By Al
Knoxville, TN
September 16, 2014
These balls fly off my rbz clubs
Nice soft feel ball that comes off the club quicker than most soft balls
By Vigg
Orange County, Calif.
August 19, 2014
Great ball at a great price. These balls are long.
Added 10 yards with good control.
ProsGreat price,long with control.
By Derek P
Fenton, Michigan
August 18, 2014
Very good ball for the price!
I usually play a tour ball for my swing speed, but I won't pay tour ball prices. These are a soft feeling long distance ball at an excellent price.
By Dan
Downey, CA
July 29, 2014
Super Deep is right
Balls arrived today and went out and played 9 holes with them. Fantastic ball. What a soft feel when hitting them with the 5 and 6 iron... AND they went straight and long! Hit two 8 irons... one as the 2nd shot to the green - straight and pin high... the other on the very next par 3 - 5 feet from the pin. I'm just starting back into golf after a 20 year layoff and these made me feel like the old days! You can't go wrong with TaylorMade!!!
ProsSoft and smooth off the iron face... and straight as a arrow.
By kelly
June 25, 2014
great balls
great balls at a great price
By Kev
New Zealand
June 2, 2014
Great ball
These balls have a great feel to them. I am a high handicapper but i can still appreciate the difference these balls make. i have more confidence when i use them.
By Paul
Ocala, Florida
May 23, 2014
These TaylorMade SuperDeep Golf Ball just that !!! They are the Longest Golf Ball that I could still stop on the Green. When you hit them with the DRIVER, FAIRWAY WOODS or HYBRID IRONS( they "Run like a scolded Dog". But, when you hit them with 7-9, PW,SW,AW or LOB WEDGES they still go a club longer with very good height, so you can still stop them !!! They seem to have some back spin with the Irons to stop them. But, with the Driver, Fairway wds. and Hybrids go VERY STYRAIGHT with out to much sidespin !!! You can still Draw(hook) and Fade(slice) them but, It's harder to do. These are Straight and Long !!! So if that's what you want or need in a Golf Ball, these will go the Trick !!!
ConsHard to control at first because of the new Longer Distance you have to learn !!!
By Gary
Cornelius, North Carolina
April 8, 2014
Can't get enough
Best ball I have played in over 50 years of golf. Have been buying these balls for 2 years and prefer them over any other ball. For me they are considerably longer ans putt very soft.
By Corey
Hurley, Missouri
March 19, 2014
Taylor made super deep
Great feel, good control
By Rob
New Zealand
March 19, 2014
Long yet soft
excellent Balls long off the tee yet soft and great feel around and on the green love them.
By Joe
Hoppers Crossing, Vic
February 7, 2014
Good Golf Balls - Super
A well balanced golf ball of feel around the greens and exceptional distance off the tee.
By Ron
December 19, 2013
Great value
A great value and high performing ball. Taylormade has a winner, even if the name is a little screwy.
By Steve
Redlands, CA
December 17, 2013
Good ball for high handicapper
I'm a high handicapper with not a lot of distance on drives. These balls keep me on the course and travel a little further than other balls I've tried.
ProsLess spin = straighter shots and more distance
By Harvey
Vancouver, Canada
December 11, 2013
Great balls at great price
Excellent balls for the price
By Ed
United States
November 14, 2013
Two Piece Ball
Super Deep is a good ball that adds distance but lacks spin with iron shots to green..... great value for anyone who picks ball clean with iron shots and not concerned with spin..
ProsDistance and value
ConsLacking spin
By Victor
October 27, 2013
Taylor Made Super Deep Balls
For me, they are the ideal golf ball, they go far and they go straight. What more can you ask of a golf ball? They are not expensive from Rock Bottom .
ProsSoft feel Distance Go straight
By Paul Eastman
United States
October 21, 2013
Adequate Golf Ball
Durable, but enough soft feel for chipping and putting.
By scott
mifflintown, pa
September 24, 2013
quality golf balls
really like these golf balls.
By Kieran Gray
Mackay, Australia
September 24, 2013
Taylor made superdeep golf balls
nice ball and was able to have company details added for a very competitive price. I live in Australia and received the goods in 7 working days, great service
By CJ Hsieh
September 11, 2013
Great ball for the price
Really good 2-piece ball for the price. I can feel this ball give me more distance on both iron and driver. Soft fell too.... as soft as some expensive balls... I am a 12 index, I really can not tell the performance is any less than an expensive ball. The distance of drive shots are reasonable or better than average. The irons shots feel good... no less than some Titleists. I can't believe it's a low-priced 2-piece ball. I recommend it!
ProsGood distance, good feel. Great price.
ConsThe package looks cheap. I don't like the "Superdeep" name either. It sounds cheap too.
By Tony
New Zealand
September 5, 2013
Quality at a great price
A quality golf ball at a great price
By David
Hinesville, GA
August 25, 2013
Strongly recommend this ball if you are not a long ball hitter. It will go straight with a high loft and added distance.
ProsJust a great ball to hit on the course

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