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Long and forgiving
October 21, 2014
Great hybrid - great price.
ProsLong Forgiving
By Kenneth
Collierville , TN
September 24, 2014
Love my RBZ hybrids, easy to hit and long.
Proseasy to hit
By Dennis
Wichita, Kansas
Great Club - Glad I found It
September 24, 2014
On a trip to Vegas I played with rental clubs. This club was in the set they gave me to use. It was easy to hit and goes straight. When I returned home, I started looking for a place to buy the 4 Rescue. Since it was an older model, it took some searching but I finally found one at Rock Bottom Golf. It is my go to club now!!!
ProsEasy to hit, goes straight and long.
By Fidel
September 23, 2014
I just got them and I can't wait to use them, I'll update my review later, greetings!
By John
Roy, UT
September 23, 2014
this is a sweet club that added yards to my hits
By Cheryl
Love it!
September 10, 2014
First hybrid club I have owned. Only used a few times so far, but love the club. Very forgiving on the swing. Bought a #4 hybrid and it hits almost as far as my 3 wood club.
ProsEasy to swing Sleek look
ConsNothing so far!
By Walter
Knoxville, TN
Great Clubs at A Great Price. They are easy to hit and feel great.
September 5, 2014
These clubs are very easy to hit and the feel is great.
ProsGreat clubs, great price, great feel.
By Cody
Great Club
September 4, 2014
Love this club, has a great sound at impact. Love the look at adress with the white coloring
By Matt
Awesome Hybrid
September 3, 2014
I had to replace my old hybrid and a friend told me to buy this club. He's regretting that now as I've been using this club to kick his butt. Longer and more accurate than my old hybrid.
By Douglas
Port Huron, MI
Have 3 wood trying 22 degree
September 1, 2014
I like it But have to get used to it.
Prosjust looks good feels good
By Terry
Wise, VA
August 22, 2014
I love this club. Being a beginner this club has really improved my game. I get great distance
ProsVery light controllable. Hits very well
By Don
buffalo ny
was as descibed thank you
August 18, 2014
very good experience no problems
By Tony Nickles
West Fargo, ND
Perfect club for that missing gap in yardage
August 8, 2014
I used to be a very long hitter, but after recently tearing up my right need (MCL, PCL, & Meniscus) I found a serious gap in yardage between my 3 wood (260+ yards) and my 4 iron. I used to be able to get after my irons if needed and my 4 was my 250 club. Now, due to my knee, it is about 230 tops. A friend let me try his rescue, a 17 degree, and I hit it very well and long-but too long. That's when, after talking to my club pro, I opted for the 22 degree rescue. Wow, what a great club! Great loft, and perfect distance. Even mishits carry far. I truly love this club. Best of all? Rock Bottoms prices and the service!!!
By Andrew
Auburn, WA
Great Club!
August 1, 2014
I just revamped my entire club collection and got everything RBZ. Great Hybrid, and happy I purchased it.
By Scott
Kaysville, UT
Great Fairway Wood
July 29, 2014
I bought this to replace my Burner 3 wood. I hit it about 25 yards longer!
By Jason B
Great club and super fast shipping.
July 27, 2014
Solid club and longer than expected. Ordered club and it was at my door 26 hours later. Awesome...
ProsPrice, selection, quality and super quick shipping.
Great club
July 27, 2014
Easy to hit
ProsNice sound and feel
United States
RBZ Tour 4 hybrid
July 24, 2014
Fantastic club...very easy to hit and sames my butt on bad tee shots!!
Prosdistance, feel, sound, easy to hit
By Colin
Great Hybrid
July 22, 2014
I gained 20 yards with this hybrid. Looks and feels great.
By Ed Rowland
San Diego
July 22, 2014
Great price and easy purchase
By Matt C
Baltimore, MD
Great Hybrid Worth It
July 19, 2014
It took a little to get used to the hybrid. But it has been worth it. I am hitting extremely well out of the rough and even on fairways.
ProsLooks, clean aesthetic, great distance
ConsDirty in the open cavity
By Jay
Noblesville Indiana
Best three wood
July 16, 2014
This club is very easy to hitand I can not believe the distance I get with it. Used it many times on tight courses and even out hit my opponents drivers!
ProsAccurate and long
By Colin
St. Louis, Missouri
Great Clubs, Great Value!
July 15, 2014
I finally upgraded my woods and hybrids from my starter set to Taylor Made Rockerballz. These clubs have a good feel swinging them and I'm hitting the ball farther.
By Jeanette Snee
New Zealand
Great club
July 14, 2014
This club is really working well for me
By Jonathan
Wellington, Wellington
Great club
July 13, 2014
My first rocketballz club and I love it. Flies long and high, allows me to attack the par 5s more often and reach those long par 3s.
ProsNice penetrating ball flight
By David
Great club
July 13, 2014
Excellent hybrid rescue club. Very easy to hit and the ball really flies off the face!
ProsGreat distance, lightweight, great looks, easy to hit/forgiving
By graeme
invercargill new zealand
very impressed with the delivery time and the product
July 11, 2014
i really love this club it is very forgiving when you are hitting the ball
Prosgreat club
By Del Rehn
Taylor made Rocketballz Rescue
July 10, 2014
Golf is as advertised, it works well out of the rough. Have only golfed with it twice and used it three times, once off tee box with not much success. Feel once I use it a few times it will work well off tee also, maybe w/o tee.
