By Connie
Harrisburg, PA
July 24, 2014
Outstanding Driver
I have had this driver for a month now. Got a GREAT deal on it from Rock Bottom Golf. Every man in my family has asked to test out this club. I think they are envious. The men hit harder that me so it truly is a 'Burner' when they hit it. I tell them, if you break it you have to buy me a new one. LOL...
ProsIt is so light weight. That is the first thing the guys notice about it. I am grateful that it is light weight.
By Ron
November 26, 2013
Great Driver
Distance and accuracy much improved
By rose
wellington, fl
November 9, 2013
solid driver
hitting it longer and straighter
November 7, 2013
Loving this Driver!!!
Ladies, let me tell you, Do not pass up the opportunity to buy this driver, I bought this a few weeks ago, My boyfriend and I golf often, I was hitting this driver at the 150 marker and right in the middle of the fairway,, I swear I am normally in the mid to upper 90's MY SCORE yesterday was 88!!!!! I asked my boyfriend did it really look like this driver was making a difference in my game and he said without a doubt!!!! If you buy the flex shaft you will have to do a little adjusting because of the way you come around on your swing but once you get use to this driver I feel you will love it, Honestly cant wait to golf again and use this, I also bought the hybrid 2.0 #4 , I used it for some of the par 3's and did well with it too, I will have to practice with it more but I love the feeling of this club and I am looking forward in using it more too!! Good luck and happy shopping
November 4, 2013
Great driver
Finally got my wife to use a driver. The 13 degree loft is just right.
By Amy
Atascadero, California
October 28, 2013
More distance and straight out. Great driver!!!
Used this driver twice last weekend. Distance is constant and at least 20 yards more than my old Burner. But, the best part is the ball doesn't wonder right or left, just straight down the middle of the fairway. What a club!!!
By Sylvia
United States
October 17, 2013
So happy I bought this
I am only a so-so golfer but wanted more distance and with this club I found it!
By mitch
Boynton Beach, Fl
October 16, 2013
Adds 20 yards rightg off the bat
I bought this for my wife after owning one for 2 years. as soon as she started to use it she gained at least 20 yards on every drive. I highly recommend this driver to all, men and women
ProsWeight, coloring
By sylvia
Placitas, NM
June 19, 2013
Awesome driver
Have been looking for a quality womens that was reasonably price. I get 20-30 m more years than my old driver and it feels so good to hit with it. I'm now thinking about the fairway woods to match.
Proseasy to make contract with the sweet spot more often.
Consthat i didn't buy it sooner
By Michael
Westfield, NJ
June 19, 2013
Club head works wonders... shaft does not
The stock shaft for the 2.0s is VERY whippy. Play one stiffness higher than normally or expect slight fades and baby draws to take hard angles. The head performs well in its own right, but this club either needs a stiffer shaft or a whole new shaft all together in my opinion. If you play a slow tempo shot, or simply hit the ball very straight then you will see a big advantage here. If you are a power driver with a faster tempo, you will find the inconsistency that comes with a whippy shaft to cripple your game.
ProsDistance Weight
Consweak shaft workability is next to impossible to control
By Brock
Los Angeles, CA
May 6, 2013
GF loves it
Bought this for my GF. She's a beginner with a slow swing. Hits well with this club. She loves the look too.
By Joetta
Cimarron, KS
November 7, 2012
Lightweight for swinging
I had tried the driver from my daughter-in-law for 2-3 weeks and loved the performance of it, so I ordered one for myself.
ProsThe trajectory and distance the ball travels is 20 to 30 yards further than my previous driver.
By Carol
August 10, 2012
First game with the driver, I broke my handicap. Love that club!
ProsHits further than my previous driver.

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