By Robert
Mansfield, TX
January 30, 2014
smooth putter
this putter is smooth around the cup. it's an awsome putter to have in your bag
By James
Frankfort, IL
August 27, 2013
Great Putter, cut strokes off immediately
Dropped easily 4-5 strokes a game. Heavy putter but ball rolls so smooth off it. Turned my putting around
By Ray M.
August 27, 2013
Got this for a gift for someone!
As soon as I gave this putter to the person for a B-gift they had to try it out, we were out for a round that morning when he recived it and he could not how much it imporoved his putting. He took his old putter out of his bag and placed it in his trunk!
ProsVery nice easy to swing club for smooth contact when putting!
By Dan
August 22, 2013
Great upgrade
This putter has been awesome for me. Love the feel and love the weight. Would recommend to anyone trying to lower there score!!!
ProsGreat weight Great price Great feel
By Mark
Methuen, MA
July 17, 2013
Love the feel of this putter and the look is so sharp.
By Edward Cleary
Butte, MT.
July 17, 2013
Ghost with the most
Have played several rounds with this putter now and I am impressed and very happy. My putts are straighter and fall more often. This putter is well balanced for a smooth swing and effortless motion.
ProsGreat balance and tracks true.
ConsThat I didn't order it sooner.
By Philip
braintree, MA
July 17, 2013
My favorite putter. Bought this in the winter, have used it 8 times so far and love it. The marks on back to line up help so much. I love the weight. easy to swing.
ProsWeight length grip
By Ivan Ai
Edison NJ
July 15, 2013
Improving my putting
good control and feel. my putting got improved a lot.
Prosgood quolity
By Mike
Medicine Hat, Alberta
June 29, 2013
Very smooth
Putter is very well weighted and a great upgrade from the old putter I had. Love it.
By Rubberducky0101
Kaiserslautern, Germany
June 23, 2013
What a Putter!
I saw the Ghost Manta on the shelves a while back, but $200 was a little bit more than I wanted to spend. I tested the Ghost Manta at several different shops and stores over a long period of time. I still could not bring myself to spend the money. When I saw the Ghost Manta on RockBottomGolf, I jumped on the deal. This putter is light, smooth, true, and looks awesome. I love the double lineup for the ball. I shoot so much straighter and more accurate than I do with any other putter I have tried. TaylorMade is a great brand as well. Four of my friends have already ordered the Ghost Manta from RockBottomGolf as well. I would definitely recommend this club for any golfer.
ProsLook Weight Accuracy Feel
By Caroll
Branson Missouri
June 21, 2013
Outstanding control on long putts, short putts are hard to miss.
ProsFeel of insert.
ConsStock grip to small.
By Momonag23
Yankton, SD
June 18, 2013
Great Center Shaft putter, but...
I really like this putter. It is very easy to line up with the black lines on the white background, and the face has a nice feel to it. It's softer because of the insert of course, but still firm enough to give good feedback. I changed the grip to a Winn jumbo, but that is just a personal preference. The stock grip was fine if you like the standard size. If it was possible, I would deduct half a star just on account of the headcover though. I can't even sugar coat it...the velcro is just terrible. It's only a matter of time until it gets lost because the velcro is weak to begin with and has already worn even more in a very short time. Crazy as it sounds, I may actually try to modify it somehow to use magnets instead. All mallet putter covers should use magnets IMHO.
ProsEasy to align Excellent feel
By Bill
June 18, 2013
Great putter for a steal
Smooth and accurate. Very easy to line up shots and looks great
ProsAccurate Great feel
By Paul
Las Vegas, NV
June 12, 2013
Great Putter
Love this putter, been messing with it on the practice green. It has a great weight and feel and I can't wait to get it out on the course!
ProsGreat feel Looks cool Putts straight as an arrow
By Lyle Reiss
St James, NC
June 12, 2013
Not as good as expected
Trying to replace an older Odyessy two ball. Unfortunately not the same
By Oscar
New york
June 11, 2013
Great putter!
Got rid of my belly putter for the Manta and couldn't be happier. I also put a Winn fat grip on it. Like that too.
ProsEasy to line up and to lag.
