By Tom
August 9, 2013
Great club!
Shorter shaft than my previous hybrid, but once I adjusted, hit it long and very straight. Great out of the rough.
By Trey Jewell
Longmont Colorado
July 22, 2013
Great Club
I have used this club and have yet to miss hit ! Really1
ConsYou all were soldout of the 4 iron
By john
July 21, 2013
great off tee as well as tricky lies on fairway or off it
Prosthe lot
By Ben
Iowa City, IA
July 11, 2013
excellent club
This club is really long. Ive almost given up on my r11 in favor of the exotic. Its almost as long as a hybrid and way more accurate.
ProsLong and accurate
By Chad
st. paul
July 9, 2013
Easy to Hit
Even easy to hit in the thick grass/rough
ProsEasy to hit
By Mauricio
Tulsa, OK
June 29, 2013
The Best hybrid!
Excellent club. Will get you out of trouble very easy!!
By Charlie
New York
June 19, 2013
Tops in Quality
Well made club that performs better than more expensive rivals. Repeatable results.
ProsExcellent Quality throughout Outstanding Value
By Brian
June 7, 2013
Very forgiving clubs
I could hit these as straight as an arrow right out of the box. Much easier to hit than my 3 and 4 irons. Great purchase and can't beat the price.
By Dave
June 2, 2013
Great distance and Consistent
Bought for my 14 year old son. It is his favorite club. Hitting around 190-200 yes consistent.
By Jim
June 2, 2013
Solid club
Hit straight
By Buck
Oklahoma City
May 31, 2013
Great Buy
I literally took the shrink wrap off ofthe club on the third hole of my round and hits beauty. Instantly fell in love. Hit it about 4 more times during the round, and all were good. The best $79 I have ever spent on a golf product.
By Bob
Columbus, Ohio
May 31, 2013
It amazes me how many of my golfing buddies have never heard of Exotics! Go ask your club pro. Trust me, they will know. Tour Edge Exotics make some of the best and longest clubs in the market!
ProsSo easy to hit and LONGGGGGGGGGG! The Trilogy head can even get through the thickest rough!
By Robert
Stuarts Draft, Va
May 21, 2013
Loving this
I finally bought a utility that I can hit with confidence. KCobra Baffler, Burner rescue, Nickent 5dx, Ping K15, ... tried all these and never hit them as well as I have with this club. It's smooth, great looking shaft and well made plus not mainstream. Thanks RB and Tour Edge.
Prossmooth easy to hit Shaft not a major name brand
Consfriends who look down on a non-major name brand
April 30, 2013
Awesome Club!
This is the best hybrid I have ever hit. The face is hot just like the fairway wood and the ball flight is so high the ball still lands softly on the greens. Just got up and down from 270 in the fairway with this hybrid on Saturday. LOVE IT!!!
Proshot face high flight good stock options price
By Snake
April 29, 2013
Better than X hot
I bought this for my son, and after trying it, I am ditching my X hot hybrid. This club feels good and it's hard to mis-hit. More distance and better ball strikes. I have to buy another one, my son doesn't want the X hot either.
ProsGreat club for the price Looks good More distance Clean ball strikes from any lie.
By John
NSW Aust.
April 23, 2013
Trilogy has done it again.
Great hybrid, picks the ball up clean and fires it straight down the fairway. Bought this together with the Trilogy 3 wood and they make an excellent combination.
ProsVery easy club to manage from the second cut and wet grass. We are now heading into winter so it will be an assett in more ways.
By Mike
New Zealand
April 20, 2013
very impressed thus far. Easy to get up and out of the rough, though also excellent off the fairway. Am hitting it consistantly 200 metres (sorry we use metres not yards in NZ). Easy to get that 2nd shot onto the green on those par-5s even if drive is a bit scew-iff. Can shape shots to match also. Highly recommended. Great value for money.
ProsEasy to use, Distance forgivenenss
ConsNo 17*/18* available on Rockbottom
By George
Polk City Iowa
April 19, 2013
A Classic Golf club
This club is a great Hybrid for any conditions. Very Forgiving and long just what you would expect from Exotics Golf.
By Milesy
Nelson, New Zealand
April 16, 2013
More gold from TEE Trilogy
I bought the TEE Trilogy 4w last year and love it. Took another punt recently and bought the 3 and 4 hybrids. Couldn't be happier. Great out of the rough with a high trajectory and soft landing. May well be time for the 5 hybrid!
