By mathew
Warren, RI
July 11, 2016
Good fast shipping
By Tyrone
July 22, 2014
It's not the driver, it's me.....:-(
I just cant hit anything straight off the tee....
ProsNice looking driver...
By chris
July 14, 2014
Long and Straight
what more can you ask for other than long and straight from a driver. The white club head is a good look
By Mark
June 22, 2014
Good performance
Gets the job done for me. When I square the ball up it flies. I like the 9.5 degree for a penetrating ball flight and good roll in dry conditions.
By Pat
Charleston , SC
June 14, 2014
Solid Driver
This is the first driver I've purchased (previously using hand-me-down drivers) and so far I'm very happy with it. One of the biggest differences I've noticed is how forgiving it is, which is something I tend to need more often than not!
By Dave
Jacksonville, IL
May 23, 2014
Taylor Made always good at drivers
Taylor Made always make quality drivers. This club has helped with my drives and getting distance. Like other people it took a little bit to get use to the white club face.
By Colby
Wenatchee, WA
April 9, 2014
What's not to like?
Added distance off the tee and great feel.
ConsMatte white isnt the easiest to keep clean
By Craig
Grand Rapids, MI
April 6, 2014
Great price fast delivery
Brand new club. Perfect condition. Shaft is really long though.
ProsTaylor Made quality. Low price.
ConsShaft Too long
By Daddydug
April 3, 2014
Been to the range with this club twice now. The Taylor Made 2.0 burner driver should be called the hammer your drive straight club. I upgraded from the R5 which was a good club that I seemed to hit at a very high trajectory with the same loft as this new club. The Taylor Made burner 2.0 is 20 yards longer and much more consistently straight with a lower trajectory. Best driver I have had so far.
By Laxman
Dayton, OH
April 1, 2014
Not Sure Yet
I've now played 2 rounds with my new driver. I am still adjusting to it, but I think in the long run it will work out well. It is a bit longer than my previous driver so adjusting to the length has been my biggest issue. Best thing about it is that I have hit EVERY drive in the fairway. It always flies straight, but I am not getting the distance yet. I think I just need a little more practice with it and I'll be good to go.
ProsAlways goes straight (I used to hook a lot of drives), nice look and feel, bought it during 50% off sale so it was only $90!
By James
April 1, 2014
status of driver
I bought this club for my son in law for his xmas present He said that was the club he had swung a while ago And according to him I am in trouble when we play golf. he said that it is the best driver and the only new driver he has ever had. I will be playing against him in a couple of weeks ( cant wait to see how he hits it in real competition)
By E.j. Sousa
Bristol, ri
March 28, 2014
Great feel
Awesome ball control
By Casey
St Petersburg, FL
March 26, 2014
Hitting the ball much farther and straighter(for the most part). The grip is the only flaw I see. It will need to be replaced before 100 rounds of golf. I highly recommend this to anyone!
Baldwin Park, CA
March 21, 2014
best choice
bottom price, good quality, sweet feeling, as my 2nd driver purchased. why there is no direct shipping to China now?
By Ayesijuan
March 13, 2014
Great distance once I adjusted to extra length
I am still a newbie to golf (only been playing for about 15 months) and decided to splurge as this was a great price and other reviews raved about it. I had a little problem slicing when I first tried it but I went to the range and made a few adjustments for the extra length and I was nailing them at leadt 25 - 50 yards further than my Strata driver.
ProsGreat extra distance and good feel
ConsGotta adjust for extra length
By Glenn
Jefferson, GA
March 9, 2014
SuperFast - SuperGood
Well Balanced, easy to swing, plenty of distance. I really like it-- my son tried it and loved it so I gave him mine and bought a second for myself. FWIW: I'm an occasional golfer who plays bogey golf -- good enough I could birdie any hole,, inconsistent enough I could triple. But I get consistent contact with this club, meaning it has plenty of forgiveness for my inconsistent swing.
ProsBalanced, forgiveness, distance
By Ryan
Wooster, OH
March 5, 2014
All Around Awesome!
I have not hit this club yet but it looks and feels sweet. I replaced my Burner 2007 with this bad boy and couldn't be happier.
