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By bill
quiet corner
great value
September 3, 2012
addded length and forgiveness
By Dick
New Hampshire
Better Control - Added Distance
August 14, 2012
I'm a high handicapper (26) who has always struggled mightily to control a driver - at age 61, I'm still capable of decent distance with all my clubs; however, I have always tended to overswing and pull/hook, and then slice when I try to slow my swing down. I'm smart enough to know that those are swing-mechanics issues, not so much club-choice issues, and have avoided wasting a lot of money in that never-ending search for the "magic club" that will solve all my problems - I've been using a short-shafted driver (Perfect Club) for several years that has somewhat reduced the effects of my swing flaws, but at a considerable sacrifice of distance. Recently, I have learned and made some grip and swing- mechanics adjustments that have dramatically straightened the path of my ball flight and decided to try to get back to a full length driver. My son had played a couple rounds with a set of rental clubs made by Tour Edge and was amazed at how much better he hit the ball with them, so when I saw the Tour Edge Exotics XCG-3 Driver on Rock Bottom Golf for such a low price, I thought it was worth a try. I couldn't be happier! I was a little concerned when I ordered it that I could only get the stiff flex in a 9 degree loft (I'd have preferred a 10 1/2), but I've had no problem getting good height on my drives and I'm getting the distance I used to get 20 years ago. Still, as we all know, distance means nothing if you can't find the fairway, and I'm amazed (as are the guys in my league) at how straight (and long) I'm hitting the ball. Again, I know it's my improved mechanics that have straightened my shots, but this Tour Edge Exotics has been easy to control and the ball just jumps off it. I now look forward to my next tee shot, instead of dreading it.
ProsControlability Distance Appearance Price
By Jeremy
Roslyn, NY
Exotics XCG3
August 8, 2012
A good alternative to the Adams UL line. The Exotics driver differs primarily in its use of tungsten weighting, which facilitates higher, straighter shots. If you struggle to get the ball in the air or are fighting a slice, this club could be your fix.
By Jim
Oklahoma City
Feels good
August 6, 2012
Good feel
ProsGood feel
By Paul
Buffalo, NY
Great Value!
July 8, 2012
This year I am re-entering the game after a long illness. Like most Seniors, I've lost a lot of swing speed. This Driver was just what I needed. I have the 12 Degree Loft Club. The flex in the sahft allows me to swing "normally" and get around on the ball with a more natural swing (no herky jerky adjustments to try to "square up to the ball"). Distance is also greatly improved an approximate additional 20 yards on each Tee Shot. I have played a minimal two rounds thus far, but my confidence off the Tee is back.
ProsNone ot Note.
By Pat
Cedar Rapids, IA
Best driver I've ever used
July 5, 2012
Great driver. I'm 53 years old and I've gotten back the 20-30 yards that I've lost in the last 15 years. The ball explodes off the face. It's very easy to hit. The shaft kicks through the zone very nicely. This driver is EXTREMELY forgiving. I feel like a young pup again with this driver!
ProsLook. Forgiveness. Explosiveness. Feel. Distance gain. Exotics quality.
By Fred Pucylowski
Whiting, NJ
A real winner!
July 4, 2012
Good looking club that leads to a confident feeling. For me at least it produces a feeling of power and distance. I would recommend it to everyone.
ProsJust feels good in my hands.
ConsHead cover a little different then most with a comparatively short neck . it is however a nice looking one.
By dikki
columbus ohio
great clun just what i was looking for 12 degree driver
July 2, 2012
great great club hitting more fairways and longer than ever before looking for a 3 wood of same make
By Andrew
A real beast
June 19, 2012
This is LONG. The ball explodes off the face, nice sound and great feel
By Crash
Colorado Springs, Co
Great Driver at a great pirce
June 4, 2012
I have several Drivers, and I am always looking for the "Right One" for my swing. I researched several and dicided on this one, and I choose wisely.It took a little getting used too on the range but I started to out hit my Titleist 905R and was much more forgiving on mishits. finally took it out on the course and mesured all my drives with my GPS on a somewhat windy day. I average 280-300 depending on where the wind was, and only missed two fairways and both left which is fine since I usually fade the ball. I haven't scared 300 yd drives in a long time so I am selling my other drivers and keeping this one. My only CON is the tip stiffness is a little week for you really hard hittng swings. My driver is the 9* Stiff Matore shaft and I swing @ 100mph with my driver.
ProsLooks Feel forgiving sound ball flight
Consshaft tip stiffness a little weak grip was not put on straight at assembly
By Stuart
Best Driver at any price
May 27, 2012
I gained about twenty yards with this driver. I had their 1st tour proto driver and this is much easier to hit. I have hit the new ping, taylormade, and callaway on the course and this driver works best for me. I am the oldest , 60 this summer, in my group 8-12 guys and they all rave about how I am hitting the ball past them now. I have the 9 degree and I still hit it plenty high.
