By Shawn
Parkton, NC
Great Irons
March 30, 2014
Great irons for a beginner golfer like me. I am a high handicapper so didn't want anything that I probably couldn't handle. These came as a recommendation and they are great.
Prosprice, quality
By Russ
Prescott, AZ
Great Price, Great Product
July 25, 2013
Enjoy the look and feel of these irons. Would highly recommend them. For the last 10 years had used graphite shaft irons and had no problems transitioning to the steel shafts.
By Kevin
Charlotte, NC
Get these clubs NOW!!!
July 18, 2013
These clubs are about an inch longer than my old set so that took some getting use to. Now that I have I can see such a difference & it only took 4 rounds. The ball jumps off these irons & the height of the ball is like I've never had before. My scoring has dropped by 6-8 shots already. I can't wait to get out on the course again.
ProsPrice, quality & performance
ConsAbsolutely nothing
By K Dubz
Love these irons
July 10, 2013
I've been playing them for over a year now and i couldn't be happier with them.
By dannytgolf
New Cumberland, PA
Taylor Made deal
July 6, 2013
Brand new irons at a great price. Highly recommend
By Mark
Cant beat RBG
July 4, 2013
I searched the internet high and low for the best price on these irons. RBG is without a doubt the cheapest around. Love these irons and you cant beat them for the price.
By Steve
Great Clubs, Great Service!
July 3, 2013
I received these clubs within 3 days of my order. Even with shipping, they were $50 less than any otehr retailer. Clubs arrived in time for an outing but unfortunately I sublaxated my L5 (not from golf) in my back and didn't get to play!! Looking forward to enjoying the game again with tehse clubs. Definitely recomend Rock Bottom olf!
ProsQuality Feel Playability Brand/Image
ConsNothing Yet
By Jamie
Medina, Ohio
Work great
June 28, 2013
Added 15-20 yards per club from my old clubs.
By Jack
Gracemere, QLD Australia
June 28, 2013
Im only an intermediate golfer and these new clubs have been excellent. Best purchase yet.
ProsGrips Spin Swing Speed
By mike
Ft. Laud. Fla.
June 27, 2013
In the past two years I've tried Calloway x-20s Adams. These Burner plus irons are great!
By Tony
Awesome look and awesome performance
June 26, 2013
Clubs look good in the bag and even better in my hand. I'm not a great golfer, by any means, but this does help me with my ability to hit the right spot on the club for a better shot.
ProsLooks good Nice feel to the club
By Lynn
great clubs
June 26, 2013
i'm a high handicap with these clubs i've been getting better distance. Clubs replaced my old racs and they are a good upgrade.
Prosadded distance, easy to use
By John
Annapolis, MD
Having best season ever now!
June 23, 2013
I am now playing consistent boogie golf and even bad shots end up better than my best shot before! BUY ASAP!
ProsAdded distance and accuracy!
ConsStill cant hit the 4 however before I could only hit 6 iron +
By David
Stamford, CT
Timeless clubs
June 12, 2013
Why pay for the rocket blades when you can buy these. Considered to be the best irons taylormade has ever produced.
Prosprice timeless
Conslook at address
By Dan
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Burner plus iron set
May 31, 2013
I'm about a 12 handicapper, and been playing no name clubs all my life. Should have made this purchase a long time ago. Love the clubs, great price, came quick too. Highly recommend both the clubs and rock bottom golf!
ProsGreat feel, great ball striking.
By Glenn Gallagher
New Irons
November 15, 2012
Great set, am really pleased with the service and the items!! Nice to hit with!
By Adam
Blair, NE
Great Clubs
September 20, 2012
I have had these clubs for about 3 months. I've been hitting the ball longer and straighter than with my old set and the sand wedge has really helped with my short game.
Prosadded distance straight ball flight
By Mike
Added Distance
August 28, 2012
The ball just jumps off these clubs. I added 10 to 15yds to every club! The flight of the ball is very straight.
ProsI did nothing to my swing and added distance to all my irons.
ConsThey could have better grips, but after so long all clubs need re-griped, so you can put the grips you like on them!
By Tom
Awesome Irons
August 25, 2012
Great weight and feel. The weight of the club heads cut through wet grass and gave me a lot more distance! My golf partner was smitten with these the day I played and is looking into buying a set for himself!
