October 3, 2013
By john
September 24, 2013
Great club and great price!
This 3 wood is well designed and balanced because of the the sole,shaft and hot face.Great off the tee as well as off the fairway,including the rough too.Price from RB couldn't be matched anywhere!
ProsHead design and great shaft
By James
Lubbock, Texas
September 10, 2013
Fantastic for the price
With shipping: $60. Also, one of the better 3 woods I've hit. There are better clubs out there, but they'll be $100 a piece more. I shoot a 6 handicap on 18 and this club isn't benieth my skill level.
ProsNeat head shape for poor lying balls.
ConsGrip is ok. Ill replace it within 6 months.
By Bob
Las Vegas
September 2, 2013
Tour Edge Fairway Wood
Fantastic club Fantastic price Ball fires off club face straight and long Would recommend to anyone wanting more distance from fairway
By pete
brockport, new york
September 1, 2013
tour edge golf- exotics fairway wood
easy to hit very pleased with product
By Frank
Jacksonville, FL
August 28, 2013
Unbelievable for the price
I have been looking for a 15 degree 3 wood, without having to pay over $100. To find a Tour Edge for this price is truly unbelievable. For this price, I jumped on it. I find the club very easy to hit and I do not hook it as much as some of my other clubs. Also, it's a great club out of the rough.
ProsGood shaft, easy to hit, great accuracy.
By Alex
August 26, 2013
TE Exotic
Delivered efficiently and on time looks good and sets up great for me
ProsQuality piece of equipment at a fraction of original MSRP
Consunable to get the 5 and 7 metal at same price.
By Gabby
Plainview, Texas
August 24, 2013
Tour Edge Exotics Trilogy Rail 3 Wood
5 starts for Rock Bottom; 3 stars for the 3-wood. As always, service from Rock Bottom was exceptionally good. The price could not be beat. The 3-wood did not perform as well as hoped; but, it's better than my old 3-wood. Nice fee, nice setup. Unfortunately, I can hit my Bazooka HT Max D 5 wood farther. In my hands, the club did not produce the high flight trajectory advertised; distance is medicore. I'm a 60-year-old, 3 handicap golfer, still looking for the "perfect" 3 wood for my swing to push my scores down into the low 70s. Need more loft and distance from my 3-wood.
ProsNice setup. Nice "feel" due to light weight. Well made. Phenomenal price for the quality. Would serve some folks well.
ConsBall flight never got more than 15 feet off the ground for me. Distance was disappointing around 200 to 210 yards. Can hit 5 wood 220 to 230. Tour Edge Bazooka HT Max D are better clubs in my hands.
By K
S. Fla.
August 22, 2013
As advertised
Only Tour Edge woods in bag. This has replaced my other TE 3 wood. Easier to hit; excellent shaft.
By Kenneth
August 21, 2013
Easy to launch from any Lie
This is really a very good 3 wood whereby it is so easy to launch from any lie. This club will replace my trusty Callaway Diablo Big Bertha in my bag. For its price, it is really a steal.
Pros-Easy to launch from any lie. -Value for money.
ConsNothing at all in fact.
By Tony
Dublin Ohio
August 17, 2013
Great Club for the $$$$$
Only been out one time with the club found it easy to strike the ball in the low rough
ConsWish a Senior shaft was available
By siggi
Vancouver, BC
August 16, 2013
Best Club in the bag
Extremely easy to hit, every time the ball flies long and straight. For tight tee shots and of course straight, long shots from the fairways and out of the rough
Prosunbelievably good club at this price
By Mo
Peoria, IL
August 12, 2013
Great Distance Fairway Wood
Bought this club on recommendations from others and comments. I was looking for a club that was easy to hit, good distance, and wouldn't break the bank. This club was priced very well and I needed a 3 wood to help out with the longer second shots on Par 5's and Par 4's where a driver might be too long. I was also looking for something that was easier to hit - and this club was advertised as being that - so I figured I'd give it a shot. I'm happy to report that this club is very close to as advertised. It's crazy long - at least more than I anticipated. The ball, when hit properly, just pops off the driver face effortlessly. It does take a little getting used to the head/bottom side "fin" (for my height, tends to make me tilt the club face forward). Also, the lack of an alignment indicator on the top took a little getting used to (a small mark with a permanent marker helped give me something to assist). However, a very good club that met my expectations (and warranty is great too) - plan to try some other TE products in the future.
