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Taylor Made ATV Wedge 58*
July 23, 2015
Own Three, good clubs, great price and quick delivery!
By Bruce
South Florida
Great club - takes a few swings to get used to it
July 19, 2015
Not have a 58 degree wedge before, I had to see what my distance was and how I can best leverage the club during play. Add the "multi-use" characteristics of the wedge and it took a few times to get it right. Once I did, well, it will be in my bag for the foreseeable future.
ProsVery useful and can be used in many ways when you're close.
ConsTakes a little time to master.
By tom
great sandwedge
July 17, 2015
easy to hit from any lie
Proseasy to get close to pin
East Wenatchee, WA
Best club in the bag.
July 7, 2015
This club will change your game! If you're looking for a wedge, look no further! 
ProsGreat club for a great price. 
By Kathi
Augusta, Georgia
June 29, 2015
I love this club, except when the sun is shining. The finish can almost blind you.
By frank b
new orleans, la
June 26, 2015
By emilio
Phoenix, Arizona
TaylorMade 58 degree lob
June 18, 2015
Found the wedge easy to hit. Comes with a lamkin grip made for TaylorMade.
ProsGreat price, easy to swing and looks good.
By Matthew
Good Quality/Solid Club
June 13, 2015
Nice addition to a set of TM irons.
By Ed
Hayward, CA
Well Made ATV Wedge
May 29, 2015
Felt a bit heavy initially. Took me a bit time to get use to it. Once I get used to the swing, I really like it. Great from the fairway, around the green, and in the bunker. Well made and good feedback on contact.
Philadelphia, PA
Great Wedge! Add it to your bag
May 28, 2015
I got the lob wedge with 60 deg loft. Great club, rock bottom was fast with delivery. I like the stock lamkin extra long grip to choke down on the club for chip shots.
Prosthe ATV sole lets you create a lot of different types of shots with a single club.
By bill
saratoga springs, ny
nice sole
May 27, 2015
love the flat sole
By Justin
New York, NY
Solid club
May 25, 2015
Used this to replace an older 60* I had. Good smooth feel.
By james
Middleton, MA
hard to hit
May 20, 2015
just pretty much sits in my bag, for me its too light, shanking too many shots
ProsI have yet to find a pro
Conslight, unable to work it to my liking around the green
By steve
las vegas, nevada
great wedge
May 20, 2015
great around the greens. sand, pitching, chipping. got a 58,replaced a 60 and 56.
Proseasy to hit,
By Steve
sault ste marie, ontario
atv wedge
May 15, 2015
One word. FABULOUS!!!!!!!!. If you need to hit a flop this is your club.
Prosvery easy to engage the bounce of this club.
By Tom
Macomb, Michigan
Great club
May 1, 2015
Took a little getting use to, but I love this club now. I can work it low, or fly it high.
ProsLooks and spin, and weight. (I like it on the lighter side.)
By Keith
Boston, Massachusetts
Great wedge!!!
April 23, 2015
Love this wedge! I needed a wedge for those short shots inside 100 yards. I have a 54* ATV wedge that I use for 100-110 yard shots and it is spot on. So I picked up the 60* ATV for the 75 yard approach shot. I have been to the range a couple times with the new wedge and it has performed great! I was able to land my shots all around the 75 yard marker. This club is exactly what I needed in the bag and can't wait to take it out on the course! The Taylor Made ATV wedges are by far the best wedges I've ever played!
ProsGreat distance control. Great performance from all lies
By Riley
Airdrie, alberta
April 22, 2015
Great price great clu what more cab you ask for
NIceville, FL
Great Price!
April 17, 2015
Ball flys off the club face from 100 plus yards.
ProsGreat looking wedge.
By keith
andersonville. tn
love it
April 6, 2015
well balanced . easy to hit
By putt to win
Nice Feel for cast club
March 5, 2015
While I usually use cast wedges (grooves last longer) you have to be careful because some can have a harsh feel. I currently have a lot of Cleveland CG15 wedges and have bought this in the hopes I can remove one wedge from the bag by utilizing the ATV sole. I have only hit shots in the back of my house but like the feel so far. Only time on the course will tell me if I can reduce a wedge.
By Tim
good wedge
February 15, 2015
This is a needed addition to any bag. It's a little heavier than the average wedge and feels great during the swing. I have 2 in my bag.
By Nicholas
Pasadena, MD
My first 64 and I almost hit myself in the head with the ball on my first use
February 13, 2015
Man I really like the solid (almost strong) feel of this club in your hands. It slides quickly through the grass and does exactly what you expect it to do.. flog it baby! I haven't had it long enough to see if it's a permanent addition to the bag yet.. but I like it after 2 cold winter rounds!
By Robert
Boca Raton, FL
Great wedge
January 22, 2015
I purchased the 58 degree as my all around the green and sand wedge. I have found the bounce about perfect and have been able to consistently get the ball up and out of the sand successfully, even when having to get it up high to get out. I have also found short pitches and chips work well. A well made and balanced club.
ProsWell balanced. Provides good spin
By Ed X
United States, Sarasota, Florida
Taylor Made ATV Sand Wedge
January 10, 2015
This was the one piece I was missing from my set. RBG had it on sale for 50$ less than everyone else's price. Same club, much better price. I am very pleased with the quick delivery and am now enjoying it.
By Ted
Perfect for inside 50 yards
January 6, 2015
I love this club for having to go over a bunker and being able to stop on a dime!
By Chad McAtee
Morgantown, West Virginia
Solid feel sand wedge
December 25, 2014
Great from the fairway, around the green and in the trap. Great feel and solid contact on much of the face.
