By Aaron
Granger, IN
March 11, 2014
Nice product for the price
American Canyon, CA
Great Ball Great Price
May 14, 2013
I got these when they were on sale and they are great balls! They were all brand new, just like the description says, but the only thing was that they were all the same number in three different boxes (out of 108 balls). Great for nice straight shots off the tee and enough feel around the greens to be one of the best values in golf balls.
ProsValue Quality Distance
ConsAll the same number
By Steve Mann
Birmingham, AL
Great Value
May 10, 2013
Good three piece golf ball at a great price
By Ron
Ft Myers, FL
These are the BEST Golf Balls I've Ever bought!
May 10, 2013
I've always liked Top Flite Gamer balls. But these coming from Rock Bottom Golf are absolutely better, they spin more and faster, they hit farther off the tee, they are the brightest white I've ever seen and the box they came in the Ammo Box is spectacular. I would replace my own balls with these balls if I could. I fully expect to Tour-Caliber in just a couple weeks by using these balls.
ProsThey are round! They are White! They come in a box I can hit them 500 yeards off the tee, and bring them to a complete stop on the green without even trying!
ConsNothing at all.
By David
Lenoir City, TN
Great ball at a great value
May 6, 2013
These balls provide 3 piece benefits but are still very durable, and a great value at Rock Bottom's price. I believe the reviews.
ProsDistance Durability
By Paul
North Dakota
Great buy
April 28, 2013
I've been playing these balls off and on for a few years. I really like the length off the tee and feel around the greens. At ~ $1/ball you can't beat the value.
By David
Great value
April 26, 2013
My Golf instructor recommended these balls to me; they are 3 piece construction at a low cost point. This is important to me; I am a new golfer and put too many of them in the woods and water. The balls have great feel around the greens, and this is by far the cheapest I've seen them priced
By Phil
new york, ny
Great Price for a Very good product
April 26, 2013
If you are already a long hitter and are looking for a ball to hold the green, This is an awesome ball for the price. You will not be sacrificing much yardage at all and great shots will be rewarded with this ball.
By Mario
Ceres, Ca
well worth it
April 15, 2013
These are pretty good balls. For the price you can't beat it. I didn't use to buy balls when I was younger, but I just started playing again after 24 years, and I can't believe the difference in clubs and balls and everything...especially hybrid clubs.
By Marty
Redwood Shores, CA
Great ball and unbelievable price
April 11, 2013
Like these balls, great performance for a TopFlight ball.
ProsFeel, distance
ConsTopFlight name on the ball
By rb
Best Ball on the Market
April 9, 2013
Best ball on market and for 10.00 dollars.... no need to by anything else
By Terry
Long , soft and durable
April 6, 2013
Love these golf balls. Long and straight off the tee and seem pretty soft around the greens. Very durable.
ProsLength, feel, cost and durability.
By Rob
Reno, NV
Great Ball Great Deal Great Cause
April 3, 2013
What a way to save some money and do something nice for someone else. The Gamer is also a very nice ball.
ProsSome proceeds benefit veterans
By Walter
Cupertino, CA
Best TopFlite balls
March 30, 2013
Best 3 piece ball for the price...good feel, long distance.
ProsGood flight, good distance, good feel.
ConsAll balls in the box have the same number. Minor dislike.
By Jordan
Austin, Texas
Great All Around Ball
March 27, 2013
This is a surprise for the price! Found these balls from a friend, and love them. They play long off the tee and spin well off the wedges, and putt soft. Don't know how they make a 3 piece ball at this price. Looking forward to trying the new Tour ball with Urethane cover.
By Jim
Good Ball For The Money
March 24, 2013
If you're just an average player, then these are the balls for you. Forgiving balls at a fair price.
By carl
charlotte, nc
quick, fast, as advertised
March 18, 2013
i'm a big fan of these golf balls. they are WITHOUT QUESTION the best "bang for your buck" golf ball in existence. i'm a high capper, and refuse to pay 4 bucks a ball when i know i'm going to lose a few each round. these balls perform well and wont set me back a mortgage payment either the balls come in a compact cardboard "ammo can", so you don't get any sleeves, but that's far from an issue (and the product description actually states this) rockbottom shipped my order less than 24hrs after i placed it, and it arrived a day sooner than the projected date. i couldn't be happier. i will definitely be doing business with rockbottom again in the future
Prosawesome performance great value
By steve
grand rapids, MN
good value
March 17, 2013
good ball
Prosgood feel
By Mike
Denver, CO
Can't miss for the money
March 17, 2013
My main ball is the Pro V1x but I get tired of leaving half the cover in my 60 degree wedge (especially at $4 a pop!). The Gamer V2 is long, feels good, and spins enough around the greens for me to consider replacing the V1x. I'm a 3 handicap, and pretty picky about my equipment, but I will consider replacing the V1x permanently with these (or their new version).
ProsDurability, distance, feel, price
ConsNothing really
By Mike
Denver, CO
Can't miss for the money
March 17, 2013
My main ball is the Pro V1x but I get tired of leaving half the cover in my 60 degree wedge (especially at $4 a pop!). The Gamer V2 is long, feels good, and spins enough around the greens for me to consider replacing the V1x. I'm a 3 handicap, and pretty picky about my equipment, but I will consider replacing the V1x permanently with these (or their new version).
ProsDurability, distance, feel, price
ConsNothing really
By Duke
Mesa, AZ
long and durable at reasonable price
March 17, 2013
The balls are durable and fly long.
Prosdurability and price
By Rondo
Easton, Pa.
Great price for 3 piece ball
March 15, 2013
Haven't used yet.
ProsGreat price, 15% less than advertised price.