ProsGreat distance Solid build/feel
ConsNo center indicator on club head Tour velvet grip (some may like this)
By Tom
August 9, 2013
Took me a few holes to get used to the shorter shaft length, but then hit long, high and straight.
By Tony
Austin, TX
July 30, 2013
Great value
Very good product, only negative is i wished i would have gone with the X-flex, but with time i will adjust. Product lives up as advertised.
By john
July 21, 2013
great club
great club off the fairway as well as the rough.
Proslooks price everything
By Nick
Dallas, TX
July 20, 2013
All purpose 3W
Been having big trouble w my driver prior to buying this to replace a very old 3W which I hardly used. This club is great off the tee, first cut , name it. For a great price too. My first Tour Edge purchase definitely did not disappoint!
ProsEasy to play with Versatile Cost
By Dion
Sacramento, CA
July 20, 2013
Straight hitter
This club is great! Easy to hit and when you connect the ball travels straight and far. Definitely a good buy!
ProsVery user friendly
By Pcgolfer
July 10, 2013
Trilogy 15* Fairway Wood
This club caused me to pull my Ping G15 3 wood out of my bag. Every other club in my bag is a G15... All the way from 3 hybrid to lob wedge. That also includes a G15 Driver. The only exception is my oddesey putter. I'd prefer to have all pings. THIS ONE IS A LITTLE BETTER OUT OF THE ROUGH
ProsStraight Nice Weight Straight
By Chad
st. paul
July 9, 2013
Easy to Hit
I have tried several 3 woods, and tried this out of desperation, may not be the longest 3 wood, but very easy to hit.
ProsExotics Quality
By Ed
July 7, 2013
Great Club
Our club has several long par 4s. I am always looking for a good 3 wood. So far this one is working!
Prosgets the ball out of the rough
By Bill R.
Orlando, FL
July 1, 2013
What a club
This club was recommended to me by a fellow golfer and i daresay this is the best e wood I have ever hit. extremely forgiving on off center hits and gained at least 30 yards over previous club.
Prosdistance, feel, accurate
By mauricio
Tulsa, OK
June 29, 2013
Awesome club!
Very surprise on how well this clubs perform.
By Joey
Marion, NC
June 19, 2013
This is my favorite 3 wood I have owned. I have a Tour Spoon RBZ that was around $300, a Cobra 4+, and I hit this one way better off the fairway and tee. I hooked it up with an Iomic grip and put it in my bag for good.
ProsPrice Feel Looks Explosion
By nvr2old
June 18, 2013
Very easy to hit this club. Stock shaft is excellent and club goes straight and long. I hit the 3+ wood about 240 of the tee. It is a great alternative to the driver when you need to keep it in the fairway. Now I know why Tour Edge is known for their fairway woods, this one does not disappoint and is a steal at the Price RockBottom sells it for.
Chicago, USA
June 18, 2013
Nothing wrong with straight....
Like my headline says, this club is straight as an arrow. If you like to work the ball, this might not be your club, but if you're looking for straight distance, then you've found it. It launches high straight shots from off the tee and from the fairway or rough. I would say this is the ideal fairway wood for a mid to high handicapper.
ProsVery forgiving. Just aim and shoot.
ConsDistance is less than I'd expected and the ball flight is high. Performs more like a hybrid than a fairway wood, in my opinion.
By fuzzy
June 17, 2013
Good club for a good price.
I have several different fairway woods and for the money this club cannot be touched. Long and straight off of the tee and fairway. That's about all that I can say.
ProsControl, distance off of tee and fairway and price.
By Richard Patterson
Furlong, PA
June 17, 2013
Much better than my old fairway 3 wood
I hit this iron 90% straighter and about 10 yards longer than my old fairway wood. Disappointed that the hybrid is out of stock at Rockbottom - I really wanted to add it to the bag.
