By Koni31
Phoenix, AZ
May 5, 2014
Great club
Great off the tee and fairway. The ball comes off the face very hot and the shaft is a perfect fit. Can really go hard at the ball with confidence knowing the club head will be right there at impact. No other club I would rather have ion my hand on a tight driving hole. The shaft is worth the price alone.
By Ken Bunn
Denver, Co.
April 5, 2014
great club
I love the looks and feel of this club
ProsI get instant feedback from a well struck ball
By kane
March 28, 2014
great club
good club, for the better golfer, as the sweet spot is quite small and the club is not forgiving. extreme distance though
By Andrew
Chicago, IL
March 7, 2014
Bombs away!
The Exotics fairway wood line continues to amaze, these things bomb the ball. I love this club, was thinking about switching to Rocketballz line, but not worth it. This one is better!
ProsDistance Feel Premium grip comes standard
By Heath
Shepherd, MI
March 5, 2014
Hot off the face!
Although I haven't hit this club as much as I'd like to, It definitely is a superior club to the Titleist 3 wood I was playing previously.
ProsHot off the face resulting in excellent length.
ConsNot as many swings with it as I'd like.
By mark
December 14, 2013
Christmas present
Can't wait to try this club. As always rock bottom delivered
By Mike
November 26, 2013
rockets off the club
Just ordered this 3-wood and it flies. Great looking club, great feel, and easy to hit. I can't wait to take more advantage of it when it warms up. As Always, Rock Bottom Golf has the best deals going and always backs up there product!
ProsEasy to hit and very long
By Brian
October 28, 2013
Got the 4 wood. Super easy to hit off the deck. Monster off the tee. Great purchase for the price.
By Jeremy
Corydon, IN
September 20, 2013
Very good 3 wood!
Wow! What a deal on a great club. I have always wanted to play an TEE 3 wood, but never wanted to pay full retail. If you are a single didgit HDCP, this woudl be agreat club for you. Very solid, and the RIP shaft is a good fit with this head. This is how a 3wood should look and play!
ProsGreat price, great quality. Very traditional looking heading, semi-deep face, and it's hot!!!
ConsThe only con, in my opionion, is the head cover. It's not bad, but I like the traditional long neck headcover.
By Kevin
Emerald Coast, FL
September 15, 2013
Great club.
A friend of mine absolutely crushed it with this club so I thought I'd try it too. Club looks great and sets up well. I hit mine today for the first time and was extremely pleased. Flushed it a couple of times and the ball really jumped off the club face. Even the slightly off center shots didn't put me in trouble. I loved the club!
ProsRBG shipping and prices are always super. Thanks!
By Casey
Northern Va
September 9, 2013
What a bomber!!!
I could not resist taking a chance on buying this club at that price. All I can say is wow. The head and shaft combo are excellent. The ball really explodes off the club face and carries for miles.
ProsThe real deal shaft and high tech head
ConsNone yet
By Mark
Westerville, Oh
August 31, 2013
Great fairway wood
Quite possibly one of the best fairway woods I've hit. This club is extremely solid off the tee (13 degree), but what completely surprised me is that it is easy to hit off the deck and elevate. I thought a 13 would be a challenge but it's very versatile and as good from the deck. At these prices, you can't go wrong.
ProsDistance and versatility
Canberra Australia
August 20, 2013
The Aldila RIP shaft in this club is worth more than I paid for the whole club. I've only played two rounds with the new club, but it went well and looks like staying in the bag for a while. We had a windy weekend (20-25 mph winds), and the 13 degrees of loft was perfect for punching into the wind.
ProsGreat shaft and brilliant value for money.
ConsNone that I've found so far.
By Scott
August 15, 2013
I rushed to our driving range Tuesday evening after receiving my 3 wood. I was excited to use it and I wasn't disappointed! I can play a fade or draw with it. The ball explodes off the face! Last evening was the real proof though, as I put it in to play on the course. The club put me in great position the whole round. It almost made golf seem simple! Can't wait to play again.
ProsExtra distance and workability. Great price, it's worth 2-3x that amount.
By spirotee
deadwood sd
August 5, 2013
great club and great price
I have had this club for a week and the price has now been reduced even farther than when I bought it. But you won't be disappointed because Tour Edge makes the best fairway woods-period. Buy this club
Ann Arbor, Michigan
August 3, 2013
Don't Wait...just make it yours!
Tour Exotic clubhead technology paired here with an Aldila shaft that can claim ingenuity of its own. This club offers an amazing control and distance package. From the tee, I can often hit it within 10 yards of my driver AND feel confident that I can "keep it between the ditches". From the grass, the smaller profile assures workability and capacity to get it airborne. Your playing partners will have lots of questions when they see you hit this ROCKET LAUNCHER!
By James
Buffalo, NY
July 20, 2013
A bomber
I have the 13 degree CB4 and it's a bomber. I usually don't bother with the driver now. It's not as forgiving as my other 3 woods, but is excellent for those who tend to snap it left on hard swings. This club can be swung hard and the ball will not balloon. The x-flex Aldila shaft is excellent.
ProsLooks Distance Trajectory
ConsNot as forgiving as many on bad swings.
By Dave
June 2, 2013
Explosive distance
Bought for my 14 year old son. He went from not liking to fairway woods to crushing the ball with it. We are both becoming Exotics fans
ProsExplosive distance and consistency
By Harry Smiles
Melbourne, Australia
April 27, 2013
Incredibly Solid
I got the 16.5* with stiff shaft and so far it flat out performs. I've always had an issue with not getting enough height from my 3 woods, this fixes that for me, it launches a bit higher but doesn't balloon. Due to getting better launch I've also picked up about 10 meters. It is very workable, which I like, but if you have trouble keeping the ball straight thing club isn't for you. The shaft feels really good to me, and for me didn't spin too much. The feeling at impact is a very solid thump, its very satisfying.
ProsGreat launch Long for a 4 wood workable
Consmaybe too workable for some people
By Brian
Byron, MN
April 7, 2013
Great price for just the shaft!
Had the same shaft in a Titleist 910F. Picked up the 13* and 18* and couldn't be happier.
ProsThe 18* plays as long as my 16.5* Titleist 910F
By Nebs
upstate NY
April 1, 2013
goes deep - 10+ yards
smaller head is great. great for lower handycappers...
Prosthe whole club
By Jeremy
Roslyn, NY
March 13, 2013
CB4 Tour
A tried and true bazooka of a golf club. Not the most forgiving, but one of the longest and sweetest fairway woods to hit when you pure one. Great stock shafts as well.
Prossleek and long
By Andrew
June 14, 2012
Not the easiest club to hit
The good swings feel great, but once you stray too much to the heel or toe it is not the most forgiving club. Anything hit well stays hit, but if you are after forgiveness spend the extra and get the CB5 in the non tour model

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