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By Eric
Midland, MI
June 17, 2014
Excellent driver
I'm very happy with this driver, especially at this price. Solid club that helps me hit the ball further.
By Gary
June 15, 2014
Excellent club
I have played 20 rounds or so with this and my brother already bought the same model. Had an r11 but this club is longer and straighter.
ProsLonger, more adjustable, love the white
By Steven
Edson, AB
June 1, 2014
Excellent Driver
Used driver for 5 rounds so far this year and immediately added 15-20 yards to my drives. Live in Canada and was delivered to my door in four business days, very pleased with my purchase.
By Ronnie
Lynnwood, WA
May 21, 2014
Awesom Driver
This was my first new driver purchase and I was very impressed with it. I'm hitting the ball much further and straighter than I was before. I haven't explored all of the adjustments but look forward to doing so soon!
ProsLooks good, great distance, great accuracy
By Dave
Bristol, TN
May 8, 2014
Good Driver!
Played a couple rounds with it thus far. Good....but not least for me. Have since tried the Jetspeed which performed much better in my opinion.
By Craig
Kingwood, TX
April 28, 2014
R1 Driver
Great Driver. Easy to hit. Great Distance
By Shane
Tipp City, OH
April 19, 2014
Great Technology
This is a great club. I am playing with N face angle and 10.5 loft. I hit this driver much more consistent than previous models from Callaway and Ping. I love the shape of the face shape.
ProsDistance Looks Face Shape
ConsDull Feedback Hard to Clean Sole Stock Grip
By Justin
Dubuque, IA
April 13, 2014
R1 Driver
Works great, just as advertised! can be adjusted to fit any golfer.
By Michael
Koloa, HI
April 13, 2014
Best driver ever!
Hits longer and straighter more often than any other driver I have hit. Would give it 6 stars if I could... Get this club and you will not be sorry and the price it right at Rock Bottom. Thanks guys...
ProsEasy to adjust and easy to play. Great looking like me!
ConsWish I had got the even better looking Black.
By Tao4u
Windsor, Ontario
April 11, 2014
One Club To Improve Your Game
The R1 is simply a great addition to any set of clubs. You can tailor this Taylor to custom fit your driver needs with the result being that you will be able to hit the ball farther and with better loft. Aesthetically, the club looks, feels, handles, and sounds excellent.
By H. Trace Snyder
Greenville, OH
April 8, 2014
Taylor Made Golf -R1 Driver
Very good feel and can adjust to meet you requirements. I would highly recommend this driver
ProsGood adjustability
ConsTakes time to finely tune your club to your liking and need.
By Marc
Montréal, canada
March 29, 2014
Quel beau bâton
Reçu très rapidement des gens de rock bottom, tel qu indique tous est la, bâton , couvert de tête et maillet d ajustement.
ProsBeaucoup de facilité afin de place la tête à notre goût.
ConsFrais d importation lors de la livraison.
By Jim
Boston, MA
March 28, 2014
Awesome club at an awesome price!
I took my new R1 to an indoor swing center To break it in. I hit 50 balls in the driving range format and averaged 15 yes farther than my old driver (R7). This thing works!
Prosslice and draw correction, sweet spot size and grip feel
Consbe careful of the regular flex shaft, it flexes noticeably under a hard swing.
By vaughn webster
March 27, 2014
The R-1 Driver
For the price price it is a great club. It has added 15 more yards to my game.
ProsEverything about the driver is good
By Mark
W. Wash.
March 19, 2014
95% solid hits and with my swing that takes some technological advances.
I don't claim to have the best swing in the world but when a club allows you to do what your body allows you to do and still get a solid hit that says a lot. How long will it take for this driver to succumb to my swing?
Prosclub face allows for large sweet spot.
Consmy ears a still ringing from the TING when this wild guy swings and makes contact.
By Reid
March 16, 2014
Really good
Really good
ProsEasy to adjust
By Amack
March 14, 2014
Have only used on range so far but ball seemd to jump off club
By Alan C
Winston Salem, NC
March 14, 2014
Love the adjustability
Was looking for a Driver I could adjust different lofts, and for the money I just couldn't pass it up! Normally with old driver 9.5 TaylorMade Burner 2.0 was driving the ball with a slight fade maybe 10 to 15 yards...Fine tuned the R1 with 1 degree draw face angle and raised the loft to 10.5, and now hitting drives straighter with a slight draw, and I mean very slight draw without having to change the way I swing.. Very pleased
By Todd Schroeder
United States
March 14, 2014
Very forgiving, great club.
I went from the Taylor Made burner to the R1. I love the look and feel. Very forgiving. Downloading the app for your phone helps you hit the ball a ton and in whatever direction you want.
By A Chris named Nemo
Richfield, Wisconsin
March 14, 2014
Great Driver/Great Price
This driver was very well worth the money! Hittin' long and straight all day long! Goin' balls deep with this stiff shaft, so no sloppy seconds for this guy!
ProsDistance, Comfort, Straight Shooter
ConsNone as of yet!
By Matt
March 14, 2014
Has Pop
Good club at a great price. Really feels like it has some pop off the face.
By Ken
Folsom, Ca
March 13, 2014
Love this driver
I had a R11 and decided to upgrade to the R1 and I don't regret it at all. It has more settings than my old driver and the ball jumps off the face. I am extremely happy with this club and would recommend I to anyone.
ProsPrice multitude of settings
By John
Prestonsburg, KY
March 6, 2014
Best Driver I've ever hit
This is the longest and straightest driver I've ever owned
ProsVery long and straight good result even on mis hits
ConsThe adjustability was a little confusing at first
By Taylor
Omaha, NE
March 3, 2014
Great Driver
Long hitting, super adjustable driver. This driver should help anyone's game.