By Aaron
East Lansing, MI
Maximum Game Improvment
August 18, 2012
I'm coming from a really old Spalding set (eww) which are heavy and dated. I shot a 48 the day before with old clubs.I shot a 43 the next day with the new clubs. (Clubs were not the only factor, but they sure did help!) Packaged very nicely and arrived in 2 days from Rock Bottom!
Pros- Maximum Game Improvement (according to Taylor Made and many other professional sites) - Lightweight which results in an easy and relaxed stroke - Even weight distribution throughout club, which made the stroke feel even more smooth (Diablo Edge felt heavier on bottom) - Excellent stock grip - Club face is 1/2 inch bigger than old set which results is much more forgiveness
By Ronnie
Chanute, Kansas
Great feel and a ton of forgiveness
August 14, 2012
This is my second set of irons and a big upgrade from what I had. These clubs provide amazing feedback on shots. You know immediately how well you struck the ball as soon as the ball leaves the clubface. They are also really forgiving and poorly struck shots can turn out not so bad. Love my new irons!
By Andrew pierce
New Brunswick. Canada
Love them
August 12, 2012
Hitting longer
By Anthony
Sydney, Australia
August 9, 2012
Incredible best irons I have ever played with.
Charlotte, NC
Great clubs, even better price!
August 8, 2012
I've been playing knockoff clones for the past year or so since I got back in the game. There's something to be said for a great set of clubs. The feel of these is perfect, whether I'm hitting off the fairway or the deep rough. Couldn't ask for a more comfortable set of clubs!
ProsGreat feel, Competitive price
By kevin
washington dc
cant beat the price
August 6, 2012
clubs came as described. they also came extremely fast. 2 day shipping
By Todd
camano island, washington
Burner Plus
July 25, 2012
For the money these are the most forgiving clubs yet still can work the ball both ways.
Prosvery forgiving on mishits gain 10yrds
By Wendy
These are amazing!
July 23, 2012
I truly enjoy my golf game now. I especially like the deep cavity these clubs have. Topped with the great price I recieved, these Taylor Made clubs ROCK!!!
Prosdeep cavity
By Jeremy
Roslyn, NY
TM Burner Irons
July 19, 2012
One of the best starter iron sets, especially for the young guns with higher swing speeds. Very forgiving with a lot of power and a fair amount of spin. Similar to some of the PING sets that would work equally as well for those who are trying to figure out how to "go at the ball" and who are building a swing. Pretty fun to hit and can be used quite effectively even for those approaching single-digit handicaps.
Prosprice distance forgiveness
By Pete
Boston, MA
Great price, great ball flight, very quick delivery (and free)
July 17, 2012
Great price, great ball flight, very quick delivery (and free)
By jason sczerba
rimersburg, pa
very nice
July 16, 2012
helped my short game alot
Prosnice grips
Consneed to extend short for a 6-3 person
By Matt
Hendersonville, North Carolina
Game Improvement
July 15, 2012
I am new to the game and bought these from scratch to replace a loaned set of Tommy Armours. Did the one thing you shouldn't do and went straight to a par 3 course. Shot 3 strokes over my best round without practice and straight out of the box, also noticed the ball traveling 10 to 15 yards farther. These clubs started giving me confidence and I started shooting alot more pars (should be birdies but I am not that good at putting).
ProsNice look Great feel Confidence booster Price
ConsNo lob wedge Stock grips
By Cast
Little Rock, Arkansas
Added 10-15 yards to every club!
July 14, 2012
This is the first set of new clubs I've owened. My last set was an old used set of Golden bears and they did the job of teaching me the basics, but I was getting frustrated with my distance. So I decided invest in the Burner plus set and I'm EXTREAMLY impressed with not only the clubs but the service and support I received from RBG! I would definitely recommend these clubs very forgiving for new players and great distance!
By Glenn
Rocky Mount North Carolina
Burn Baby Burn
July 13, 2012
Very impressed with these clubs. They have added yardage to my game, which is not good as I am over shooting greens. Hands down the best price you will find for this set new! Thanks Scratch!!
ProsFeel Distance Price
By Dave
Richland, WA
Awesome Irons
July 11, 2012
Perfect right out of the box! Actually arrived 2 days early, Wow. Have only hit them a couple of times, they feel, long, and strong. I Love the grips, and the clubs have a huge sweet spot. These clubs, for this price, no problem. I Love RBG!
