By bill
Hurricane, WV
July 17, 2014
great feel and bounce
The name titleist and its reputation delivers on this wedge. Great feel with a softer ball cover and ball control plenty.
By Guy
July 8, 2014
It's a Titleist
great feel. Vokey is the renowned club designer that all others learn from. Jesse Ortiz is the only one to come close in my opinion. They are the only wedge brands in my bag. If you want to get good, use these wedges.
Prosfeel , weight, bounce, the rewarding feel when you hit the sweet spot.
Consnone, personally I wish the chrome was shinier.
By McKenzie
Springfield, MO
June 17, 2014
I bought this club for my husband for Father's Day... We went last night and he loved it!
By Jack w
coquitlam, b.c.canada
June 5, 2014
thing of beauty
Buttery feel and great control
ProsLooks great in the bag
By bryan
concord, nh
May 16, 2014
best wedge on the market
I play all Titleist wedges. LOVE them so much it makes laying up an easy decision on the course. I previously had the oil can and satin finishes but the polished chrome look is more consistent with the rest of my clubs.
Prosheavy, great feel, great control
By jan skogstrom
ypsilanti, mi
May 11, 2014
great wedge, nice spin.
By john
albany, ny
May 9, 2014
the best wedge
just a fantastic value, club feels grat at address, almost the perfect club!!!
Prosgreat price, feel, and superior performance around the green
By Margarito Escovedo
N. L. R. , AR
April 22, 2014
Big Dummy
Excellent around the greens!! Why didn't I purchase a long time ago???
By David
Stamford, CT
April 10, 2014
Great Wedge. Great Price.
This wedge spins the ball like crazy. RBG has great shipping options as well.
ConsGrooves are illegal after 2020
By David
Hot Springs, AR
March 12, 2014
Throw the magazines away - best wedge ever made
I carried an old Hogan wedge for 30 years until the grooves were gone. I finally broke down and bought a new one - but not the Titleist. Big mistake. I bought the Titleist wedge about 5 months ago. I'll never buy any other kind. Great spin, feel, and great from the traps. Swish !!!
ProsVunderbar !!!
ConsNone, nada, zero !
By Corey
youngstown ohio
February 20, 2014
Best club on the 60
ProsGreat spin
By Steve
Christchurch, Canterbury
February 15, 2014
I bought both the 58 and 52 deg wedges (8* bounce). The spin and control is excellent with a well weighted feel throughout the range of shots executed. The look of the head is classic and inspires confidence at address. Easy to open up or close down for extra shot making ability. I have owned them for 2 years now and with a little care, the grooves are nearly as good now as when I bought them.
ConsHaven't found any yet!
By bryan
newburyport , MA
December 31, 2013
love my vokeys
I started learning to hit wedges with some hand-me-downs. My first new wedges were Nike SV's, which I liked and hit pretty well. After I nicked my 56* wedge on a buried rock I took a Titleist out of the pro shop to demo. I bought it as soon as my round was over. I purchased the other two wedges (60*, 52*) from RBG within the next year to complete my set. The Titleists feel heavier than other wedges and I can feel the difference in every shot I take. Instead of being the weak link in my game, my wedges are now my strong suit. Love, love, love them!
By Todd
December 31, 2013
Confidence building club
Best wedges on the market!!! There is a reason every other club maker compares their clubs to Vokey... Really builds confidence and doesn't take long to get feeling and distant control.
ProsLook, feel
By Brendan
Ottawa, ON
December 14, 2013
Best wedge
Great wedge. Perfect weight and amazing amount of spin.
By Miguel
November 27, 2013
Great club !!!
ProsLove the spin
By Matthew
October 18, 2013
Sticks where it lands!
Great feeling club, hit it with confidence because it sticks where it lands! Get the least bounce you can because this club plays great for fairway to green shots!
ProsBall control
ConsIts so pretty you will cry when you first scratch it
By JT Golf
Columbus, OH
September 4, 2013
Can't beat Vokey quality!
Best wedges out there - with the less bounce model, this cuts through the heavy sand like butter.
By Sean
August 26, 2013
Solid Clubs
I went with the standard 52.8, 56.8, 60.4 to spread my gaps in distance. Very well made they expose my irons P-3 as this 60's distance is about where my P is!
By Sean Phegan
August 26, 2013
Lovely wedges
The best feel in a wedge
By Will
August 25, 2013
Great Wedge
Feels great with classic look. Easy to hit a variety of shots around the green.
ProsLook Feel Playability
By Dom
August 22, 2013
Great wedge
filled the gap in my bag
By Chris
July 24, 2013
Great club
Just a fantastic club especially close to the green. Stops with pin point accuracy and great feel.
ProsFeel Spin Look
ConsJust wished I had it all summer
By Greg
July 3, 2013
Wedge Review
These wedges feel great in the hands and strike the ball well. I particularly like the 56 degree 14 bounce sand wedge and feel like it works for a variety of shots around the green.
