By Arlen
Blythewood, SC
September 28, 2014
Good quality cart
I've had this cart for 1 year and use it 2-3 times per week. Sturdy frame, easy to setup and breakdown and very good quality. 4-wheels provide solid stability and the cart doesn't drift as much as 3-wheelers. It has never tipped or fallen over. Very compact profile when broken down. Lots of storage space in the nylon pouch. I recommend purchasing the seat if your course has slow-play or you play in 4-somes.
ProsSturdy, stable, compact and easy to use. The cup holder is also a nice touch.
ConsNo attachment for sand bottles.
By Dan
Menlo Park, CA
July 22, 2014
Lightweight and compact
I've only used it once so far, but the aluminum construction makes this much lighter, and It folds up much more compactly than my old Sun Mountain Speed Cart. The wider smaller tires make it drag a little more in deep wet rough, not that I ever hit balls there. Comfortable ergonomic handles feel like a narrow bicycle handlebar. The strapless bag clincher works surprisingly well and prevents the bag from rotating, but going off a curb sidewise did result in toppling and ejecting the bag. Also, the storage bag is not insulated, unlike with the Speed Cart.
By Lisa
July 4, 2014
Sun Mountain push cart
Very lite and easy to use. Folds up quickly for storage.
By peter
Coram, NY
July 2, 2014
Great for car trunk storage
Best investment in golf equipment for ambulant golfers!
ProsEasily collapsible.
By Pete
South Windsor, Ct
June 20, 2014
Great Buy
For the price this is a great cart. Lightweight, compact, stable and good looking. This is my first pushcart so I don't have anything to compare too except other carts I see, but I can't see other bulkier carts working out better.
ProsCompact. Lightweight. Good looking. Stable.
ConsNo swivel to front wheels.
By Rutlander
Rutland, VT
May 14, 2014
Lighter, more compact
Wanted a cart that would take less space in the trunk and be easier to lift out of the car for a woman. This cart fills that bill. It is not as good a cart underway on the golf course as its big brother, the Sun Mountain Speed Cart -- a little less stable, a little more rolling resistance -- the bag's weight balance point isn't quite as good. But my wife loves it because it is in fact quite good on the course and it does fit into the trunk of her convertible, and she can easily life and unfold it.
By Harvey
March 14, 2014
Great lightweigth compact and sturdy cart
Folds up nice and small for those of us with a small trunk. Easy to unfold and very sturdy out on the course.
By Mark
March 14, 2014
Light and Easy
Tried out the new cart twice this week. First, it is very compact and is easy to fold and unfold. It rolls as smooth as silk and comes standard with everything I need. I really like the stability of the four wheels. I used the water bottle holder.and the brake on a couple of hills. The fit and finish is great.
By Tim W
Birmingham AL
November 24, 2013
Easy Set Up and Storage
Exceptionally easy to open and break down. Bag is secure and and sits at good angle. Takes about ten seconds to open and shut back down. Not happy with no closed umbrella holder and you can't use the umbrella stand on top of handle if windy. However, everything else is great. Rolls with ease and will not tip over. Coming off raised greens, you can let it go and it will roll to the bottom without falling over. More features than I can use. Wheels don't require a pump so really maintenance free I guess except an occassion squirt of dry silicone.
ProsEasy to set up and down. Rolls smoothly Will not tip over if let go Well balanced Bag stays in place at good angle Handle adjustable to fit height of user
ConsNo closed umbrella holder Umbrella stand on handle too weak to hold in wind Score card holder useless
By Steve
Seattle, Washington
October 20, 2013
Light compact cart
This cart is compact lightweight and has lots of storage. The cart pushes easily and wheels straight. I've used a pull cart for years, but this push cart is the way to go!
ProsCompact, fits in car trunk with ease. Lightweight, good looking
By Dot
Mickleton, New Jersey
October 9, 2013
Sun Mountain Micro Cart
Micro cart is a real back saver, very easy to push. It's the lightest cart on the market and has a very small footprint when folded up. The included micro-paq is very handy for carrying a sweater or snacks. The cart is super easy to open for use and a snap to close. I especially like the way it holds the bag without having to strap it in. Great product!
By Steve
Cleveland Ohio
August 18, 2013
E-Z Latch Micro 4 Wheel Push Cart
This is a really easy to use 4 wheel push cart, after checking out numerous other golf carts I decided to try this one and it beat all the others hand down and it was priced $30 less than most other carts plus it had free shipping which most others didn't. I really like how easy it is to set up and put back down and the compact size it folds down to.
By Robert
Corona, California
May 6, 2013
Used it for the first time yesterday
Great cart lightweight easy 2 step setup rolls easily brake is excellent option
By Graham
Sydney, Australia
April 30, 2013
It could be better
Overall my experience with this cart has been good. My only complaint is that there are too many things on it that feel like they are about to break, or have already broken. My brake cable has broken twice and from day 1 it has felt really vulnerable. The fold up handle is a little similar. It's nice that you can adjust it, but the mechanism just feels poorly constructed. I think you can buy better than this for the same money.
ProsCompact when folded Very stable
ConsBuild quality
By James
Burien, WA
April 19, 2013
Unstable Handle
I used the cart once so far and the handle will not stay in place. I readjusted the locking mechanism and I'll take it out this weekend. It's very easy to fold/unfold and it rolls easily. I would prefer to have brakes on both back wheels but the the single brake holds well for now. The review site wants me to decide to recommend or not. I'm not sure yet.
ProsSaves space, easy to fold/unfold, Storage pouch is very handy.
ConsHandle won't stay put in one position.
By Bruce
April 10, 2013
Makes walking fun
The micro is really cool in addition to being functional. I folds up to a ridiculously small size and the open/close process could not be easier. It rolls great on the course, no additional strain. Love it!
ProsSize, weight and mobility
By nickyl
somerdale ,nj
November 10, 2012
had this cart for 1 season the bracket that holds the handle from folding the (steel nut snaped ) dropping the handle down to an unuseable position ,the front tire in the cold weather grows and came off of the rim.they sent new parts ,after installing them ,the next round the REAR tire did the same as the front IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROUND,have to call again for more PARTS ,need to carry tape and wire when you have this CART.
By Rosie
October 28, 2012
Perfect push cart for my hilly course
Cart works great so far, have used it several times. Folds up small, is lightweight, and works very well on my hilly course.
By Michael
St petersburg, fl
May 23, 2012
great cart folds for ez storage and ez to set up
This is a great cart- ez to push, fold and set up
Prossmall fold up and ez to use and push. nice storage area
By Al Knobel
Clifton, NJ
March 29, 2012
Great cart very compact
Easy to push, rolls great, fits in your trunk with ease. A great buy at a great price
ProsCompact Rolls great Reasonable Price Ready for play in a minute
By Jeff
Greenville , NC
November 9, 2011
Cart works great with the sun mtn micro cart bag. The cutout on the bottom of the bag helps keep the bag in place. The micro-pac is a great storage solution. The only reason I gave this 4 stars is the folding and unfolding. Complicated at best in comparison to all other carts I have owned. That being said once folded it is nice and compact.
Proscompact when folded rolls nice and smooth micro-pac pouch finish of the metal how well it works with my bag
Consfolding and unfolding brake takes some getting used to
By Louise Noonan
September 14, 2011
Lightweight with plenty of storage
I love this cart. We love to walk 18 holes, and you have plenty of room to pack snacks and drinks. The cart is so easy to set up- no straps. The adjustable handle makes it so easy to push up and down hills.

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