By Jim Behrent
New Zealand
At last
December 17, 2014
This is the missing link for my approach shots.
ProsNeed a few more games to comment.
ConsAs above
By mike
north carolina
very good wedge
December 9, 2014
excellent performance on lots of shots. The atv sole gives great bounce on chip shots and bunker shots, and does not get in the way of full shots.
By James
Branchville, NJ
Great wedges
September 23, 2014
I have four of these in various lofts. All are solid feel and great control.
By Derrick
Rochester, MN
Arguably the Best Wedges I've put in the Bag
August 14, 2014
Purchased a 56* degree and had it for about a month before I also added the 60* version as well. Very consistent distance and ball flight with repeatable swings, and can easily flight the ball with them. The 60* is by far the best wedge I have used out of bunkers. Just wish that there were more finish options like black or gun metal.
ProsConsistent performance with repeatable swings. Instil confidence when you need a full swing with a wedge. Easy to use around the green with all types of lies and shots.
ConsOnly come in one finish.
Fayetteville/Fort Bragg, NC
July 28, 2014
I am a teaching pro and play Taylor Made clubs. I own a 60 degree ATV wedge and now a 58 degree ATV. I substitute the 58 degree for the 60 degree and 55 degree SPEEDBLADE Sand wedge, when I add a TM RESCUE #3. The ATV wedges have a micro-grind face and a sole which enables me to play great shots from the fairway, ruff, hard-pan and bunkers. These clubs get the ball in the air quickly which seem to fall from the sky, when they hit the green. Lob shots over bunkers are easy, enabling me to focus on the flagstaff and distance to the hole. The ATV wedges are at the very TOP in golf equipment!
ProsATV Wedges will help golfers, at all playing levels improve their short game!
By Cecil Newman
July 23, 2014
I have only played two rounds with this club and great addition to my game!!
ProsWeight, feel, price!!
By Jonathan
Wellington, NZ
Very versatile club
July 17, 2014
Got the sand wedge version 54*. The sole of the club makes it easy to adjust the loft and bounce. Can trust this club when faced with a tight lie to a tight pin.
By Jeff
Sanborn, NY
July 10, 2014
This thing is amazing I have the 52 degree and anything inside of 90yards this is my club.
By Tibor
June 27, 2014
Best taylormade wedge ever! Hits great with amazing spin! A need to have in any golfbag
By Tom
South Australia
Good wedge
June 7, 2014
Hits fantastic when you keep your head down and still
ProsGenerates good spin
By Currey
Warrenville, IL
Great Wedge
May 29, 2014
Played 36 holes this past weekend with this new wedge and I love it. It has a great feel. I would for sure recommend this club.
By Chris
Montgomery , IL
May 27, 2014
Its the perfect club for when im about a 100 yards away and around the green,sand, and for me at least when I have to go over a tree lol
Prosgreat feel
By Olafur Arnarson
Great Wedge
May 22, 2014
Very forgiving nice looking wedge, very good wedge
By North NJ Guy
Essex County NJ
My get out of jail card!
May 2, 2014
I previously worked at a golf store and had a chance to try EVERY club you can imagine. When I was auditioning lob wedges this club had just hit the market and I was skeptical about whether it would work as advertised. I ended up buying a CG-16 and discovered that it was a 2 trick pony that only worked on full swings and out of the rough. I couldn't flop it, hit it out of sand or perform 3/4 and 1/4 swings. This wedge can do all of that and I feel it has serious bite too! In my opinion its the best TM product I have ever tried and the first that I have put in my bag. At this price it's a steal. Although it isn't forged my club maker was shocked at how easily it bent to 1 degree upright for me. The icing on the cake is that the thing is also forgiving! Try it and you'll know...
ProsVersatility, durability, looks, feel & performance. I have been pounding this thing and the face and sole look great!
By Craig
Hastings, Hawkes Bay
Great Wedge
April 24, 2014
Awesome wedge, nice style. Lighter and less reflective than my old Taylormade TP wedge.
ProsGreat looks Lightweight
By Brian
Bergenfield, NJ
Love this wedge
April 4, 2014
I love using this wedge around the green, in the rough, around the bunkers, etc. I hit a great flop with it!
ProsReliability, look, feel
By Joshua
Camby, IN
Fantastic Wedge
March 22, 2014
The Prices RBG places on these items are UNBEATABLE. Love the weight and how easy it is for the ball to jump off the clubface. FANTASTIC
ProsWeight Feel Always the PRICE FAST shipping
By Mark
Wappingers Fl, NY
Great price
March 10, 2014
Received club with a small chip on the face but overall great club at a great price !
By Jack
Vail, AZ
Great wedge!
February 10, 2014
It has a really nice weight to it for hitting off the fairway, out of the rough or sand. I was also able to get the ball to check nicely which has always been challenging for me.
By Ron
Hilton Head SC
I like it
December 12, 2013
I purchased this wedge to go with my rocketbalz irons. I have only used it a few times and so far I like it. Took it to the range first to get used to the feel, total distance, and most of all out of the sand. I do like it.
By Hiro
Easy and stable wedge
November 8, 2013
If you bring only 56', maybe no need to carry sand and lob wedge. Nice club.
By david
Playable in all turf conditions!
October 8, 2013
Great price as always from Rock Bottom Golf. Variable bounce of this wedge shaves 2 to 3 strokes per round for a 12 handicapper.
By Paul
Toowoomba Australia
Taylor Made Golf- ATV Wedge
December 9, 2012
had no trouble at all using this 56deg wedge from the bunker and around the green.. great feel ..
Prosthe feel of the ball coming off the club

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