ProsPrice Taylor Made Quality Fast, FREE, Shipping!
By Chris
Russell, Mn
Awesome clubs
July 10, 2012
These clubs are the best clubs Ive ever owned. Great distance and very forgiving on miss hits.
By Lucio
Muscatine, IA
+ yards
July 9, 2012
Had graphite shafts before. Bought these steelshafts easie to hit. Gained yards a club.
ProsPrice and perfomance
By Paul
Parkersburg, WV
July 9, 2012
I'm 62 years old and these clubs have improved my game tremendously. Handicap was 20, now I estimate 12.
Prosconsistent ball striking and distance
Consnot a thing
By Curtis Broadie
Silver Spring, Maryland
my new irons
July 9, 2012
can't give them 5 stars only because I've only had them for a short period of time........but in that short period of time I can already feel the difference with ball control.......and RockBottomGolf got the clubs to me very quickly.......outstanding job........I am on the site about to order a few more things
Prosball control
By Jody
Taylor made irons
July 9, 2012
Great set of irons.
Proslight weight longer flight straighter flight
By Zavier
Great Irons
July 9, 2012
I've had a chance to hit these at the range twice and once on the course and I have to say they are awesome. Keeping in mind that I still consider myself a beginner and my last set was a pretty crappy starter iron set but these just feel great. When I mishit they are more forgiving and when I hit perfectly they really shine!
ProsQuality, Performance, Price
By JC Poindexter
Roanoke, VA
The Taylor Made Golf Burner Plus Irons are Great
July 9, 2012
I already had one set of these I play with all the time. I bought a second set to keep at my "winter escape" in Florida since I hit them so well. Easier to hit and longer than the Callaways I used to hit.
By Eddie
Good clubs good price.
July 8, 2012
Clubs hit well they are well balanced.
ProsBalanced clubs and weighted to help with the follow through.
By George
July 8, 2012
Great clubs for me - instills more confidence looking down at the la of the club. Great sweet-spot.
ProsFeel, looks, performance
By J. Killman
Conyers, GA
Get 'em if you can!
July 3, 2012
I guess al golfers hope that new equipment will fix everything; it won't. But I have to say that since I got these clubs, I've been very happy with the results. I really do hit the ball longer. and as I age that becomes important. In my first outing with the irons, I overhit the green three times using the same club I used to use. It may sound trite, but these irons really do what the manufacturer says they do, at least for this average golfer with an 18 handicap!
ProsGood feel, a bit longer than other brands, nice grips
ConsI thinking . . . .
By Bryan E.
Atlanta, GA
Great Balance and Accuracy
July 3, 2012
Recently started playing again after being away from the game for more than ten years. After a few rounds I upgraded my clubs to these Taylor Made Burner Plus irons. I immediately noticed the difference in the balance of these clubs. My swing was a lot smoother. I also found that I was able to place the ball a lot more accurately than my older clubs. One of the greatest differences was the way the ball grabs the green... the ball did not hit and roll off a great distance as it did with my older clubs. Had I used these clubs earlier I might not have taken any time away from the game. These irons easily took 8 to 10 strokes off my game!
Pros- Great balance in the swing - Accuracy in placing shots - Shots bite when landing on the green - Distance and loft
Cons- More greens fees because I want to play more than ever!
By Seth
You need these in your bag
July 2, 2012
I upgraded from Ping Eye 2's which are still good clubs but there is a lot to say for newer technology. These clubs are so easy to sing and feel amazing. Definitely added distance and takes strokes off your game I reccommend to everyone.
By Horse
Newcastle Australia
Love the Burners
July 2, 2012
Amazing elevation, sweet feel
ProsLove me. 35 points first round
By jim
fernley, nv
Really like the way they feel,
June 30, 2012
Added 5 to 10 yards to each iron, love the control and work ability, easier to fade and draw.. dropped 3 strokes on the last two rounds..
Proslooks feel, work ability
By Scott
Susquehanna, PA
They really go....