Prossits well on ground and swings easy. feels good on contact.
Consgrip was too small, I put a thicker grip it feels better with larger grip, my preference.
By tony
new hampshire
rocketballz rescue
July 9, 2014
extremley happy with this club....easy to hit from fairway or rough and has a sweet sound thanx caveman
Proseasy to hit from anywhere
Consnone yet
By Ed C.
Great club!
July 5, 2014
My first time hitting a hybrid. I'm amazed at how easy this club hits and how it sounds! My Son hit it too & now he's going to buy one!
ProsGreat price & hits long & straight.
By Joel
Menlo Park, CA
Completed my set
July 5, 2014
I had the Burner 19 and 26 degree rescue, so I bought the Rocketballs 22 degree to complete the set. Just three rounds so far, but I like it. My only complaint is the groove in bottom of club collects grass and dirt if you "chunk" a shot.
ProsJust as advertized
ConsGroove in bottom of club collects grass and dirt if you "chunk" a shot.
By Corey Conrad
Billings, Missouri
Rbz hybrid
July 4, 2014
Ball flies of this club. Great feel .
By eddie Gacka
Windsor Australia
Easy to use club, ideal for when you are just off the fairway in the short grass, gives you could control
July 4, 2014
club, ideal for when you are just off the fairway in the short grass, gives you could control
Proseasy to control
By Bradam
middletown, nj
Rocketballz delivers again
July 3, 2014
nice feel and balance, lightweight and can really power through the ball
Prosawesome club at a great price
By Mike W
Kansas City, MO.
Taylor Made Rocketballz Rescue Hybrid 3
July 3, 2014
The TM Rocketballz Rescue 3 is perfect for me. I needed a 190 yard club for some of the longer par 3s and this fits the bill perfectly. I had a bad hook with the prior hybrid 3 I had. I do not have the hook with this club. I'm not a long hitter but now I can reach the longer par 3s as well as have a fairway club for the short par 5s. In summary, it was everything I was looking for and at a great price.
ProsI hit is straight and fairly long for me. The low price was the reason I took a chance on this club.
By Jason
Perfect 200-220 yd club
July 3, 2014
I love the ease of ball control that I get with this club wanted a more consistent club to hit than a 3 or 4 iron and I found it. It is perfect for par 5 substitute for a fairway wood and great for the long par 3 holes as well. My new favorite club.
By Ben
New Zealand
Great Club
July 3, 2014
Awesome Speed and Power with this club!
ProsSpeed, Power, Distance, Forgiveness
By Greg
Port Huron, MI
Improved My Long Iron/Hybrid Play
July 1, 2014
Much easier to hit than the older hybrid was using and the added distance was a bonus. Good club and received within 3 days or ordering so bonus as well
By jim
taylor made hybrid
June 28, 2014
still learning quirks of the club but like results so far
By Rick Wallikas
Maine, NY
Great club
June 28, 2014
I had an off brand hybrid and wanted something better. This club is great. Not only am I getting more distance, my shot accuracy is better. For the price it was worth it.
By Bob
United States
June 27, 2014
solid club but shaped a little too large to get thru rough rough
By Greg
San Jose, CA
Great Rescue Hybrid
June 26, 2014
Ball jumps off face and is much easier to hit than a 4 iron.
By Justin
Charlotte, NC
Bought the 3 and 4 hybrid
June 26, 2014
Took me a few outings at the range to figure out exactly how to hit these clubs but so far I am very pleased. Still tweaking the hybrids from the fairway and rough but the big difference I noticed is off the tee when you absolutely need to split the fairway. The control and distance is fantastic. I hit my 3 hybrid as far as my old driver. I have never played with hybrids in the bag before this purchase because I always though if I could flush a 3 iron (which I could) then I can hit anything. Well, I was certainly missing out.
By Michael Salerno
Fort Mill SC
Taylor hybrid
June 26, 2014
Great club great price. If don't use Rock Bottom Golf for all your golfing needs then you throwing money away.
By Ryan
Williamstown, NJ
Awesome Club!
June 26, 2014
Giving this 5 stars for the price and quick delivery. The love the weight and feel of this club. Averaged 170-175 yards on first day of use. I expect this to be one of my favorite clubs.
ProsWeight and feel
ConsNot sure yet.
By Lon
Winchester, Va.
Great club
June 26, 2014
This club is very easy to swing in that its light, has a great feel and the ball jumps off the clubhead. You just need to swing easy and let the club do the work. The base of thee club is made to easily slide through the rough and make excellent contact with the ball. I really like this club.
ProsSwings easy and makes great contact with the ball. It also gets good distance.
By Gary ODell
United States
Excellent Service and Quality Product
June 26, 2014
Easily ordered this product on line. In less the 3 days I had the club in hand. Very impressive time from order to delivery. Club is just as described, and is a great compliment to my other equipment. I will go to the Cave for my golf needs before going anywhere else. Thanks
Proseasy ordering, fast time from order to door, club exactly as described
By Phil
Rocky Hill CT
Great little hybrid in fairway and ruff
June 25, 2014
I haven't missed a shot yet
By Dean
Saint Petersburg, FL
Great Buy and Fantastic Quality
June 25, 2014
Never had a hybrid club, and now I am wondering why I waited so long. Fantastic club and now matches my driver and 5 wood that I also had purchased from Rock Bottom Golf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ProsExtremely quick shipping at GREAT prices. I have purchased several items from Rock Bottom, and I wouldn't think of going elsewhere to purchase golf equipment!!!!