By Greg
Reno, NV
Gamer V2 balls
March 14, 2013
Great ball for the price. Feels soft off the putter. Spins well around the green and it's long off the driver.
By Robert
Montréal, Québec, Canada
Top Flite Gamer V2 golf balls
March 8, 2013
I'm not a big spinner around the green. Still i noticed less roll from my 100 to 150 yards shots. I played 18 holes with the same ball. Pretty tough too. And by the way, the price is nice and the delivery was on time.
By Daniel
March 5, 2013
Excellent ball
ProsDistance, spin, durability
By Ray
Buckeye, AZ
Best ball for the price
February 28, 2013
I've been using this ball and the Callaway HX Diablo ball for about three months. They're both very comparable to each other. Unless you're a die hard, "I need to play an expensive ball" type of golfer, you should try these out. The feel coming off the club is soft, the distance is very good and unless you're a pro, you won't know the difference between this and Titleist.
ConsNothing to dislike.
By Charles
Gamer v2
February 26, 2013
Great distance and soft feel. Unbeatable price. Scratch Ships Fast!
ProsGreat off the Driver Very good spin off Irons and wedges $9.99 a Dozen
ConsCover shreds easy but for $9.99 dozen who cares!
By James Emanuele
Naples, FL
Same great gamer golf balls
February 23, 2013
These are the same great gamer golf balls that I have paid twice as much for, just with unconventional packaging. The only negative is that the balls are loose in the box of 36.
By Dave Brunner
Casper, WY
Great Ball
February 13, 2013
Absolutely the best ball for the money. Great distance and spin. Better then balls costing twice as much.
By Alfredo
Romulus, Michigan
Absolutely love the Gamer V2
February 13, 2013
Switched early last year to this ball when I read golf magazine reviews and found them for cheap. Awesome three-piece ball! For those of you that commented on them not being made anymore, Dicks bought the Topflite brand (like they did the Maxfli brand several years ago). I'm so glad that my favorite shopping spot ( of course) still has them available.
ProsGreat Distance Good Feel Awesome Price
By Terry
Dalton, GA
Top Flite Gamer
February 12, 2013
Great ball for the price
ProsGood price Supports the troops
ConsSays Top Flite
By Dennis
Coloma, MI
Gamer V2 3-layer balls
February 10, 2013
Great golf ball for price. Hard to beat a three-layer ball for less than $10.00 a dozen.
ProsGood feel around the greens Nice off the tee
By Bill
North Carolina
Great all around ball
February 9, 2013
Never liked Top Flight balls, but decided I's give these a try in th Ammo box. I have now bought 2 more boxes. They play long and are controllable around the green and durable.
Kansas City
February 8, 2013
I try new balls all the time so have experienced all grades. These are next to the most amazing ever hit. I'm playing them in the cold Midwest (31 degrees this morning's play). [1] Cover is very tough, a must for me as I hate scuffs and discoloring. [2] Distance is equal to any long ball I've hit. [3] Flight seems more controlled than most so hooks and slices are somewhat less. [4] Often a long ball doesn't land well, but this one seems to plant itself well. [5] A big part of any ball is evoking confidence, and this ball has done just that for me. I truly enjoy playing this ball!
ProsGreat playability at a very low cost.
By Richard
Apple Valley, CA
Great Ball at an insanely great price
February 6, 2013
I've played the Gamer v2 before and when I saw this deal, 3 dozen for $30, I couldn't believe it was for real. But it was!.
Prosperformance & price
Consnot one thing
By b
Great Deal!
February 4, 2013
Top Flight balls are doing great now that it is winter time. You can spend more but when temps get low, top Flight will do just fine.
By David
Wetumpka, AL
Best Ball , Not just for the average Golfer.
February 3, 2013
Looks like Callaway is not selling this ball anymore, unless they've sold off the Top Flite brand. I've been playing since they came out several years ago. I agree with Golf Digest...a little higher spin rate and it would be up with the high buck balls. Spins more than enough for most of us and the distrance is unmatched, at least in my case. Ordered up 3 doz...hope they last for awhile.
ProsGood short iron spin Lesser spin off the driver Can't beat the price
ConsNot making anymore, or am I wrong?
By Dennis
Tucson, AZ
Very good balls at very good price.
February 2, 2013
The balls were shipped promptly and were as advertised. They are very playable and an exceptional value.
ProsI like the balls and the price a lot.
ConsI'm guessing the Ammo box is part of the reason for the low price but it is slightly inconvenient in using the balls.
By Don
St. Cloud FL.
V2 Gamer
January 25, 2013
These balls are long and they have good spin around the green. I got 6 dozen and will continue to buy them.
By Andrew Denny
Great price
January 17, 2013
So far so good haven't played enough with them yet to get a good fell for them.
January 12, 2013
By travis
Alta, UT
Best price, great ball
January 10, 2013
I know it's hard to get over the top flight branding, but these are GREAT balls. Best ball for the price and RBG has them way cheaper than anywhere else.
ProsSweet deal on GREAT balls
By Mark
Glendale AZ
January 3, 2013
Very good price
ProsPrice and quality
By David
Binghamton, New york
Awesome Deal
December 31, 2012
This is a fantastic deal on great all around ball if you have given this ball a try you should. Awesome distance and great feel decent spin for the price.
ProsDistance and Feel
Fairfax, VA
Great Ball Unbeatable Price
December 11, 2012
This is the best affordable golf ball your going to find. Period. Don't believe me check out the golf digest article from a few years ago.
ProsGood feel, good distance, better control, they hold the green. consistent coming off the club. Price is great.
ConsSays Topflight on the ball. A deal breaker for many.

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