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By Jim
Dallas area
Great Driver
January 3, 2013
Played a round with this new driver. Hit wonderful and the sweet spot is a bit bigger than on my R-7. When I do get all of it (I'm a about a 20 handicap) it really does sail. The price was right since they moved from this to the white painted head which amounts mostly to added cost for marketing.
By Rich
Melbourne, Australia
Forgiving consistent length
November 7, 2012
Very forgiving club, will only slice or hook with realy poor or very deliberate swings Good consistent length Sacrifice on feel for forgiveness Sometimes harder to control due to extra length of club
ProsForgiveness Consistent good length for almost all shots Limits violent hooks & slices to only very bad swings
ConsExtra long club sometimes harder to control Feel sacrificed, for forgiveness Can be hard to try and shape deliberately
September 9, 2012
Great driver, lightweight and hits it a mile. Sound at impact is a bit loud, but that's the sound of power!
By Tom
Metamora, Illinois
August 28, 2012
I Bought this driver for my 14yr old son when he made the school Golf Team. I have always trusted TaylorMade Drivers and this was no disappointment. He instantly gained 20+ yards over his Adams Tight Lies driver. He is hitting it Further and straighter than ever before!!
ProsGREAT VALUE, fantastic entry into TaylorMade Drivers.
ConsI didn't get it sooner!!
By Mike
Irving, TX
Excellent value, great product
August 27, 2012
Right price, and good-looking too. Excellent deal.
ProsGreat price Looks great
Consnothing, so far ;*)
By Steve
Shoreview, Minnesota
Solid performance
August 23, 2012
This driver was everything that was advertized. I am fairly new to the game and didn't want an adjustable driver that I wasn't going to know how to adjust properly. I got the stiff shaft which works perfectly with my swing speed. Solid feel on impact.
By Al.
Talylormade burner Driver
August 19, 2012
Bought this from the site and took only one week to arrive to NZ excellent service, with tracking number etc. Noted driver head made in China and shaft in Korea. Tried to register the product on the taylormade web site and didnt work? Driver use - first drive bang right up the middle. Overall pleased with purchase if genuine?
ProsCheap when compared to NZ prices. Quality seems ok but early days.
Consprice could be lower
By Sammy
Atlanta, GA
August 17, 2012
Love it.. If you hit the ball with the driver's "sweet spot", it has an amazing sound!!!
ProsPrice Sweet Spot sound
ConsBurner 2.0 price went down recently
By Danny
Miami, FL
Taylor Made Burner SuperFast Driver
August 15, 2012
I'm a novice player. Just started less than two months ago. I'm 27 and athletic. I got the regular flex and with the help of my friend, who has much higher skill set, I noticed that I might of needed a stiffer shaft. I've only used it for 2 rounds and a few times at the range and still haven't gotten the hang of it. Yesterday, on the 18th, I finally struck one over 250 yards, down the middle. Maybe I'm starting to get used to it. Hope so, because if I continue to slice it then I'm changing the shaft. It's very light and has a large face. I'm 5'11 and I feel like it's a bit long. I'll update this review later if I start performing well with it but again, I'm a newbie so it's probably just me.
By John
Ashburn, Virginia
Excellent results
August 14, 2012
I was using an R7, stiff shaft, and had the opporunity to use the Burner Superfast, regular flex, for a round. I immediately noticed the difference in terms of the size of the head as well as the flexibility in the shaft. Now that I have used this driver on a few more rounds, I am very please with the results. I am getting more distance but more importantly, I feel I have more control over the club and allowing the club to do more work for me. Great value and definitely worth the money.
ProsClub length, head size and flexible shaft. Love the feel in my hands.
By Jeremy
Roslyn, NY
August 8, 2012
Can be difficult to control. Packs a real punch as per the norm with TM.
August 5, 2012
By Adams
One Time Out... So far so good
April 23, 2012
I'm about 2 years into taking my golfing seriously and this club has somehow straightened out my drive significantly. I haven't noticed a big shift in my distance from the tee, but I haven't had my distance measured in any legitimate fashion. If I do, I'll update the review.
ProsLight weight Good Motion
By Nathan
cant go wrong with TM
April 17, 2012
Awesome drive does eveything if should Drives the ball long and straight
Prosdistance weight
By Jesse Land
Kansas City, MO
Golf ball jumps off the face
April 11, 2012
The ball really jumps off the face of this driver. I love the ball flight that it gives me: I have a bit of a low ball flight, so the 10.5 really seems to suit my game and give me some extra carry. It's been several years since I've updated from my r5, and this was a good choice for me.
ProsThe face is hot, love the ball flight and the sound the driver makes on contact. Also like how easy it is to line up.
By Paul
Toronto, Canada
Super Straight
April 1, 2012
Goes straighter than my previous drivers, which may be a disadvantage if you like to shape your shots. Came intact, fast, wrapped in plastic. If you order to Canada, be prepared to pay HST and broker's fee (about $30).
ProsEasy to hit Forgiving on off centre hits
ConsHarder to shape shots Non-traditional head shape takes getting used to
This driver added 25 yards to my drive!!