By Scott Scoffield
Townsend Montana
My New Rescue Hybrid TM
June 20, 2014
I purchased this club with high expectations that it would be the club that made a difference in my game. To date I have not been disappointed, it does seem a little heavier then I expected it too. But it really cuts the longer, heavier grass with ease.
By John
Austin Texas!
Fantastic club!
June 20, 2014
Hell, I hit it further than my driver! I hit it 300 yards of the tee with zero effort!
ProsTo many to list!
By Edward
Nashua, NH
getting use to it
June 19, 2014
I am getting use to the whole hybrid game but works well at the range and out of the rough
Consnot a con but I have to get use to it
By Dustin
Altona Manitoba
Taylormade RBZ #4 hybrid
June 17, 2014
Very nice club I love it. Very good club for distance. Nice grip on the club. I would suggest this club you will love it
ProsLong distance shot Good grip amazing club
ConsHave none
By Peter
Christchurch, New Zealand
Bought the recue hybrid to complete my RBZ irons
June 16, 2014
Great looking club and easy to hit.
ProsExcellent price and although shipping to NZ is expensive I can still purchase you Rockbottom Golf and add in some gloves, sunglasses etc and it is still cheaper than buying locally. Delivered to my door in 7 days from ordering so great service.
By Bryan
Columbus, OH
Excellent Performance
June 12, 2014
I've been playting the Rocketballz Driver the past 2 seasons and was looking to add a hybrid to my bag. Naturally, I I stuck with the technology I've loved so much with my driver and have not been disappointed with the results. The ball jumps of the face of this hybrid and is relatively easy and consistent to hit from all lies; tee box, fairway, rough. I would highly recommend this club for any golfer.
By Tim
Rockford, Illinois
Great Club
June 8, 2014
The ball jumps off the club at impact, great distance. Very good so far.
ProsFeel, distance.
By Chris
Mooresville, NC
Bag changer!
June 5, 2014
I purchased this club to replace an older 3H. This club is very long and just fun to hit.
ProsLooks, value.
By Andrew
Arlington, VA
Great Club, Easy to Hit, Good Distance
May 28, 2014
Easy to hit, good distance, not too hard to keep it straight
Proscost and quality
By Margaret
New Zealand
RBZ rescue 3
May 28, 2014
Finally confident with using a three club. excited about hybrids, easier to use than irons. Recommend.
By Rob
Greenville, NC
Great club
May 23, 2014
I have used this rescue club several times and it has been very consistent. Easy to make solid contact off the tee, fairway, and even the rough.
By John Shaheen
Warwick, RI
much better than fairway woods easy to hit.
May 20, 2014
This club is replacing my Nike number four hybrid. When you hit it on the screws (sweet spot) it's like hitting a three wood. It has a longer shaft then the Nike it is replacing and is not as forgiving. But it is much longer. I have only used it for three rounds so far and it could be me who needs to get use to the new club. however, I am generally pleased and looking forward to the extra distance.
ConsSeems harder to keep clean with the flat white paint.
By D
Columbus, OH
great rescue hybrid
May 17, 2014
very forgiving, and at a price that can't be beat
By Scott Haynes
Springfield il
May 15, 2014
Easy to hit.I regripped to midsize dri center hits fly straight.dead center hits roll out to about 220 yds. Couldnt be happier. And thats with and old man 59 yrsw,young swing. Nice club Thinking on getting the driver and three wood next
Seattle, WA
Easy Peasy
May 15, 2014
When you switch your 5 iron for a hybrid club you are already stuffing confidence in your bag. But this club tops it with amazing distance and super high trajectories. It feels infallible!
ProsSweet high-pitch sound at impact. Every time. Solid, yet easy to swing.
ConsI am still looking...
By Josh
Clinton, NC
Long Par 3's Don't Scare Me
May 13, 2014
Everytime I would step on the box of a long par 3 the word bogey just burned into my brain. Now I have the confidence when I step on the tee box that I can hit it close!
By John
RBZ Rocketballz Rescue 6
May 10, 2014
Looks great and sets up perfect ,excellent high flight from 160yds out.
ProsNice balance Confidence on strike Great distance
By Julio Curiel
Los Angeles, California
Great hybrid
May 9, 2014
Shipping was quick... As always very accurate description of products
By gus rockers
United States
Great club
May 9, 2014
Very solid feel
ProsExcellent distance and accuracy
By Dylan
Forty fort, Pa
Best hybrid I've owned
May 7, 2014
This club is amazing plain and simple. You won't regret ordering it.
By GolfGirl
May 5, 2014
Love the sleek-ness of this :)
By Louis
Goldsboro, NC
Love Rocketballz!
May 4, 2014
I bought this on the recommendation from a friend. I love it. It hits long and feels great.
ProsGood fluid swings!
By David
Hagerstown, MD
Great when hit well
May 3, 2014
I won't take it out of my bag, but it only gets 4 stars because I do have a hard time hitting it out of deep lies. Seems to top the ball often, and yes I know its my fault. I hit more good shots than bad without it though but the occasional "hanging curve" makes it tough to give this five stars. Overall, I hit it a ton better than a long iron so overall I'm happy and know I just need more time out on the course.
