By doug
waukesha, WI
Taylor Made - 08 Burner Hybrid iron/Wood Graphite
November 9, 2012
I like the club out of the short ruff , great feel.
Prosgood length weight
By Bladesvision
Pottstown, PA
September 4, 2012
The ball literally explodes off the face! I am impressed with this club mainly because it fits in my 200-220 range easily. I needed something for long par 3's, and along with that, this club is excellent out of the rough. I thought the head was a bit heavy, but when you swing it, watch out for the great results! I'm glad RBG sells a wide variety of clubs because it gives us mid handicappers something old, but good, rather than chase the trend.
ProsVery balanced weight distribution Sleek design
ConsNothing so far
By Jeff M
Newfoundland, Canada
Amazing Club
August 27, 2012
Much easier to hit than 3 iron and I get great distance
ProsEasy to Hit, Great Price
ConsWould be better to use USPS to avoid duty charges
By Joe
Immediate game improvement
August 26, 2012
I bought these after reading a few online reviews of these and similar products and about the benefits of hybrids over long irons. These were significantly cheaper than other hybrids as they were a few years older. I immediately noticed significant improvements in both distance and accuracy with these over my long irons. I highly recommend these to anyone having trouble consistently hitting long irons and thinking about making the change to hybrids. You won't be disappointed.
ProsConsistency Distance Accuracy
By Tom
Great Club
August 26, 2012
Hit extremely well out of the rough and on the fairways. Very comfortable and easy to use
By kw
Solid Purchase
August 2, 2012
Never owned a hybrid before this club. Primary motivation for the purchase was to take advantage of RBG free putter (w/ $50 purchase) offer, and see what the hype was all about. Been pleasantly surprised with how easily this club hits it high and long. Have had fair share of mishits topping and pushing the ball due to user error. Have never come close to hooking or slicing. Almost always high and straight with even a touch of draw. Officially replaced Adams fairwood wood that I used to carry. Please with what I received for the price. Even more pleased with the quality of the shipping and quickness the package got to my door. Will buy from this site again.
ProsLook Feel Performance Customer Service
By andy
atlanta, ga
Great club, consistent and forgiving
July 19, 2012
took two business days to receive this item from RBG...excellent service.
By Jason
Great addition to my bag!
July 18, 2012
This club is awesome! Took it out the day after I received it. Very easy to hit consistently, great feel! Definitely recommend adding this one to ur bag!
By Brad
St. Louis, MO
Well worth it.........
July 18, 2012
This club hits fantastic. I've used similar clubs that are this years models and really can't feel any difference.
By robert
good buy
July 17, 2012
very solid club.
Proshits well
By Lori
Good Club
July 17, 2012
Just a couple of swings to get used to, hits beautifully from the rough. Way more effectively for me than long irons.
ProsEasy to use Great feel
By tim gaines
Spokane wa
08 Burner Hybrid
July 16, 2012
Easy to hit long and straight. Weight and balance of this club is perfect.
ProsDistance is greater than my old hybrid
By Matthew
New Zealand
June 24, 2012
This is a great club very forgiving and I can hit alot further than my previous hybrid
Prosforgiving Looks Grip
By Andrew
Very nice hybrid
June 13, 2012
Sits nicely at address and gets up in the air quickly, may not be the latest model but plays nicely
Rescue 19*
June 12, 2012
This club is very easy to hit. Tried theR11 & Rbz..for me this is the right tool for my game.
Pros+great all around club for tee, rough & fairway. +nothing like that TM sound on contact
By Jeff
Akron, Ohio
Nice Club
June 9, 2012
Very easy to get the ball airborn and hit a long lofted shot
ProsWeight Look Feel
By Scott
Susquehanna, PA
Oh my.....
June 5, 2012
I bought the 3 and 4 in these hybrids as I have the 3 wood version of this club, and just can't miss it. The hybrids are no different. I picked up 10 yards per club over my mashies (sorry Cleveland) and they seem more forgiving....Money well spent
By Andrew
Independence, MO
June 4, 2012
So needed this club
ProsBall flight is so high and it goes so far. So much easier to hit than 4 iron
By Shane
Washington State
Good performance at a great price
May 29, 2012
I have played a few rounds with this hybrid and it is a great complement to my Taylormade Burner driver and 3wood. I am really happy with this as a replacement to my 3I/4I.
