By Paul
Methuen, Ma
May 25, 2014
Great driver
Great driver with a large sweet spot. The driver can be adjusted to change the loft and even compensate slightly for a consistent hook or slice in your shot. The driver is super light and allows you to generate tremendous speed to the club head.
By John
August 13, 2013
Amazing Driver!
I am a long hitter off the tees. I used to hit 300+ and put 75% in the fairway. Over the last few years, I had lost a little distance in an effort to keep it in the fairway. However, I played with this club for the first time over the weekend (54 holes), and hit every fairway but 4. The club is long and seems to have a lot of forgiveness. Even the ones that missed the fairway were all in the first cut. Do yourself a favor and buy this club!!!
By Sean
August 12, 2013
Great Driver!
Took a bit of getting used to as a high handicapper, but after playing around with the different settings I ended up getting in the groove and was bombing my drives 260+ on the range. Took it out on the course and the same story, when you hit the sweet spot on this club it really fly's.
ProsAdjustability, looks great, good weight.
By Pak
Denver, CO
August 11, 2013
Tour quality driver
This driver replaced an 2009 Taylormade Burner. The adjustable head and quality materials make this driver a winner.
ProsTour quality, cost, excellent shaft, adjustability
By Ethan
August 9, 2013
I was playing an 08 Callaway Hyper X tour with 9.5 degree loft and stiff shaft. I would consistently hit it 250 to 260 yards. Being a titanium driver I thought I would try something new. It didn't work out. I am having a hard time dialing this club in. I have the RIP phenom 65 gram shaft with the 9 degree head. I hit a standard r11 which I liked but this club doesn't have what I am looking for. I am a 10 handicap.
ProsSolid feeling driver, a bit on the heavier side due to the shaft weight.
ConsLoss of control when swinging harder than 75%. I only hit this club about 240.
By Jim
North Attleboro
July 31, 2013
This driver was everything I expected. The price could not be beaten.
By Mike
Tacoma, WA
July 30, 2013
Great so far minus the operator error
I ordered the R11s TP 9* Driver - Stiff Flex (65g RIP Phenom) and so far, so good (after 2 driving range sessions and 1 full round of golf). A little background, I'm a 23 handicap and changing from an old Titleist 975 JVS (312cc head, 9.5*, stiff flex) to this one (460cc head, 9*, stiff). So my learning curve on this size of head and light weight is taking some getting used to (coupled with my bad golf!). Previously I was hitting my old driver around 230-240 with a very high trajectory so I was probably only getting an additional 10-15 yards of roll. More recently (the start of this summer) something happened with my swing where everything was ballooning and I started snap-hooking drives quite often. Even when I didn't snap-hook and would keep it straight, it was a pop-up and only getting 215-225 carry and hardly any roll. I switched to my 3 wood off the tee because I can hit that thing straighter with more consistency and get 230-240 (old TM R7 Draw). So because of my ballooning issue, the first thing I did with the new R11s TP was drop the loft down -1.5* (7.5* supposedly). Surprisingly it's still got quite a high (good) launch angle. It was taking off a little to the left (maybe 10 yards), so I swapped the heel/toe weights (more weight in toe). This resulted in straighter starting flight but then a slight fade (maybe 5 yards right, nothing big). I was so used to teeing extremely low with my other driver that I'm having to learn to trust to tee it high and utilize that upward attack angle on drives. This first range session was unbelievable and I thought this driver was unreal! I was carrying every shot 260ish with probably another 20-25 yards of roll (hitting off grass/tee) I was also able to swing hard and keep it reasonably straight. My second range session was a disaster! I tried messing with the ASP to close the face and see if I could get it a bit straighter and maybe even a slight draw to creep out some further distance. I was all over the place (topping drives, straight pulls, ballooning drives). The 460cc head was giving me trouble because I was trying to use that upward attack from the other day which worked wonderfully, but this time I was catching the bottom of the club on the grass 5 or 6 inches behind the ball. I definitely got over confident from my last session and came back to reality that drivers aren't magic! Changing the club face wasn't really working either because I