By David
February 22, 2014
Great iron replacement
Priced perfect. Good for amateurs .
By Greg
Pekin, Illinois
February 22, 2014
Good Deal
Love to have the opportunity to buy low enough for quality clubs which gives me business opportunities. Wish there were greater opportunities in larger volumes to do this.
By Alex
Glanville, South Australia
January 11, 2014
Great Hybrid
Bought one of these to replace an old Nike Slingshot and I love it! White head looks great at address and the ball explodes off the face, wish I'd bought one sooner
ProsLook Feel Adjustability
By G. Beret
Northern Virginia
September 9, 2013
Best club in my bag!
Shot the best round ever due to the help of this club. It's stylish looking and designed very well and "Rescue" is the word; saved my "bacon". My group thought I'd been taking lessons.
ProsEasy to use and very responsive for the shots I needed.
By Marcus
August 25, 2013
just loving it
Great value for the bucks....
By Mike
Rochester Hils, MI
August 23, 2013
Love this club!
This is my first hybrid and I bought it really only for long distance shots from the rough. I hit is well at the range, but upon using it in a real round, I now am a full believer in this rescue club. I had two poor tee shots on two back to back par 5's. I used this club for my follow-up shot each time and both times I had beautiful recovery shots putting me back into position to par both holes. It cuts through longer grass very nicely and gives me outstanding distance!.
Prosfeel, weight, ease of use
By Niklas
Norrköping, Ostergotland
August 5, 2013
Good feeling and lenght
very nice club With 18 degree, stiff. I hit the ball more over 210 yards from the fairway. whith 21, around 180 yards.
ProsLooks, feel, lenght
By Gary
Danville CA
August 3, 2013
I love it!
It's the best rescue club I have ever hit. It's straight and true. Easy to hit out of all conditions. Glad I bought it.
By Kyle
July 27, 2013
Great club!
It does anything you ask, left/right high/low perfect for the better player. Forgiveness makes it a great choice for the average player
By Randall Pannell
Travelers Rest, SC
July 23, 2013
An excellent addition!
I immediately hit this MUCH better than a 3 iron. It is a dream so far.
Poulsbo, WA
July 15, 2013
Awesome Hybrids!
Love these Taylor Made 3 and 4 Hybrids! Took both to the course last Thursday and hit them long and straight with very little effort! Now have 3, 4 & 5 Hybrids from Taylor Made... wish I'd pulled the trigger on these a lot sooner!
ProsEasy to hit... well made... came complete with headcover and wrench.
By Tom
July 15, 2013
Great club!
Taylormade makes the best clubs in the world!
By Henry Penner
June 20, 2013
Taylor Made rescue
So far it works very well.
ProsIt is comfortable.
By Roy
Hastings New Zealand
June 20, 2013
Excellent Price and club is long and straight
This is the longest rescue wood I have ever hit. The shaft gives great feedback and I can work the ball both ways
ProsEasy to hit, long and very workable
By Ellie
Whitney, TX
June 19, 2013
Great club
Love the adjustability.
ProsCan add or take away loft.
ConsNothing so far.
By Michael
Westfield, NJ
June 19, 2013
This club is SOLID
Seriously, this feels like the weight of a 2 iron in your hands and hits like a driver off the tee. The weight allows it to cut through the thickest rough you have. Any mid to upright lie and you can let this fly without a problem, and it makes fairway shots too easy. You can play it straight, or hit the angles without doing anything different than a 5 iron. Anyone that hits snap hooks or slices the ball with this club needs to look at their swing, not the club.
ProsConsistency Durability Shaft Spin control
By elindholm
Claremont, CA
June 6, 2013
not for everyone
I guess it's just me, but I can't hit this club without a slice. My other long clubs usually pull-hook instead, but I slice this one every time, whether at the range or on the course. Maybe there's something about the lie angle, or the way I'm aligning it at address, or maybe I lose sense of where the head is because it's so light. I gave up and went back to my Nike VR Pro 21*, which is allegedly more difficult to hit.
ProsI know it works for some people.
ConsDifficult to square clubhead at impact, white color looks cheap.
By Thurman Menow
Levittown PA
June 5, 2013
responsive shaft heavyweight taylormade bomber you will love this club
solid feel off clubface club is a a+++ addition to my set
Prosgreat shaft ball flies off clubface white head is nice combined with black face
By Brandon
Hampton, VA
May 31, 2013
Crisp sound and hot off the face. RIP shaft is a total winner. Slight draw for me with a good swing and the upright setting. I have the three in my bag and its better than any 5 wood ive swung.
By joe
slc utah
May 17, 2013
Love it
Proshits straight
By dae
pike road, al
April 18, 2013
best !!!
best of the best
Prosquality & distance good !!!
By Gareth
Christchurch, Canterbury
April 14, 2013
Sweet club
Great club, love being able to adjust the club when in different conditions or different length courses. I have the 18 degree to replace 3 iron, and I hit my 4 iron quite long so there's probably not as much between the two clubs as I expected.
ProsThe adjustability Lands softly on greens
By Hollywood
NE Arkansas
April 6, 2013
Great club!
Great club, well worth the money
Prossharp looking, accurate, matches my other clubs, head cover came with it and wasn't expecting it.
