By Chris
White Lake, MI
August 6, 2014
Nice driver, good price
By Zach
Edgington, IL
June 11, 2014
Great Line of Clubs
I really like TM's Burner series, and this club is really going to help my Brother-In-Law's game. I'm glad that this product line is still available.
By Scott
Buffalo, NY
June 4, 2014
Great club for beginner
Working on my slice still but this club seems to be much more forgiving than previous wilson driver.
By Travis
Manhattan, KS
May 28, 2014
Taylor Made Burner Superfast 2.0
Very forgiving. Added about 15 yards and helped with shanks. Highly recommend.
ProsVery forgiving
By Beau
Los Angeles, CA
April 9, 2014
This club is the perfect "transition" club (driver) for me.
The first thing I noticed was the length, slightly longer, which can be scary to a high handicapper, but the fear disappears when you stand over it properly at the range. The balance puts you at easy and the club became more friendly as I went through my first "bucket". I instinctively tried to "whack" the first couple with false security and added club power. But the reality is as I practiced a better and more constant tempo, this Burner 2.0 launched me straight and 20 yards further than I have been with my older driver. What a great deal, too. If you got a major purchase, or even to pick up a new concept Pitch or Putter, just pull up the RockBottomGolf website and soon you will be rewarded with your product at an amazing price.
ProsGood club for me, at that price, for that shipping, great tracking, arrived in great condition easy forms and instructions for shipping, lots of shipping options and incentives
Consups left it on the ground in the rain...not even an attempt to tap on the gate as I had instructed.
By Sam
April 6, 2014
Didn't Disappoint
I haven't played in 3-4 years & decided to take up golf again. I received my new driver FAST and took it directly to the range. I was shocked at first to see how big it was, but it only took me a few swings to figure out this was a good choice. It's easier to hit than I thought, and I don't have to swing as hard, yet get more distance than my old driver. Amazing! I am looking forward to seeing how far the ball goes when I actually get used to this club...early indications are it's going to be real good!
By Bob
Edinburg, TX
April 2, 2014
Great Driver
Switched to this club and chose the stiff flex shaft due to my swing speed being pretty fast. Took some time to get used to that but once I started figuring that out this baby really sends the ball down the fairway! Straightened out some of my wayward shots, too! Bought it when it was really on sale and would recommend it to all golfers.
ProsGreat price when I purchased! Really sends the ball down the fairways!
By Jose
United States
March 28, 2014
Sweet Driver
I definitely hit the ball further and the look/feel is great! highly recommended!
By Coop
February 2, 2014
Early Graduation Gift
Grandson coming to Florida on winter break to play some golf with the Ole Guy. This will be early Graduation gift.
ProsThe Rock has the best prices and terrific prices
By Dave
Fort Worth, TX
January 28, 2014
New Driver
I had been playing my 2005 Cleveland Launcher until I just purchased the TM Burner SF 2.0. The length is about 1 inch longer than my old Cleveland, which I like and the head is much bigger and it basically screams "You can't miss the sweet spot with this thing!" The only thing that will take some getting used to is the lighter weight, but I love the sound this club makes compared with the Launcher.
Proslonger & lighter great price
By Ruth Soder
South Padre Island, Texas
January 11, 2014
Taylormade Golf-LH Burner Superfast 2.0 Driver
My husband loves the club. He gets more yardage and straighter hits.
By Grady Fulghum
Wilson, NC
January 2, 2014
Burner SuperFast Driver
This driver has a very light feel, creates great club head speed, and has a forgiving sweet spot. Very tempting to overswing this driver, but all you need is your current clubhead speed to hit excellent drives. Highly recommend both for performance and appearance.
ProsLight, great feel during swing. 10.5 Loft is acutally higher than my previous driver, but drives go farther than my previous 9 degree club, as the ball stays in the air longer..
By Craig McWilliams
Home Vancouver (Burnaby)
October 23, 2013
caveman golf equipment
Last year I moved and had all my golf equipment stolen from my vehicle before I could unload it. I bought most of the replacement clubs from Rock Bottom because I had been buying equipment from here for a while. Now a year later I couldn't resist the deal a few weeks ago on a new Burner driver and as I was coming down from Vancouver to Arizona I had it sent here. Well after 3 rounds of using it I can tell you it is working great and once again the price and delivery was superb. I originally found you when buying through EBay but now I just respond to the emails on specials you send. Thank you caveman I will be back.
Prosas always fast efficient service and equipment as listed.
ConsHaven't had a problem yet with everything I have bought over the last several years
By Terry
Close Johnstown, pa.
October 16, 2013
Taylor Made Burner Driver Sperfast 2.0
Great club, I am hitting long and straight down the fairways.
By Aidan
October 6, 2013
Good length
Can be a little tough to hit at first but awesome once you get the hang of it. I'm now hitting it consistently 275-280 off the tee and a lot straighter.