ProsGood swing weight and feel
By John
Too easy
May 29, 2012
I was so excited to go out and hit a few balls at the range and really "dial it in". Unfortunately, after four shots in a row that went exactly where I was aiming, I got bored with it, and moved on to my other clubs. Very disappointing. ;)
ProsEasy to hit
ConsToo easy to hit. Kind of boring.
By Jim Fleming
Brantford, Ontario, Canada
May 28, 2012
As a new golfer I had a lot of trouble with fairway woods. After two rounds of 18 with my new Taylor Made Rescue Burner my frustration is over. An easy swing and I can send the ball 100 yards plus. Great club. Highly recommend it. Thanks Rock Bottom Golf. Jim Fleming, Ontario, Canada
ProsFeels good in your hands
Conshead cover difficult to get on and off.
By Larkin
Love it
May 21, 2012
I bought both the 3 and the 4 Hybrid irons. Instance improvement to my game. I love these clubs.
By Jeff
Australia, Budgewoi
tayllor made burner
May 11, 2012
great club to get you straight up to the green, you mite have to do some walking because once you hit with this beauty you will be walking past the other players waiting for them to hit a couple of times while you have a drink waiting for them.
Proslined up properly & with out much efort you can play like a professional
Consi didnt buy one earlier
By Bob Stockton
Madison, WI
Great Hybrids
May 1, 2012
Bought my first Taylormade 08 hybrid last year, and now own four of them. I play several times a week and these have made the game much more enjoyable. Consistant ball flight, and land soft. I would recommend highly to any player, especially to those that can't hit the lower irons anymore. almost made a hole in one with the 25 degree.
ProsTaylormade Quality Soft landing Weight
ConsNo Dislikes
By Andrew
South Australia
April 8, 2012
Adds 10m to an already good hybrid 3 I was using.
ProsDistance Ball flight
ConsDidn't buy it sooner
By jean
very good
March 30, 2012
Prosgood feeling
By Barry
Tassie, Australia
4 Hybrid
March 30, 2012
Brilliant club, what more can I say
By Gary
Whistler BC Canada
The Best as Always
March 4, 2012
We still have snow and lots of it but I have an older version of this item and I already know how good they are!! I'M looking forward to trying it out ASAP.
ProsEasy to use Great results
By John
Indianapolis, Indiana
TM Burner 22* Rescue
February 21, 2012
Picked this up on sale recently, great club and easy to hit a long way. I'll be replacing my 3- iron with the 18* soon.
ProsDistance Forgiving Light shaft Good ball flight
ConsTM Grip is average
By Lee Rawlinson
Magnetic Island -Australia
Taylor Made Golf-'08 Burner Hybrid Iron/Wood Graphite
February 13, 2012
Get a lot more distance with this club.
ProsGreat club and easy to use.
By Lee Rawlinson
Magnetic Island -Australia
Taylor Made Golf-'08 Burner Hybrid Iron/Wood Graphite
February 13, 2012
Get a lot more distance with this club.
ProsGreat club and easy to use.
By Lee Rawlinson
Magnetic Island -Australia
Taylor Made Golf-'08 Burner Hybrid Iron/Wood Graphite
February 13, 2012
Get a lot more distance with this club.
ProsGreat club and easy to use.
By Jersey Novice
nice club
December 11, 2011
never used hybrids before, easy to hit, very forgiving. Even hits well off the tee
Proseasy to swing and strikes well
By Chris
Kernersville, NC
This Club Works!
June 9, 2011
I don't hit it too often, but every time I have hit it, I got a solid shot with a nice draw. It is the perfect club for escaping the rough, long par 3s, or just laying up a tee shot around a corner. I highly recommend this club.
By Dave
Hot Springs, AR
Shot Saver!
June 8, 2011
Good shaft, great set up to the ball, hit it further than my 3 iron.
ProsGood club and saves strokes with those 190 to 210 shots into the green.
ConsOffset just a bit.
By Paul
Lake Charles, LA
Great club
June 8, 2011
Amateur golfer at best. Bought this club out of curiosity to compare to my cheap Wilson set I bought a couple of years ago. I definitely get longer and more consistent shots w/ this club compared to the Wilson hybrids that came in my set. Overall, definitely more consistent w/ this club than my long irons.
