By Ron
Weed Ca.
May 8, 2013
Nice for the price or starter in Golf !
the don't seem to hit much different then my old Warrior clubs
Prosprice was right and they seem to drive the ball well
Consso far nothing much different than my old Warrior clubs !
By Chad
Imperial, MO
May 2, 2013
Nice clubs for price
Very nice weight to the club very easy to swing and very forgiving
ProsLike the hybrids they hit great great feel and forgiving
ConsNot sure they seem to go as far as by other clubs use to but could be me getting older
By ken
mount vernon, wa
April 28, 2013
Great beginner set
If your just starting out or are a weekend warrior this is probably the best deal on the market. Top quality clubs and very forgiving.
Prosprice quality ease of use
Consnot quite as long as some clubs
By Craig
Mentor, OH
April 10, 2013
Great set!
This is my first set I have ever purchased, new to golf but this set improved my game right away. My hits are very consistent with accuracy and distance. I love this set and am currently looking to get the matching fairway wood!
ProsLook great
By Ron (Foxie) Wolfe
April 3, 2013
Greatest Golf purchase ever
Great price,quality and appearance. This old 14 handicapper is on his way to career rounds~~starting to know how the pro's feel~
ProsFeel good and playability is outstanding.
By Mike Kop
Buffalo NY
February 27, 2013
Great Value
Ball flies straight and far Great feel These are a bargain
By Joseph
Alpharetta, GA
February 25, 2013
nice clubs
good weight helps me hit consistently with this iron set. got it for about $100 at RBG. hard to beat that
Prosgood quality and playability
By Sam
February 24, 2013
Excellence set of club
I bought this set as an alternate set. The clubs look great and feel great when you hit them. They are forgiving and easy to use.
By John
Philly area
February 23, 2013
Preliminary Assessment
Weather too bad to try on course, but my inital assessment is that they have a great feel, good balance. I will update the review once I get a chance to get out.
By Ben
North Liberty, Iowa
February 20, 2013
Great Value
Excellent, as advertised
By Chas
Anna Maria Island, Fl
February 15, 2013
Tour gives the edge
Clubs feel good, weighted and well constructed,
ProsTime will tell
By Paul F.
Chattanooga, Tennessee
February 13, 2013
Bazooka HT Max
I was ordering a Tour Edge Trilogy 4 Hybrid to go with my 3, noticed this special for the set of Bazooka HT Max Irons. Ordered them too.
ProsTour Edge Warranty. Thinner soles, 2 hybrids and decent looks.
ConsIrons felt a little heavy for me. A friend tried them and bought them from me for the same price, I paid for them.
By Mark
Branson West, MO
February 13, 2013
Great Deal on a Full set of irons/hybrids
I have not used the clubs as yet, but I have swung them. I like the weighting of them, and they are good to look at. Bazooka is a brand name that has been around for some time. Anxious to try them.
ProsLook of clubs, feel while swinging. price
By Old Car Dog
The Great White North
February 13, 2013
Can you say VALUE?
Quality and workmanship look outstanding. Can't wait for the snow to go away so I can play them. Seem as if these will help me get a higher shot trajectory than I have been getting from my old clubs. This is something that I have wanted (and needed) for a couple of frustrating years.
ProsQuality AND Value are outstanding
Consnothing yet
By George
Cobourg, Ontario, Canada
February 13, 2013
unreal deal for the price
really enjoyed the games I have played with the clubs, a nice havey sole to get through the ball. Bought just because of the price but I will play these not my burner's
Prosstated above
By Redwood George
Sonoma County, CA
January 29, 2013
Great game-improvement iron for $300 per set, a steal at this price!
Played the HT Max irons for a year and a half until I upgraded this spring. I paid just shy of $300 for the full set back then and thought it was a great bargain. At these Rock Bottom prices it's a no brainer for any beginner who wants to upgrade to a good game improvement iron. The irons swing a bit on the heavy side but that actually helps you slow down your swing and gives more stability through contact. Most of the weight is low in the sole of the club so getting down on the ball is a breeze, the face has a very clean feel on contact and has a very generous sweet spot. While I've upgraded my irons to a "mid-game improvement" iron I still play the hybrids and just love the feel and balance through the swing.
ProsGood balance Forgiving face Good feedback
ConsA bit on the heavy side
By Jim
Pevely, MO
January 14, 2013
Have not played yet, but the weight, feel, balance, all seem great. A few practice swings but feel good. I use a midsize grip so I re-gripped.
ProsSo far everything.