ProsDistance Looks awesome Accuracy
ConsA bit tough to get used to
West Michigan
October 4, 2013
Great gear for the price
Truly like the driver. It arrived as promised and will be in the bag for quite a while. The only downside is that I need to put it on a launch monitor and trade out the shaft. Seems a bit short on distance vs it's claim.
By Paul
Saint John, NB Canada
September 8, 2013
Love this club
First time out wasn't great but I didn't even have a chance to go to the range first. Definitely noticed the larger sweet spot and drives are slightly longer and straighter. Very pleased with the purchase.
By Eagle 36
Riverside, CA
July 28, 2013
Long and Straight
Has added about 20 yards to my drive. Also easy to hit straight!
ProsLight weight and length of shaft
By Lynden
July 22, 2013
Smash balls with This lightweight driver
Super light driver is great for cranking balls straight down the fairway! It's hard to miss hitting the giant sweet spot!
By Luc
Montreal canada
July 15, 2013
Just shotmy first game and got 20-25 yards more than my older clubs, just awesome... Rock on "rock bottom"
By Gary Guinn
Plano, Texas
July 10, 2013
Taylor Made Burner Driver
I have really enjoyed my new Taylor Made driver.... thanks to Rock Bottom Golf for a great product and great price! The shipping was also easy and fast.... received in about 4 days. Thanks, Gary
By Derrell Griffith
July 6, 2013
super lightweight driver
This club is so light and easy to adjust to. Made the transition easily from holder, heavier driver.
Proslight weight accurate extreme distance
Conslonger than previous driver; took a little getting used to.
By Mario
Houlton, Maine
July 3, 2013
Great driver
I bought this one in stiff flex to replace the same driver I had in a reg flex. It's a great driver and I get compliments on this driver all the time.
ProsLooks Distance Price
By Kyle Wewe
Cincinnati, Oh
June 28, 2013
The 2.0 was hard to hit at first but now that I have had a chance to hit the range a couple times and a few rounds under my belt I can't be happier. It has great feel and easy to swing through the zone. All for $100, so happy I just ordered the 3 wood to go along with it.
ProsFeel easy to keep tempo Distance Unreal
ConsShaft could be stiffer
By Chris
Thousand Oaks, CA
June 20, 2013
Great Pop
I experimented a bit with this club for just a few minutes (I regularly use the Superfast 1.0). The main difference that I can tell between the two is that the 2.0 makes a crisper sound on impact, which gives the impression of more power and distance. I can't confirm whether it's actually longer or not though. The 2.0 also seems to be a tad bit lighter than the 1.0. Overall I liked the feel and think that this is a solid club. Some people complain that it feels too long (it is a bit longer than some other drivers, but only about 1/4 to 1/2 inch). At the end of the day, if you want more distance you have to add a little bit of length - just a fact.
By steve olguin
las vegas,nv
June 18, 2013
wow nice driver
recived as promised, in just a few days. have played a few rounds with the club and it has taken a few shots off my game. it is a very light club and really improved my swing speed.
Prosvery light, easy to swing. makes me feel a few years younger
By steve olguin
las vegas,nv
June 18, 2013
wow nice driver
recived as promised, in just a few days. have played a few rounds with the club and it has taken a few shots off my game. it is a very light club and really improved my swing speed.
Prosvery light, easy to swing. makes me feel a few years younger
By Maverick
Beaverton, OR
May 13, 2013
Great club
Been waiting to purchase a nice driver for a while now and when I saw this for such a low price I had to get it feels great super light and gotten a good amount more distance on my drives
By Devin
April 23, 2013
Such a forgiving driver, the distance I am getting from this club is unbelievable , I am a high handicap I feel this is club is going to change my game completely , it's a bonus that rockbottomgolf had it for such a great deal
By Drew
Tulsa, OK
February 4, 2013
Hot Driver
I was looking for a Driver so I went to a local golf shop to hit a few. I hit all the Taylor Made options and the computer said that this was the one. I purchased on RBG and hit this weekend. It was a great experience. I hit it straight and consistent.
ProsLight, Hot, White Face, Marker on Top
By Dave
December 21, 2012
Taylor Made Burner
Club looks great. I'll let you know how it works when the weather gets warmer.
By Yanlex
Beverly Hills, Michigan
July 15, 2012
2.0 More like 1.0
Club is OK. More distance with old R9. Old R9 is also more controllable.
By Art Boothby
Simsbury, CT.
July 9, 2012
Club is definitely longer than my previous Taylor Made Driver. Probably 20 yards or more. Very light and easy through the ball. Can't figure out how to turn it over yet, but will get it. Have always drawn the ball and am having trouble doing it with this club. I would definitely give this club a positive rating, especially for the price. Art Boothby
ProsLight and increases clubhead speed.
ConsHaving trouble drawing it.
By lance
United States
July 9, 2012
buy US made clubs
took 20 yards off my swing. my old R5 out drives this club
Proslooks good
Consto light, very china made

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