wasn't re-gripping at address. By the way: that's all it does is when you ground the club before your swing, it rest at the ASP setting. Then you must re-grip if you want to actually utilize that adjustment. For me it just created a mental nightmare as I didn't understand how it worked until after this session, so I felt like I was fighting it before every swing. As for my first round with the club, it was somewhere in between the two driving range sessions, probably closer to the second one unfortunately. I can confidently say it was not the driver's fault though. I was just tired after two days of working on my car and my hands were throbbing from tightening bolts. I shouldn't have even golfed, but I really wanted to get out there. My swing speed was noticeably slower, I was grounding the club way behind the ball. Yet, even in those situations I was still getting 180-200 yards on complete miss-hits because the head is so big it was still making partial contact. Towards the middle of the round I stringed together 3 or 4 decent drives which gave me that confidence that the driver is going to be just fine. It's the operator who needs work! My advice to the bad golfer like me: if you find a setting that works - don't mess with! I tried getting too cute after my first session. This driver is great, unfortunately I can't give it a comparison to any other newer drivers but it does seem VERY forgiving in my eyes. I'm all over the club face and it still produces shots that keep me in play. I like that as my swing develops I can make alterations to fit those adjustments. I'm not the type who buys a new driver every year or two, so this seemed to be a great opportunity to get a top-level driver at a very good price!
Pros- Adjustability - Forgiveness - Distance - Aesthetics (looks very sleek, white color will hide sky marks if you hit too high on the face)
Cons- Paint job on bottom a little weak (very minor, but after first driving session there would be no way I could re-sell it as "like new" status) - Magic not included
By Vino
Albany, NY
July 29, 2013
Love it
This club will not fix your slice - only a better swing will do that. But, I've added 10 yards on my best shots and what may have faded into the woods is now still playable. Great feel and sound. Love it.
ProsBall leaps off the face. Extra distance Forgiving
ConsWhite takes a while to get used to.
Youngstown, Ohio
July 28, 2013
Awesome driver
best driver I've ever hit. ball jumps off the face and the upgraded shaft is well worth the money for consistency
By Joe
Roseville California
July 22, 2013
Longer drives
Very happy with this driver. It added 40 to 50 yards to my drives.
ProsAfter taking this club to the driving range, it gave me the confidence I needed for my tee shots.
By Jon
Brunswick, Md
July 22, 2013
Great price, great club
With my old driver I would hit one out of five across the river. With this driver I hit 5 in a row across and they went where I was aiming! Great club?
ProsGood price
By Brandon Arnold
Stockton, Illinois
July 22, 2013
Awesome driver at a great price
Arrived on time and as described. Added yards to my drives already.
ProsCustomizable Great value for the price
By Josh
Dallas, TX
July 18, 2013
100% Satisfaction
Unbelievable stick. I had been playing my Superquad way too long. The technology in this club is extremely beneficial, and it is really hot off the face. There is no better deal out there at this price.
ProsLong Workable Price
By mike thompson
graham, nc
July 16, 2013
very accurate
very accurate driver, good stock shaft.
By Dano
July 15, 2013
How can it get any better?
Awesome driver, gained about 15 yards right out of the box, no adjustments. I went from the 9.5 degree (no adjustment) rocket ballz to this club because I wanted more roll. After seetting this up to 7.5 degrees, I'm 35 yards longer! I haven't played with the face adjustment, but why would I? nothing wrong with hitting it straight.
ProsPerfect flex shaft Awesome adjustment for loft great sound when you hit it in the middle of the face
ConsWish the shaft was an inch longer
By Mark
Alto, Wi
July 15, 2013
Had an R11 with the stiff shaft, now have the R11S with the TP shaft. Great Price on a Great Club. The TP seems more stable and the distance is better - with a good swing, the ball just seems to go and go.
ProsA Good Swing is definitely rewarded.
ConsIt's still not the magic wand all golfers want.
By Jorge
San diego
July 14, 2013
Extremely responsive and long club
From the first time on the links I noticed a 10-20 yard difference. Great club and the price is excellent.