By Brad
Cortland, OH
June 12, 2013
Best wedge out there
Vokey wedges are the best out there, and the non conforming will give you more spin than you ever thought possible.
By brandon
cass, WV
January 1, 2013
very good wedge for experienced players
Proslots of spin
By Laurie
December 19, 2012
Vokey - nice feel
Love my new wedge. Great feel, great action.
By Kit
December 17, 2012
Vokey...The Best !
Lives up to all the Vokey hype , controll , feel , the whole package,,,
ProsEverything Weight feel controll
By S Pham
December 10, 2012
Reduced strokes from my short game
The 54 degree - 8 degree bounce Tileist - Vokey milled wedge improved my short game and gave me more confidence to hit my chip shot. The 08 degree bounce gives me the impression that the club easily gets under the ball on every shot. Just after one game playing with the Vokey Wedge, I am feeling alot more confidence around the green.
By 275
, Price UT
December 5, 2012
short game the most important good feel
By Nathan
November 3, 2012
vokeys are the best
the best handsdown
By Bob
Lake Geneva WI
September 5, 2012
Will buy more Vokey wedges
This is my first Vokey and I am not disappointed. it replaced an old Ben Hogan wedge. The feel of the Vokey gives me a lot more confidence that the shot will play the way I plan it. Will eventually replace my other 2 wedges with Vokeys
Prosoverall club weight and balance
By jim martin
australia (down under)
September 3, 2012
lots of bounce
This one is probably better out of the sand than on a tight, firm grass lie. However might be my technique (i'm a bit of a digger & too much weight on the left leg trying to over-compensate) - however is also great out of spongy lie or the medium rough for 60-70 metres for high soft shots.
Consget heaps more stop & check from my 54/8degree vokey - this one might take a bit of getting used to.
By Josh
August 28, 2012
Perfectly weighted wedge
This wedge is unbelievable. You can hit it from anywhere, the sand, fairway or rough
ProsFinish Spin Comfort
By Jeremy
Roslyn, NY
August 11, 2012
Legendary for a reason. All-around excellence with plenty of options in terms of bounce. Never a bad decision to purchase a vokey wedge.
By Joseph
Springville , NY
August 7, 2012
sticking greens
able to stop a ball dead on the green!
By Dennis
Dallas Texas
August 1, 2012
Titleist Vokey Spin
Great club very glad I purchased it.
By Cam
July 31, 2012
Nice wedge
It's great!
ProsIt wedges balls
ConsNo guarantees about the ball going in the hole every time
By Andrew
July 17, 2012
Best wedge available
Just a great club, looks great and generates spin
stockton, ca
July 16, 2012
Great wedge.
Always liked the looks of the Volkey wedge, and since I bought one I have fallen in love with it. It performs as well as it looks. Just feels right and for some reason I swing it better than my other clubs.
Proslook, feel, performance.
ConsNo dislikes
By Darren
Port Lincoln, SA
July 11, 2012
The favourite club in my bag by far
ProsFeel, look, playability
By Doug
South Florida
July 4, 2012
Great Wedge
Like all Titleist products they are great and well worth a few extra bucks. You get what you pay for.
ProsGreat spin control.
ConsFactory grip is no good. Replaced with a Golf pride Multi compound right out of the box.
By Chris
Louisville, Kentucky
June 29, 2012
Let it fly
Excellent balance. I'm getting exceptional spin with this club when I actually swing it. Very easy to control.
ProsFeel Ball reaction off club face
ConsNothing so far.
By Tom
Sydney, NSW
June 17, 2012
Great feel &spin
Great clubs, well weighted, good control
ProsSpin Weight Feel
By Petro
Cleveland, oh
June 13, 2012
Clubs rocks!
Bought this club cause I chip with my sand wedge and overnight my game improved! First day I used it I had a 40 yard shot, stuck, rolled right in the cup!
ProsLove the grooves and how the bounce is personalized for different golfers and how each strike the ball differently
By Soukup
New York
June 11, 2012
Great wedge
This club does what it's supposed to and is one of the best wedges I used around this price range.
ProsFeel Grip Spin
By kevin
wellsville, ny
May 19, 2012
great feel
this is easily my favorite club in my bag. It is VERY reliable and provides the perfect amout of spin.
Prosnice feel
By Sam Sullivan
Whitesburg Tn.
May 18, 2012
Great Club
This club is the best of the best. You get it all with a Vokey. Great spin and a solid feel.
By Paul L,
Elyria, oh
May 18, 2012
Nice Club
Love this wedge, can fire right at pin and get the hit, skip and check up shot. Great for fast hard greens that can be difficult to hold.
ProsFeel, Look and performance are A++
By Steve Dodd
Nitro, WV
May 12, 2012
Titleist vokey wedge
This is the best wedge I've ever felt in my hands. As good as advertised.
ProsFeel, weight, best feeling wedge I've ever had in my hands.

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