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By Brandon
Olathe, Kansas
August 4, 2013
Great driver
Ball impacts well love the x stiff flex. My buddy already bought the same club because I liked it so much!
Temple City, CA
July 6, 2013
Long driver
It's longer than my FTiQ by at least 20 yards. It's also really loud. Cool driver!
By Michael
Westfield, NJ
June 19, 2013
Amazing forgiveness
I'm yet to hit a shot with this driver that doesn't feel like a bomb. That being said, an amateur golfer will need to have self-aware of swing faults since every shot feels good. Even the mishits still carry more yardage than most people hit the ball. It does have a tendency to spin the ball if that's the swing you make, but it also plays shots pin straight. Basically, I would recommend this for advanced playes that like to make cut shots, power draws, and still play a straight shot when necessary.
Prosvalue Consistency sound adjustability forgiveness
ConsShot feedback (although the black face reveals your last shot, and the hook/slice shows your swing faults)
By Brandon
June 17, 2013
Taylormade r11s
Great driver well worth the money
By Todd Brown
Ravenna Michigan
June 14, 2013
more control
The control with this club is unlike I have ever had in the past. I can hit a draw or a fade with little problem and with it being half off from last years price makes it all that better.
Prosthe multiple settings for different conditions of play.
By David
June 13, 2013
Only played one round with it so far.. But it seems to work fantastic.
By Steve S.
Tewksbury, MA
June 2, 2013
You'll be glad you picked up this driver.
This club is absolutely fantastic! Great sweet spot. Off center hits go far and fairly straight (if you hit it right), but when you hit this bad boy right in the sweet spot, man does that ball ever trampoline off the face of this club! I was driving the ball about 260-270 before, and now I'm consistently hitting 285 with a few drives over 300 sprinkled in there too (a little wind at your back never hurt!) If you're looking for a new driver, pick up this club at a price that is a lot more reasonable than the current offerings. Also, you won't be upset when you don't spend $400 on a club, just to see it on clearance the next year for half the price that you paid for it. Get this club, you won't be sorry!
ProsLook of the white crown / black face Feel of the club Sound Adjustability, being able to play around with different settings.
ConsThe grip
By Matt
Nova scotia
May 20, 2013
Great club !
Love this driver. Price was great. Adjustability is great. Sounds good at impact easy to line up. All in all another great taylormade club !
ProsPrice Quality
By Andrew
May 4, 2013
Top end driver
Absolute top of the line driver with high end shaft. Easy to hit and can adjust to suit anyone
By Ben
Long Island, NY
April 30, 2013
Great driver--highly adjustable
I recently broke my R9 driver--the head started to click on the take away, so I bought the R11S. I had hit the R11 when it first came out, but didn't like the feel as much--it was not that forgiving. The R11S seems to have a larger sweet spot. My first round out was played at Bethpage Black and the R11S was a real trooper. I hit 7 fairways, and those that I had missed was due to my misalignment. Overall, I'd say that the driver's adjustments do make an impact--similar to the older technology, but the addition of closing the face at address is a nice touch. The weight of this driver head seems heavier than the R9 460 and the 2006 Burner, but I like the way the club feels with the stock shaft. The longer shaft seems to go well with this club. The ball explodes off the face with a satisfying metallic ping sound, which is significantly different than the R9 460 and burner. It sounds more like the old cleveland launcher. Off centered hits offer reasonable feedback. I feel that I lost a few yards compared to the burner, but about the same distance with the R9 460. The white head was just fine--I didn't even notice the color of the driver head. It is only with this review did I even think about the driver's head being white. The major plus is that I didn't see any glare...and I don't have any negatives. Overall a great driver.
Proshighly adjustable good distance satisfying sound at contact white color does not glare in the sunlight
By Carl
Frederick, Maryland
April 29, 2013
Great price for great Product
Having the luxury to upgrade drivers on a want basis is made possible by the prices at Rock Bottom. The R-11s is a great driver and is surely going to add to my 2013 golf enjoyment. I haven't taken the club on the course yet but have hit it on the range a few times. I am still adjusting to the club since the shaft is not as long as the Callaway Diablo Octane I was using. The ball comes off solid and the distance is longer than the other driver I have been using.
By Mason
San Antonio , Texas
April 9, 2013
Crushed golfballs with it
This club is almost the most vercitle club ever
ProsHow simple it is to change something on it
By bryan
Antwerp, OH
April 2, 2013
The Supreme Ruler!
Whats not to like? Everything you could want in a Driver!
By albertls
Atlanta, GA
March 23, 2013
Adjustable driver made me a believer.
Once I adjusted the the weight, loft and face adjustments to my preference I was hitting drives consistently down the middle with a good roll out. It's nice to pull out that driver on the par 5's and long par 4's, I no longer depend on my three wood from the tee box. RGB price made it all happen!
ProsAdjusts to users Consistent performance Solid sound at impact
By Ben
March 12, 2013
very easy to hit
Made adjustments (neutural) position on head. Nice tight draw,and i noticed 15 to 25 yards longer than my other driver. Shorter irons going in to green is always better. Easy to hit....Seventy five percent swing....great results.
Prosnice feel,and mentally easier to hit
By Brad
Cortland, OH
March 11, 2013
Great driver
This is absolutely the best combination of distance and accuracy in a driver I have ever hit. When I am swinging well, this thing is simply point and shoot. When I am not, I know it is the indian and not the arrow. It is not the longest driver out there, but it is plenty long enough when you get the settings dialed in to your liking. And add its forgivness and accuracy to the above average distance, and this thing is a winner! Even after I set up the adjustable features of the R11s, I love that I can take some loft off prior to a windy round, or close the ASP plate a notch when I feel like I'm blocking my tee shots during swing slumps.
ProsForgiveness, accuracy, adjustability.