By Stu
New Zealand
January 10, 2013
No More slice
Ultimate Game improvement club at super budget price
ProsNo more slice, much straighter similar distance to old clubs Build Quality Price
By John
Pembroke, MA
January 4, 2013
Not As Good As I Was Hoping
I only used these for one round before the weather turned and took them out without having any practice or warm-ups, and keeping that in mind, I did not like them as much as I'd hoped. I just never hit a crisp shot with them all day; no terrible shots but also no great ones. I imagine this would get better with practice, but at the same time I don't see them feeling as good as my XCG3s even when well struck. I did love the hybrids, however, and walked away impressed with them. I'd say the irons (so far anyways) are average/3 stars and the hybrids were 4 star clubs
Prosgreat looking great price excellent hybrids
Conscould not get a good feel for them
By Mark
Glendale AZ
January 3, 2013
New to playing golf
These clubs, even though I have only used them a few times, helps me hit the ball better then my old clubs.
ProsPrice and quality
By John
December 18, 2012
I could not believe the price and quality
My friend has a set and we play, a foursome, every Tuesday as well as a game other days. This friend has the Tour Edge set shown above, although he is left handed an I'm right I liked the feel of the clubs and started looking around.
By Bill
Minneapolis MN
December 11, 2012
Fast easy and great deal
Have the woods, wanted to add the irons. Great deal, cannot wait for the snow to melt
ProsHybrids included
By bob schroeder
louisville, ky
December 11, 2012
great clubs
easy to hit, square setup, solid feel even on off hits.
Prosgood value for the price
By Colin Robertson
North Carolina
December 10, 2012
Great set of irons
The ease that they hit even if you hit it off center
ProsHow solid they hit
By Jim D
November 16, 2012
I like the feel of the clubs.
Played 3 rounds, clubs hit longer and really nice height. The price is really easy to take.
ProsThe perimeter weighting helps with offcenter strikes, the clubs just feel better, they also look pretty darn good.
ConsWill probably change the grips.
By Chad
Corning, NY
November 15, 2012
Great set of Irons
This is a Great product and you can not find it anywhere else but here for the price!! I was Hitting Better my first game playing with them.
By George
November 13, 2012
easy to hit
These clubs get the ball up and high with little effort. A good set for the price. I mainly bought for the two hybrids but ended up hitting them all.
Proseasy to hit
By brendan
wanganui, new zealand
November 13, 2012
nice clubs
recieved fast no hassles, great beginner clubs
By Mike
Coral Springs,Fl
November 2, 2012
Haven't bought a new set of clubs in 25 years , I can say technology has changed immensely . These clubs hit unbelievable straight as an arrow. I have never used a hybrid before , they are great and get a crazy amount of distance. These clubs are fantastic no issues have an expensive look without the pricetag.
ProsStyle is great , clubs look tough
By phil
Bellingham, MA
November 1, 2012
very consistent
I love the irons. Great feel and consistency. Not as happy with hybrids, but they are ok.
Prosfeel and consistency
By Larry
Plano, TX
October 22, 2012
Solid Max GI irons at a great price
I've been playing these irons for about 2 months now, and I'm very satisfied. Quality construction, great feel and weighting, very forgiving, and a great price. A perfect set of irons for the brand newbie.
ProsLifetime warranty Quality construction Solid Max GI features Bargain price
By Gene
September 26, 2012
HT Max Combo
Ordered clubs on Saturday and received them on Tuesday. Went and played right away , very good clubs. Even though I messed on my order they still sent a free head cover for the freight. I don't like to rate anything a five but the price makes this one..
ProsLong Forgiving Bargain Execellent service
By Michael
Marshall, MI
September 18, 2012
Very Nice Combo Set
I have had this set for about a month now. I find them very forgiving. I was playing with Tour Edge Jmax Irons for the last 7 years and liked them. I did not find additional distance but have more control and they are easier to hit. I am a 16 handicap. And Rock Bottom Golf made the transaction very smooth. I bought theses iron when they were $169.00 and I thought they were a great deal, at $139.00 it is an out of this world deal.
By nick
Sacramento, California
September 18, 2012
Tour Edge Golf- HT-Max 2x6 Combo Irons 3-PW Graphite/Steel
Excellent deal! Tour Edge knows how to make a great product with the added cost of advertisements. These clubs are easy to hit and really forgiving on off hits. The distance is farther than my previous set and they have a clean ball contact feel. I highly recommend these clubs and with the prices you can't go wrong.
By Veb Venci
Georgetown, KY
August 27, 2012
Excellent irons and excellent price
I was very pleased with the Tour Edge Golf-HT-Max 2x6 Combo Irons. I have been out with it twice and i noticed that i need to club down with my new irons. I'm hitting them at least 10 yards longer than my 5-year old Nike CPR's.
ProsDistance and of course the price

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