ProsGood quality Look and sound Forgiveness
ConsNot worth the MSRP, but didn't pay that.
By Tom
Tallahassee, Fla
Worth the money!!!!
June 6, 2011
Great club. Easier to hit than the 4-iron and longer. Filled the distance that I was missing between the 4-iron and the 5-wood.
ProsEasier to hit than the 4-iron and longer.
By noel
New Zealand
Taylor Made Golf- '08 Burner Hybrid Iron/Wood
June 4, 2011
nice hybrid driver. Great on the fairway. Much smoother than a normal 3 iron
By Peter
Ringwood, Australia
My distance iron is back
June 3, 2011
I brought new Callaways which start at the 4 iron so the Taylor Made 3 has filled the gap in distance I had
ProsNice feel of the deck with my 3 iron distance
ConsI noticed a chip in paint on the 3rd hole I played with it.
By Garth
Worth Every Penny
June 2, 2011
Awesome, works great out of the grass or off the top.
By Matt
Easy to hit
June 2, 2011
Great off the tee, fairway or the rough. Much easier to hit than a low iron. Awesome value for money.
ProsEasy to pick up out of the rough Great value
By Denny
Berwick Pa
Taylor Made Golf 08 Burner Hybrid Iron/Graphite
June 1, 2011
I had a 5 hybrid previously which was great and I purchased a new set of Berthas this spring which had a 5 iron as the longest club so, I purchased a 4 hybrid to bridge the difference and it was great and easy to hit. I have had 3 friends purchase the hybrid since I bought mine
Prosgreat price and great club
By Rob
3 iron replacement
June 1, 2011
Love the feel of this club, and at a great price.
By Steve
Bethesda, MD
You Cannot Hit a Bad Shot With This Club!
June 1, 2011
Check your ego and trade that 3 iron and 4 iron in for these hybrids. Yes, those infrequent times that the stars align, all of your swing flaws counter act each other, and you hit that 3 or 4 iron pure really feel great. You know what feels even better? Standing over that golf ball that snuggled down in the rough 210 yards from the green and being absolutely confident that your hybrid is going pop it up out of there and send it on a perfect trajectory toward the green - every time. These clubs are sure to shave shots off of your handicap ... all you need to do now is practice putting. There is NO better $69 investment (same price as a round of golf on the local muni!).
ProsBeing able to step up to the ball whether it's on the tee box, on the fairway (even the wrong fairway), or in the rough and KNOWING I can rip it.
ConsMy most frequent competitor also has it because I was so excited about mine I couldn't keep my mouth shut.
By Don
Woodville, South Australia
Great Rescue Club!
June 1, 2011
I have the #3-19 degree (reg. flex). This club looks Fantastic; its beautifully balanced and the grip, shaft flex and overall weight of the club promotes confidence throughout the swing. The ball comes off high and straight and makes a pleasing sound upon contact. Highly recommended!
ProsEverything! Looks great, feels great and sends the ball flying!
By Hugh Petchell
Auckland New Zealand
Taylormade Rescue
June 1, 2011
I found this to be an excellent club for me to go between my 3 wood and my 4 iron and I get an awesome draw on the ball which is fantastic for all my dog leg left holes.
Prosfantastic club to go between 3 wood and 4 iron Get a good draw on the ball Great for little punch shots out from under trees
By Keith
great club, great value
June 1, 2011
Only used the club a couple of times but very happy with it. Works great off the tee when looking to sacrifice some distance for accuracy and excellent when hitting out of the rough
By Dave
Milwaukee, WI
June 1, 2011
I took out my 5 wood and replaced it with this 19 degree hybrid. It's much easier to hit.
By Adalsteinn Gudjonsson
Reykjavik, Iceland
Great club!
June 1, 2011
I love this club, that's my individual opinion. I am a 23 handicapper and achieve distance, accuracy and flight with this club. Would definitely recommend it, even thinking of buying a 3 fairway wood from the same line. Usually I am rubbish at using 3 wood, but the experience with the hybrid is encouraging me to try it again.
Proslook feel accuracy length
Consnone yet
By Tim
Broomfield, Colorado
Taylor Made Golf - '08 Burner Hybrid Iron/Wood Graphite
May 29, 2011
Put this hybrid in my bag for the first time over the weekend and reached 2 par 5's in two on my home course for the first time ever. Produces a nice high ball flight with great distance. Perfect compliment with my Burner Plus 4 thru AW irons. Used it off the tee for several short par 4's. Very accurate and easy to hit and it's a "steal" at a great price. Love it!