March 21, 2012
Club has a large club face and is light in weight. Enjoy a more consistent drive with added distance.
ProsLight weight, large clubface
By mike wile
gillbert AZ
March 15, 2012
lite,along shaft,go for me because I am tall
By Andy
Love it
March 9, 2012
Super lite, has increased my distance. great sound off the tee and forgiving.
ProsWeight, distance, sound
By Grétar
March 7, 2012
By Wendell
Love the Burner series clubs
March 4, 2012
I have several of the TM Burner clubs in my bags so when it was time to build a second set of clubs, it was an easy decision for Driver, 3 "Wood" and hybrids. My other driver is the Burner Tour Launch but I decided to get the Superfast Driver and I'm very pleased with it. The ball explodes off the club face and even off-center hits usually travel straight and long. I've never hit the R Series driver, but can't justify the additional expense when the Burners over such great results and about 1/2 the price.
ProsConsistent performance even with off-center hits
March 3, 2012
hit my longest drive ever with this club....400 yards....that right ..........hit my old driver best 360yds
Proslove it
By Bubba
Savannah, Ga
Great Driver
February 29, 2012
By far the best driver i've ever owned. The look and feel were just as expected. Looks great upon addressing the ball. The light club head and shaft made for effortless distance and control. Found myself gaining crazy yards off the tee. Workability was great too. Was able to easily hit a draw and fade.
ProsLooks Weight Feel Control Effortless Distance
By Tommy
San Diego, California
It's better than R11
February 27, 2012
I didn't expect it work well cuz price too low. By the way, it work so good and I don't need R11 anymore cuz my burner super fast works so good
ProsPrice and sound when it hits
By Phil
Valla Beach, Australia
This driver adds yards
February 20, 2012
I changed from an old TaylorMade 580 to this driver and it has added 20+ yards to my drives, it is much more consistent, and straight.
ProsLong and straight drives Great Service form RBG
ConsNothing, it's all good
By Jerry Tovar
Oceanside , California
Burner Super Fast is the shiznit
February 18, 2012
I played with the old Burner 9.5 for a couple of years. I loved the club! But now I have the Burner Super Fast that I purchased from the Cave. It is what it claims to be "Super Fast". The club head speed has definately picked up. I'm still getting used to it, but I can tell you it has added at the very least another twenty five yards to my drives. I can say that with this club I do drive for show now.
ProsI like the longer shaft that gives me a longer arc that helps create more club head speed. Control. The club just feels good in your hands.
ConsHaving to get used to it. Compared to my Burner it took some adjustment. A little more than I expected.
By Barry
Adelaide, Australia
great driver
February 16, 2012
great deal more distance very happy
Prosvery light easy to swing
By Sang
Great club
February 16, 2012
Rock bottom rocks!!!! They have the best price and the fastesty delivery ever. I had the clubs the following day. This driver is great - forget the white stuff. I am driving it straight and long. The mis - hits go straight and I am not slicing as much. My club speed is around 110mph and am hitting about 250 yards with this driver. It is a great buy.
By Glen
Hobart, Australia
Very nice!!
February 14, 2012
I was eager to use this club and took it for a practice round the day it arrived. It was replacing a Callaway FT5 so I took that too to get a comparison. The Taylormade constantly went 10 to 20 meters further than the Callaway. After my first round in competition my handicap went from 7 to six, thanks to my new driver. Fast delivery too to Australia
ProsLong and reliable
ConsThat I didn't get it sooner
By Solip
Los Angeles
Oldy but Goldy
February 11, 2012
Bought this for my friend. He just started playing game and had a great time using this driver. For an amateur he gets some distance. Will upgrade to the R9 at a later time.
ProsLight and easy to hit.
By Mike Landrum
United States
Great Driver
February 10, 2012
Very forgiving and great driver. I am an avid golfer, but not the best at the game. As long as I kept my tempo in check, the ball went straight every time and added about 30 yards to my drive. I like the larger/heavier club face with the lighter club (I bought regular flex) adds a lot of torque to my swing.
By Tom
SF Bay Area
Nice Club
February 8, 2012
Does what it says it does...give you more yards if you hit in the middle of the club face. Not so forgiving if you miss hit. No need to swing out of your shoes with this club, let it do the work. You know when you hit the sweet spot but you also know when you miss it, good feedback.
ProsPicked up distance Quality Feedback Price
ConsA little on the loud side
By Alain Dubus
Toronto, Ontario
Great value!
February 8, 2012
Increased 30yds to my drives on average (was playing the old '09 burner before). I also have the superfast 3-wood and I liked it so much, I got the driver. Highly recommend it if you're looking for best value for your money. It's also quite forgiving.
ProsLightness Distance Forgiveness
By John
Great driver
January 30, 2012
Excellent quality. No remorse, no regrets!
By Daniel
Camp Hill, Qld
January 28, 2012
Love this Driver!!! at $129 I am very pleased. Great swing speed and awesome quality!!!!!!!!!!
ProsThe club is awesome!
