By Kevin bengtson
Aurelia, iowa
June 7, 2014
Pro V's
Great value, balls look new.
By jbazan26
Houston, Texas
June 6, 2014
Great Value
I inspected the balls when I received them. They look and feel brand new. I only saw 1 out of the 36 that had a blemish. Can't wait to get them on the Golf course and try them out tomorrow! I usually save my ProV1's for around the green at this price I will Tee them up.
ProsPrice!!! ProV1s
ConsDid not get them in time for my out of town trip.
By Danielson
St. Louis, Missouri
June 5, 2014
Great ball!
Balls came in mint condition like promised. I'm hitting the ball an extra 15 yards with each club and have to club down on approach shots. Which is a good problem! It allows me to generate more spin.
ProsClean High spin Great quality for your buck
By Seth
Upstate NY
June 2, 2014
Great quality for the price
Inspected the balls and balls were in great shape. The condition of these balls have no impact on your game. Can't beat this price!
By Justin
edwardsville il
May 27, 2014
Good balls
got what i expected.. good used prov1
By Derek
Princeton, NJ
May 27, 2014
great value
A great value for the quality of the ball. Some minor blemishes, but nothing that would really affect a mid-level handicap. Great distance and spin control around the greens. I'd definitely buy these again
Proscost. condition.
Conssays "refurbished" on the side of the ball
By Mike Heiss
St. Paul, MN
May 24, 2014
Great value
Balls are in great condition.
ProsInexpensive Prov1
ConsNot new
By Chase
Arlijgton, va
May 21, 2014
Fantastic deal
These balls were better than advertised--they were in pristine condition! I will definitely never pay full retail price again.
By Scott
March 25, 2014
Like New
Can't beat 'm for the price. They all look like new.
Prosgreat price
By Chris
Midlothian, VA
January 15, 2014
Why Would You Buy New?
Received all in a new like condition.All of the balls I received are as playable as any new ball at a much higher price.
ProsCheaper than new
By Steve
Minneapolis, MN
January 7, 2014
Great feel, spin, and lightly used.
Despite these being used balls, none are in poor condition. Basically hit these the same as the new golf balls.
By John
December 19, 2013
Great Quality
No difference from $45.00
By Bill Taulane
Avon Park Florida
October 26, 2013
Didn't see any diffference then the $50.00 balls
By K Dubs
October 22, 2013
Nice Balls
I always pick up a dozen with my orders on here.
By Charles
Valley Center, CA
October 13, 2013
Titleist Pro V1 Used - Value
Good value even with the logos
By Capt
Cape May
September 29, 2013
For the price not bad but most of them had logos
They played fine not a logo guy
By Ray Haskins
North Virgina
August 31, 2013
great buy
worth every penny, why pay for new when these are just as good.
By Sol Kim
fullerton, ca
August 26, 2013
not totally mint
from what I read here on the reviews, I was expecting to get a flawless ball, but these aren't really totally flawless. most of my balls have some sort of ding on them. and you can tell that they put some sort of coating on the ball. its different from a brand new prov1 ball. then again, what can you expect for 3 times less than the normal price. for the 3 times less, it's worth it. for me in fact, I think I play better with these balls knowing that if I shank or duff it in the water, i'm not losing a $4 ball. mentally, it works better for me.
By Matt
Hopkinsvile, KY
August 22, 2013
Not bad if you intend on loosing a few. All were refinished by looks well done.
By John
Washington, DC
August 20, 2013
Great for the Price
they spin on the greens just like new ones, look clean.
Prosspin and distance
By Anthony
Eugene, OR
August 15, 2013
Pro V1
Ordered 2 dz thru Rock Bottom and they arrived a day earlier than expected. Brand new looking and plays great! Haven't had a negative experience w/Rock Bottom yet. I'll be back.
By John
July 21, 2013
Titleist, bang for your buck
What can I say Titleist Pro V 1, for this price, awesome! I'm a newer golfer and don't like to pay the full price, every single one of these balls were in mint condition
ProsHuge bang for your buck
By Matt
Cleveland, Ohio
July 15, 2013
This ball gives me what I need-accuracy, spin and length
Very pleased with the Titleist Pro V1 balls. They allow me to play the way I capable and at a fraction of the cost of new Pro V1's.
By John Hankins
Havelock North Carolina
July 12, 2013
Great Deal
Just as good as the ones my buddies use, except a whole lot cheaper.
July 6, 2013
Not what I expected
This was my first try at 'refinished' balls versus 'recycled' balls. I ordered 5 dozen, but that was a mistake. As usual, shipping was fine ... they arrived in a timely manner. When they got here, I laid them all out on the floor. Of the 60 balls, 15 of them had small cracks where the refinished cover was coming off. Right into the shag bag with those. Of the few I've played on the course, I only get 1-2 holes out of them before the cover cracks or peels in some way. A big dissapointment for me - $90 down the drain. I will order again from RBG, but will stick to recycled balls.
ProsRefinish looked great on 75% of the 5 dozen
ConsCracks in refinish right out of the box (25% of order) Only 1-2 holes before cracks start in refinished surface
By Rahul
Dallas, TX
June 30, 2013
Excellent golf balls
The golf balls were great for t-off as well as for the short game and putting. Overall very happy to be playing with these Titleist Pro V1 golf balls. They look and feel brand new for a lot less than brand new balls so very good value for money.