By Jason
Where have you been
May 2, 2014
My life has changed. I should have picked this up when it came out. And a great price.
By Karl
Bought the 3 and 4 earlir from RBG had to have the 5
April 30, 2014
All a hybrid shoild be at a great price.
Prosgreat option to play with.
By Mike
Janesville, WI
Once you get adjusted to it, this club flies!!!
April 30, 2014
Recently purchased this to replace my older TM Rescue #3 hybrid. I found that once I played this club a slight bit further forward in my stance that I started making good contact. I must say, when I'm hitting this club flush, it does take off noticeably better than with the old TM hybrid and goes just as far. Plan on replacing my remaining hybrids with these.
ProsGreat ball launch, non "busy" club head, very calming at address.
ConsWith the velocity slot on the bottom of the club you'll have to clean it out between shots, not a big deal, but the only negative I could think of thus far.
By Michael
Naperville, IL
Can't beat Rock Bottom's prices
April 29, 2014
Great price for a great club.
ProsGreat distance and look.
ConsStill can't hit the ball straight!!
By Russ
I'm pleased with my purchase!
April 29, 2014
I took roughly 5 years off from golf because my game was declining due to lack of playing time. Summer of 2013 I got back into playing and embraced the fact that my glory days were behind me and starting having fun being a bad golfer. Last year I bought a used hybrid 4 since my long iron game had left me. It became my best club so I decided to upgrade to the RBZ 3, 4, & 5 hybrid. I have enjoyed these hybrid clubs that I've used throughout my last 3 rounds. They instantly swung well and have gifted me with some of my best shots in recent history. These clubs have saved bad drives and give me some distance that I can keep in the fairway. I'm still getting my swing back and have had trouble hitting these too far when I really connect. They give me reasonable distance on mishits and really soar when I use them right. I've gained around 20 yds of added distance and consistency in comparison to my 20 yr old Ping long irons. They've been great for me as a bogey golfer and I now have clubs to give me confidence in my intermediate game. I recommend that anyone in the market for hybrids give these a look.
ProsAdded distance Easy to swing Forgiving on mishits
ConsThe Speed Pocket gets crammed full of grass when getting too much ground. This is more of a personal problem but I do have to clean it out some.
By Herman
Great Club
April 27, 2014
Great club. Hits well.
By Jim
Hampton, VA
Effortless Distance
April 24, 2014
Club felt great on the range, good distance and accuracy. First use on the course, hit a 205 yrd tight draw to within 10' of the pin resulting in a birdie!!!!!!!
By Nathan Alexander
Cincinnati, Ohio
April 22, 2014
Hits great! Item just as described.
By tony pulice
hubbard ohio
rbz hybrid iron/wood
April 22, 2014
due to the weather in the northeast have only been hit it a few times but the few times i hit it ball seems to jump off the face very easy to hit after i dial in the yardage this will be a very good choice to carry in my bag
Prosvery easy to hit
By Kevin
Chicago, IL
Great weapon at a great price..
April 21, 2014
I play RBZ driver and irons - carried the 3 wood, never felt comfortable pulling it on the course - the hybrid is a perfect solution for me - great control on ball flight and the ball jumps off the face
By Jay
Gilbertsville Pa
It's becoming my go to club
April 20, 2014
Used it in my second round of the season and it was great off the turf and the tee. I got easy, consisent distance on my shots. Also, it was very forgiving.
By Wayne
Nice for the price
April 18, 2014
Played twice so far does not feel like it wants to hook like some of the older models.
By Doug
Winchester, ON
Good Club
April 15, 2014
Easy to hit.
Proseasy to hit forgiving long
Conswhite head is hard to keep clean
By Booger
Key West
April 14, 2014
This thing is rock bottom solid. I can hit it long and straight. Fast becoming one of my favorite clubs
Proseasy to hit
By Greg
Erie pa.
Great club
April 9, 2014
Nice club and easy to hit, this one of taylormade nicer hybrid they made and I owned quite a few.
ProsEasy to hit.
By phil
San Diego, CA
Excellent service
April 8, 2014
Cannot beat the price. Product was received a day early . Will definitely shop from this store again. I've recommended this store to a couple of golfing buddies and they've already bought products.
By John
Hot Springs, AR
Great Club!
April 8, 2014
Easy to hit, and very long.
By Ryan
Super Value
April 6, 2014
Bought this as a gift; couldn't beat the price
By Brendan
Great Club/Great Value
March 27, 2014
Easy to hit; long for a hybrid. Perfect gap between 3 wood and irons...and of course, can't beat the price!
By Guy
not sure yet
March 21, 2014
Will be trying it soon. To much snow on the ground yet. Tried the RBZ hybrid that I got and it was great and that is why I ordered the driver.
By Happy Guy
Largo, FL
Club to the "rescue"
March 19, 2014
My Taylor Made hybrid has gotten me out of a few places on the course resulting in a 2nd shot far better than the 1st saving my par. The grip is comfy and club well balanced. I've used it off the tee with successful results especially the 200+yd par 3's. RBG delivered the goods on time...Everytime. Thanks, Scratch.
Springdale, Arkansas
A great club
March 18, 2014
It is amazing hybrid even low price.
