzz. Love this wedge.
Prosgreat value, great spin, great wedge
By Junius
Orange Park, FL
July 29, 2014
Precision Wedge
I didn't really need a pitching wedge because I had one with my set of Callaway irons. What made me purchase this P wedge by Scratch was my love of the 3 Scratch wedges (gap, sand, and lob) that I previously purchased. Sure enough, after playing this Scratch P wedge, I took my Callaway P wedge out of the bag and inserted the Scratch. Scratch makes a high quality, silky smooth instrument that precisely does what it is supposed to do and with great feel and sound to match. If you know what your swing type is, buy the most ideal Scratch wedge for your swing type and let the smiles begin when you attack the flag with confidence. Yep, I love Scratch wedges. Best kept secret in golf equipment.
ProsDialed in for swing types High quality Great sound upon contact Great feel Precise distance control
ConsSmallish head
By Greg Eason
United States
July 12, 2014
Great wedge
I am really glad I chose to by this wedge. I love the way it feels when you hit the sweet spot. There is very little vibration, and it travels true. It stops on a dime, and should help me lower my scores.
ProsLooks Feels Sound Playability
By Sundtee
Elanora, Queensland
June 29, 2014
Mint Wedges
Get your hand on whatever wedges rockbottom have left cause my brother wish he could get more. He absolutely loves his one
ProsSleek head Good grooves Different bounce/grind options
ConsGrip is a bit standard No guarantee what shaft you'll get with it
By Short Game
June 25, 2014
dress up your bag
nailed pin first shot from 108 yards but ball was cut by grooves.
Proscrisp shotmaking
Conscuts balls, non conforming grooves
By Scott Mueller
Lakeland, FL>
June 21, 2014
Scratch Golf 8620 Milled Chrome Wedge
I purchased the 47 and 53 Deg Scratch wedges to replace brand new Vokey Wedges that I hade a very hard time hitting. These wedges appear to be a little lighter then the Vokey. The lesser bounce on these wedges was what I needed. I have nothing but compliments for these clubs a have not had a mishit yet. The clubs are handsome in appearence and feel great.
ProsVery easy to hit.
By Michael
Waelder, TX
June 20, 2014
Tough to beat
Can't beat this wedge for the $
ProsLooks good, swings good
By David
Stamford, CT
June 15, 2014
This club has some bite
This club can spin it with the best of them. I like the simplicity of the design as well. A great balanced wedge at a great price.
Prosbalance pricedesign
By Rob
Cincinnati, OH
June 11, 2014
great wedges
A solid wedge that looks great and has amazing performance. Controlling wedge distances better than ever, and provide a good amount of spin.
ProsLooks Performance Spin Milled face
By brad
June 10, 2014
Pretty club
Cannot believe the pricing on this club. Such a great PW.
Prosbeautiful at address.
By Josh
Lancaster, PA
June 8, 2014
Nice looking club
I am still getting used to the specs of this club. The bounce is different on this club compared to the one this is replacing.
ProsLook Feel
By Bradley
Birmingham, AL
June 2, 2014
This is the best wedge I've ever used., Great turf interaction, feel, and consistency.
By eddie
murrieta, Ca
May 29, 2014
very nice wedge
I have been to the range twice with this wedge and have notice the distance and flight path is consistant. The head of the club feels heavier and the score lines are deep (high quality look)...the milled lines are more pronouned than my ping wedge and have shown resistance to wear. Overall a great club.
ProsGood feel, nice deep score lines and milling
By dern
United States
May 26, 2014
nice club
haven't played it a lot yet but has felt great
By Sean
Chicago, Illinois
May 19, 2014
good club
Played once with the clubs so far and I'm pleased....shot to the green have alot of spin and stop on a dime. Only complaint is the grips that come with the clubs are not good...I immediately regripped them.
ProsLot's of spin Look good
ConsGrips need to be replaced.
By Rich
Northern NJ
May 16, 2014
Love it
I bought a 47* to replace the pitching wedge that came in my set because I prefer my wedges over any other club in the bag.
By gilbe
May 14, 2014
Love the wedge
this is one of the best feeling wedges that I have ever hit, this wedge has a real soft feel & great biting action when the ball hits the greens
By Buz
May 12, 2014
Great wedges for the money but....
First off, head is made in the usa. High marks for that. Love the feel and spin. Well made feels like high quality. What I don't like is that you don't know what shaft you will get. I think as a oem product, you should know what you are getting. In my case I ordered the digger driver 53 and 60 degree wedges. I got the shafts with no shaft band so I'm assuming its the fst shaft. And ferruls dont match the picture. Shafts are slightly pitted right out of the box but don't get me wrong, for the money these wedges fit the bill. Grip is ok. Overall I'm very pleased. 4 stars for quality head made in usa, would have been 5 if the shafts were of the same quality and not hoping you get a good shaft.
ProsUsa made head Great feel Nice milled face Value Quality head Good bounce options
ConsThe shafts
By Glenn
West Jordan, UT
May 10, 2014
Solid feel
Right out of the box, this club felt buttery smooth. The mount of spin I can put on my balls is unprecedented. Beautiful club.
Philadelphia, PA
May 3, 2014
Great Wedge
Love these wedges, excellent feel.
By Uncle Gee
May 2, 2014
Scratch Golf Wedges
I play with 3 Scratch Golf wedges. 50*, 53* and 50*
ProsVery solid, good spin and distance control. Will be the only wedges I will ever use from now on!