Consnot the longest driver
By Bruce
Bluffton, SC
March 1, 2013
A good club, just not all I hoped it would be
Overall the club pretty much performs as advertised. I was a little discouraged when I tried to adjust the club face to the closed positioned. Visually, there was little evidence to let me know it was closed. Maybe I just expected too much i this area. The club performs well, giving me 7-10 more yards than my Callaway it replaced, so I would have to say it has done it's job.
ProsExtra distance, loft adjustability, movable weights. Price was $50 less than everyone else is selling it for.
ConsInability to close the club face and have it visually appear closed.
By Scott
Berkley, Massachusetts
February 22, 2013
Must. Have!
Love the extra 20 yards in distance! Love the sound and thought it was a great price!
ProsWanted it for a while and wasn't disappointed!
By Ken U
El Dorado Hills,CA.
January 23, 2013
Best Driver I've ever owned
I opened this as a complete surprise Christmas present from my wife. It looks and feels and hits so incredibly awesome. I love it so much I've played 11 rounds since I got it!! I have added 15-25 yards to my drives. Absolutely love it!!!
ProsLooks,features, the ball explodes off the face, so many different settings loft, face angle, weight. You can't go wrong with it.
By Rick
San Ramon, CA
January 9, 2013
Solid perfomance!
I had tested the Mizuno JPX 825, Titleist 913D, Ping i 20, Ping G 20, the Taylormade Rocketballz. The i 20 sounded beautiful but not the best performing for me. The G 20 is a very good club. The Rocketballz was nice but I don't need the extra help getting the ball in the air. The 913D and R11s gave me the tightest grouping of the bunch and the best distance but it came down to price and the R11s has been nothing short of fantastic on the course.
ProsFeel, Control, Confidence, and I'm really liking that sound more and more every day.
By benny
December 17, 2012
I can feel the difference and the accuracy in the R11 Driver
ProsEvery thing
Constheres nothing not I don't like I wish I would of bought it sooner!!!!!!!!
By Anthony Watson
Sydney Australia
December 17, 2012
Awesome driver
I've just upgraded from an R9 driver to this baby. I bought it at a great price, it arrived safely and I can't wait to take it out on course.
ProsPrice Speed of delivery Imposing looks at address
By Rob
Reno, NV
December 7, 2012
This club is awesome. I was playing a regular shaft Callaway Diablo 10*. My R-11 is a stiff 9* and I hit it almost dead straight (slight draw) about 25 yards further! YIPPPPEY!
Proseverything, the look, the feel (especially the feel!), the gained distance, the accuracy, the feeling of confidence it gives you
By joe
November 19, 2012
best driver
so many options to get a long way down the middle
By Jerry
Salt Lake City
August 29, 2012
Great driver
Love it not quite through making adjustments but that's what I like about this driver!
By Dale
London, Ontario
August 28, 2012
Still tinkering with the settings but when you make a good swing, the ball just explodes off the club face.
By Jackie
August 19, 2012
Simply a great upgrade from my R7. My drive simply straighter with more distance with less effort.loving this club!
ProsPrice is way better than in store
By Paul
New Jersey
August 10, 2012
Good Driver
Only played a few rounds. Control and distance have improved. Still experimenting with the head settings.
ProsFeel and control
ConsNothing to dislike
By tony
August 9, 2012
nice feel
The club sounds and feels great. Does take getting use to different balance from superfast I had but much better distance.
By Jason
SF Bay Area
August 7, 2012
Great distance and perfect draw!
Couln't be happier with this driver! I've adjusted it to my needs and hitting the ball 275 yards with a perfect draw! Awesome driver!
ProsAdjust club to your own game Great price Perfect Draw
By Jeff
July 25, 2012
7.5 loft equals total domination
Finally splurged and picked up this new driver. I was flying it 300 yards and finally seemed to have found a club that I can reduce backspin. Thanks to this club I don't have to buy a putter cause I won two in both long drive contests!
ConsIt wasn't around when I was chasing the tour
By Jeremy
New Paltz, NY
May 27, 2012
Hard to top this baby. Very solid throughout the entire swing. It's also forgiving and workable, even without the flight control technology. I'd personally wait for the price to drop, but otherwise it's arguably the best driver on the market.
Prosforgiving long solid beautiful
By Gerald Greenwood
MC Cormick, SC
May 16, 2012
This is the best Driver I have ever owned.
I am getting more yardage by about 15 yards. Also, I hit it straight, always!!!
ProsHit it straight every time.
By Craig
April 17, 2012
Great Driver, Even better Customer Service!!
I ordered this club and received it in great condition, only thing is, there was no club cover included in package. I emailed Rock Bottom, and they replied very quick and told me that there were no more R11s covers, but there was an R11 cover. They offered that or a discount on the club or a gift card for a future purchase. I found that very cool. I took the cover by the way. I still suck at golf, but this club helps me suck a little bit less, plus it looks killer!!!!!
ProsGreat design, cool looks and it does help.
By Joe
Flemington, NJ
April 12, 2012
decent driver
the driver hits well on the first few rounds but broke on my 5th round. very cheap material
Proshits well
Conscheap material expencive
By Alfred Jin
March 28, 2012
Fantastic Driver
This driver is much more than its stunning appearance, it's easier to be controlled and you can reach incredible distance with it.
ProsEverything, it's an art
ConsA bit expensive
By Marcel
Perth, Oz
March 21, 2012
This club is LONG!
Rarely do I buy a piece of equipment that does exactly what the manufacturer claims. In this case, the R11s does the job. Length increased by 20-30 yards and with time who knows!
By Dario
North Jersey
March 21, 2012
The ads are true
Very pleased with the performance of the club during the first round of the year.
ProsThe performance, and adjustability
ConsThe high price.

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