By calvin t law
March 18, 2014
Great product and awesome price. Have done business with the Rock before and never have any issues. i would recommend them and this product every time.
By Dave Rush
No more 4 iron!
March 16, 2014
Very easy to hit and really nice high ball flight.
ProsPrice, feel and ball flight
By Sean
Bomb Digity
March 15, 2014
Swings like an iron-hits like a wood!
By Boomer
palm beach gardens, florida
RocketBallz Hybrid 3 & 4
March 14, 2014
smooth easy to hit clubs......great distance and control.
By Lats
Humble, TX
Solid club
March 7, 2014
This club matches the 3 wood in performance and easiness to hit. I'm not a big hitter and use this to fill the 200yd gap. Great ball flight for my 97mph swing with reg shaft. Ordering and delivery as well as price are great with Rockbottom.
ProsMatches 3 wood for flight and ease of hit
ConsHead cover can get loose - no big deal
By John
Prestonsburg, KY
I have the 4 Hybrid Stiff flex
March 6, 2014
Good replacement for my 3 iron
ProsVery high flight and stops very fast great sound on solid contact
ConsOut of the box took a few swings to accustom myself to ball flight and distance. Longer then predecessor from Taylor made
By Kong
Columbus, MS
Great hybrid,
February 28, 2014
I love this club,
By Andy
February 27, 2014
great distance and accuracy. easy to line up, graphics much nicer and simpler than stage 2
By Graeme Stevens
Hits long
February 26, 2014
Doesn't sound that great off the club buts goes a long way.
By Corey
Poland, OH
February 26, 2014
Must buy!
By Ken
Omaha, NE
Awesome Feel
February 26, 2014
Best hybrid I have used to date.
VB, Virginia
Hybrid club
February 24, 2014
Taylor 6 Hybrid, great for the odd distance
By Ron
Stonington CT
3 Hybrid
February 22, 2014
Love the TM RBZ 3-Wood in my bag. Needed to update the TM Rescue Mids in bag. Tried many Hybrids last Fall and liked the RBZ over the RBZ Stage 2 and other Hybrids but not enough for the price tag in local golf stores. Found a special discount price a few weeks back on RBG and ordered club. Could not past up this club at that price. Only one practice session with club so far but should be able to dial in a more accurate swing in Spring. If all goes well will order the RBZ 4 Hybrid in Spring.
ProsLong club and great sound on good hits Great price and fast delivery from RBG Club fits my eye at address
ConsNot as accurate as my old TM Rescue Mids Leaking a bit to the right at driving range but it is cold here in New England with plenty of snow on ground.
By Corey
youngstown ohio
great club
February 20, 2014
First time I owned one. Was easy to hit and has a great reaction to the ball
ProsEasy to hit
By Steve
United States
Knew what I was getting
February 14, 2014
I knew what I was getting when I ordered the 4 hybrid. I have a 3 and wanted a match and the local unaffiliated golf shop with a TM rep that I go to said they could not get the RBZ. No problem. RBG had it for the best price around. Hasn't stopped snowing around here but I am sure, unless there is a defect in the club, it will be fine once I get to the range and course with it.
Easiest to hit and most consistent hybrid
February 13, 2014
This is the easiest club to hit consistently that I have owned. I think it is better than the stage 2 Rocketballz, and yields a straight 175 yards for the 4 and 200 yards for the 3 hybrid. Great deal from RBG. Interestingly, they changed the face from anodized black to natural metal at the end of the model. This does not alter playability.
Prosease of swinging, consistency, length.
Consnot sure why they changed the face color.
By JBonn
February 6, 2014
Standing over this club and the feel of club face striking the ball is one of the purest things I've ever felt! 100% happy!
By Jason
Dublin, OH
Great price, arrived fast
February 6, 2014
Club arrived sooner than expected and the price was better than anywhere else. Definitely would recommend!
Allen Park, Michigan
More Accuracy and Length
February 6, 2014
I just love this Rocketballz Hybrid. Not only did I gain about 5 more yards, it is also very accurate. I am going to replace the rest of my old Adams hybrid clubs. The price is also too good to pass up. Thanks Scratch
ProsPrice More Yards More Accuarcy
By Mike
Visalia Ca.
Great club hit a lot of hybrids but this is the one.
February 6, 2014
It is a well ballenced club and with Taylor made name it lives up to it.
By Pat Gardner
Wagga Wagga NSW Australia.
4 Hybrid 22 Degree loft.
February 6, 2014
I have purchased five Taylor Made woods from RBG over a short period of time and the one thing that impresses me about all these clubs is the way they feel and sit on the ground, building confidence when using them together with extra distance gained.
ProsI have been very impressed with service received from RBG and the ability to track my purchase all the way from America to the front door of my dwelling in Wagga Wagga.
By Frank
FT. Myers FL
Rocketbaltz Hybrid
February 5, 2014
Just got the #4 Hybrid about 10 days ago. It's easier to hit than a wood and was surprised at the distance. I'm thinking on adding a RBZ #3 to replace my 3 Wood.
ProsEasy to hit.
By Andrew
Taylors, SC
Gorgeous Club
January 31, 2014
Club came in today. Only had to wait 2 days before it arrived. It is a beautiful club. Love the finish. Haven't swung it yet but I'll be playing this Sunday and I'll update my review then.