By Richard
Davenport, IA
May 1, 2014
Love these wedges
I bought a 56 and 60 degree wedge. The custom grind for your swing really does make a difference. These wedges have a very clean, classy look and put exceptional spin on the ball.
By Craig
Kingwood, TX
April 28, 2014
Scratch Wedge
Great wedge for the price. Performs as well as my Vokeys.
By Gary
Northridge, CA
April 24, 2014
Great 58 Wedge
Great wedge, I have 58 with steeples shaft. Hits ball very high and soft. Club is well balanced
ProsGood workmanship, classic style wedge, like the FST stepless shaft in club.
By shawn
detroit, mi
April 22, 2014
Great wedge!
i picked up a 60* and have been sticking pins with increasing regularity. It does everything i want a wedge to do except for drop it in the cup. There might be a little operator error there though.
By Budd
Hailey, Id
April 22, 2014
Wonderful weight and shape. Couldn't be more happy.
By dustin
kimball, ne
April 14, 2014
Best feel of any wedge
These are amazing. Soft with lots of spin !
ProsFeel Spin Gorgeous
By dustin
kimball, ne
April 14, 2014
Best feel of any wedge
These are amazing. Soft with lots of spin !
ProsFeel Spin Gorgeous
By Geoff
Scottsdale, Arizona
April 11, 2014
Local High-Quality Brand
This was a gift for my teenage son and boy did he smile when I gave it to hime for his birthday. Perfect gift and he hits it very well and the ball grabs the green! This is a local brand to Scottsdale but I would put it against any of the well-know brands in competition. Great price and service from RBG! Thanks!
By Paul
oak lawn, Illinois
April 11, 2014
Love Scratch Wedges!
Scratch wedges are some of the best in the business. If more people tried them more would play them because theyre as good as anything on the market. The grooves and milling are awesome and this wedge can spin it back with thr best of them.
ProsEverything. Bounce options turf interaction
By Paul
oak lawn, Illinois
April 11, 2014
Love Scratch Wedges!
Scratch wedges are some of the best in the business. If more people tried them more would play them because theyre as good as anything on the market. The grooves and milling are awesome and this wedge can spin it back with thr best of them.
ProsEverything. Bounce options turf interaction
By Peter
Windermere, Florida
April 8, 2014
This is one of the cleanest, simplistic looking wedges I have ever seen and they feel great. Beauty and performance is a great combination.
By jason
Atlanta, GA
March 25, 2014
Great Wedges
This club completes my set. These are the best wedges I've owned, and the price here is ridiculous.
By Shannon
March 25, 2014
Solid feel
I bought the wedge (48 degree) to replace one in my set, very solid club, great feel.
By Ray J
Vallejo Ca
February 26, 2014
great spin
The club puts good spin on the ball and lets you stop the ball on a dime. Great buy, great club!
ProsSpin, nice finish on club. Good balance for greater club control on short pitches.
Consnothing yet
By dmcinc
United States
February 25, 2014
Solid club. Highly recommend.
ConsNot very forgiving
By Suggie
February 17, 2014
Very Good
Very quick shiment and good price! Satisfied well.
By Bird Hunter
Boca Raton, FL
February 3, 2014
Best Kept Secret in Golf
First and foremost you must know your swing type (specifically the amount of bounce) before selecting one of these Wedges. Despite the perfect construction, if it doesn't match your swing it won't perform for you. It took me a good amount of trial and error with multiple wedges before i found my optimal bounce but now that i have that i can swing freely. That being said, this is an amazingly well constructed club. Whenever you hear someone describe a club as being "buttery soft" this is what they're talking about. I can feel the soft 8620 metal compress and grip the ball and my max swing speed tops out at only 95mph and I rarely get to that speed with a wedge in my hand. I had these on my radar for a while but never pulled the trigger and now I'm glad I did. I only wish I did it earlier because there a less options available now in my set up. The club does appear more compact at address but when I hold it up next to my Cleveland wedge it is almost identical. The compact look at address may scare off some but once you swing it you will be very pleased. Super service from rockbottom as always and I hope this review helped.
ProsPerfect Wedge
By Rob
Outer Banks, NC
February 1, 2014
Best Wedge I Have Used
I'll tell yaya I have owned wedges from every manufacturer but never a scratch wedge until now. I couldn't be happier. The feel and control of these is amazing. The blade length from heel to toe is a touch shorter and gets thru the rough very easily. And off of tight lies the spin is incredible. I can work the ball hi or low and make it skid once then stop or release a bit. Truly the best wedge I have tried.
ProsLook Feel Control
ConsPossibly a little harder to use for beginners You don't know what shaft you will receive
Temple City, CA
January 17, 2014
Scratch Golf-8620 Wedge
Good feeling of handling. Club head is somewhat small though.
ConsSmall head
By George
Austin Tx
January 6, 2014
Great club for the price
Took a couple of rounds to get comfortable with the small head. Very versatile around greens.
ProsGood looking and performing club
ConsGrip okay but re-gripped for my preference.
By Sean
san jose, ca
December 15, 2013
14* Bounce
I have been looking for a high bounce 60* for a long time and this one is it. First off all Scratch wedges look great at address, but most importantly it plays great in the wet weather!
By David Cook
Emerald Isle, NC
December 5, 2013
Fantastic wedge!
This is an excellent wedge. I believe it is just as good or better than the vokey models, which previous to this I swore by. You cannot beat the price offered on Rock Bottom either - even cheaper than eBay.
ProsGood tacky grip Solid confidence inspiring look Many different bounce/sole options

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