By bogeys 69
tucson, arizona
March 1, 2014
took this discontinued driver ( I was told ) to the range, got a few good solid hits, the sound on contact is amazing and probably got 20 more yards out of it. looking forward to more work with it, excellent service from rockbottom
Prosa club you can hit without thinking don't really care about the tech. specs the ball just flies away
Constook a while to get used to the white face
By Evan
Key West, FL
February 25, 2014
love this club
The lightness of the club is amazing and it crushes drives of the tee! Highly recommend!
ProsAdds yards to your drive
By derrick
pearland, tx
February 20, 2014
Awesome Deal
You will not find a better driver for the price. Very nice ball flight.
By Robert jones
Anderson indiana
February 4, 2014
Fast and easy
ProsFast shipping
By Randy Meachen
United States
January 29, 2014
Crushes the ball
Having a great time with this club, drives are long and straight
By Paul
West Linn, Oregon
January 26, 2014
A comfortable natural swing
I have only had the item for one week but have gone to the range twice and played one round. I already feel comfortable with the club and when hit in the sweet spot the ball rockets off the club.
ProsLight weight, comfortable swing, and large sweet spot
ConsIt does not make me a magically better player
By Tim Morehouse
Manchester Iowa
January 25, 2014
Taylormade 2.0 driver
Unbeatable price, customer service and on time delivery! Haven't been able to use my club due to bad weather but was the exact club that I ordered. Scratch and the Rock Bottom team are a pleasure to do business with..Tim Manchester Iowa
By Jason
Tilden, Illinois
January 21, 2014
Great driver!
This is a great driver. Looks good and feels good. Super lite. Very easy to swing. Rockbottom shipped it quickly but due to the weather i did not recieve it in the 1-5 day range.
By Gonzo
Rio Grande Valley
January 19, 2014
Awesome Driver
Great club and especially shaft.
ProsDistance look
By Jeffrey
Oswego, NY
January 16, 2014
Burner 2.0
Balls jumps off the face when you hit the sweet spot. It is lightweight so it's very easy to get this thing moving fast. Gotta get it regripped in my opinion but the shaft is great.
Consgrip-slippery, especially when wet
By Dave
Livonia, MI
January 15, 2014
Quite happy with equipment and service.
My Taylor Made driver arrived on time and exactly as I ordered; right flex, right loft, etc. I have purchased several items from Rock Bottom Golf and I have never been disappointed. I have recommended them to my golf buddies.
January 12, 2014
replaced my old driver with it's double
By Simon Moloney
January 6, 2014
Finally a driver that really lets you smack that ball with a great sound. Loving the weight of the driver and performance when you connect.
By Paul
New York
January 4, 2014
excellent pick
increased my club head speed and distance
By Bruce
December 30, 2013
First time user of RBG, this experience has been great. I ordered driver, fairway wood and set of irons, all arrived on time and as described. Waiting for the weather to break to try them out.
ProsService was perfect
North Ridgeville, OH
December 30, 2013
Awesome Driver
Great club. Ball just jumps.
By Ted Bartlett
December 30, 2013
Very happy
Well happy with my new driver ,it's nice a lite and sounds great
By Derrick
United States
December 27, 2013
Added distance
I used to work in the golf business and when these came out a couple years ago I demoed them and wanted to put them in my bag right away, but never did. I just got out of a year where I struggled with my driver, so I've gone back to an older club that I know I really liked to get some added distance as well as a little forgiveness. For the price, this was a steal.
By Eduardo Salinas
Mission, Texas
December 23, 2013
Taylor Made Burner 2.0
The club is awesome I really like it. It's performance is great I have always been a Nike user, but I tell this Taylor Made products are great. Having a lot of fun with them I recommended them to everyone.
By Steve
Springfield, VA
December 21, 2013
Cold Weather Report
I received this club during the recent ice storm that affected half the country, so I haven't hit a ball with it yet. However, I can report that it looks and feels great at address with a slight draw bias. I took a couple of swings out in the yard after the ice and snow melted, once again it felt great. The head weight seems perfect for my swing, light enough to generate speed, but heavy enough to feel the club head throughout the swing. I'll know in March if I can actually hit a decent drive with it.
By Bar
December 15, 2013
Very Light DRiver
This driver is noticeably lighter than the old Burner it replaces. Takes a bit of getting used to
By orlando santana
Miami, Fl
December 15, 2013
Taylor Made Burner Superfast 2.0 Driver
Excellent product and a super fast delivery
By Michael
December 10, 2013
Driver with Distance
I bought this Driver for my older brother for his birthday. We played in a scramble a few weeks later which had 4 long distance drive contests. Needless to say, he won all four contests using this driver hitting his farthest one 350 +.
