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By David
Stamford, CT
June 3, 2013
Definitely helps to know your distance.
Very accurate. Lowered my scores considerably. It helps know your exact distances and angle to the green. I saw a refurbished one on Woot and pulled the trigger.
ProsAccurate. Easy to use. Pin point pin location. setup up approach shots. easy to update on computer.
Cons50 dollar annual fee for service.
By Michael
auckland, new zealand
January 23, 2013
It works fine and i love it compared to my old sg4 especially the hole view. Its amazing! This definitly helps my coursemapping for my tournaments.
ProsConsistency and accuracy also hole view
ConsA bit slow on satellites and a case would be good
By Michael H
Colorado Springs, CO
August 24, 2012
Lots of info/easy to use
upgraded from the SG4 and this unit is very nice. Lots more info and very easy to use.
Prosbright/color screen score tracking ease of use
Consnothing so far
By Lawrence
thunder bay Ontario Canada
July 17, 2012
so far so good
seems slow switching to the green view. I guess i am not use to it yet. I like the features. It has helped shave a couple of strokes of my golf game.
Prosdifferent features
Consslow switch to green view
By Eric Friesen
Winnipeg, Canada
July 8, 2012
Very Accurate and a great price
I received my Sky Caddie a couple of weeks ago and have played 3 times since. It works great. The yardages for doglegs and hazards has saved me tons of strokes. I recommend the SGX to any level of golfer, it's well worth the price.
ProsPrice, accuracy and ease of use.
ConsMy Birdie membership only covers courses in Canada. If I cross the border into the states I have to pay an extra $35.00 to get those courses.
By Bob
New York
June 4, 2012
ConsI dislike having to pay for a year when in New York you're lucky to golf for 6 months.
By Brian
Mirabel, Qc Canada
May 22, 2012
Just what I was looking for......
First I would like to say that I'm a 18 handicap player. The SkyCaddie SGX is very precise just like what they say in there infomercial. For the first time in life I have hit several greens in regulation while playing golf all do to the SGX, now if it could only putt for me,my score would go down even more. I am very impressed how easy it is to use and set-up. The other thing that I was impressed with is the service I received from rock bottom golf, ordered my SkyCaddie on a Monday night had it at home Thursday morning, can't get any better.
ProsHow precise it is. Light weight. How easy it is to use.
ConsNothing yet.
By Steve
Burnsville, Minnesota
April 22, 2012
Definitely A Must Have
Having a GPS really takes the guess work out of distances and hazards in play, it is also really nice having actual hit distances off the tee. It also has helped me in my short game by having exact distance from the tee, Front/Center/Back of green and actual placement, when chipping. That makes me more consistent when judging my club swing resulting in my shot getting much closer to the hole. I even had some trees to go through on one hole, as I was off to one side of the green and my view was blocked to the hole, but the SkyCaddie gave me a good line to hit without running around the trees to guess at my line of approach. That helped me out big and took much less time screwing around wondering if my line was good or not. Even with some of the cons I’ve listed below I find that the SkyCaddie is a great unit and would recommend it to my friends as I do believe this unit is number one in the crowd. I have friends with the Garmin G3, 4, 5, and 6’s and they are definitely nice too but I’m glad I went the route I did even with the membership issues. Although I would have been happy with the G6 as well, which would be my second choice for Golf GPS’s. For those that got confused about the $75 accessory pack, the accessory pack was provided by SkyGolf and is sent to you when you register your SkyCaddie online. My is on the way and they sent me a email stating so a couple of days after I registered it.
Pros1) Accuracy – SkyCaddie SGX is as accurate as they stated, given the plus/minus in the spec. I found it accurate to within approximately one yard, unlike some who say it was always right on, I found it varied some. 2) Easy to read on the course – I had to turn the backlight on to always to be able to easily read the GPS when on the course in sunny conditions. If the backlight is left in Auto mode you may have difficulty reading it on the course. 3) The belt clip that comes with it works well, I just clip the GPS to my pocket so I always have the unit when I need it and the clip holds up well, I never worry about it popping out on me or dropping it. 4) Auto 3 Mode Views – Having the Hole View, Fairway View, and Score Card View change by simply spinning the unit right or left is very convenient. 5) Battery Life – Is pretty good even with Backlight on always. I can easily get 36 in with one full charge with the unit on continually even with backlight on.