By Biggen
Ya Mum
May 14, 2013
Best putter
Took a punt on buying this putter without trying it out in store from the positive reviews here and i've been really happy with it so far, it just gives you a sense of confidence standing behind putts that i've lacked with other models. Still getting used to the distance control with this putter as my tendency is to hit it long with this, there's a fair bit of weight behind the ball.
By Steve
Canberra Australia
May 13, 2013
Great feel and balance
I've only used my new putter once, but it really feels good and seems easy to align with two thick black lines against the white head
ProsLook, balance and feel
By Nicholas
Brisbane, Queensland
May 7, 2013
Great putter
Great weight and feel. Easy to line the ball up with the duel lines.
By Larry Couden
Pickerington, OH
May 5, 2013
I have only used this putter once, but it was GREAT!!! I never missed a putt inside of 5 feet! Easy to line up, well balanced and rather light. I have tried many putters over the years and this is the BEST, so far anyway!
ProsEasy to line up and great feel!
By ernest edwards
May 5, 2013
the putter
the putter that i wanted at 1/2 price
By Matt
Christchurch, NZ
April 22, 2013
Great putter
Nice set up and weight. Putts true
By brad
April 17, 2013
works great
no more 3 putts with this putter and lots of 1 putts, forget knee knockers
By Branden
Spokane, WA
March 31, 2013
Perfect alignment
Awesome putter if you struggle with alignment and leaving putts short
ProsAlignment, soft feel, center shaft for easy hits in the sweet spot
By Parker
Santa Cruz, CA
March 27, 2013
Great Feel
First long putt I ever attempted with this putter I made. I recently started playing golf again and this putter has shaved a few putts of each round. The putter has very good weight balance and precise distance control.
ProsGreat distance control Looks awesome
March 26, 2013
By Clay
Gove, Australia
March 24, 2013
Great weight, great feel. Taylor Made never fails to continue with quality equipment
ProsGreat weight and quality grip
ConsCover has velcro, would prefer magnets as velcro can wear thin over time
By Adam
Blair, NE
March 23, 2013
Great putter
This putter is easy to line up. The contrast of the white putter on the green a d the two black alignment lines on the white putter make it one of the easiest putters to line up. Putts are consistent length with a nice roll off the face. And it looks great!
By John Gaines
March 21, 2013
Best Putter ever!
First three putts were from 8 feet. I nearly always miss these, but sank all three. It has vastly improved my putting game.
By Brandon
West bend, wi
March 16, 2013
Best putter I've owned
Amazing deal, cheap price and fast delivery. Club is perfect.
By Anand P
Toronto Canada
February 19, 2013
Even face gives regular, consistent putting distances. Practice a few hundred putts in the offseason and you will be dropping 15-20' putts within a 2' radius regularly (even sticking a few!)...would highly recommend this putter for beginners well before you spend $ on a new driver, fairway wood or even iron set -- as this will shave 4-5 strokes off your game.
ProsVery forgiving putter face with even distance technology plate. Great sightlines with the white head, with 2 lines that help ensure your stroke is lined up. End loaded so your swing will remain consistent without much effort.
ConsHard to dislike a single club that takes a low-90 into a mid-80. GO GET IT!
By Allan
Springfield, IL
February 3, 2013
Making putts now. Got the putter very quickly after ordering.
ProsPretty and seems like I can aim better.
ConsNothing so far
By Ron
February 3, 2013
Grab the Ghost
Love the weight and feel.
ProsPutting sightline.
By Ozzy Enriquez
lewisville Texas
January 31, 2013
love this putter
I love the control I have on the greens with this putter.
ProsI like the way the putter feels and I am two putting more often then before.
By Jim
December 18, 2012
Nice Improvement
Sets up better for me than the Corza
By Tommy
Australia, Western Australia
September 5, 2012
Has definitely helped my putting
By jim
rochester, ny
July 18, 2012
very easy to See the line
betterline tether than the two ball approach....really like this, especially on putts over 4 feet (most of mine!)
Prossight line
By kevin
wellsville NY
June 3, 2012
good distance putter
this is a great putter to have when you have a long distance putt to make
Prosgood feel forward spin is great
By Andrew
June 1, 2012
I find white distracting
I tried to hit this with an open mind, and it does perform well. I can not fault the roll it or feel, but I do not like looking down at address at the white head. In fairness can not fault performance, but I do not like the look personally
ProsPerforms well
ConsDon't like the look of white putter heads

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