ProsAdjustable, long hitting
ConsSomewhat complicated adjustments if you are not tech savvy
By Jeff
Sheldon, IA
March 3, 2014
Hits Sweet
I have been looking at this club from the very first time I saw it. The wife knew I wanted it so bought it for me for Valentines day. I have used Taylor Made drivers for over 15 years. I have hit several other brands my friend's have and nothing hits as good as a Taylor Made. I have hit it the new R1 and wow it is better then I expected. Can't wait to get it completely dialed in to my swing then look out guys this old fart will be gunning for longest drive again.
ProsGreat feel and adjustable
By Jesse Friedman
Sacramento, ca
February 25, 2014
r1 Driver
This club has a great feel to it Very light, and has a big sweet spot. I would recomend for any level of golfer. With the adjustments that are avialable you can't go wrong.
By Arthur
Tracy, CA
February 14, 2014
Tried this golf club not bad
By Don Aitken
Adelaide South Australia
February 8, 2014
Great driver
Have used it several times and have gained 10 to 15 meters and straight down the middle. Well done rock bottom could not fault the equipement.
By Don
Bromont, Québec
February 8, 2014
Great buy, this driver has added 30 yards to my drives. I have it set up as open 3 and 9 loft. Wow again. I am now able to hit long and straight. This should do the trick to get my handicap to 5 at least. I am a 9 currently.
ProsMultiple adjustments (84) possible.
By Al
February 5, 2014
Best price I have found for this driver!
By Jerry
Muncie, Indiana
February 5, 2014
New Driver
Exactly what I have been looking for and at a price that was fantastic!
ProsOrdered it on Tuesday and it was delivered on Thursday! Great service !
By ronnie stinecipher
colonial heights va
February 4, 2014
the r1 driver is a surperbly made driver, good craftmanships, easy to use.
due to weather have not had a chance too do a lot of golf. have hit some balls performs well.
By Paul
Canada (myrtle beach s.c.)
February 4, 2014
You Can't Go Wrong
great club. the missed hits end up being decent shots. set it up 12 deg, weights for a draw, and neutral. the old slices stay in play. would recommend this to anyone.
Prosgreat looking club. sits nicely. does the job and more.
By Olafur
Jamaica, NY
January 28, 2014
R1 Driver
Very good club at an excellent price,
By Tom
Greensboro, NC
January 20, 2014
Great completely adjustable driver!
Perfect driver for tinkering. The tuning app is a great tool to use as well! Highly recommend this to the avid golfer.
By Eric
Cleveland, Ohio
January 19, 2014
Not living up to the hype
This driver is decent but is does not live up to the hype that it has. The tuning port is flashy but ultimately not that impressive and not needed if you know what you need in a driver. The feel is subpar and my RBZ goes farther and straighter. A decent driver but not a great driver
ProsFairly Long Forgiving
ConsThe look is off putting to me A very normal driver performance-wise
By Raffaele
Philadelphia, PA
January 17, 2014
Best Driver Ever!!
Tried them all and this is the longest, most forgiving driver I've ever had.
ProsLooks, Price, Distance, Forgiveness and and the simple ease of bombing it down the middle.
By Bob
So. Colorado
January 16, 2014
R1 Driver
Great driver, especially under $200. Many adjustments to tailor your drive and excellent distance.
By Andy
January 16, 2014
Great adjustability cant wait to get it dialed in.
By Tim
San Diego
January 15, 2014
R1 is the driver for me
I hit 6 different drivers, the R1 was my favorite due to it's length and accuracy.
By José Pacheco
San Juan, Puerto Rico
January 15, 2014
Amazing Driver (love the adjustability)
Having this driver is like having all in one! the adjustability is great, now im hitting 250-270 yrd drives and i'm new in the sport! Very forgiving and straight down the fairway
Prosdecals and lightweight adjustability
By Chet
January 14, 2014
Master Blaster
Awesome club! gained 10-15 yards from my R11S.
ProsAdjustable , light, speedy, accurate
ConsHaven't found any yet
By Per
January 13, 2014
Value for money
Hits longer and straighter
By Mark
New Bern, NC
January 7, 2014
Great Club. I'm 64 and picked up 20 yards or so on my drives. Excellent feel and fun to hit. Nice Price and delivery as promised as usual.
By Mike
January 7, 2014
Haven't been able to get it properly adjusted as yet, plan to keep working with it!
I think I'm going to solicit some help from a PGA pro to get it adjusted correctly. If not I'll go back to my R-11.
By Wil Hernandez
January 6, 2014
Great Driver!
I love this driver. It seems just like my old r11, but a newer version. I have hit the Jet Speed, SLDR, and Rocketballz stage 2 driver, but the r1 is the best.
ProsLong, easy to hit, adjustable, comes in two colors, solid club, best is that it ships fast
Consnone so far
By Clyde Beahm
Humble, Tx 77346
January 6, 2014
Its great!
Am hitting it farther and like the feel.
By Phil Ferraz
January 5, 2014
Great Price
Took it out twice now and the Adjustable loft with option to set clubface angle is awesome
By Lachlan
Gold Coast, Australia
January 3, 2014
Looks great and adds distance
My previous driver was a $60 shark driver. This driver both looks great and has added distance to my drives. Being able to adjust the loft and close the face has helped my game as I am at the level where this kind of tweaks really benefit.
ProsLooks great, Extra distance, sounds awesome, adjusts very easily
By Shrock
West virginia
January 3, 2014
Great site and club
Flawless club shipped on time. No complaints for rock bottom ever. Great company

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