By paul murillo
phoenix arizona
July 15, 2014
feels good. putts good
Prosnice feel
Consto long
By Ken
Alamosa, Co
July 9, 2014
Belly Putter
Looks, feels and plays great!
By Big Daddy 8
Rocklin, California
June 27, 2014
Awesome Putter
This is an awesome putter, and getting adapted to how to use was easy. This putter makes setting up for a putt, enjoyable, and rolls the ball pure.
By Joseph
Cuyahoga Falls, OH
June 19, 2014
Worth much more than what RBG is selling them for!
Lightweight head plus weight and insert kit make it very adjustable. I have cut 3 inches off of mine, taking it to 38 inches. I am in the process of installing a new long grip that I will then backweight, to give me an effective, but much cheaper version of the $400.00 Scotty Cameron back weighted Futura X putter.
ProsPrice, Accessory kit, lightweight head
By mark
massena, ny
June 16, 2014
Great Price/Great Putter
the putter is everything you could ask for
By Joey S.
June 12, 2014
Great putter
Great price for a great putter. Unfortunately, I thought it came with all of the faces, but it does not. Regardless, I've played a couple rounds with the black face so far and it is wonderful. Great touch. I don't anchor the putter but it is a perfect length for my claw grip. I am about 6'2 and got the 41" putter.
ProsFeel Price Length
ConsNone so far
By Harry
June 1, 2014
Belly Putter Virgin
Having never used a belly putter before and not being the best at putting I'm always willing to try something different. So I tried the belly putter and it has been a success for me I would recommend it .
By Martin
May 31, 2014
Love it!
LovinG my new Pro Fit so far. Though it is a belly putter I actually bent the shaft to add loft and made it into an armbar/armlock putter and I couldn't be happier. I like the lighter weight and added control I'm getting as compaired to my old putter, and my putts per hole is steadly coming down. Though I have the 2 other optional inserts I haven't expirmented with them yet but I like that I can easily modify it to get an optimal roll based on different green speeds and it's definately a plus not having to modify the stroke to much for changing green speeds from day to day. Overall I would highly recommend this putter!!!
By andy
United States
May 28, 2014
great putter
this putter is awesome! instantly improved my putts from inside ten feet.
ProsGreat price and quality.
Consrattles a little from the adjustable weights.
By Michael Kmietowicz
May 24, 2014
Sink more putts....
Good balance, smooth roll, easy to line up.
By Michael
Wakefield, Michigan
May 22, 2014
Nice feel
Bought this because I wanted to play around with a longer putter. Not using it as a belly putter; at 5'10", for me I can keep it unanchored. Still thinking of cutting it down a few inches to make a counterbalanced putter from it. The included face is quite soft, which is what I hoped. Unfortunately, it did not come with any additional weights; the included 5-gram weights are lighter than I would prefer, and I've found it very difficult to find the 14- and 28-gram weights anywhere. On the whole, at the price RBG is selling these for, you can't go wrong, even if you're just looking for a putter to mix things up a bit.
By Dale
Decatur, al
May 22, 2014
Very good results!
This putter is very easy to use. Alignment is good. It works great on fast greens.
By Rusty
United States
May 20, 2014
Great Putter
Really enjoy the new putter. It comes with 3 different inserts and you can adjust based on the speed of the greens. For the price, I believe this is the best putter you can buy.
By John
Oakland, CA
May 19, 2014
Thinking of a belly? Try this first!
The workmanship is outstanding. I wanted to try a belly putter but wasn't willing to commit to a lot of money. Trying the local shops was a waste, mostly high priced pieces. At $20.00 this was a steal. I used it on the practice green to acclimate myself to it and found I discovered I learned a true pendulum stroke. I am still using my old putter but with better results. Oh, it also included the 3 piece face set and pouch.... A no brainer.
ProsSee my review. Value, construction/detail and the bonus kit. A belly may not be for you but at this price you can find out....
ConsNone. Zero.
By Boris
New Zealand
May 14, 2014
Great feel
Awesome soft feel. More accurate.
By Andy
May 13, 2014
Nice Roll
This putter looks cool and puts a really nice roll on the ball. At 41 inches you don't really have to anchor the club. So it's versatile, and can be used legally after the rule change. Can act like a traditional putter, belly putter or Kuchar-style against-the-arm putter.
ProsVersatility, easy alignment and nice feel at impact.
ConsPrefer paddle grip instead of round... but quickly got used to the round one. Plus it's a 10 minute fix to install a new grip.