Cons1) Help - Even with online help it can be confusing on what the GPS will do and the benefits of each membership plan. I tried to call their phone number for support but it was always busy so I ended up using their Live Chat which worked well but again was not straight forward. If you do need to use the Live Chat just beware that once you start the session it will not tell you that you are in the queue or that you’ve even initiated the session so be patient and wait so don’t close the chat box and end your session, just wait for an attendant to respond. 2) Acquiring Satellite’s – All GPS’s take time to acquire satellites and this one is no different, it takes a bit of time to get located when on the course. Also I found it went faster if I chose the course and then let it acquire its location then it did to have the GPS do everything. As others have stated, it is best to turn the unit on right away when you arrive at your course. 3) Buttons – When I first started to use the GPS I found myself hitting one of the three top buttons on the GPS. This caused me to turn off the GPS on the first hole by accident which meant I had to wait for it to acquire the course all over again before hitting the next shot. Nicely I was able to Resume easily and from that point on I would always rotate the GPS horizontally on my belt clip before pulling it off the clip so I wouldn’t have those issues from then on. 4) Scoring – This unit doesn’t auto score. It would be nice if they would use marked points as strokes also allowing for drops to be added. Using the manual scoring is easy and you have options for putts & strokes so if you enter both in the statistics are pretty cool. 5) Memory Card Slot – There is a card slot for a Micro-SD card but it isn’t activated for use. It would be very nice if they had made use of this option that is there and could be used. The unit as it is can be easily filled up before you even have half of the course you want to add so having memory expansion and being able to use multiple cards would be an excellent idea. 6) Courses – Although it comes with tons of courses I was surprised that some of the premier courses in my state had not been mapped yet. I can understand not having a lot of the small local courses. It is nice that you can map up to 5 of your own course although you will only have distances to Front/Center/Back of the green and will not have a fairway view with all of the hazards. 7) Memberships – Although they say you don’t have to have a membership if you need to download any courses that are not on the unit already you will need to pay for a membership or map the course yourself. Also when your membership is up the features of the courses you downloaded will cease as well.
By ian jewsbury
regina, sask
March 31, 2012
misleading title
The item is great. Used it today for the first time. The item was misrepresented on the was supposed to come with $75 worth accessories and this carrying bag. I didn't receive any extras. I emailed the site and said it wasn't supposed to come with anything. That's not how it was advertised.
ConsDidn't get my extras that were advertised.
By Lee
Orland Park, IL
March 21, 2012
Expensive, but a great tool
Costly annual subscription. Outside of that product is great.
By Laird
March 21, 2012
another good sky caddie
Good product
By Brian Taylor
Newcastle Australia
March 21, 2012
Do your research
I was disappointed with this purchase because of the lack of pro mapped courses in Australia. They are not hopeful of any more in the near future. Needed support to set it up because of a country glitch. There support was very good.
ProsScreen and functions. Support
ConsPoor pro mapping coverage in Australia.
By JpfromtheP
December 13, 2011
U have 2 get 1
The sgx is great! It is totally worth the money! It may be a bit pricey but you will love it after you haves used it! If your tired of guessing the yardage you can't go wrong with the sgx! It's as the saying goes! "you get what you paid for!" Gives you hazards on the course, traps, lay out of the greens! What more could you want!
ProsSize Durability Screen Performance
By Eli
Butner, NC
October 8, 2011
Top golf GPS at a good price
We have had an SG4 for 2 years. Just upgraded and am happy we did!
ProsEase of you and accuracy. Just wish the golfer was as accurate.