June 24, 2012
These clubs are long and forgiving. Put a resonable swing on them and you'll get good results
ProsLong. Forgiving
Consnothing really
By kevin
wellsville, ny
easy to hit
June 21, 2012
great looking clubs that provide extra distance on every strike
Prosprice distance looks
Consthe grips are very thin and provide little grip definatly regripping soon
By Jed
Coldwater, Ohio
March 2, 2012
Haven't got to hit these on the links yet, but I can tell just by hitting some balls into the field I've added distance to all my clubs. These things sail! Can't praise Rock Bottom enough for the customer service either!
Proslight weight look great
By Chris
Columbus, Ohio
Great clubs
February 27, 2012
Added the extra length and loft I was looking for in a club. Only golfed with the clubs on the course once since I've bought them, already like them better than my last set. Can't wait to get on the course more this year!
ProsAdded length and loft.
By C. D.
Great clubs
February 18, 2012
Excellent Tayor Made quality and tremendous price, add that to quality service from Rock Bottom and it is a winner. Thanks again
ProsThe entire experience
By Joe
Johnston, RI
Best Ever!!!
February 17, 2012
Been playing golf for several years using Adams Clubs (2sets)...looking for something to boost my confidence and improve my game.Got both with these irons!
ProsLighter and the feel is great. My shots are definitely longer and higher.
By harold
paradise, CA
Awesome clubs!
February 16, 2012
These clubs are the best clubs I have owned, especially the AW-what spin!
Prosthe control
By Henry
Nice Set of Irons for the price!
February 6, 2012
These irons are longer than my other set. Quality!
ProsNice feel. Good distance on off center hits. Solid contact on ball.
By Andreus
Jamestown, NY
Amazing feel!
February 3, 2012
These clubs feel so amazingly fast and light. I started playing golf last year and got a cheapo Hagen set, they worked, but these just feel so much better. Lighter, faster, and deffinately a better quality construction. If your like me and don't like paying full price for the lastest clubs, these are for you. They may be a few seasons behind but at half the cost of this years taylormades they are perfect.
ProsWeight, speed, quality construction, price point.
ConsNothing other than, I wish I had bought them sooner.
By mike byrne
huntsville, alabama
great irons solid feel good distance
February 3, 2012
very happy w/ these irons have solid feel and good distance.
Proslight shafts solid feel good distance
By mike byrne
huntsville, alabama
great irons solid feel good distance
February 3, 2012
very happy w/ these irons have solid feel and good distance.
Proslight shafts solid feel good distance
By droc
chino, CA
great clubs
February 3, 2012
I love my clubs, I hit further and straighter with these clubs. Its a step up from my old oneand that's all I was looking for.
ProsThe price
ConsDon't have one
By steve shaw uk
February 2, 2012
Only played one round with them but they feel brill given me loads of confidence.
ProsLooks great feels great no regrets
By Peter
Score busters
February 2, 2012
First round with these clubs dropped 5 strokes from my handicap. Everyone commented on the high ball flight. Extremely happy with these irons. As usual delivery was great. Less than a week to Australia.
ProsGreat ball flight Easy launch Accurate
By John
Great irons
January 30, 2012
Great dissappointments
ProsI look like a pro
By Doug
Dover, Delaware
January 30, 2012
I have yet to play a round with my new clubs, but I have been to the range a few times and I can already tell the difference!!! I have been hitting much straighter and longer then with my old clubs.
ProsPrice Sweet Spot Distance
ConsNothing yet.
By Raymond Kuter
Philadelphia, pa
Great tool
January 29, 2012
These clubs look great and helped me hit straighter. Great feel to them.
ProsFeel great and offer some compensation for my bad swing.
By Bill
Latrobe, PA
Exactly as promised
January 29, 2012
Great clubs delivered within 3 days. Weather's a bit ugly - can't wait to hit the links.
By mark giordano
January 28, 2012
As a beginner, these are easy to hit .Good resultsso far.
Prosgreat price for a quality product.
By TaylormadeMan
Great Clubs
January 24, 2012
These irons dramatically improved my game. Gave me about 5 yards more length per club than my previous irons and greatly improved my accuracy. You will not go wrong with these in your hands.
ProsLength Feel Ease of swing looks
By Allan Rivano
Los Angeles, CA
it was a good choice for me to buy this golf set
December 7, 2011
forgiving, favorable for mid to high handicapper
By Ryan
Schreiber, Ontario
December 2, 2011
I played a summer with these irons and my handicap went down 3 over 3 months. The irons had a lot to do with it. The ball explodes off the face and the miss hits actually dont turn out all that bad due to the very large sweet spot. The grips are pretty nice too. Im still trying to figure out how far I can hit the 52 degree though. I would recommend these irons for players who are of high and low handicaps.