ProsBeautiful well balanced club at a great price
By Robert
Mansfield, TX
awsomes club
January 30, 2014
This driver hits long and true it was all it was promised to do.
By Phil
Auckland, New Zealand
Long, Straight and consistent
January 25, 2014
Absolutely love this club from Rockbottom. Handles well, feels great and produces long stright hits down long fairways. So lucky to have this one in my bag (4-Hybrid)
ProsPerfect balance and feel. Consistent results and very straight hits evrytime.
ConsAbsolutely none
By BIG Dog
Nice Hybrid
January 24, 2014
Nice club, bought it because the 3 wood is Sooo LOOONG. Jury still out on the hybrid, need to play a couple of more rounds with it. 9 hdcp
ProsNice club, sets up nicely, very good shaft.
ConsStandard grip, not bad, but I will upgrade the grip to a golf pride half chord.
By Mark
Sydney, Australia
Forgiving, Long, and love the white head
January 24, 2014
I ordered this club along with the matching 3 wood and am really happy with both purchases. This is the first hybrid I've purchased and used, really wanted a club a bit easier to hit than a standard 3 iron and obviously a bit of extra distance too. This club has forgiveness and distance in spades.
great club
January 20, 2014
great club and great value
By Mike
Fort Lauderdale
Good club
January 11, 2014
Goes far pretty easy to hit. Shaft is a little weak for a stiff
ProsDistance and easy to hit
By Michael
TM RBZ 18* hybrid
January 7, 2014
wonderful club. easy to hit with nice height and distance.
By Ron
RBZ hybrid
January 7, 2014
Awesome club at an Outstanding price Hybrids will Shave strokes off your game Ordered and delivered in no time Tee it up and order one. You won't be diaappointed Thanks Rock Bottom
By George Haberman
Savannah, GA
Nice Club
January 3, 2014
This club is a stiff shaft and I usually buy regular shafts, but this is easy to hit and the ball travels lower than a regular shaft.
ProsHits low
You want to hit it long?
December 16, 2013
Then I highlghy recommend this. I dumped my 5-wood and got this. Easy to hit off any type of lies....
ProsEasy to hit and great distance
By Ray
Sun City AZ
Hybrid RBZ
December 14, 2013
This club is excellent. Good lift from and lie, fairway or rough
By leigh
whyalla australia
The must have club
December 13, 2013
These clubs are amazing and get u out of some sticky situations Totally recommended the finish is amazing a must buy
ProsGreat finish
By Ben
New Zealand
very good buy
December 13, 2013
easy to hit the ball from anywhere and goes further then by old hybrid
By Jim F
Bethesda, MD
Awesome clubs
December 6, 2013
Only played a couple of rounds with them - got the 3 and 4. But I'm very impressed. Replaced some old Nickents with similar lofts. These things are real confidence-builders. Put a decent swing on the ball and it flies long and straight. Good from moderate rough as well as fairway. Yesterday I hit as many greens with the 4-hybrid as I did with my 7-iron. Only wish RBG had the 5 available in a regular flex.
ProsEasy to hit 'em long and straight.
ConsNot crazy about the white heads. They feel a little heavier that I expected. But that doesn't affect the way they play, at least for me.
By John
Ft Lauderdale, FL
Excellent upgrade
November 23, 2013
I didn't realize the vast difference in series from Burner's to RBZ's. I knew there would be some difference in distance, but I am also enjoying accuracy of placement. STRONGLY RECOMMEND!
By Robert weaver
Virginia beach, Virginia
great all around club
November 14, 2013
For me it been a great addition to my bag. I love the neutral look at address. I'm able to use it well out bunkers and rough.they fly the ball high and long . The neutral look make it easy to chip with . I love it
ProsThere a great all around club
By Steve
Taylor Made Golf- RBZ Rocketballz Hybrid Iron/Wood
November 13, 2013
Large head for a hybrid. I have had a lot of trouble trying to hit it off the fairway,
ProsLooks Good, Very long hitting off a tee.
ConsLarge head with a rounded sole. It does not look like any hybrid that I have played.
By greg
Taylor Made Golf- RBZ Rocketballz Hybrid Iron/Wood $99.99
November 13, 2013
stiff shaft reduces flex on long shaft..decent size face on club..
Prosfair price. club delivers good distance.
By Dave
Dunedin New Zealand
Long and penetrating
November 9, 2013
A great hybrid longer and straighter than any other 3 iron I have tried
By Andrew
November 8, 2013
I really am liking the rocketballz line and what's not to love about the rock bottom prices you get here at rock bottom golf? These hybrids preform every but as good as the fairways do.
By Spumoni
Sault Canada
Great buy and quick shipping.
November 7, 2013
Always a pleasure to buy from Rock Bottom. Very competitive pricing and quick shipping.
By Ron
Great club
October 28, 2013
It will take a little more time to feel this club as I have only used it twice but I have already gained distance. Well worth it.
By Barbara
Radcliff, KY
Taylormade hybrid
October 23, 2013
Best hybrid I have every purchase. Easy to hit with great results.
By Lois
The Villages, FL
RBZ Rocketbaltz #5 Hybrid
August 23, 2013
I never hit a hybrid before, and I tried it over a bunker with water to the right. I was very happy to see it go straight and land softly on the green; easy par. Very happy with this hybrid.