By Grant Thompson
New Zealand
September 4, 2011
Excellent service
I bought this Skycaddie and 4 days latter it arrived at my home in New Zealand. I was not expecting it so soon. Well done I will be buying more from you. As far as the unit goes, now that I know my distances I am able to fly my ball into the flag reducing the length and number of putts. I highly recommend both the product and the service that is offered. Cheers, Grant
ProsThe speed in delivery was super fast. My golf has improved as a direct result.
ConsThere is nothing to dislike about this deal !!
By Marc Baker
London, UK
August 15, 2011
Does exactly what it should!
Gives accurate information with ease. Distances calculated corresponded precisely with marked sprinkler distances to green centres, therefore the user can definately trust the data provided. The 'distance to' feature is great, for example it allows players to lay up short of hazards with accuracy. It also allows for the measurement of actual shots, so players can find out how far they REALLY drive the ball!
July 18, 2011
Sky Golf SGX
The SGX is a vast improvement over my old SG4. I just wish my game would improve as much as the GPS has improved.
ProsThe detailed color display
By Claude Goudreau
July 15, 2011
SkyCaddie SGX GPS
Best golf GPS on the market!
ProsAccurate DIsplay Easy to use
ConsStarting the unit is too long
By Steve
Kirkland, Washington
June 29, 2011
Free Carry Case is a Bonus
This is my first golf GPS device and I did quite a lot of research both online and in the various golf publications before purchasing the Golf Caddie SGX. I am not disappointed. There was some jumping through hoops to get the correct site downloaded onto my computer so I can sync the skycaddie with central skycaddie computers, but once this was done, everything works great. I used my Sky Caddie for the first time yesterday at a local golf course and it performed extremely well. You can even keep score and track your putts, if you hit or missed the fairway on your drives, etc. If the course has it's own GPS for use in the rental golf carts, the Sky Caddie will lock on to this and display the exact hole location on the green. As you move around the course, the Sky Caddie updates you on distances. You can use the joy stick to move targets around the course and determine exact distances to bunkers, water hazards, end of fairway, etc. This is a very cool item.
ProsEverything. The screen is large and easy to read even is bright sunlight. Keeping score is easy - just turn the unit on it's side and the score card appears.
ConsIt is supposed to upload your scores to the central computers of sky caddie, but does not. I contacted sky caddie support and they indicated they are aware of this problem and are working to fix it, but have no idea when it will be resolved.
By Jim
Columbus, Ohio
June 21, 2011
great price, pretty good unit
So far the unit works real well, better than the sg5, fun to use, I wish skycaddie would map more.
Prossize is good, color great, easy to use.
Consbattery not so good
By Mike
Central Ohio
June 17, 2011
Review if the Skycaddie SGX
This is the first golf GPS I have ever purchased. I spent a lot of time reading blogs and reviews and finally settled on the SGX. I have played five rounds, so far with the unit, and only found one thing that is an annoyance. The SGX is a little slow to start and display the starting hole. If I remember to start it up once I get my clubs out of the car, no problem with the unit being ready on the first tee. Other than that I can not find any flaws in the unit. IMO this is the best GPS on the market at this time.
ProsGraphics and screen size.
ConsSlow to start up
By Jason
Huntersville, NC
April 18, 2011
Solid GPS with most courses mapped
I previously had a uPro but it was damaged recently. I prefer the smaller form factor of the uPro (easy to pocket during play) but the SGX has many more smaller local courses mapped. The SGX is fairly simple to use and has many extra functions. Screen has been great with the few rounds I have played with it. Had a few issues during setup but resolved quickly. Overall very happy and look forward to using it. You will need to purchase a plan which run $50 dollars for all US courses...
ProsGreat Screen Easy to use Number of courses mapped
ConsSize and weight are on the heavy side Takes a while to startup
By Francis
Regina, Canada
March 7, 2011
SkyCaddy SGX
Had the original SkyCaddy, love the new SGX, well worth the upgrade
Proscolor, knowing how far hazards are

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