Proslarge sweet spot
By Jason B.
Great Set !!!
October 19, 2011
I bought this set over a year ago and never looked back! These clubs are well priced and feel great on the course. I actually bought a second set to send to my in-laws place in Mrytle Beach because they worked out so great. Best of luck.
By dustin
Marietta, ohio
great buy
March 6, 2011
I purchased my clubs after using the same clubs for the past thirteen years. I can out distance my old clubs by 30-40 yards easy. I'm very happy with these clubs and my fellow golfers are impressed. Here they thought I just couldn't hit the ball that far. Now with my new clubs I'm keeping up and kicking butt. Thank you rock bottom.
Proseasy to swing. great feel. all around great
By Waynne
Outstanding Clubs
February 17, 2011
All you have to do is swing easy and let these babies do the rest move down one club on all previous distances and as usual Rockbottom delivered on time.
By Richard
High Point, North Carolina
Love these clubs and this site
September 20, 2010
Great Clubs
ProsGreat to hit
By Randee
Danville, IL
Burner Plus's are a Plus
August 19, 2010
received my clubs on Wednesday after ordering them on Sunday night. Took them out of box and loved the looks of them and the ease that they swung by. Immediately went to the range then to my Wed. League at 5 pm. we play 9 holes and have handicaps. I am a 10 handicap and play 2-3 times weekly for fun and, I shot a 39 for 9 holes and that is the best i have shot all season in the league. My partner was amazed at how high and long these irons made my shots work. I had prior R9 taylor made knockoffs and was happy with them, but my son hits them so well he wanted them. (what was I to do but say here ya go)... I love taylormade products and decided I wanted to try these as hitting some at the driving range in my hometown's pro shop golf course. I am very happy with the feeling of confidence that these irons bring me and also the enjoyment of looking at the faces of the guys that I hit against tonight. made the whole season complete. thanks Rockbottom for being there for me now and in the guys are the best
Prosease of hitting and control of distance/trajectory
By Michael
Brighton, Michigan
Great Irons
August 15, 2010
For the money, you can't beat this deal. The clubs are easy to hit and forgiving on miss hits.
By Recovery Shot Specialist
These clubs have 6 different kinds of awesome!
August 15, 2010
You read it right - 6 different kinds of awesome. Played with them yesterday and picked up 20m per club. Look and feel great. They have a sound to them, that when you hit the ball and hear the crack, you know its going right right where you're aiming. Would have liked a Sand Wedge, but I've come up with a way around that problem. Don't hit it into a bunker.
By Brad
sugar grove, il
August 13, 2010
The first time I played a round with theses clubs shot my best score ever 84...
By Reffitt2
Love The Feel and Distance!!!
August 10, 2010
I got this set recently and I love them! It is by far the best money I have spent yet for any type of golf equipment. They have a great feel and are extremely accurate. It took me a few trips to the range to get the longer shaft length down, but after that it has been smooth sailing. They have a wonderful sound on impact and are extremely light compared to my friends Callaway X-20s. Some might not like the head weight, and although it took some getting used to I really like it now. It allows you to focus more on the swing instead of the power. I have gained around 15 yards on almost every club (I am not great with the 4 iron yet, but that is simply operator error). Overall, simply just great clubs at a great price. Shipping was phenomenal as well. I will definitely be buying more gear from Rock Bottom! Thanks, Rock Bottom!!!
ProsAccuracy Feel Burner Distance Playability Sound
By Improving hacker
Bay Of Plenty
Excellent clubs
July 4, 2010
Have palyed a couple of rounds with these clubs now - they seem to hit true and always give a confidence inspiring noise. Clubs feel good and you feel you can realy swing them. Would be nice if they came with a sand wedge aswell, although I am loving the approach wedge is it fills a gap where previousely I struggled, trying to hit long chip and runs or 3/4 swing pitching wedge. Confident these will keep my handicap coming down.
ProsFeel, looks, sound, swing Confidence inspiring Forgiving clubs.
ConsNo sand wedge

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