By Jim
wallaceburg ontario
August 21, 2013
This club is great easy to use
Proswant more like it
By Tim O
Excellent club and price
August 20, 2013
Head was a little heavier than my old one so it took a while to get used to it. Very accurate and CONSISTENT
ProsConsistency and great feel
Not your typical hybrid
August 8, 2013
Don't get me wrong, the ball fly's off the face of this club when you make solid contact. It's making solid contact thats the issue for me, and I rely heavily on my hybrids. IMO this club plays better swinging it closer to a 5 wood than it does a 4-5 iron.
ProsGreat Looks Hot Face
ConsSmall Sweet Spot Feels like a wood
By Walt
Gainesville, VA
Great Club....
July 27, 2013
Was using Titleist's and then saw the hybrids on sale. Heard rave reviews from friends and decided to try the 4H. Ball flies off the face. Sorry I waited so long.
ProsEasy to hit and great distance.
By Zach
Taylor Ridge, IL
Nice Club
July 24, 2013
Very nice off the face, good at address. I really enjoy hitting this club. Very reliable.
By Joe
Bethpage, NY
Love it.
July 21, 2013
Grip is thicker than I expected. Not to the extent that it is a problem, however. Everythng else is very good. Club is well balanced. Looks nice behind the ball. Ball jumps off the face. Powerful shots.
By Sam
Northridge ca
15 yards
July 19, 2013
Heard so many things about the club and finally got one. Didn't really have a 3 hybrid but i do have a 4 hybrid that goes 185 yards (TM Burner 22). Got this club at 18.5 . Club goes about 210 yards for me. A little heavier than what I'm used to. I have a draw with this club. Got the stiff shaft. Btw I hit my driver about 265 average. Swing speed is at 105.
ProsGreat club
By Chad
Great club
July 19, 2013
Great upgrade from my old Nike 3 hybrid
By Mark
love this hybrid
July 18, 2013
hit it for the first in a stroke play tournament and crushed it. I was where my driver had put me in a scramble a few days earlier. I sure don't know they put the power in these clubs but it sure is fun.
Prosdistance, feel, and looks
By Blake
San Francisco, California
July 17, 2013
So much easier to hit than my old blade 3 iron! I am chocking up and hitting it as my 4 iron because of how much more consistent it is. My favorite new toy for sure
By Ryan
Syracuse, New York
RBZ 3-Hybrid
July 15, 2013
A great club! The ball really jumps off the face.
By Joeb
Dayton OH
Wonderful club
July 14, 2013
Ball jumps off the face. Goes through rough very well.
By Joeb
Dayton OH
Wonderful club
July 14, 2013
Ball jumps off the face. Goes through rough very well.
By Chad
I didn't really like them
July 14, 2013
I'm not a bad player - about an 8 handicap but I didn't really love them. In fact, I re-sold them after a week. I love the driver, and I hear the 3-wood is really hot, but I struggled with these. They do hit nice and straight, but I struggled to hit them solid.
By Jim
Rocketballz is loooong
July 13, 2013
Took this on the course and was hittin thru doglegs and over greens. Need to get used to club's length. Way longer than Callaway Octane.
Proswhite head,set up, and performance
By Linda
not sure what's wrong
July 12, 2013
I bought a 5 Rocketballz in it, hit the heck out of it and when the #2 went on sale I had to have it. I have tried the club numerous times, just can't hit it..hardly gets up in the air..not sure if it's me or the club.
Conscan't hit it
By Brian
Andalusia, Al
3 H to the rescue
July 11, 2013
Played 3 rounds using this club .the distance and feel are great. Thanks RBG
ProsDistance ,easy to hit, and the price
By Yasha
Kutztown, PA
Definitely longer!
July 10, 2013
I'm upgrading from my '08 burners. I only have 2 rounds with new clubs, but I have noticed the extra length. The club appears to be a little more open than the '08's. Over all I am very pleased. Looking to replace my superfast 3 wood with the rocketballz 3 wood too.
ConsNot quite as much feel
By Dave
Gloucester, Massachusetts
My (new) go to club
June 15, 2013
Long hitter that I can easily control off the box or the short grass
By John
Auckland, NZ
March 24, 2013
Love my Rocketballz hybrids, have got the 3 and 4 hybrid and think they're great, smooth swing gives excellent distance off fairway or tee. Will be getting the 3 wood soon to go with them, Can't go wrong for mid handicappers to hot those long iron shots with these clubs.
By Axel
Morrinsville, Waikato
Go the RBZ
January 23, 2013
This is so easy to hit it is crazy. Great ball flight and easy to draw or cut.
ProsEasy to hit from fairway aswell as in the rough. Looks really good
ConsIt's white and hard to keep clean
By Bob
RBZ Hybrid is sweet
January 14, 2013
I have the 5 hybrid 25degree, it definitely crushes the ball yet lands nicely on the green! Rock Bottom is always the best place for clubs and accessories. Would have been 5 stars, except the speed pocket collects grass after every shot including fairway shots with little to no divot.
Prosclean lines, ball jumps off the club face, goes further and straighter!
ConsThe speed pocket gets filled with grass even when hitting from the fairways, and I take very small divots. Just be prepared to clean the speed pocket regularly, I do after every shot.