ProsTeeing off was great and performed well for short game and putting. Look and feel like new. Very good value for money.
ConsThe bag that they came in. Wish they were in a box.
By Tony X
Lawndale, CA
June 4, 2013
cant be beat
you cant beat these balls, these balls feel good jumping off my clubface, the roll true on the green and have plenty of bite truly a great deal.
Prosprice feel etc... etc... etc...
Conswhats not to like
By Daniel
West Warwick, RI
May 26, 2013
Great condition!
What a deal! Perfect Pro V1's and just like new
By Richard Gene Riggs
Roanoke, VA
May 18, 2013
I enjoy Titleist Pro-V more than any other ball
Very enjoyable rounds!
ProsNice and clean. Just like new.
By Lee
United States
May 18, 2013
Awesome why pay 50 a dozen when you can get these.
By Rodney Russell
April 24, 2013
Titleist Pro V1 Used Golf Balls (2010 Model Year)
A great deal..what else can I say
By robert ralph
las vegas nv.
April 20, 2013
golf balls
pro v1 came looking brand new and felt just like I love. long and they felt so good
Proswhats not to like
Consnot a thing
By Jim
Lenox, Ga.
April 20, 2013
Great Ball/Great Buy
I enjoy playing Pro-V1's and these fit very well into my budget
ProsGood distance for my slow swing, about 84. Straight as an arrow
By Paul Harbour
Menads N.Y. 12204
April 18, 2013
Used Pro V1 Golf balls are Awesome
I have used many of these golf balls. They increase my distance by 15 to 20 yards. they also hold up better than off the shelf new golf balls. that is other brands I mean. I play 2-3 times a week during high season and usually twice a week fall and spring. They keep their pop. I will continue to buy them as long as you sell them.
ProsIncrease distance Increased feel They hold up for multiple rounds Price is definetely right
ConsHaven't really found anything yet.
By Bill
Richmond, In
April 16, 2013
Great Introductory Opportunity
At nearly $50 per dozen, new Pro V1's are simply out of the price range of this 19 handicapper who only hit 200 yard drives but takes great pride in his short game (80% of my pars are 1 putt pars), yet still wants to try out this ball. These reconditioned balls ARE A GREAT OPPORTUNITY for me to experience the possible effects of spin with my swing. The balls were nice, clean, and "appeared new" - NONE WERE JUNK! Yeah, they are supposedly a couple of years old but my clubs don't know that! Great buy for this product.
ProsSuper price; quality looking item, they still work (spin nice even with my swing).
By Jason
OC California
April 7, 2013
better than spending $50
A little different feelthan new pro v's but you can't beat the price
By Dan
March 23, 2013
Great Deal and Like new Prov1 balls
These refurbished balls play and look new..I am very pleased at the price of a 1/3rd of retail.
ProsI like the feel and spin and distance and balls play as new.
ConsFedex a little slow getting them to me.
By Brad
Cortland, OH
March 20, 2013
Just Like New
Got the Mint Condition Pro V1's, and they were in perfect shape. Nearly no noticeable marks on them. I'll pay 1/3 the price of new for these all day long. I've never noticed any difference in playability or durability with these.
Proscheap, same as new
By Pete DiGiovanni
Westerlo, NY
March 19, 2013
Great can discern from new balls
Great price and great condition, Why buy new?
By Tim
Hagerstown, MD
February 22, 2013
Got what I paid for.
The balls were in pretty good shape. I also bought the In Mint Condition balls for a couple dollars more and they looked brand new!
By Will
Augusta, GA
February 21, 2013
Like New!!
These golf balls barely have a scratch on them. It's amazing what a little refinishing can do. I would recommend these to anyone.
ProsPrice Condition
By David Beauregard
Chicopee Ma
February 9, 2013
just Great
I used these balls and had more success with them than I thought i would. They play just like new!!
ProsAs good as the new balls
Consno complaints
By Kevin
February 6, 2013
Love the Pro V golf balls
Great deal
By Brandon Terrell
Warsaw KY
February 4, 2013
Great ball at a great price.
Great ball at a great price.
By Allen
February 4, 2013
Mint Titleist
These balls are IMMACULATE ! ! ! ! ! I couldn't be more pleased with this purchase.
ProsLook fresh out of a box like they were new. Some people might not like the mesh bags they come in but it doesn't matter to me. They still fit in my golf bag ! ! !
By Ralph
Shreveport, LA
February 3, 2013
Excellent Value
Great for practice, and practice rounds.
By Joseph Dobson
Salem, OR
February 3, 2013
Unexpected Quality
These balls were in much better condition than I expected. A great deal for the $11.99 I paid for them.
ProsBetter than expected quality
buffalo ny
February 2, 2013
looks like new
these balls look like new of course i haven't played with them yet ,( a little snowy here ) have putted with them and they do feel like new Pro V1s . Can't beat the price
By Richard
February 2, 2013
Just like new
I must admit I've never bought NEW ProV1's but I certainly like these and can't hardly tell that they are not new. I believe they help my game.
By Rick
Camano Island, WA
January 2, 2013
Great value
I ordered 3 dozen of the "mint" Pro V1's. There is not a single blemish or imperfection in any of the balls. I alternated playing a new Pro V1 with one from my recent order, no difference in feel at all.
ProsGreat price and excellent playability.
ConsWish I had ordered more.

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