ProsSo easy to hit from all surfaces. Lovely high trajectory. Soft landing.
By David
Berwyn, IL
April 15, 2013
Easy to hit from any lie
I have been able to hit this hybrid from any lie and get great distance and accuracy from the club.
ProsVery forgiving great distance nice club head cover
By Ray
Kansas City
April 3, 2013
Straight and Accurate
This is my first Tour Edge hybrid and it is performing as advertised. It fly's straight and you get a lot of height compared to other major brands of hybrid that I've played. Nice club.
ProsAccurate Good Height from fairway and rough
By Scott
sterling, Co
March 27, 2013
Long straight great head weight and super shaft.
I have tried tour edge fairway woods before and loved the feel. Never purchased one due to the price. Tour Edge is pretty proud of their equipment. After buying this club, they have much to be proud of. This club is long and straight. Easy to hit. The sole allows you to hit these out of just about any lie with ease. I let my buddy hit it and he was sold and went to scratch and bought one as well. Great club at an even better price. Get one you won't be disappointed.
ProsLooks, feel, shaft distance and sound.
ConsNothing at all
By Mike Goodman
Sacto CA
March 26, 2013
I am getting my money's worth out of this hybrid- owned it 2wks & played twice, used it 10+ times- well balanced & great feel-
Proseasy to hit great look at address
Conswish it had better feel when striking the ball
By Justin
Hickory, NC
March 26, 2013
Great club!
Purchased the 3 wood last summer and was happy with it so purchased the 2 hybrid last month. Club is very solid on impact off tee and ground, it shoots the ball into the air with great trajectory. As always Tour Edge gives us another great product. Just one club away from 14 your edge clubs in the bag, next target is a 52/50 degree wedge.
ProsGreat feel, super long, easy to hit
Los Angeles, CA
March 22, 2013
Best Hybrid
Has a sharp bottom center that throws you off at first. Then you hit it and it goes straight for for miles. Great stiff flex shaft.
By Gene
Fairfax, Virginia
February 21, 2013
Smooth and easy to hit
Long and straight out of tough lies! Tour Edge makes some of the best hybrids and the Exotic series puts the best in once package
ProsPrice, feel and performance
By matt
kc mo
February 21, 2013
this club hits far. I seem to push it right but its not the clubs fault I just need to get my swing down with it.
By Paul F.
Chattanooga, Tennessee
February 13, 2013
A real Trilogy to hit!
Tried alot of Hybrids, including other Tour Edges,but this is the only one I could hit with any consistance.
ProsShafts not overly long.Good distance,easy to hit in good or bad lies. Tour Edge has a good Quality Control System.
ConsCould add a 1/4 to 1/2 inch to head length. Would give more confidence to some golfers.
By Tom T
Oakdale, Ca
February 6, 2013
Love 'em!
I purchased these hybrid's to replace a couple of old Cobra bafflers that I had been carrying for several years. While I had not hit these clubs, I have hit many other Tour Edge Exotics and knew that they were good quality. So after reading the reviews and seeing the price, I decided to buy them. I am very pleased with the results. They are very straight and get the ball up quickly with good distance.
ProsPrice, quality, looks
By jim fowler
January 31, 2013
Excellent club
This is a very easy club to hit,the price makes it even better.
Proslooks great,nice cover,long and straight
By Bruce
lakewood, CA
January 26, 2013
Go get it.
Awesome club, no complaints
ProsGreat price Long and straight
By Billy Mcwilliams
Meridian Mississippi
January 22, 2013
Great club for shots from 185 to 198 yards
1st time hit it on the course it went real high about 10 feet from the pin on a shot from 197 yards
ProsGreat club it replaces. My 4 iron
By Paul
Hercules, California
January 15, 2013
Grate Club
Grate 2 hybrid ironwood replaced my 5 wood more control on shots good for experienced golfers mid to low handicappers steal at this price thanks to Rock bottom .
ProsThis club does what is suppose to do long enough and you can work the ball excellent out of rough.
Consvery affordable every one can buy.
By Brian
Camdenton MO
January 12, 2013
Same as always
Like every tour edge I've purchased it delivers what all the best clubs do at a reasonable price
ProsPrice Quaility
January 9, 2013
By Denis
Palm Desert,California
December 26, 2012
great value
the best hybrids I have ever played. A beautifully balanced club-ball flies pure and straight off them with very good distance.I am a ten handicap and look forward to playing them in competition at my home club.