ProsAppearance Ability to tune
By jay
July 13, 2013
R11s TP
great club..added 15yds to my drive
Proslove the feel and weight
Consnot a big fan of taylormade grips
By Josh
July 12, 2013
Great Club
Have enjoyed so far. Stil trying to figure out which settings fits me best but you can tell a difference in distance. Replaced my R7 Draw that I had for years. Club was shipped very fast.
ProsSound Distance Club face shows last hit
By Dean
July 11, 2013
Great Driver so far.
I have only had this Driver for about 2 weeks, but happy with it so far.
ProsLooks good at address.
ConsThe sound at impact.
By steve
July 11, 2013
Driver is great and very forgiving. I loved it so much I bought a backup. I know you're thinking you're like a new driver better than the current one. Well I loved the R7 and hated the R9.
ProsYou can adjust the loft and open or close the face.
By Mike Jones
Bartlesville, ok
July 10, 2013
Not here
Do not have and is lost in transit
ConsI do not have it yet after 16 days
By Patrick
July 10, 2013
Great club
Ball is very lively off the face. Big distance and great control.
ProsLong, easy to control
By Paul
June 29, 2013
R11s TP
I bought the 12 deg and lowered to 10.5 deg.closed the face and I'm now hitting a lot straighter and hitting more fairways. I have lost distance as I had a Ping i15 8 deg so I have just purchased a new 9 deg R11s TP to get my distance back. Great club with good feel but can't wait until the new one arrives.
ProsGreat feel, great price.
By Dallas
Minot, ND
June 26, 2013
Lives up to the hype
Like most, I depend on accurate and honest reviews when it comes to my golf equipment. The purchase of the R11S TP Driver was no different. After submitting to the hype this driver has received, I pulled the trigger on the TP version of the already outstanding club. The adjustability is second to none. Very clever design to adjust the face angle closed or open. The upgraded shaft has a lower torque for a lower launch, but the loft can be adjusted if its too low for your taste. The white head doesn't phase me, as that has had mixed reviews. Its lighter than my previous driver, R7 SuperQuad (yes its been a while). The feel is similar to most Taylor Made drivers i've hit/had in the past. Very forgiving on off center hits and absolutely feels like you launched a missile when you hit it on the center. As always, Rock Bottom Golf is the one stop shop for me and my golf equipment needs. Fast shipping, very pleasant to deal with and always dependable. Another more than satisfied customer here!
Proslight weight adjustability upgraded shaft is the real deal excellent feel
By don h
June 18, 2013
received it in 5 days. i made one adj. and it works greats so far .
very nice club works great I would recommend this club to a friend.
May 17, 2013
Ball jumps off clubface. Adjustability is a huge deal as this club can be taylored to fit any need. The club has a gigantic sweet spot....hard to miss-hit.
By Andrew
May 4, 2013
Great driver for strong players
Weak drivers of the ball can prob find better options. For guys that can control a tee shot, this will be your favorite weapon
By kevin
wellsville, ny
May 2, 2013
solid in all conditions
this driver will never fail in any condition. plus the distance is very exceptional
By CMHollid
Franklin, TN
April 30, 2013
Performs As Advertised
Overall very happy with this driver. Replaced an Adams Speedline circa 2010. This driver has a very high "cool" factor with all of its adjustable capabilities, and those also add a great deal of functionality. Ball flies straight and just keeps carrying. Only negative is the slightly unusual sound you get at impact, but I've certainly gotten over that due to the performance of this driver.
ProsClean look, adjustability, ball flight, and it's long
ConsSound at impact; although, I'm probably being overly critical.
By Ronald Minogue
Guelph Ontario
April 29, 2013
By Chris
New Mexico
April 10, 2013
Great Club
Haven't been able to adjust the setting, but I am definitely hitting the ball longer with the R11. Very solid purchase, I don't feel you can go wrong when adding this club to your bag.
Prosfeel, weight (balanced club), and adjustability.
By jack
November 19, 2012
tp driver
the tp is worth the extra for better players

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