By Deafninja
Monroe, LA
May 13, 2014
Morphing Putter
Was looking for a putter that I could customize on the fly depending on course I am playing and this putter fits the spot. I re-shafted it to 34" and now when I am on the practice green I can chance the insert to suit the speed of the greens prior to the round. I only wish it came with extra weights to customize the head weight as well.
Triad, NC
May 13, 2014
STX Long putter
Very nice putter, can't beat the quality for the price. I had to cut it down from 50 inches to about 45 inches. It comes with 3 face inserts, soft, medium and firm. I'm using the firm insert because the other 2 make it hard for me to get the ball to the hole on anything but super fast greens. I actually don't anchor the putter to my chest, but hold it an inch or two in front of the my chest, so no worries when the anchoring ban takes effect. If you want to try a long putter you can't go wrong with this one!!!!
ProsExcellent quality!!! Great price!!! Nice headcover!!! Well balanced!!!
By Jonathan
Timmonsville, SC
May 2, 2014
Great putter, great price. Love the fact it came with the face kit as well
By Jeff
Florence, KY
May 2, 2014
Great Putter
I just received this putter in the mail and having only using it at home on the carpet this putter feels amazing! The setup is nice and the changeable weights and faces makes this super nice. I haven't used a mallet style putter in years but one look at his one and my mind was made up, well that and the awesome deal i got through RBG. I bought the smallest of the belly putters simply because the standard length wasn't in stock and i was planning on cutting down the shaft and regripping. However, after using it around the house it feels really good and I am trying it out in an arm lock style putting stroke. It feels really good so far, hopefully it translates well to the course. If you are on the fence about this putter GET IT!
ProsFeel Setup Grip feels good
By Al
Wisconsin Rapids, WI
April 24, 2014
great deal
I have a tremor so I need a belly putter. I found this putter to be very effective. I like the three faces that vary in hardness. I play frequently on golf courses where the green speeds are very different. The soft face is great on the fast green and the hard face works well on the slow greens. The grip is attractive and "sticky." I like the mallet head and the long white line for aiming.
ProsThree face options. Sticky grip. Mallet head with long white line for aiming.
By Scott Mitchum
United States
March 13, 2014
Great feeling putter for Tru-Vu style putting!
I bought this Stx putter after having bought two other similar models but wanted one with a longer, single line down the top for alignment. I have written an ebook about face-forward putting entitled "Tru-Vu: Change the Way You Look at Putting Forever" - available on Amazon, iBook and all major ebook formats. This putter is PERFECT for this face-forward style of putting! Great feel, changeable faces for different green speeds and high quality make it a low-cost solution for anyone looking to try the future of putting!
ProsGreat feel, changeable face insert, high quality finish.
By Gary
March 10, 2014
Great Value
I have only used the putter at indoor driving ranges but am impressed with the feel and balance.
ProsFeel and balance
ConsI wish it had more weight to the head.
By Walt
Streetsboro, Ohio
March 9, 2014
Soft Feel
Putter has the STX soft feel. It came with the extra face kit. I play at two courses with exact opposite greens, fast and slow. I now can use the same putter and just change the face insert for the course I'm on. "Great"
Proscan change the face insert and weights for the conditions.
ConsIt still faces the anchoring controversy.
By Buddy
"Edenton, NC" United States
March 8, 2014
This is a very nice putter, I did however modify the length, I cut it to 39" and just use the extra length as a counter balance. It works extremely well and I like the length and I am legal when the change comes down about anchoring. Accuracy is amazing. Headcover is also nice and interchangeable faces and weight kit is well worth the money. Very happy with the results.
By Bill
March 8, 2014
Quality equipment
Changeable inserts for differing putting greens
By Gene
Grand Rapids, MI
March 8, 2014
Super Putter / Super Deal
I purchased this putter with the shortest shaft available, as I was not planning on anchoring the putter. It has amazing balance and site line. It is fun to play with the myriad of weight adjustments. And to top that off, it was an amazing ROCK BOTTOM deal!
By Ryan
Raleigh, NC
March 8, 2014
Great flag stick
Love the feel as look at address. Great value with the interchangeable faces, though I just use the one it came with.
ProsFeel, value
By Arne
Happy valley, or
February 20, 2014
Great putter at a great price
Stx makes a great putter . I put sidesaddle and the stx works great. I get a lot of questions about how accurate I put with this.
By RudeDog
February 18, 2014
Great Stick
Having used this new putter for three rounds, I can claim that it helps me to stroke/push the ball to the hole more consistently than my Odyssey Dart. Heaviest weights (provided) in the back and red insert for medium feel provide a stable head that gives me confidence to roll it close.
By Andrew
July 11, 2012
Well worth the money
Really helps to develop consistency, would recommend it to anyone trying to be more mechanical and overcome the yips

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