ProsForgiving, long
Chicago, IL
June 11, 2013
3w 13 degree stiff = Straight
It's very tough to miss a fairway with this 3wood. Solid contact off the tee and out of the rough. Not as long as some of my previous 3 woods but close
Prosstraight consistent
By Bill
Atlanta, GA
June 4, 2013
As advertised.
It was a new club.
By david
June 4, 2013
Nice Fairway wood !
I like this wood very comfort and easy to swing
By Jim
June 2, 2013
Best club I ever hit
Hitting straight bombs
By Robert
Stuarts Draft, Va
May 21, 2013
Much Better Than Expected
I bought this almost in desperation. I have tried various other 3 woods and I got very little comfort or consistency. I went with this and the reviews and guess what? You uys are right plus I read pretty good things in golf digest. Looks Like I can finally let go of my Taylor Made 2008 Burner. This 3 wood out performs my old TM with better hits, sound, and forgiveness. Great Price too! Thanks RB
ProsNot a white top Feels nice Shaft
ConsNothing at the moment
By Greg McDonald
Pasadena, Ca
May 19, 2013
Awesome Club are an awesome price
This club has helped my game so much. Today my best shot from the fairway with it was pin high on a 2288 uphill shot.
By Seattle guy
Seattle, WA
May 7, 2013
I am a hacker who plays about 6 rounds of golf a year. I normally shoot 98 to 100 without fail...until I bought this 3 wood. Seriously. I have only played 2 rounds with it, but I have hit it long and straight EVERY SINGLE TIME. This is coming from a guy who normally drives the crap out the ball one hole and then barely makes it past the women's tee box the next. I can't tell you anything useful about the weight ditribution, or the hostel, or the shaft, or the face, or whatever other technical jargon people use. I can only tell you that it works.
ProsIt is magical (for me)
By John
Louisville, Ky.
May 5, 2013
Trilogy rail Hits straight
I am a High 70 to a low 80's golfer. I only play about 1 time a week. I am 61. I have found this club to be very straight. Easy to hit from just about any lie but not as long as most 3 woods (15 degrees) I have played. Would still recommend.
ProsEasy to hit. Very straight.
ConsNot as long as some 3 woods.
April 30, 2013
Great club
This fairway wood is very solid. One of my favorite parts about it is how hot it comes off the face. You will feel it the first time you hit it. Additionally it is very easy to get up in the air, even out of the rough. Tour Edge makes some great products that I really recommend everyone trying. I am a 3 handicap and I have tested everything out there...
ProsHot face Easy to hit GREAT price
By Scott
Western Australia
April 29, 2013
This club i have in 13* and 16.5*. Very easy to hit and get good ball flight. Shaft is excellent GD Tour AD. I have them both in stiff and they play more like a firm. Very good product and RBG price is outstanding.
ProsShaft Sound Easy to hit Price
ConsHead cover not my favorite
By ken
mount vernon, wa
April 28, 2013
The real deal
I was pleasantly suprised how good these woods are. Great shaft. Excellent feel at impact and very good distance.
Prosgreat quality very long
By Manton
Medford, MA
April 25, 2013
Great Feel and Solid Impact
I love the feel of the club and the impact always feels great. Hitting it off the ground is easy and my ball is going further and straighter. Would definitely recommend Tour Edge to people even though not as well known as some other brands.
ProsFeel Contact Price
By John Wanschers
NSW Aust.
April 23, 2013
Great and straight
This club has given me another 30-40 metres on to my second shot distance on the fairway. It now makes 380-400metre Par 4's very reachable in 2 shots. Great club.
ProsLong and straight with no obvious faults.
ConsNone yet
By Mike
April 20, 2013
Buy It, you won't be sorry
sometimes the price can flatter to decieve but in this case you truely get value-for-money. I read a review that says it doesn't get as much distance as others but I don't agree with that. While not a top-notch golfer, I can easily hit this over 220 metres (we use metres not yeards in NZ). Not sure if that's exceptional or average but either way it gets you far enough down the fairway to be happy. Ver easy to hit and very forgiving. Mis hits still seem to "get up". Bought htis with the exotics 3# hybrid and very happy with the pair. A great option, off the tee, on the days that the driver isn't "going".