By Mary Finnan
Palm Desert
December 2, 2013
Looks Good
This driver takes a little getting used to - but once you hit the sweet spot - it flies straight. The grip is comfortable.
ConsDelivery by UPS is not very reliable. I paid extra for delivery in one to five business days - but as usual they failed to deliver within the promised dates. What a waste of good money. I wish your company would review the delivery company provider and hold them to account.
By Dean
Charlottetown, PE
November 29, 2013
Great Club
I thought the white clubhead would be distracting, but it helped me focus and concentrate. Good feel and more distance at a wild price. What more can you ask for?
By grey owl
November 25, 2013
Beware the stiff shaft!
As a 6 handicap Medicare recipient, I brought the full force of my 80 IQ to bear and ordered the stiff shaft instead of the regular. Hubris!! I no longer have the swing speed to play this shaft. Just because I want to be 35 years old doesn't mean I can fake a 110 mph swing. Just because I look in the mirror and see 1977 version of Me does not mean the hot cart girl sees the same image. Get equipment that fits, brothers. You ain't hitting it 270 anymore and you for sure ain't hitting the cart girl.
ProsIt's a really nice club...worthy of the price.
ConsDoes not transport you back in time.
By Cory
Northern California
November 23, 2013
Does it's job
The ball just keeps on going, simply can't beat the distance. I'm not a huge fan of the shape of the head as I've found it slightly more difficult to hit the sweet spot, but that could just take time to get used to.
ProsDistance Lightweight Love the white head
By Julio
United States
November 21, 2013
Great driver
Light and easy to swing driver with large sweet spot. Its added 10 to 15 yds to my drives. Love it!!
By Corey
Arlington, TX
November 20, 2013
The shape of the head threw me off at first. Once I adjusted to it the shape is actually a benefit. Long and true. Love the club and price!
By Bob D
Narragansett, RI
November 16, 2013
Taylor Made Burner Superfast 2.0 Driver
I bought this driver after trying a friends older Burner which I found very easy to hit and about 15 yards linger than my Cobra. After reading many reviews on the newer Taylor drivers and this driver I decided to try the 2.0. I was a little concerned about the standard shaft verses the stiff but chose 10.5 loft and standard shaft . This driver is not as easy to hit as the older Burner but is about 10 yards longer. After a couple of days I learned not to over swing with this club! I have gained about 25 yards over my Cobra and hit the ball considerably straighter, It"s a big difference hitting low irons into the green. I would say the standard shaft and 10.5 loft is probably the best option for most people. .I"m 66 years old with a handicap of 11. This club was a good selection for my swing and I think I will gain more distance with more experience.
ProsGood distance with very little. effort. The old saying "let the club do the work" really produces distance and straight shots.
ConsA little hard to draw- but very straight--and what's bad about straight!
By Len Mattas
Southington, CT
November 13, 2013
Scratch Delivers!M
I ordered is driver because I've hit it on a few occasions at a golf show and then a coup,e of times on the course, using a playing partner's. Haven't had a chance to hit the new one, but wanted to comment about how Scratch delivers!! Order came as promised, packaged carefully and I also ordered some golf shoes and gloves. Everything was as described and I can't wait until I get to use the equipment. CT has turned cold, it might have to wait a while! Don't hesitate to order your golfing gear from Rock Bottom Golf! Len
ProsGreat customer experience, I'll report on the club when I get to use it!!
By Pete B.
Schenectady, NY
November 7, 2013
Taylor Made Burner 2.0 Driver
Being in the northeast I have not had the chance to use it yet but I bought it after using my brother's driver and loved the feel.
ProsLight weight, easy to swing, large sweet spot.
ConsIt went on sale at Rock Bottom for $10 less one week after I bought it.
By Bob-O
Orlando, Florida
October 28, 2013
Game changer
I was a little reluctant to purchase this club without having hit it. I was meant to go in my bag of spare clubs for when we have company and someone needs a set to play. I took the club with me on vacation to North Carolina last week and played with it twice. Holy Moly, what a great club! It gives me at least 25 more yards off the tee and I am hitting it straight every single time. It is staying in my bag and my Adams driver is going to the spare set. I will probably buy the matching3 wood and rescue wood to fill out the set.
ProsLight, easy to swing. Great distance and accuracy. I like the way the set up is against the white surface.

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