By joe
November 30, 2012
gets up and flys long
By Gord
November 28, 2012
Easy to Hit
Great club , high flight, easy to hit
ProsEase of play Draw bias
ConsDraw bias
By Brian
November 27, 2012
I love this club. It is easy to hit with great distance.
All and more than expected. The club pro back home let me hit his 3 hybrid during a lesson. I loved the club and ordered one for myself
ProsEasy to hit. Impressed with the distance.
By Leon Mot
November 14, 2012
Tour Exotics Trilogy Hybrids 3 and 4 iron replacement
Bought these as the "Deal of the Day". I was looking for some anyway but the price was great. These are for second. 12 Handicap and 58 years old. I don't think I could hit more expensive models any better or further. They are long! Hit the 3 iron hybrid 224. Longer than my G10's. My wife doesn't know yet but I'm going to buy two more for my primary set to replace my G10's.
ProsLong and easy to hit out of the rough!
By Jflorida
November 10, 2012
Excellent hybrid
Solid distance and great feel.
By mike
las cruces,nm
November 8, 2012
i purchased the #4 and #5 hybrid
hit solid shots great distance
Houston, TX
November 8, 2012
Awesome club!!!
First round of golf with my new club was last weekend. This club was impressive! It's so easy to hit and very forgiving. Even with mis-hits, my ball was flying.
ProsEasy to hit. Forgiving. Co$t.
By jean
November 6, 2012
great control
fantastic feeling
Prosgreat feeling hitting the ball
By mike
san diego
November 6, 2012
very nice club
Club is very solid and feels great when you hit it soild. It goes high and far. Much easier for me to hit then a 3 iron. I hit the club around 195 to 205 yards. Club is worth the money. Great buy from rock bottom,
Prossolid feel partial red shaft and red/silver bottom
Consrails seems a bit odd
By Russell Liedtke
The Landings Savannah, Ga
November 2, 2012
Tour Exotics Trilogy Hybrids
While the Trilogy is several years old it is an excellent club. In fact their new hybrid looks the same and is called a Railer. These are a steal at this price. Tour Edge and Tour Exotics clubs are very underrated. Can't beat them for the price.
ProsWorkability. Great club for the price.
By dan
Hanover, PA
November 2, 2012
tour edge golf give it a try
I tried the 2 hybrid and so far had good results. If I hit the sweet spot it goes about 210 yd . mishits about 180. I am an 18 handicap so it really could help me out on long par 3s and 2nd shots on long par 4s.I can hit this a lot straighter than my 3 wood when i can't use a tee.
Proshits well from any lie
Consdid not figure out the exact yardage of this club but maybe with more swings it will happen
By dan
Hanover, PA
November 2, 2012
tour edge golf give it a try
I tried the 2 hybrid and so far had good results. If I hit the sweet spot it goes about 210 yd . mishits about 180. I am an 18 handicap so it really could help me out on long par 3s and 2nd shots on long par 4s.I can hit this a lot straighter than my 3 wood when i can't use a tee.
Proshits well from any lie
Consdid not figure out the exact yardage of this club but maybe with more swings it will happen
By Young M Chung
Indian Wells, CA
October 29, 2012
Super long and forgiving
I purchased the 2 and 4 hybrids and am absolutely amazed at the performance. Extremely forgiving and very long. I am a 10 index and hit the 2 hybrid yesterday, 250 yards and dead straight. I normally hit a 2 or 3 hybrid about 220 yards. These clubs will save you repeatedly after a bad drive. Along with my Sonartec 3 wood, I doubt I will ever replace these clubs.
ProsVery long and forgiving. $59!
ConsNothing. Club head cover is white which could be prone to getting dirty.
By Garry
Logan, Utah
October 21, 2012
head attached for lefty I am a righty
Inspite of the club head being backwards( I am right handed the club head is attached for a left handed club meaning the shaft and grip are on backwards for a right handed player) I still hit the ball long and straight with far more accuracy then the hybrid I replaced. I thought it was just the grip that was on backwards until Itook it in to get regripped and they noticed it was the club head put on backwards
ProsThe distance and control I get with this club
Consthe club head being attached on the shaft backwards. The only thing I can say is double check when shipped

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