ProsForgiving Accurate Long
By Mike M
Great Club
May 29, 2011
Great club. Easy to hit consistently. The best hybrid club I have used. I will be adding more Taylor Made clubs to my bag.
ProsLightweight. Easy to swing and make correct ball contact. Top quality at a great price.
By robert
fort worth,tx
Best Choice I've made
May 26, 2011
Replacing my 4 iron with the 3 and 4 hybrid clubs was the best improvement to my game so far. This have excellent carry and are so easy to hit, much more so than the long irons. These will stay in my bag.
Prosgreat Rockbottom price great carry easy to hit
By Mike
Washington, DC
May 24, 2011
I never write reviews and I even waited to do so before I could order the Hybrid 5. This club is amazing, so smooth. I was struggling to hit my 3 iron 200+. If hit it perfect it might make it but that was 30% success. I pulled this club out on the first par 5 and crushed it 220 straight as an arrow. The whole round I hit it perfect time and time again. I quit using my driver and used it off a low tee... killed it. After 5 holes I was 8 over, on the next 13 combined I was only 6 over. Easy to shoot better when everything is in the fairway. BUY THIS CLUB, heck get the 5 hybrid as well. Best club I have hit! High, Long, and VERY forgiving.
ProsBest Club I have hit. Long and High shots Straight as an arrow Very Forgiving
By ronnie braswell
chesterfield county, va.
May 16, 2011
performs as it should on fairway shots. I still have to learn to hit down on the shots, but it is way better than a conventional 4 wood!
Prosfeels good swinging! no cons
By Lonnie
Thornton, CO
Better distance and control from the rough
May 8, 2011
Never have been a big fan of hybrids, until now. The 21 degree has greatly improved my game from the deep grass.
ProsSound, feel, high launch and the sleek look at address.
ConsThe reg flex shaft seemed very light.
By Darren
Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
Great Deal!
May 6, 2011
Can't wait to use it! And at $120.00 off? Outstanding!!!
ProsLooks great!
ConsNothing to note.
By Mike Malette
Chicago, IL
Great club - great price
April 25, 2011
Exchanged my 4 & 5 iron for 4 & 5 hybrids and boy am I glad I did. Easy to hit and just looking down on them exudes confidence. You won't regret the purchase.
Prosgreat look
By steve
Brooklyn, NY
Forgiveness and big distance
April 13, 2011
Super easy to hit nice and straight, and gets awesome distance!
ProsForgiveness DISTANCE!
By Brian
Liberty Township, OH
April 11, 2011
Very well balanced club that provided a lot of distance. My first Taylor Made club and if they're all like this, it won't be my last one. Very impressed.
ProsSmooth and balanced Great distance
ConsNothing yet
By zeke
Lethbridge, Alberta
very nice hybrid
April 7, 2011
Very long hybrid. Easy to hit whether your in the fairway or the rough.
Proslong and easy to launch the ball.
By Doron
Oxford, Ms
Good club
April 5, 2011
Great club...Just the somethin I needed for some distance and it works!
ProsGreat feel
By Brian
Chehalis, WA
Awesome club.
April 4, 2011
This club really lets you get under the ball with little to no effort. I have the #3 and it is awesome, from short to long grass, this club is a game changer.
ProsEasy to get under the ball
By Duane
Coral Springs, Florida
Arrived in NEW condition
April 4, 2011
Shipped and arrived quickly, good purchase
By Bruce
Nova Scotia, Canada
Taylor Made hybrid
April 3, 2011
I'm from Nova Scotia. Canada & was a first time buyer from Rock Bottom & definitely won't be last. Ordered 3 clubs on Wedn & rec'd the following Tues. Clubs were a great deal. This club alone saved me the cost of shipping & then some. Highly recommend this way to make your purchases.
ProsFabulous price & stiff graphite shaft,
By Greg Childs
Great Club
April 3, 2011
Perfect condition and long. great utility has 101 uses.
By Joe Peach
Mt. carmel, Illinois
Great price if you like offset!
April 2, 2011
I play more of a neutral face irons and woods the offset on this is too hard for me to adjust direction. If you like offset this club produces great height in shots.