By Justin
Oakland City,Indiana
This little baby rocks
January 13, 2013
I played with a razr x 3 hybrd for a while before making the move to a burner 2.0. I then one day at the local golf shop thought maybe it was time to try a rocketballz 3 hybird and all I can say is WOW. the fell and feed back you get is more than great. It has a great balance and one heck of a fell with my tried and true Winn DryTac regular size grips. The golf Pride multi compounds were ok but keep eating up my gloves. I'm hitting this baby 240 yards my razr hawk driver 290 yards. I am now using this in place of my 3 wood which got rid of after getting this. If your thinking about trying one stop waiting and try one like I finally did you 't be sorry you did.
ProsOne heck of a feel Well balanced unreal yardage This club is so hot it should be outlawed but then what fun would that be
By D.L. Koontz
RBZ does give more yardage.
December 23, 2012
I read in the popular science,December 2012 issue about test results of the RBZ fairway clubs which stated a seventeen yard gain with the RBZ. When Rock Bottom advertised the RBZ fairway woods for $149.99, I jumped all over that deal like ugly on an ape, I 'am very pleased with the RBZ fairway wood and I always check all golf offers against Rock Bottoms prices to find out if the offer from others is a deal.
ProsI have enjoyed the RBZ woods performance
ConsNot a problem
By Advice Rock
killa Cali
Very good hybrid
November 28, 2012
Very hot. i'm sure contributed by length of club and stronger angles. There is no complaints on distance. It almost goes too far compared to my 3wood. Amazing club
Constoo much distance
By Gene
Little sexy
November 17, 2012
10 degree 3 hybrid. 20 -30 yards shorter than driver. No more 3 wood. Almost too long. My son hit it 265. I get it 210 to 230ish when caught good. Measured by gps. I've got to swing easy or I get a nasty hook. Has a draw bias. l
ProsKills the ball
Conswhite paint chips easily
By Dick S.
Lakeland, FL
More Length & Easy to Swing
November 7, 2012
The Rocketballz Hybrids gives me added length compared with any other hybrid of the same number. It is also very easy to swing.
By Cameron
Wanganui, Wanganui
Terrefic club
October 29, 2012
Bought this club for a friend. He has said it is a terrific club. He can hit it very very well. Very forgiving and a hot face. Overall a very good hybrid club. Would certainly recommend.
ProsGreat looking Forgiving Great shaft Distance off the club is great
By Rich
Bend, OR
So easy to hit!
September 8, 2012
Bought the Rocketballz hybrid/iron combination set (#4, #5 hybrids with 6-AW irons) and the #3 hybrid separately. I found that the #3, #4 and #5 hybrids are so much easier to hit than the #3, #4 and #5 irons. The ball just screams off of the face and the accuracy is superb!
Prosdistance and ease of contact
By Luke
Russellville, AR
awesome club
August 27, 2012
I love this club. I just got a 19 degree hybrid took it to the range. I really didnt expect much, figuring all the advertising was just more hype, but after about the third shot in a row which flew as far as my current 3 wood and was much easier to hit, I fell in love... Great job taylormade
Proseasy to hit forgiving LONG
By Steve
Hybrid Iron
August 27, 2012
I have used to club for about a week and really like it, it is replacing and old cleveland launcher 5 wood. I am hitting just as far if not a little further then the old club.
ProsGreat Feel, seems like I have more control with this club.
August 25, 2012
By Jason
SF Bay Area
My Favorite Club
August 17, 2012
I've hit this club 10 times now and everytime I hit it 200+ yards and straight! The ball flys off the club face! This club is a must have!
ProsDistance Forgiving A True Rescue Club
By Andrew
The ball really flies off this
June 13, 2012
It is advertised as long, the light shaft and the strong loft help, but a nice feeling club
By Andrew
Great club at a great price from rbg
June 1, 2012
Have now played with it a half dozen times and hits beter every time. Easy out of rough or on the fairway, plays a draw or straight down the middle. Great for all abilities.
By Anthony
Manassas, virginia
Rocketball 4 Hybird
May 30, 2012
Great club; it's everything that's been written about it. The ball really jumps off the club
ProsFeel, weight, speed.
By Fabio
Dallas, Texas
May 5, 2012
You can't go wrong with this club.
By John
Wharton, NJ
Taylor Made of Course
April 10, 2012
The club itself is great as expected. Since golf has become a newfound passion of mine, its truly rewarding to play with a great club and a great brand. Rock Bottom Golf makes a easy, inexpensive, and fast. I receive my items in two days.
ProsDistrance Control great feel awesome look confidence
By Steve R
Litchfield, Illinois
Rocketballz Hybrid
April 10, 2012
Good feel with hit square. Lighter shaft than I'm used too, but didnt take long to adjust to it. Clubhead sets up nicely behing the ball. Would recommend clubs to others. Would like to see a choice of midsize grips on the Rocketballz clubs. My suggestion would be the UST Mamiya Soft Touch with the Taylor Made color scheme.
ProsGood price. Lowest price found on internet.
ConsNot so much a dislike, but a suggestion that a lite weight midsize grip being available.
United States
Taylor Made Golf- Rocketballz Hybrid Iron/Wood
April 4, 2012
I had a struggled early with hitting hybrids and always stayed away from them in difficult lies. But now that I made adjustments its my go to club in most all situations. I made this purchase to reward myself for the improvement I made in my golf game.
ProsFree Shipping Great Price Confidence

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