By Daniel
Meriden, CT
August 22, 2013
Good for the price!!
From what I have noticed these balls are in excellent condition and are well worth trying!!
ProsPrice is great!!
By herb
ponte vedra beach, fla
June 8, 2013
golf balls
worst purchase, of many, I have had from you-not even white--, marks, logos, scrapes-
By Joe
Mesquite, Texas
June 8, 2013
Not what I paid for!
I ordered near mint golf balls. What I got was 2dozen balls where only 6 were even close to near mint most were very discolored and had many scuffs and rub marks. Just not what I would consider " near mint".
By Justin
Oakland City, Indiana
June 7, 2013
No NXT Tour
These balls are like any other for the shape they are in used. To say that they are not perect would be wrong. They are used balls so they more than anything are not going to look new doesn't mean they still don't play well. After trying them out have realized I still play better with the titleist NXT Tour ball. Have been playing this ball for years now and have found it hard to get use to something else when you have a ball you know like the back of your hand.
Prosprice fast shipping from the rock heads of golf great service
Consnone other than i still like my curent ball
By Jack Diemer
KC area
June 7, 2013
If you have low expectations you will not be diappointed.
These golf balls are not near mint, they are tan in color and I would call them fair in quality at best.
ProsThey are ProVs, no cuts, some scuffs
ConsBalls are tan in colored, looks like they were rescued from the water.
By David
Mobile, Al
June 7, 2013
Used ProVi
Good price for used ProVi's in good condition
By Luke
June 7, 2013
Titleist at its best
For the price, they were mint. Couldn't find a better deal anywhere
By Elliott
June 7, 2013
Great Deal!
Short & Sweet .. Great Deal, Great Value!
ProsProV1 action
By Todd Brown
Ravenna Michigan
June 7, 2013
for the price
this is an excellent value for the purchase price. I will buy more of these in the future!
Prosprice and condition of product
Consthere was a limit of only 2 dozen when I purchased them at the price of $5.99 a dozen.
By Brad
Port Huron,MI
June 7, 2013
Not thrilled
I received 2 dozen and out of that, I would say that 8 of the balls were okay. The majority had that light brown stain ypu get from a ball that has marinated in a lake for a long period of time. Some of the balls were the very first ProV introduced so they have lost quite a bit of their distance. I didn't expect too much, but I wish I would have just put the money towards a new mid range ball.
Consbrown circles age of balls
By Dean
June 3, 2013
mis- advertised balls
These were terrible balls. To call them "A" level is a joke.
ConsMultiple marks and blemishes on every ball. Many were several years old.
By Rich
May 31, 2013
These balls are very scuffed and very discolored. They look like they have been in the bottom of a swamp for years! After shipping I could have got them just as cheap at walmart and in better shape. The bad thing is they are represented as "NEAR MINT" "Grade A"---NOT!
By Tony
, Detroit
May 28, 2013
Wouldnt even give a one
Totally disappointed in this purchase .mballs were scuffed and dirty and had more doubts and practice balls then ones I could use.
By b. fox
lansing, mi.
May 23, 2013
recycled titleist pro v 1 golf balls not worth the money
recycled ball are junk would not recommend buying them they paint over cut and inperfections
By Jake
May 21, 2013
Not bad for the price
Just using these for practice balls around the green. I am a believer in proV1 but I wanted practice balls that would react the way my game ball would, these are perfect for that purpose...
By Mark
October 14, 2009
Almost nearly mint
Not so mint, maybe boxed near the Philadelphia Mint. Maybe 50% were pretty good. Others were scuffed, cut or less than white from spending plenty of time in water. No prunes though.

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