ConsOffset head
By Matt
love it
April 2, 2011
Simply put this club is awesome!
By mark
fort bragg, california
sweet glub
April 2, 2011
love the club, hate the grip
Prosweight and balance great
Consgrip is too uncomfortable, having a better feel grip put on
By Ricki Harfield
New Zealand
These clubs are excellent and very easy to hit.
April 1, 2011
These clubs are excellent and are very easy to hit off the ground.
By Cfranks
good so far.
March 31, 2011
I have only had the chance to hit this club a time or two. but the distance and forgiveness seems to be all there.
ConsStickers on it
By HK Kang
Central, SC
Great #3, not sure #4
March 30, 2011
#3 Hybrid is better than #4. Probably need some time to get used to #4. But no doubt, #3 is excellent.
By glen
christchurch, rolleston
March 27, 2011
easy to hit and long
By bill
new brunswick, canada
good club
March 22, 2011
feels good in swinging it in the back yard. no courses open yet so just practicing in back yard where there is no snow. however my other burners feel and work great and that is why I purchased this one to round out my set. can hardly wait to see how it works on the course!
Prosfeel looks
By Sam
New Zealand
Great club
March 13, 2011
I am very happy with my fairway would do to club in the bag
By Cameron
easier than a 3 iron
March 13, 2011
I have never had a hybrid in the bag before this one, took a bit to learn how to hit. Great length (190 metres easy) and feel, can hit a high shot and low with ease, I like it and can't believe it's taken me this long to get a hybrid.
Proslength and control
Consshaft is short and took a few rounds to get used it
By Scott
Bay City, MI
Great Club Great Price
December 5, 2010
Loved this club from the first moment I hit it. So much better than my last hybrid. Can't wait to get out in the Spring and hit it some more.
ProsWeight, feel
By Joey
Atlanta, Georgia
Good Hybrid
November 29, 2010
This club is great out of the rough and fairway however the regular flex shaft is a little whippy and can result in some snap hooks. If you have a slice this is the perfect hybrid for you because it is a little shut at address and with the light shaft it allows you to hit the ball long and straight or with a slight draw.
September 11, 2010
I used to be a Cobra guy but have recently gone to TM driver and these hybrids. Holy Caveman! After getting in a few swings and figuring out how my new 17 degree 2h hits, I was able to knock a nice, low, drawing rocket about 250 (with rollout) onto a par 5 in two. I've played that hole probably 200 times and this is the first time I actually made it in two. I also got the 4h and like it just as much. It carries much further than I could hit my 3 and 4 irons with an easy swing.
ProsLooks Distance Head covers match my R9
ConsThe line from the grip center to the club face seems off to me.
By Rob
Tinley park, IL
Excellent Club
August 10, 2010
Very happy with the club. I love the weight of the head really helps get through those shots out of the rough
By gregory
Bay City, Mi
Gave me confidence on any par 5
July 22, 2010
Just took this club with me and was amazed at how well I could shoot it right off the get go. I'm not pro golfer I actually just started this summer but I am now confident that I have found a club that will help me attack any par 5
ProsLooks great Great Distance I averaged about 200 yards or greater
Great club
July 21, 2010
Great feel and a low, penetrating ball flight. Contact sounds like you're a PGA tour pro.
By Hacker
Bay Of Plenty
Not a bad effort
July 4, 2010
I have a 2 and 3 stiff flex but am finding them a bit hard to get used to. The club heads seem quite small compared to most irons and my previous hybrid 3. Only played two rounds with them so the jury is out (plus I have a pretty high handicap so who am I fooling).
ProsEasy to shape shot. Good feel. Would recommend to better golfers than I.
ConsNot always wanting to shape shot. Small sweet spot, small head.
By Ryder
Ontario, Canada
Outstanding Club
May 25, 2010
I recently purchased the Hybrid #2 iron stiff flex. All I can say is WOW!!!...I had my doubts about this club but when I hit it for the third time it was amazing. I'm a good golfer but not great! ( Handicap 12) The club allows me to attack par 5's and challenge long par 3's. The club for me travels any where from 220-240 with a slight draw and I do not hit draws so it is nice to have that shot in my bag now.
ProsGreat feel Easy to hit Impeckable service GREAT Price!!

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