By Larry
Rockaway Beach, MO
Awesome Deal!
January 26, 2012
Easy to hit. Great deal!
ProsEasy to hit.
By ronnie braswell
chesterfield, va
December 10, 2011
hitting this with gusto, straight with distance coming along nicely! very light, swing speed increased by about 10mph.
Prosall pros so far
By Speedy
It works very well indeed
December 5, 2011
I went from the standard Burner, which I've been using for some 3 years, to the Super Fast. It is a sweet club, great to see addressed to the ball, easy to hit, and with superb results. I know I am hitting some 10 to 20 yards farther and with better accuracy. Let's say I couldn't be more pleased. It is a definite improvement over the standard Burner.
By Rory
Melbourne Aus
Pure distance
December 1, 2011
I've never been a ball shaper by choice but have always had a natural fade which could become a slice. Since getting this club I've added about 30 yards to my drive and it is almost always dead straight. I'm hitting more fairways and having to use shorter irons to get to the green. This driver has improved my game alot.
Consthe headcover can be difficult to get on and off sometimes but it is loosening up.
By Denny
Sarasota, FL
It works as advertised.
November 30, 2011
This club is very light weight and helps my club head speed. A good value for the money.
By Andrew
Sydney, Australia
Used for a few rounds
November 22, 2011
Increased consistency, but I think the flex of the shaft is too "loose" - suggest go for a stiffer shaft
By Scott K
Western Australia
November 12, 2011
Broke into the 70's today with this driver for the first time this season. 5 over 77 with a 10.5* Reg. Hit it easy and hit it long. Thanks RBG.
ProsLong Light Easy to hit
ConsTrick question?
By Michael
Naperville, IL
Added 30 yds
October 30, 2011
I have bought this driver with the inclination that a $300 driver would add some yardage to the drive. Well it is true. i did have a Adams driver that I purchased from RBG, but it was a $50 driver performance. Having the added yardage off the driver I have been able to look at par 5s and think about reaching the green in two. This past season I did accomplish this goal, and it felt great. Par 4s with wide fairways I g=hit more aggressive drives just to get another club length shorter for the second shot. With this driver all of these possibilities are starting to open up.
ProsIntimidating sound of the tee Accurate when swung correctly
ConsLonger shaft than I am used to Grip may have to be changed out I prefer Winn grips on all my clubs
By Adam
Karabar, NSW
September 11, 2011
This driver is awesome. Got this 3 months ago & after trying to change my swing to adopt to this driver, nothing worked. I finally gave up the other day & went back to the way i was hitting my Taylormade 2009 Burner 9.5 Stiff driver. Well that did the trick! Today I went for a round & hit 278 mtre drive with light tail wind. The longest drive I had hit (with my last driver) was 260 mtre with light tail wind assist. The rights up I had read about this driver stated thatit was no better than the 2009 Burner driver. Well I have proved that wrong. I have been (on good days) hitting consistently flatter longer drives & can draw the ball for even longer drives! I play off 21 handicap. Today I hit the best round ever. 74 off the stick on a 64 ACR course. I only had 1 bad tee with this driver & that was my fault by not releasing the drive causing a slight slice.
ProsLonger flatter drives. Just as good looking as the white one. More consistent up 50 mtres longer off the tee than 2009 Burner driver GREAT PRICE!!!!
By Scott
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Great driver! Will buy again!
August 23, 2011
This club arrived in absolute mint condition. Exceptionally fast shipping. Overall I am very happy with my purchase and I would happily buy again. Thank you Scratch!!! I am forever a ROCKHEAD!
By vicki
New Zealand
Burner Driver
August 22, 2011
Brought this for my husband and he is just loving it - getting extra distance which is great
By shoaib
Brisbane, Queensland
Great price , great driver , awesome service.
August 22, 2011
Wow this club is beautiful to hit . My swing needs a little work though haha. Bought this as well as a 3 wood on Thursday It arrived to my door on Monday , I was very impressed only 2 working days from Usa to Australia. Thanks RBG.
By Joe
Canberra, Australia
August 21, 2011
This club is incredible, even when I hit off centre it corrects itself. I hit more fairways and longer then ever before.
ProsWeight Look Feel Accuracy
ConsThe way my mates turn green with envy after outdriving them with little effort.
By Brendan H.
Chicago, IL
Great Product and Price!!
August 20, 2011
This is a great club. There isn't much if anything you will not like if you purchase this driver. Also, the price on it is GREAT! NOTE: This club does take a little time to get used to because of the longer shaft and because it is lighter. But once you get used to it, it's great.
ProsLook of it. Grip. Light. Performance.
ConsClub head cover really needs to get stretched out. First time I felt like I was going to break the club trying to take the cover off.
By Dana
New Hartford, NY
Awesome driver
August 16, 2011
Before buying this driver I had to oversewing to try and improve my length off the tee. With this driver I can go back to focusing on tempo and swinging smooth and the ball just jumps off the club! Off-center hits are more forgiving so I am playing more from the fairway and enjoying the game much more!
ProsForgiving Ball flies off the club face

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