Prosprice is great, performance, long and straight
By way over par
E. Atlanta Ga..
Great Driver
May 23, 2012
I was hitting another driver that I purchased also from RBG & was very happy, however I thought there might be more out there. There always is, right? So I bought the XCG3 in a higher loft & regular flex shaft. It goes! The shots I hit were the best distance I can do & mis hits were still playable. Very forgiving & smooth power. The shaft in this club is top shelf. If you need a driver & you know what loft & shaft you need & if RBG has it, get this driver, you will not be disappointed.
ProsHot list club Very forgiving High tech head & face materials top quality shaft Launches like a saturn 5 rocket
Consnothing to dislike
By tom
black river falls, wi
new driver
May 6, 2012
i really like this new driver and am hitting it staighter
By Stephen P clagg
pickerington ohio
great club
April 24, 2012
I really like the tour edge xcg-3 driver i gain about 35 yard a hit . I would tell all senior to try this club.
ProsI like every thing about this club
By rick
Tour Edge
April 24, 2012
shorter than most drivers
Prossets up well
Cons1/2 short
By michael h
mount vernon,ohio
Best deal out there
April 24, 2012
Awsome performance worth twice the price finally a drive that went straight
Prosgreat quality at rock bottom price
By Jeff
Great mishit reduction
April 19, 2012
For an intermediate golfer like myself, this driver provides great straight drive especially when mishitting. 12.5 degree is a bit high even for a short distance driver like myself (150-180 yds).
By John Chastine
North Florida
First Test Drive
April 19, 2012
Received this driver only last week. Have not played a round with it to date, but did take it to the range for a test. First impressions of this driver very good. It looks sharp, and several friends commented on its good looks, with black head and red shaft. A quality Golf Pride grip (black and white) tops off the shaft. Even though it is 460cc it looks somewhat smaller than other large driver heads. I like that look. Head of driver sets up square - not closed like many game improvement clubs. I like this because I can swing freely and not feel that I am going to hook the ball. I bought the 12*, regular flex model and find this is the right combo for me (I'm 65, 6 feet, and a 15 handicap.) No scratches on face after hitting 60 balls. So far, the best driver I have bought.
By James
Baltimore, MD
Great Driver
April 15, 2012
I got this driver a few weeks ago and I am loving it. Hits very well and I'm maxing it out at about 315. I tend to have a right draw when I drive and I'm not totally sure if it is the club, but my draw has been significantly reduced. Club shaft is pretty good and the grips aren't bad. I'm very happy with the club and the brand, going to pick up their 3 & 5 woods. Very pleased with the brand, I would highly recommend.
ProsGood feel Nice head profile, not oversized Hits solid
By Tom
Phoenix, AZ
March 24, 2012
I think I have found my replacement driver. Played it twice and I am really like the feel and the result I am getting
ProsGreat feedback. Look wonderful at set up. Great looking golf club
ConsNothing yet.
By bam ratmoko
when,I'm looking for new driver,come in mind between R11 and this one,I'm glad that I choose this one, not only the price it's right .And also good product.
March 22, 2012
great driver,I put little more yard to it.
Prosit's solid club,and I love it.
By Alan
Mechanicsville, VA.
Easy to hit
March 21, 2012
I couldn't be happier with the performance of the XCG-3. I hit it long and straight and it’s forgiving on missed hits. The only thing I changed was the grip because I prefer the softer mid-size Winn grips.
ProsForgiving on missed hits.
By Tony
Lombard, IL
Great performance, affordable price!
March 20, 2012
This driver is very forgiving and exceptionally long. I think I missed one fairway all day with it and it was my first round of the year. I'm a 10 handicap and usually make solid contact but even on miss hits I stayed in the fairway or in the first cut on the one I missed. As for length I drove the green on a 300 yard par 4 with almost no roll as the ground is quite wet in Chicago this time of year. DO NOT HESITATE TO BUY THIS DRIVER. Anyone who spends $300-$400 on a driver is crazy or fits in one of two categories: 1. They think they can buy a golf swing so they think the more they spend the better their game is going to get. Or 2. They are that type of person that needs to have the newest gadget as soon as it comes out every year, the one that lines up for every edition of the Ipad or Iphone that comes out and the same person that buys the $499 driver that's hot every spring even though they can't break 100 to save their lives. Buy the Tour Edge if you want a great club that performs, spend more if just like to burn money or blind people with those ugly white headed drivers. Rock on Rock Heads !
ProsLong Forgiving aesthetically pleasing affordable

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