By Parker
Lonoke, Arkansas
August 1, 2013
Love these golf balls!!!
These are my favorite Taylor Made golf ball!!
By john
Chicago, Illinois
July 23, 2013
I like a long ball that does not have too much spin, this one is it. It has a nice feel, but at the same time is really, really long.
ProsGreat distance ball
By ken
mount vernon, wa
July 23, 2013
Great ball
Good distance. Great spin around the green. Ultra good price. Why pay more when you can get these for a steal.
Prosprice plability
By Paul
Spring, TX
July 18, 2013
Great Ball, Especially for the Price
This is a great ball that I have previously paid $30/dozen for. They are very soft, and very responsive off my wedges. At $15/dozen these are a steal!
ProsPrice, Workability, Soft Cover
Mountain View, CA
June 29, 2013
Tour level ball
Great feel on wedges and putting. Spins a little more than I'd like off the driver, but distance still good.
By Slickerd
June 18, 2013
Normally the box reads Tour Preferred not sure what the Tour proven is all about, I bought 7 dozen of them I hope they're not clones. I haven't played them yet so I not totally pissed yet.
Pros- past TP Black Ldp are awesome comparable to V1X's. Maybe even better in my opinion.
Cons-the fact the box says Tour Proven and not Tour Preferred. -durability -they don't make them anymore.
By Jan
Davis, CA
April 26, 2013
Best price seen
super deal
By atm
cincinnati, oh
April 16, 2013
Premium balls for budget price
Although I prefer ProV1s they don't have near the value of these, especially if you buy enough to get the lower price per dozen. My only complaint is that the cover shreds more with wedges than most of the other premium urethane cover balls I've used.
Prosprice spin
Clemson, SC
March 29, 2013
Great balls, durable and predictable
ProsDurable, predictable
By Frank
New Hampshire
March 11, 2013
Taylormade black
Had to take advantage of the great price. Love this golf ball!
By David
Bellaire, TX
March 7, 2013
Nice winter ball
This ball performs well all around. I prefer harder balls in the winter, and this fits the bill and the price point.
By Bob
Sac, CA
February 27, 2013
Great Ball, Even better price!!
I have been playing the Penta's for the past year and when I saw these balls back on the market I had to buy them - I used to play them years ago. They are just as good as the Penta - great distance, great feel on and around the greens and they are more durable. Try and I guarantee you will love them.
ProsFeel, distance and they dont cut like the Penta's - PRICE!!
ConsHard to find...
By tim
Thousand Oaks, CA
January 5, 2013
Great balls, good distance
Good quality balls but perhaps not the softest feel.
ProsDistance, good but not great spin.
By Kym
December 19, 2012
I had the golf balls personalized and they turned out great.
ProsThe personalization
By Norman
December 18, 2012
Quality 3 piece TM ball for a superceded model
Quality ball but a bit pricy for a superceded model 3 piece TM balls
By Patrick
Boston, MA
December 4, 2012
Great Ball
Tour ball on the cheap
ProsTour Ball
By Guy Harley
November 28, 2012
I have new Balls!!
Thes balls were well priced and I thought what the heck I could have them customized which I thought was very resonable and by balls will be easily identified on the links.
ProsPrice Custom Lettering Quick Delivery
By Nathan
November 17, 2012
TP Black LDP Golf Balls - Great ball at better price!
I am stationed in Bangkok, Thailand and golf balls here are expensive, especially decent ones. I saw a dozen of these very golf balls for sale in the airport in Bangkok and they were 2500 Baht, or $83.00. 83 dollars!!! When I saw what you were selling them for I had to get some. I bought nine dozen. These balls are as good as any golf ball other than some extreme high end balls like Pro V, Nike's best and a host of others. For me, the price and playability combination is unbeatable.
ProsPrice Feel
ConsCuts too easy
By Myron
November 16, 2012
Best balls TaylorMade ever made!
Very long off the tee with perfect spinn around the greens
ProsThese were great balls at $40, for these prices they are a steel!
By Gary
Auburn, IL
November 16, 2012
Premium ball for half the price of a Pro V
Great for my game and great "feeling" ball. Long enough too. Right up there with a Pro V for me at half the price.
Prosgreat feel and long enough
By jaques meov
November 16, 2012
love em
great spin around the greens, great distance off the driver...
Prostrajectory and spin
By Cold War Kid
November 8, 2012
Fonts are different on the Taylormade logo!
It says new and factory sealed but I noticed the taylormade stamp on the ball are not identical from ball to ball. the fonts are a little different on a few balls. I haven't played any yet but, I hope these are not refurbished!
ProsThere the ball I play!
ConsPersonalized sucks, so small can't see I'm still going have to mark with a marker. The Taylormade font on the ball vary from ball. Make me think they are rejects or refurbished balls.
Columbus, OH
November 5, 2012
Great ball & great price!
Will continue to use until they stop making them-can't beat the price & quality in a ball!

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