By Sandra
Chilliwack BC
March 29, 2013
Favorite club in my bag
Love this club! Excellent price and just what I needed in my bag! Next I need the senior flex 3 wood! Taylor made of course!
By Kirk
Hoover, Alabama
March 25, 2013
Nice feeling club...
I really like the feel of the club, and it is so easy to hit. I am getting decent yardage with it, and it actually has straightened my fade out some.
By Jerry
Houston, TX
March 20, 2013
TM Rescue Hybrid
Never really a fan of hybrid iron's as I never really have been able to hit them well. For the price, thought I would give this one a try and I have been able to get some flight on the ball once I tuned it in.
ConsNo counter weights which I need for my swing.
By brian
slave lake ab
March 13, 2013
The club was as advertised brand new. I have changed from an iron to the hybrid and it is just what I needed.
By glenn sullivan
March 12, 2013
very happy
went to driving range to check it out hit 10 balls and was very impressed
By Dave
Asbury, New Jersey
March 12, 2013
really great deal!!!
price was the best. beat everybody elses price by 30 to 50 bucks
ProsAwesome hybrids. Can hit the 3 rescue further than my three iron. Like the dark face when squaring up the shot
Consnothing. it's what I was looking for
By Matthew
March 10, 2013
Great club constant off tee and ground
By Dan
Rowley, MA
January 15, 2013
Great Feel
Club works great. Looks sleek. Ball flys off the club face. And you can adjust the loft..... Awesome!!!!
ProsLook Feel
ConsStock grip was weak.
By Hank
Corsicana, TX
January 5, 2013
Awesome Club!!
I played yesterday for the first time since receiving my Taylor Made 2011 Rescue for Christmas. This club is freakin awesome!! I have tried to play other hybrids (Ping,Adams) in the past and had no success. The ball jumps off the face and soars far. Trajectory is dead on also. Very easy to set up to. Great feel. This club is a plus in anyone's bag. Thanks Caveman
By Kev
December 24, 2012
well i got one then my 11yo son seems to have it in his bag, so i had to get another
Prosbalance, weight
By Timmy two gloves
December 18, 2012
Looks good.
Thought this would be an answer to a prayer.Just goes to show you,its the archer not the arrow. There is a space between my brain and this club.We have not yet made the connection.
By Norm
Melbourne, Australia
December 16, 2012
Great Rescue Club
Great looking club that is extremely easy to hit. For anyone who has trouble hitting low iron these clubs are great.
ProsPerformance Look Price Eay to hit
By Paul
Toowoomba Australia
December 9, 2012
Taylor Made Golf- 2011 Rescue Hybrid Iron/Wood
great club.. hit straight and true from day 1..
Proscompact club with good weight at the head
By Marvin
Suffolk, Va
December 7, 2012
Great Club!
I love this club! It's helped me take off a few strokes off my game so far.
ProsIt lives up to name of rescue club. You can hit it from almost anywhere!
By Rupper69
December 7, 2012
Great Club & Great price,
easy to hit,good distance, club came with a wrench and head cover
Prosgreat looking club, easy to hit,great price
By Ron Rommel
Kansas City, MO
December 5, 2012
Rescue to the rescue
Easy club to swing. Good price. Suggest trying before ordering. I saved about 20% using scratch
By Larry
New Jersey
December 5, 2012
As Advertised
This is my first use of a hybrid, and as advertised it is a lot easier to hit. The distance is great for the length of the club (just a bit longer thany my 3-iron.
ProsDistance. More consistent and solid hits.
ConsWhite head grass stains easily.
By nick
November 20, 2012
cannot go wrong with this away with the 3 ion forever
By Warren
November 18, 2012
2011 Rescue TP 2/16*
This was such a great deal that I had to add the #2 -16* to my set. I couldn't believe it when I actually got the TP shaft for this price. Thanks RBG. These are still one of the best hybrids (and adjustable too!) on the market- good distance control and easy to hit.
ProsEasy to hit Consistent distance off the face Set up well at address
ConsNothing negative- I have 4 of them
By Al K
November 18, 2012
Great Hybrid at a great price
Best hybrid I have ever played excellent club. It's rescued me many times already.
ProsEasy to hit, Long and Straight !!!!
ConsNone Yet
By Carlos
Pittsburgh, PA
November 16, 2012
Luv Em
I like these hybrids so much I removed my 3 and 5 fairway woods and bought the 2 thru 5 hybrids. They are far more consistent for distance and accuracy.
By max
wellington, New Zealand
November 14, 2012
Taylor made rescue
fells amazing when I hit it. Must have in any bag
By max
wellington, New Zealand
November 14, 2012
Taylor made rescue
fells amazing when I hit it. Must have in any bag
By Patrick
Virginia Beach, VA
August 10, 2012
Might be the Best Club Ever Made
I love this thing, every shot feels great. Hands down the best rescue ever and maybe the best club outright.
By Dave
June 17, 2012
one club replaces 3
rescue replaces Cleveland Hi Bore 3,4,& 5 hybris clubs ......excelllent shape and very forgiving..a must have
By Andrew
June 13, 2012
Great long hybrid
Holding its price due to demand, still a very popular hybrid. Sits nice and square (unless you adjust it) and has a great feel
By Mark Streeter
May 16, 2012
R11 Rescue Hybrid Iron/Wood
Great club.....gets out of troubled shots very nice
ProsVery smooth through rough

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