ProsEasy to shape shots, forgiving distance, crushes the ball
Consnothing thus far
By Joe
April 17, 2013
Rail Fairway Wood
Trilogy made me think three of what? In fact it was simple in as much the club is very well made, value for money, plus it hits out of the second cut and a little longer as if it was in the fairway! I was concerned at the appearance or the heel form of the base until I hit it and then I realized it had no bearing as to the lay of the club. In fact it hits just as well with an open or closed face depending what you want the ball to do . I am looking for a Driver and a Five wood with the same design to see if I I can improve with all three. In short it was a great buy as sold by RockBottom Golf..
ProsSimple to hit and easy to define your aim point. .
ConsThe head cover was not the easiest to take off and replace.
By Fred Pucylowski
Whiting, NJ
April 17, 2013
Tour Edge, the little known magic sticks!
Bought the driver, great club, I can hit it and I can control it. Very forgivable. Decided on a new 3 wood, and did not make a mistake selecting my Tour Edge. Coming off an Adams and I hit the Tour Edge longer, straighter, and more consistent. Try it today, you won't be sorry.
ProsFriendly look at address, even friendlier on contact. Priced right at Rock Bottom, along with fast delivery using standard shipping. I'm happy with the club and am sure you'll be also.
By Trey
Longmont Co
April 16, 2013
Great, Can't miss
I was having trouble with my 5 wood and 3 wood. Getting this 4 wood solved my issuses. The 4 wood is easy to hit goes very far (239-259 yds ). I have not hit a bad shot with it yet.
Prosprice looks hits easy and far
Consnothing to dislike
By Dale
Huntley, IL
April 15, 2013
Great value
I hit this club well after only a few swings. Good out of any lie.
Prosversatility in the long grass
Consaverage distance
By brent
columbia, ct
April 11, 2013
great feel
hits just like a more expensive club
Prosgreat feel and look
By David
Berwyn, IL
April 10, 2013
Easy to hit, very forgiving and long
The first time I hit this club was off the short grass of the tee box (with no tee) on a par four. The drive was straight and went 250 yards (I don't hit my driver that far most of the time and I am usually in the other fairway). I am a high handicap golfer 25+ and I have found this club to be very forgiving, easy to hit from any lie and with a lot of distance. The unique sole of the club did not give me any problems and feels like it helps to straighten out the face in my inconsistent swing. The ball sounds and feels good coming off the face. I would definitely recommend this club, especially if you have had trouble hitting your driver or fairway 3 wood. This one is a keeper.
ProsVery forgiving Easy to hit from any lie Long on distance Nice looking club head cover included
By chillidip189
Sydney, NSW
April 10, 2013
Love it - it's straight; isn't a hooking machine; delivers
I like this fairway wood. I'm happy to sledge others that don't fit what I'm looking for on this site. I believe a truly felt review can offer some more insight that just patter that is gratuitous and either pro RBG or the OEM. I bought the 4wd. I play off 6 - a real 6 competition based - not just country club gambling games with my mates with mulligans and leatheries and all that other nonsense . I actually like this club. It goes well and is well suited with the same model hybrids. NOTE - It's not longer than others - I've had TM fairways that were much longer- but I like the feel of the shaft. Strange - it is a confidence thing that when you flush one it is not that the balls goes longer but it goes where you want it to. So from 220 out I'd rather go to the bank on something that is going to go where I hope it will and end up putting rather than having to chip out from the trees or the sides. Good luck with what you decide.
ProsLove the shaft and feel of shots when well struck. Not a hooking machine
ConsNot much Not the longest Fway out there but who cares if the ball ends up going on the road you hoped it would travel. Rather have a longer putt than a chip from the tree roots or heavy rough.
By bruce tesmer
spring, tx
April 3, 2013
difficult to mis-hit with this club
as the club face comes into the hitting zone the arrowhead pyramid on the club head sole keeps the face tracking on a straight line to the ball, so the face is square at impact. The ball may be pulled or pushed but always flies straight. Its the easiest fairway wood to hit consistently on line which builds confidence quickly.
ProsIt always hits the ball on a straight line. Bubba Watson wouldn't like it because you can't work the ball only hit it straight!
Consit took me too long to discover it

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